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The Local Government Act 1894 led to the establishment of Parish Councils as well as Rural and Urban District Councils (Winslow RDC was formed at the same time). In Winslow the first Parish Meeting to elect Councillors was on Tuesday 4 Dec 1894, followed by an election.  The first meeting of the Parish Council was on 2 Jan 1895.  The 1894 Act allowed women ratepayers to serve on parish and rural district councils long before they got the vote in general elections, but it was many decades before there were any female councillors in Winslow.

The documents transcribed below are now held by Winslow Town Council (unless stated otherwise). More will be added in due course.

First Parish Meeting, 4 Dec 1894

Held in the Boys' School Room, Winslow Bucks on Tuesday December 4th one thousand eight hundred and ninety four at 7 o'clock p.m. under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1894.

Mr. E.A. Illing (Overseer) read Notice convening the Parish Meeting

Proposed by Mr. W. S. Neal seconded by Mr. Jas. East:- “That Mr. G.D.E. Wigley act as Chairman” (carried unanimously)

Mr. Wigley having taken the Chair proceeded to explain the object of the meeting, stating that 9 candidates had to be elected as Parish Councillors for the Parish of Winslow and asked for nomination papers to be handed in.

Nomination papers were then handed in as follows and duly numbered by the Chairman in the order received.

No. Candidate Proposed By Seconded By
1 Benbows Fredk Jones Silvannus Parrett Edward
2 Byard Hy Kirby Wm. Viccars Junr Turner Geo.
3 Colgrove Joseph Pither John Egleton Geo. Snr
4 Higgins Thos. Colton  Geo. Parsons Thos.
5 Osborne Chas Saving Chas. White Wm.
6 Pither John Parrett Edward Watson Austen
7 Saving Chas. Colgrove Jos. Senr Byard H.K.
8 White Josiah Turnham Wm. Illing E.A.
9 Greaves Geo.Richd. Eliot P.H. Bullock H.
10 Walter W.H. Hawley J.C. Vaisey T.F.
11 Neal Wm.Saml. Stevens W.H. Russell Hy. Jno.
12 Bullock Herbert Hawley J.C. Monk Hy.
13 Collier Edw. Burdon Wm. Warner Jn
14 Monk Geo.Arthur Varney John Russell Hy Jno
15 Varney John Neal Wm. Saml. Nichols Chas.
16 Eliot Philip H. Hawley J.C. Russell Hy. Jno.
17 Walker Thos. Roads Fredk Coxill R.J.
18 Watson Clement Parrett Edward Yates John
19 French Edwin John Turnham Wm. Coxill R.J.
20 Ingram Jno. Wm. Monk Hy. Walker Thos.

On the expiration of the 15 minutes alloted by the Act, the Chairman called over the foregoing list in alphabetical order with their places of abode and description and the names and addresses of their proposers and seconders

A question was then raised as to Mr. Chas. Saving's nomination viz: as to whether it had been signed by Mr. Colgrove Senr. or Junior, which was satisfactorily settled by Mr. Colgrove Senr. stating that he had signed it, his son not being on the Register.

A question was also raised as to Dr. Walter's nomination paper which had been filled in as “Parochial Elector” and altered at the request of the Chairman, after the proper time had expired, to “Resident”.  Dr. Walter stated that he had been in residence since the 16 November 1893.

The Chairman stated that this was a question he could not go in to as he could only decide whether the nomination paper was valid, and although he had not previously marked it “invalid” thinking of course that no difficulty would arise.  Yet as it had been altered at his own request after the expiration of the proper time allowed he could not do other, under the  circumstances than so mark it.  Whereupon Dr. Walter stated that to save further trouble he would withdraw his candidature although he differed from the Chairman's ruling.

The show of hands was then proceeded with, resulting as follows:

1 French E.J. 64 votes
2 Osborne Chas. 63
3 Eliot P.H. 59
4 Colgrove Jos. 58
5 White Josiah 58
6 Higgins Thos. 57
7 Greaves G.R. 56
8 Varney John 56
9 Pither John 52
10 Walker Thos. 52
11 Ingram Jno.Wm. 51
12 Saving Charles 51
13 Monk G.A. 50
14 Neal W. [some erasure] 48
15 Bullock Herbert 47
16 Byard Hy Kirby                                             44
17 Benbow Fredk                                             41
18 Watson Clement 41
19 Collier Edward 34

The Chairman read out the result stating that the first nine would be declared elected unless a Poll was demanded and that a Poll could be demanded by a Parochial Elector at any time before the close of the Meeting.  Whereupon

Mr. H.J. Russell demanded a Poll

and the meeting closed, the Revd. P.H. Eliot proposing a hearty vote of thanks to Mr.Wigley for acting as Chairman, which was seconded by Mr. Geo. R. Greaves.

Signed by G.D.E Wigley
Chairman of Parish  Meeting

Parish Council Election, Dec 1894

Bucks Herald, 22 Dec 1894


W.S. Neal 160 votes
Rev. P.H. Eliot 156
E.J. French 153
J. Colgrove 149
J. Varney 142
G.R. Greaves 139
J.W. Ingram 139
G.A. Monk 138
T. Walker 135

Not elected - F. Benbow, 115; H.K. Byard, 109; H. Bullock, 125; E. Collier, 84; T. Higgins, 129; J. Pither, 113; C. Saving, 96; J. White, 115; C. Watson, 91.

The election caused considerable excitement particularly at the declaration of the poll. Mr W.N. Midgley was the presiding officer.

A pre-election leaflet was produced by Messrs Benbow, Byard, Colgrove, French, Higgins, Pither, Saving, White and Watson, possibly a Nonconformist or Liberal "slate". Another leaflet after the election was signed by Messrs Bullock, Collier, Eliot, Greaves, Ingram, Monk, Neal, Varney and Walker, probably the Anglicans.

First Parish Council Meeting, 2 Jan 1895

2nd January 1895 – The First Meeting of the Council was held in the Boys National School on Wednesday the 2nd January 1895 at 7 o'clock in the evening when all the Councillors were present namely:-

Mr. Joseph Colgrove, Revd Philip Herbert Eliot, Messrs. Edwin John French, George Richard Greaves, John William Ingram, William Samuel Neal, George Arthur Monk, John Varney and Thomas Walker,

The Members of the Council having signed their declarations of acceptance of office in the book provided for that purpose, it was proposed by Revd. P.H.Eliot and seconded by Mr. E.J. French that Mr. W.S.Neal take the Chair provisionally.  This was carried unanimously and on Mr. Neal taking the Chair

Chairman Mr. Greaves proposed that Mr. Herbert Bullock be elected Chairman of the Parish Council. This was seconded by Mr. Monk and on being put to the meeting all voted in favour of the proposition.

Mr. French proposed that Mr. G.A. Monk be elected Vice-Chairman of the Council.  This was seconded by Mr. Greaves.

Vice Chairman Mr. Walker proposed that Mr. Greaves be elected Vice-Chairman.  This was seconded by Mr. Ingram and on Mr. Monk expressing his wish not to be elected, Mr Greaves name was put to the meeting and declared by the Chairman to be elected.  Messrs. Walker, Ingram, Colgrove, Varney, Monk and Eliot voting in favour.

Mr. Bullock having been sent for, upon entering the room Mr. Neal informed him that he had been unanimously elected Chairman, and after thanking the Council for the honour conferred upon him and expressing his willingness to act as Chairman in accordance with their unanimous vote Mr. Bullock proceeded to take the Chair vacated by Mr. Neal.

Appointment of Assistant Overseer Clerk.  There being in the Parish of Winslow no Vestry Clerk appointed under the Vestries Act 1850 nor any properly appointed Assistant Overseer, Mr. French proposed that the Collector of Rates for the Parish, Mr. Thomas Daniel Curtis be elected Clerk to the Parish Council.  Mr. John Varney seconded and it was carried unanimously.

Clerk's Salary Mr. Walker proposed that the question of the Clerk's Salary be adourned to a future meeting.  Revd. P.H. Eliot seconded and it was carried unanimously.

Treasurer Mr. Ingram proposed that Mr. Freegard be asked to act as Treasurer to the Parish Council.  Mr. French seconded and it was carried unaninmously.

Parish Books Mr. French proposed that a Committee consisting of Messrs. Bullock, French and Varney be appointed to ascertain what Parish Books should be handed to the Parish Council.  The Committee to report at the next meeting of the Council. Revd. P.H. Eliot seconded and it was carried unanimously.

Mr. Monk proposed that the Council meet again on the 16th January, Mr. Varney seconded and it was unanimously carried.

Place of Parish Council Meeting  Revd. P. H. Eliot proposed that the next meeting be held at the Yeates School Room at 7 in the evening.  Mr. Monk seconded and it was carried unanimously.

Revd. P.H. Eliot proposed that as a general rule the meeting of the Parish Council be open to the Public.  Mr. Varney seconded and it was carried unanimously.

This having disposed of the business on the Agenda as written an unanimous vote of thanks to Mr. Wigley for his assistance and admirable conduct  as Chairman of the Parish Meeting was passed on the proposition of Mr. Greaves seconded by Revd. P.H. Eliot

Minutes signed by
Herbert Bullock

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