In common with most market towns, Winslow had tanneries where animal skins were treated with tannin and made into leather. The leather was bought by leather dressers, saddlers, glovers and lace pattern makers to be turned into finished goods. One of the tanyards was on the sharp bend in Horn Street. Amongst the deeds to the house called Sunnyside, on Horn Street, is the following conveyance, by which Thomas Blake sets aside part of his orchard to create a tannery business for his son John Blake:

16 January 1740

1) Thomas Blake of Winslow gentleman
2) John Blake of Winslow tanner (one of the sons of the said Thomas Blake)

In consideration of the natural love and paternal affection which the said Thomas Blake hath and beareth unto the said John Blake his son and for his better provision and advancement in the world and in consideration of the sum of 10s ....

All that piece of inclosed ground belonging and adjoining to the homestall of the said Thomas Blake and lately an orchard but now converted into a tanyard containing by estimation one acre be it more or less the Rickyard of the said Thomas Blake westward the home close of the said Thomas Blake southward the garden of William Hobbs eastward and the cottage of the said Thomas Blake by him purchased of Nicholas Plaistead northward thereof with liberty of ingress egress and regress in and through the yard and rickyard of the said Thomas Blake to and from the said Orchard or tanyard now in the occupation of the said John Blake together with all houses buildings trees hedges ditches mounds fences tan vats lime pits water pits privileges profits and appurtenances whatsoever to the said orchard or tanyard belonging

Oxford Journal, 5 Jan 1771

TO be Lett and entered upon at Lady-Day next; a very good HOUSE and TAN-YARD complete, situate in Great-Horn Street, Winslow, Bucks, being within two Miles of Whaddon Chace, wherein is plenty of Bark.   It likewise lies well for Hides and Skins.

Enquire of Mr. Thomas Blake of Winslow, or of Mr. Francis Blake, of King’s Sutton.

The tannery is included in Land Tax and insurance records for Blake House. It closed in the early 19th century.

Northampton Mercury, 23 Oct 1813

Freehold and Copyhold Estates, W I N S L O W,   BUCKS,
To be S O L D   by   A U C T I O N, By SAMUEL DUDLEY,

On Thursday the fourth Day of November, 1813, at the Bell Inn, Winslow, at Five o’Clock in the Afternoon.

A Very desirable Freehold and Copyhold ESTATE, situate in GREAT HORN STREET, in WINSLOW, aforesaid;  comprising in Front next the Street, a Brick and Timber-built Stable, (lately used as a Cottage), a roofed Gateway, and behind the same a well-timbered Barn of three Bays, with a good Thrashing Floor therein, Stabling for five Horses, several small Barns, two Bays of Hovelling, and other convenient Out-buildings;  a large Paved Yard, wherein is a Well of Excellent Water, and a capital Lead Pump, and a Piece of Ground, now used as a Garden, containing in the Whole, by Estimation, one Acre, (more or less), now in the Occupation of Mr. George Jones, who is under Notice to Quit at Lady-Day next.

The above Premises were a few Years since used as a Tan Yard, are well calculated for that or any other Business requiring Room, or for Building upon.

The Freehold Part consists of the Piece of Ground, now used as a Garden, and Part of the Yard, containing in the Whole by Admeasurement 1R. 29P, and the Remainder is Copyhold of Inheritance, and nearly equal to Freehold.

The Premises may be viewed on Application to the Tenant, and further Particulars had of Mr. CHAS. WILLIS, Solicitor, or the AUCTIONEER, Winslow.

Bucks Chronicle, 24 May 1856

A VALUABLE Piece of LAND, called the “TAN-YARD,”
Containing together about an ACRE of GROUND,
Situate in HORN-STREET, nearly in the Centre of the Town of WINSLOW,
On Wednesday, 28th May, 1856, At 5 o’clock in the Afternoon,
At the GEORGE INN, WINSLOW. Subject to Conditions of Sale to be then produced,

THOSE very ROOMY PREMISES, called the “TAN-YARD”, situate in Horn-street, Winslow; comprising a three-bay Barn, Stabling, Cow-house, Hovel, and Farm-Yard;  and a Garden and Paddock adjoining, containing about One Acre, occupied by the Proprietor, Mr. E. W. French.  Also, a very convenient HOUSE, with Outbuildings and Garden adjoining, in the occupation of Mr. James Spicer, at the rent of £5 : 10 per annum.

This Property is part Freehold and part Copyhold of the Manor of Winslow.  It presents an opportunity to any person requiring roomy premises rarely to be met with in this town, of obtaining room, eligible situation, a convenient house, and substantial building, capable of being converted to any purpose that may be requisite, at a very moderate outlay.

It is very suitable for converting into Hunting Stables.

For leave to view apply to the Tenant, or to Mr. E. W. French, Winslow, and for further particulars to D. T. Willis, Esq., solicitor;  or to the Auctioneer, Winslow.

In 1857 the Tan Yard was again put up for sale by E.W. French the owner: see 8-10 Horn Street

Information about the other tannery, on the site of 30 High Street, has now been transferred to the page for 28-30 High Street.

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