Vestry, 21 Dec 1855

Centre for Bucks Studies, PR237/8/1

At a vestry [deletion] held in the Vestry Room at Church on Tuesday the twenty first day of December 1855 for the purpose of making a Church Rate, pursuant to public notice for that purpose given.

Present  David Thomas Willis Chairman, Edward William Selby Lowndes Esq, George Cooke Esq, William Shallack Bowen Esq, The Revd Thomas B. Attenborough Messrs John Cowley John Denne, George Cross, John Curtis, Samuel Cole, George Maydon, John Woodward, Daniel Grace, John Grace, Samuel Burnham Dudley, William Neal, John Morgan, Thomas Simons, Edmund Edwin, John Elley, Joseph Bowden, Henry Monk, Joseph King, James King, Charles Mayne, James Walker, William West, Thomas Lomath, Thomas Morecroft Senr, Thomas Allen, [space] Bell.

It was proposed by Mr John Grace seconded by Mr Dudley That a rate be granted at three pence in the pound.
The following amendment was then proposed by Mr Bowen and seconded by Mr Morgan
That considering the [deletion] system of compulsory Church rates as objectionable in its principle and unjust in its operation the Vestry requests the Churchwardens to raise the required funds by a voluntary subscription and adjourn for six weeks to enable them to do so.
The amendment having been put by the Chairman was negatived by a very large majority.
The original proposition was then put by the Chairman and carried by a large majority.

Proposed by Mr Morgan seconded by Mr Walker That as the Churchwardens have produced no accounts this Vestry meeting do adjourn for six weeks to enable them to prepare them.
Which proposition being put by the Chairman was negatived by a very large majority.

Dav Tho Willis [signature] Chairman

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