Parish Meeting 1946

1946 March 11

Mr Cornwall-Jones having taken the chair announced that he was prepared to receive Nominations for the 9 seats on the Parish Council for the ensuing term of 3 years; and after the expiration of the requisite 15 minutes from his taking the chair, and no person responding to his inquiry whether any Elector desired to hand in a further Nomination, stated to the Meeting the following valid Nominations had been made
No.         Candidate                                                    Proposed by                   Seconded by     
1.            Seely, Douglas Frederick                            R. Cornwall -Jones           D. Holt
2.            Baxter, Edgar Stanley                                 R. Cornwall -Jones          D.F. Seely
3.            Spatcher, Ernest William\George/              Archie S. Garner               James H. Aspinall
4.            Woolley, Frederick James                            Alfred Cox                         G.D. Walton
5.            Langley, Reginald Ormelie                             A.G. Carpenter                 S.P. Langley
6.            Garlike, Albert Edward                                 Henry R. Langley              Ernest W.G. Spatcher
7.            King, Charles                                               Henry R. Langley              Reginald O. Langley
8.            Langley, Henry Ralph                                   Reginald O. Langley         William H. Warr
9.            Jackman, Frederick                                       G.H. Beckett                     J.M. Horsler
10.          French, Edward Ernest                                 C.J. Crook                         A.M. French
11.          Illing, Alfred John                                          F.H. Foster                        W.G. Chowles
12.          Robson, Kenneth Joseph                             T.R. Gibbard                       Dennis G. Smith
13.          Cox, Alfred                                                    W.H. Holton                       P.E. Newbery
14.          Chowles, William George                             Alfred Cox                           W.H. Holton
15.          Gibbard, Thos Ralph                                     W.E. French                        E. Rushen
16.          Foster, Frederick Henry                                 A. Illing                              E.A. Illing
17.          Green, Edward Walter                                  Charles Watson                J.H. Collings

The election was proceeded with by show of hands and resulted as under

1.            Cox Alfred                                                      57           Votes
2.            French, Edward Ernest                                  51             “
3.            Langley, Henry Ralph                                    50             “
4.            Seely, Douglas Frederick                               49             “
5.            Foster, Frederick Henry                                 41             “
6.            Gibbard, Thomas Ralph                                 41             “
7.            Garlike, Albert Edward                                  41             “
8.            Illing, Alfred John                                           37             “
9.            Spatcher, Ernest William George                   37             “
10.          Chowles, William George                              36             “
11.          Langley, Reginald Ormelie                            36             “
12.          Jackman, Frederick                                       35             “
13.          Woolley, Frederick James                             34             “
14.          Robson, Kenneth Joseph                             31             “
15.          King, Charles                                                25             “
16.          Green, Edward Walter                                 20             “
17.          Baxter, Edgar Stanley                                  16             “

The Chairman read the result to the Meeting and waited the requisite further 10 minutes, when no demand for a Poll having been made, he declared the first 9 named to be elected.

The Minutes of the Parish meeting held the 5th October 1945 were read and confirmed.

The Accounts of the Winslow Parochial Charities for the year ending March 25th 1946 were produced by the Secretary (H.J. Ray).

Alfred Cox [signature]
April 30th 1946

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