Vestry, 8 October 1838

Centre for Bucks Studies, PR237/8/1

See Engine House for a report of the vestry on 21 June 1838.

At a Public Meeting of the Ratepayers in this Parish held at the Vestry Room in the Church on Monday 8th October 1838 (after Public Notice duly given) for the purposes of determining whether the provisions contained in \an/ act of parliament passed in the session held in the third and fourth years of the reign of King William the fourth intituled “An act to repeal an act of the eleventh year of his late Majesty King George the fourth for the lighting and watching of parishes in England and Wales and to make other provisions in lieu thereof” shall be adopted and carried into execution in this parish.

Present The Revd Thomas Harry Walpole, Vicar, Chairman, Mr Saml Greaves Dudley, Churchwarden, Samuel Yeates Esq, John Cowley, Mr David Thos Willis, Samuel Cole, Alfred Barton, John Bull, William Hinton, Joseph King, Thomas Lomath, William Seaton, John Brownett, Thomas Matthew, Mark Bunce, James Tuckey, F. Philips, Henry Cheney, Samuel Bull.

The requisition of the Churchwardens to call the present meeting having been read. It was proposed by Mr D. T. Willis seconded by Mr Dudley and resolved unanimously. That it would be desirable that a watchman be appointed for the parish.

Proposed by Mr Cowley seconded by Mr Barton and resolved unanimously. That the provisions of the act 3rd & 4th Wm 4th chap 90 be adopted in this parish as to watching only.

Proposed by Mr Cowley seconded by Mr Cole and resolved unanimously. That sixty five pounds be the total amount of money which the inspectors shall have power to call for in the year ensuing in order to carry into effect the provisions of the said act.

Proposed by Mr D. T. Willis seconded by Mr Hinton and resolved unanimously that nine inspectors shall be elected to carry the above purposes into effect.

A proposal for providing ten lamps for partially lighting the town was negatived.

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