Parish Council elections 1919

Buckingham Advertiser, 22 March
  The meeting for the election of Parish Councillors was held in the Oddfellows’ Hall on Monday evening, when there was a large attendance.  Mr. W. R. Monk, J.P., was voted to the chair and he said he hoped only good feeling would prevail.  Mr. Monk asked for nominations, and 14 were handed in for the nine seats.  He then took a show of hands for each of the 14 candidates, where the following was the result:- *A. J. Clear, 83; *A. Watson, 59; H. Warr (Labour), 54; *J. White (Independent Labour), 48; Michael Broderick (Labour), 47; *W. Chowles, 46; D. Money (Labour), 46; W. Bradbury (Labour), 45; H. Ward (Labour), 41; These nine were declared elected, the voting for the remainder being as follows: *W. Wise, 39; Leslie Hawley, 38; *H. Stock, 38; *J. Varney, 37; *G. Gazey, 31; (* Denotes old members of the Council.)  A poll was then demanded by Messrs. W. H. Stevens, R. Golledge, E. W. Green, J. White and J. Varney.
  Mr. E. Lines asked what was the objection to any of those members elected.
  The Chairman said that was a matter he could not go into.  Any five electors could demand a poll where the number of candidates exceeded the seats.
  A lady in the audience said it was because that party did not want Labour members on.
  The Chairman said he did not think that was quite fair.  If there was a poll - and personally he did not want to see one - every voter had a chance to record their vote.
  Mr. Broderick suggested a committee of the Labour Party to meet a committee of the others to arrange a compromise.
  The Chairman said there was time until March 25th for candidates to withdraw, but as far as the meeting was concerned he considered it to be over, although he should be pleased to do anything in his power to promote a compromise.
  The meeting then closed with a hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman for his impartial conduct.

Buckingham Advertiser, 5 April
To the Editor of the “Buckingham Advertiser and North Bucks Free Press.”
  SIR,- A very interesting contest is taking place at Winslow, in the Parish Council election, and I have the address of the Labour candidates before me.  Of course the matter is for the final arbitrament of the voters in the parish, but I do trust that the workers there will insist on their Council being fully representative.  It is difficult for a working man, if elected, to give up the time for County Council or Rural District Council work, but it is a different matter so far as the Parish Councils are concerned.  I wish that all villagers would take more care to see that their Parish Councils are fully representative.  They are the men on the spot, and should be able to voice the requirements of all.  We are in for a big land movement, in which the interests of Winslow workers will require watching, and it is not wise to delegate the task of looking after one’s own interests to anyone else, however well intentioned.  Every interest in Winslow should be represented on the Council, and the Labour candidates should be placed in a position of responsibility.  I write this letter because I believe in co-operation in local government where we, too long, have had the rule of a class.  I want to see all classes co-operating in the work.
                                                            Yours truly,
                                                                        GEO. STREETLY,
Secretary, Allotments & Small Holdings Association of England, Ltd.
  55, Temple Row, Birmingham,
            March 31st, 1919.

Buckingham Advertiser, 12 April,
  The elections for Rural District and Parish Councils at Winslow caused considerable excitement in the town this time.  At the Parish Meeting five out of the nine seats were taken by the local Labour Party, and consequently a poll was demanded, with the result that none of the five Labour nominees were elected, the figures being as follows:-
            Hawley, L. J. (grocer)                                              279
            Stock, H. (dairyman)                                                276
            White, Josiah (gardener)                                        256
            Wise, W. (Independent)                                         256
            Varney, J. (veterinary surgeon)                             254
            Clear, A. J. (printer)                                                 248
            Chowles, W. G. (baker)                                           238
            Gazey, G. (stud groom)                                          208
            Watson, A. (gardener)                                             189
  Seven out of the successful nine were members of the old Council, and the other two have served abroad.
  The unsuccessful Labour men polled as follows:- Warr, H., 164; Broderick, M., 147; Ward, H., 129; Bradbury, W., 120; Money, D., 117.
  For the District Council two seats there was a contest, the polling being:-
            Stock, H. (dairyman)                                                276
            White, Josiah                                                            233
  Unsuccessful: Lorkin, W. H. (Lab.), 169; and Lines, E. (Lab), 124
  Addresses were issued by the various parties, skits were got out, and during Sunday night most of the prominent candidates had their places adorned with inscriptions asking for votes for the opposite party to which they belonged.  The polls were not declared until just after midnight, when the crowd had thinned considerably, but there was still a good number of people waiting.

Bucks Herald, 12 April
  Years have passed since there were any elections for parish or district councils in Winslow, and the fact of there being contests for each created much interest culminating in some excitement on polling day.  Although it was just after midnight when the figures were declared there was still a considerable number of people waiting to hear the result.  Seven of the old members of the Parish Council (including an Independent Labour man) were returned, and two younger men who had only recently been demobilised.  The figures were:- L. J. Hawley (demobilised), 279; H. Stock, 276; White (independent), 256; Wise, 256; Varney (vice-chairman of Council), 254; Clear (chairman of council) 248; Chowles (demobilised), 238; Gazey, 208; Watson, 189.  The unsuccessful Labour men polled as follows:- Warr, 164; Broderick, 147; Ward, 128; Bradbury, 120: Money, 117.
  The District Council was keenly contested by the Labour party, the result being:- Elected: Stock, 276; White, 233. Unsuccessful: Lorkin, Independent Labour, 169; Lines, Labour, 124.

This leaflet printed by A.J. Clear was one of the "skits". The author is so far unidentified, but this copy was found in the papers of W.N. Midgley. The identity of the various candidates is given in square brackets.

Winslow Steeplechase leaflet

Price 2d. each.                                                         Proceeds for OUR BOYS’ Fund.

The Winslow Local Steeplechase
Will take place under the patronage of Distinguished Residents,
On MONDAY, APRIL 7th, 1919.
Clerk of course: Mr. RIGHTO.   Clerk of Scales: Mr. VOTER.  Judge: Mr. RETURNING OFFICER.

Entries and “VULCAN’S” Comments.

One of the Old Stagers, knows the Course well and will stay every inch.

Another Old Stager, very useful horse, and will probably beat many of the Youngsters.

“BLACK DIAMOND”- by DERBY BRIGHT- out of CINDERELLA.  7 years. [Harry Warr was a member of the Coal Committee]
Will run well, is somewhat on the big side, rather difficult to train, and cannot gallop very fast.  My honest opinion is, should the Race be not run at too severe a pace, will plod along and get a place.

“THE GARDENER”- by ALLOTMENT- out of FLORA.  AGED. [Josiah White]
One of the most reliable horses in the Race, knows the Country well; can confidently be trusted to do his best, as he is good at his fences and has shown excellent form in the past.

“THE POSTMAN”- by POSTAL SERVICE- out of CUPID’S MESSENGER.  3 years. [Michael Broderick]
An entirely new comer, has a fair turn of speed, will not shy at any obstacles on the Course, but being a small horse lacks bone and substance.  His Trainer, an old friend of mine, assures me he will run well.

“THE BAKER”- by BREADKNIFE- out of DOUGHNUT.  4 years. [W.G. Chowles]
Has been over the Course previously, shapes well, being a very useful horse.  He has, however, left his old Stable, and his new Trainer is well pleased with his trial gallops, and informs me he makes very few mistakes.

“RHINO”- by ALLOTMENT- out of MARKET PRODUCE. [D. Money, market manager for the Bucks Fruit & Vegetable Society]
A half-brother of The Gardener, has not been over the Country before and may find it somewhat difficult.  His credentials are good, but the pace may be a trifle too fast for him.

“STOUT AND BITTER”- by ADAMS ALE- out of MALT AND HOPS.  6 years. [W. Bradbury, landlord of the Golden Lion]
A really good useful horse, does not jib at his work, and comes of the Stock that will tell; has a light weight and no unredeemed promises to carry.  His Trainer, a pal of mine, is very pleased with the way he takes his fences and feels sure if he keeps fit and well is certain to get a place.

“THE ROADMAN”- by CLEAN UP- out of WELL DONE.  8 years. [H. Ward, manager of the Sewage Farm]
A good honest plodder, may run well, or may come a terrific cropper at the Sewerage Brook; if he negotiates this successfully will most probably get a place.

“THE MASON”- by MONUMENT- out of GOOD WORK.  AGED. [W. Wise]
A very quiet, steady old horse, easy to train, and with a good capable Jockey up may turn the tables on some of the younger horses.  Gained a place easily the last time out.

“THE GROCER” – by ENERGY- out of INDUSTRY.  3 years. [L.J Hawley]
A most promising youngster, been racing on the Continent some few years.  What the object of his Trainer is in entering him for these small Stakes, goodness only knows.  Being a chum of the old chaps, I had a chat with him the other night re this, - he states it is simply to give him a whiff of the old English Course again, with a view later on to the “District Stakes” and the “County Council Cup”.  Considering how he has done his bit, and knowing his late Trainer, who is a friend of mine, thinks and speaks most highly of him, I think he is worth having a small Stake on.  He should be supported, as if he only shapes here as well as he has done abroad, punters will get a good run for their money.

“THE MILKMAN”- by PLUCK - out of PURE MILK.  10 years. [H. Stock]
Got a place last time out, is a very useful, good-tempered horse and should run well.  His astute Trainer makes very few mistakes.

“HONEST JOHN”- by EMBROCATION – out of CURE ‘EM.  AGED [J. Varney]
Knows every inch of the Course thoroughly, is own brother to “Hard-times-never-come-no-more.”  How he will shape against the younger horses on this occasion remains to be seen.  Good luck to him.

“THE STUD”- by GAZER- out of BRIGHT EYES.  AGED. [G. Gazey]
One of the gamest old horses in the race; good at his fences, but has a nasty habit at times of running out and may give his Jockey a rough time.  Is a real ‘Stayer’ when in the ‘Right’ Company.  I hear he is being backed for pounds, shillings and pence, by Winslow’s latest little punter, who confidently expects his rider to get him first past the post,- there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth if he don’t.  To get the best out of him he wants a kind Jockey up.  His Owner and Trainer think highly of him, and the latter said to me only a few nights ago over a friendly glass, that he was bound to secure a fairly good place.

LATEST INTELLIGENCE – The aged horses are mostly taking it easy.
“BLACK DIAMOND”- Doing his daily gallop in good style.
“THE POSTMAN”- Went 3 miles at a fair pace, finishing at the Post Office.
“THE BAKER”- Took a breather round by the oven; he seemed somewhat listless and is suffering from a slight cough.
“STOUT AND BITTER”- Doing useful work, but wants rousing occasionally with the whip.
“THE ROADMAN”- Had a good gallop at 6 o’clock this morning on the Sewerage Farm.
“THE GROCER”- Resumed his gallops after a short but long needed rest; went in taking style at a good turn of speed.
“THE STUD’S”- Jockey took him a good rasping pace over part of the Course this morning; the old ‘un went well, seemed inclined to stop at one or two of the Corners, but his Jockey, taking the Trainer’s advice, coaxed him quietly and kindly and got him round them safely into Stables.
 4 to 1 The Printer.               6 to 1 Black Diamond.         7 to 1 The Stud.
5 to 1 The Deacon.              6 to 1 Honest John.             8 to 1 The Milkman.
5 to 1 The Gardener.           7 to 1 The Grocer.                100 to 12 others.                        


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