Vestries, 1894

Buckingham Advertiser, 31 March

  This vestry took place on Tuesday, and for the first time within remembrance was held in the evening, and as a result probably for this there was an unusually good attendance, including the Churchwardens, Messrs. Bullock, Hawley, Mr. T. F. Vaisey, Mr. W. Ingram, Mr. W. S. Neal, Mr. George, Mr. Wilford, Mr. Warne, Mr. Varney, Mr. Clare, Mr. Russell, &c.  The Vicar presided, and called upon Mr. Bullock for the year’s accounts.  Mr. Bullock said that last year they anticipated being able to produce a more favourable balance-sheet on this occasion, but it was found that the expenditure was uncommonly close to last year’s, and if they had saved in some things they had spent more in others, although he was very glad to say they had reduced their gas bill by about £6.  Their expenditure last year was £125/15/7, and this year it was £124/12/-, while the result of the year’s expenses was that the balance due to the Churchwardens was increased from £4/18/- to £5.  At the same time, considering the circumstances, he thought they had done remarkably well.
  Mr. Russell asked if the Churchwardens could see their way to remunerate Mr. Abbott (sexton) rather better, as he worked very hard for a small amount.
  Mr. Bullock acknowledged the zeal and devotion Mr. Abbott shewed towards the church, but said they were paying rather more than was usually the case.
  The Vicar pointed out that the smallness of Mr. Abbott’s salary was more apparent than real, as there were a number of fees (which he detailed) arising from weddings, funerals, &c.
  Mr. Russell proposed and Mr. Clare seconded the passing of the Churchwardens’ accounts, and that they be printed and circulated, which was agreed to.
  The special accounts comprising the charities in the administration of the Vicar and Churchwardens, were produced, and on the motion of Mr. Wilford, seconded by Mr. Russell, were passed without comment.
  Mr. Jennings called attention to the harmonium standing in the Infants’ School, which was being badly used, and said as it belonged to the Church why not remove it to one of the Mission Rooms.  Mr. George supported this.
  Mr. Bullock said the harmonium was used every Sunday for the Sunday School, and it was quite as likely to be their children who damaged it as the others.  He did not think there was any danger of the school claiming the instrument.
  Mr. Warne said he had a motion bearing on the subject.  He thought in view of the changes which were taking place that the Church should know exactly what was her own property, and that an inventory should be made of it, and produced from year to year, so that the Vicar and Churchwardens should be responsible for the safety of the property.  He moved that the Churchwardens be requested to prepare an inventory, and produce it at the 1895 vestry.
  Mr. George seconded this and it was carried.
  The accounts of the Rogers’ Free School Charity were produced.  In reply to Mr. George, Mr. Bullock said owing to the large amount expended in repairs the Trustees had not received anything from the charity this year.
  Mr. George said it was monstrous to expend £4/3/6 in legal expenses on such a small estate.
  Mr. Bullock said the accounts had been thoroughly gone into by the trustees, of whom he was one.
  Some other charity accounts (bread &c.) which had been overlooked at the Lady Day Vestry were produced by Mr. Ash.
  The Vicar then nominated Mr. Bullock as his warden, expressing his heartfelt thanks to him for past services.
  Mr. Hawley was re-appointed parish warden, on the motion of Mr. Neal, seconded by Dr. Vaisey.
  For sidesmen, the Vicar nominated Messrs. Vaisey, Varney, George, and Warne.
  Mr. Clare was proposed by Mr. Russell, seconded by Mr. George; Mr. Freegard by Mr. Bullock, seconded by Mr. Warne; Mr. Wm. Ingram by Mr. Bullock, seconded by Dr. Vaisey; and Mr. A. Monk by Mr. W. Neal, seconded by Mr. Warne.
  Mr. Lorkin asked whether a charge was made for appropriated seats, to which the vicar replied certainly not.
  Mr. Russell said he understood a charge of 5/- was made.  He complained of the way in which the seats were appropriated.
  Mr. Welford and Mr. Jennings also said there was a difficulty in getting seats; they were in favour of the whole of the seats being free, as it was originally intended they were to be.
  The Vicar said this was found to be impracticable.  There had been one or two little mistakes made, but he was sure the Churchwardens had done all in their power to accommodate the people.
  The meeting then closed with a vote of thanks to the Vicar for presiding.
  The Vicar in acknowledging this, said he could not let the opportunity slip of thanking the congregation for the liberal response they made to his appeal a few Sundays before, when it was found there was a likelihood of deficiency in their accounts; he had only just to mention the matter and there was a sum of £18, by far the largest offertory he had known since he had been with them, and he was sure it must be most encouraging to the Churchwardens and Sidesmen.

The final vestry meeting before the Parish Council took over was held at the Girls' School on 19 Nov. The lighting and fire brigade accounts were approved. The fire brigade had to replace much of the 20-year-old hose which burst while fighting a fire at Great Horwood.  

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