Parish Council 1914

Special Parish Meeting

Jany 17th               A Parish Meeting was held on Tuesday Jany \27/ 28th convened by the Parish Council, was in in the Oddfellow’s Hall in order to consider the advisability or otherwise of providing a Water Tank, for use in case of Fire [see previous discussion in 1871], adjoining Staniford’s pump in the High Street.
                There was a good attendance of Ratepayers present including Messrs. W. R. Monk C(ounty) C(ouncillor), S. P. Wigley, E. A Illing, Dr. Moberly, W. Wise, G. Hancock, Supert. of the Fire Brigade,  W Matthews, W S Neal, W Turnham, W H Stevens, T Walker, W J Whitehorn &c. The Chair was taken by Mr. A. J. Clear.

The Notice calling the meeting was read.

The Minutes of the last Parish meeting were read & signed by the Chairman.

Footpath in Addington Parish Letter to Mr. W. Weston & the Honbl. T. F. Fremantle     
The Chairman read a letter he had received from Dr. Moberly respecting the bad state of the public path between Addington Lodge gates and Adstock Bridge by horses being ridden upon it, the question concerned the other parishes more than Winslow, and after some discussion Mr. Illing propd. & Dr. Moberly Secd. that letters be sent to Mr. W. Weston & the Honbl. T. F. Fremantle calling their attention to the matter and that they would bring it before the County Council, they being the proper authority to deal with the question. This was carried.

Water Tank        The question for which the meeting was called was then discussed.
Mr. W. Wise spoke in favor of a Water Tank being built adjoining Stanifords pump for use in case of Fire, to hold about 10,000 gallons at a cost of about £70 =, and suggested that the different Fire Insurance Companys would be willing to contribute something towards the Cost. The Chairnman here stated that it would absorb a 2d Rate only, as a 1d Rate brings in about £35 =.

Dr. Moberly next proposed that this Parish Meeting requests the Parish Council to take steps to provide a proper supply of Water for the whole parish, suitable for Drinking and Domestic purposes and that supply to be of sufficient pressure to be of use in case of Fire, and adding that a Water Tank is not required. This was seconded by Mr. W. S. Neal.

Mr. G. Hancock spoke in favor of a Water Tank saying that from it the Brigade could play on any fire within 700 \”Seven hundred”/ yards of it.

Mr. W. R. Monk said that the question of Waterworks had been thoroughly thrashed out before, and could not be raised at this meeting, he was against any scheme for that purpose as our rates would soon be as heavy as those in Fenny Stratford and Buckingham &c

Mr. S. P. Wigley spoke against the construction of a Tank and in favor of the larger idea of a public Water supply, but he was not in favor of it being carried out at an excessive cost to the town, and he suggested that the Parish Council take steps to ascertain then probable cost, &c.

Mr. W. Turnham suggested that the people who wanted a supply of water take steps to find out the cost of same.
Dr. Moberly and Mr. Neal adopted the modification of their resolution suggested by Mr. Wigley, but after some more remarks by Mr. Thos. Walker and others, the Chairman put Dr. Moberly’s resolution in the form that there should be no Tank provided, and this was carried by 16 votes to 14.

Further discussion then took place as to a resolution being put, asking the Parish Council to take steps to ascertain the the probable cost of Waterworks, but the feeling of the meeting was against it, and it was ruled that this was not in order without another Parish Meeting being called. The meeting terminated with a vote of thanks to the Chairman, propd. by Mr. W. R. Monk.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

February 1914

[p.258] 1914 Feb 4th         A Parish Council Meeting was held in the Oddfellows Hall
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the chair
Messrs. A. Watson, W. G. Chowles, Edwin Egleton, J. White, J. W. Whitehorn, J. Varney, E. A. Illing.
The Minutes of last meeting were read & signed.

Mr. J. W. Whitehorn reported having made enquiries respecting the ownership of the roadway from off Station Road past Piccadilly and stated that it was vested in Mr. McCorquodale’s ownership. Mr. J. Varney was of opinion that it could not be so as Mr. McCorquodale has only a right of way over it to the allotments & his other property.

Letter to Mr. McCorqdle                Mr. Illing proposed and it was agreed that the clerk write a letter to Mr. McCorquodale calling his attention to the state of the said road and also the gateway & Railings at the Station Road end, and asking him if he would kindly do something to improve matters there.

Hartcup                Another letter from Messrs. Hartcup & Son was read asking for the Quit Rent on Engine House. The Council agreed to let the letter lie on the table.

Horn St Path South Clerk to call on Dr. Kennish
A letter from the R.D. Council was read in reply to one sent to them Dec 11th last respecting the repair to the foot path on the south side of Horn St.  Mr. Illing said that from his past experience with the County Council respecting this matter, the Surveyor from Aylesbury
[p.259] in company with Mr. Tonman Moseley admitted and claimed ownership of the said path on behalf of the County Council and further stating that from path to path the County Council were the owners of the said paths and roadway. Mr. Egleton here stated that the County Council repaired the path on the west side of High St. but that the owners had to pay some portion of the cost. The further consideration of the question was adjourned for Mr. Egleton to find receipts &c. proving the case, and the clerk was requested to call on Dr. Kennish (after receiving report from Mr. Egleton) and explain the case to him as it now stood.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

March 1914

1914 March 5th                   A Parish Meeting was held on Thursday March 5th in O F Hall.
[In fact this seems to have been a regular Council meeting]
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the chair
Messrs. E. Egleton, A.Watson, J. Varney, G. Gazey, E. A. Illing.

The Minutes of the last Parish Meeting were read & signed.

Pic’dly Roadway               A letter from Mr. McCorquodale was read respecting the Roadway past Piccadilly in which, without admitting any legal liability in the matter he was willing to contribute towards any necessary outlay jointly with other adjoining owners. The question was discussed but the owners not being in agreement upon the matter, it was allowed to be dropped for the present.

[p.260] Letter to Bucks C.C.                         The question of foot path on south side of Horn St was again considered, and the clerk was instructed to again write to the County Council and to quote Mr. Illing’s remarks as to what was said when a few years back he discussed the same matter on the spot with both the County Surveyor & Mr. Tonman Moseley.

Parish Constables            Mr. J. Varney propd. & Mr. E. Egleton Secd. that Mr. J. Warner & Mr. E. J. Lines be aptd. Parish Constables.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

April 1914 Annual Meeting

1914 Apl 1st                        The Annual Parish Council Meeting was held in the O.F. Hall.
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the chair
Messrs. E. A. Illing, A. Watson, J. White, W. G. Chowles, E. Egleton, J. Varney, G. Gazey,.

The Minutes of last meeting were read & signed.

Charity a/cs                        The Charity a/cs were presented & explained by the Secty.  Mr.  H. Ray showing a balance in hand of £8-15-10.
A Vote of thanks to Mr. Ray \for his attendance/ was propd. by Mr. Illing & Secd. by Mr. Chowles, and carried.

New Overseers                 Mr. Varney propd. & Mr. Watson Secd. the following names for overseers for the ensuing year. Mr. R. J. Matthews, Mr. W. E. Law, Mr G. A. Midgley, Mr Geo Robinson
and they were duly appointed.

chq £3-6-2           The following a/cs were ordered to be paid and
a chq for £3-6-2 was drawn    
Rent of O.F. Hall to Apl 24 1914 1-0-0                
Audit Stamp for 1913-14 a/cs  2-0-0                              
E. J. French a/c 3/8 T. Curtis Stamps 2/6     6-2  

A.J. Clear [signature]

May 1914

[p.261] 1914 May 6th                       A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O.F. Hall.
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the chair.
Messrs. J. Varney, E. Egleton, A. Watson, Geo Gazey, E. A. Illing, W. G. Chowles,

The Minutes of last meeting were read & passed.

letter to Mr. W. S. Neal                 A letter from Mr. W. S. Neal was read, complaining of the dust nuisance and asking the Parish Council to use their influence in getting the Water Cart in use again at least until the C.C. have tarred the roads again. Mr. Egleton propd  Mr. Varney propd & Secd that now (May 6th) the County Council have tarred the main Streets of the town the Water Cart is unnecessary. This was carried, a letter to be sent to Mr. W. S. Neal.
                A letter from the County Council, Re- Horn St path was read. Mr. E. A Illing promised to see Mr. W. Weston C.A. respecting the matter.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

September 1914

1914 Sept. 9th      A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O.F. Hall.
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair.
Messrs. A. Watson, J. Varney, G. Gazey, W. J. Whitehorn

The Minutes of last meeting were passed & Signed.

Letter from Mrs. Knapp                 A Circular letter from Mrs. Knapp of Linford Hall was read asking the Winslow Parish Council to set up a comittee [sic] to assist in meeting any distress that may be caused by the war in which we are now engaged, and in connexion
[p.262] with the North Bucks divisional \Relief/ Committee.
Mr. Whitehorn propd. & Mr. Varney Secd. and it was agreed that a local comtee be formed.

War Distress Relief Comtee          Mr. Varney propd. that (the chairman) Mr. Clear & two others be on that Comtee, Mr. E. A. Illing & Mr. Varney were then selected with the Clerk Thos. D. Curtis as Honry Secty with power to add to their numbers, it was then agreed that the Secty ask Mrs. Greaves, Mrs. Vaisey & Mrs. Kennish to join the Comtee, also Revd Hinkley.

Three leaflets recently received from the Board of Agriculture were put before the Council. Mr. Watson agreed to read & report on the same at the next meeting.

chq 12/5 E.J.F                     A cheque for 12/5 to Pay Mr. French’s a/c was drawn.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

Annual Parish Meeting (Lighting & Watching)

1914 Nov 11th                     A Parish Meeting under the Lighting & Watching Act was held in the O.F. Hall.
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs. J. Varney, E. Egleton, A. Watson, G. Gazey, J. White.

The notice calling the meeting was read.

The Minutes of the last Parish Meeting were read and agreed to be signed.

Vote of £140                      Mr. J. Varney propd.  Mr. E. Egleton Secd  that a sum not exceeding £140 = be raised for the purposes of the Lighting & Watching Act for the current year.  (carried)

A. J. Clear [signature]

It isn't mentioned in the minutes but Cllr W.J. Whitehorn joined up in September 1914. He was killed in action on the Balkan Front in September 1918 (see World War One).


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