Thu 16 May Winslow History Project workshop, 16 McLernon Way, 19:45-21:45
Drop in at any point in the evening or stay for the whole evening.
Transcribing 18th-19th century wills and other documents.
Thu 23 May Winslow History Project workshop, 16 McLernon Way, 19:45-21:45
Drop in at any point in the evening or stay for the whole evening.
Transcribing 18th-19th century wills and other documents.
Thu 30 May No meeting
Thu 6 June No meeting
Thu 13 June St Laurence Festival, Winslow Parish Church
19:30: David Noy, "Going to school in Winslow, 1314-1914"
Thu 20 June Winslow History Project workshop, 16 McLernon Way, 19:45-21:45
Drop in at any point in the evening or stay for the whole evening.
Transcribing 18th-19th century wills and other documents.
Thu 27 June Winslow History Project workshop, 16 McLernon Way, 19:45-21:45
Drop in at any point in the evening or stay for the whole evening.
Transcribing 18th-19th century wills and other documents.

If you would like to join in the transcribing but don't want to come on a Thursday evening, please contact - there is plenty of material which you can work on at home.


Terry Smith of Little Horwood has written an autobiography, An Orrod Lad, covering life in Little Horwood 1942-68. Please read the flyer and let him know if you would be interested in a copy, so that he knows how many to get printed. Download the flyer (PDF file).
A transcription of the Winslow Congregational registers, with lists of members and abstracts of some minutes, is now available from the Eureka Partnership.

Winslow books for sale:

  • David Noy, Winslow in 1556: The Survey of the Manor (Bucks Archaeological Society, 2013): £5
  • David Noy, Winslow Manor Court Books 1327-1377 and 1423-1460 (2 vols, Bucks Record Society, 2011): £50
  • Alan Wigley, A Window on Winslow (Winslow, 1981): £5 - this contains many historical photos of Winslow

Please contact for more information.

Additions to website

13-14 May 2019 Obituaries of T.P. Willis and details of the sales of his property in 1910 and 1911
Parish Council May-Dec 1896: business included bad language in the streets and ownership of the Market Square
9 May Will of T.P. Willis, solicitor: it was never implemented because his property was sold by his creditors
Parish Council Feb-April 1896, including a detailed report on the cattle market
1 May New page: Paradine family (thanks to Todd Paradine for this)
29 April John Mason Scott and the magistrates' court, 1851
Retirement of Daniel Grace from his school, 1850
Notice to creditors of T.P. Willis, 1910
Parish Council: Oct-Nov 1895, Jan 1896; Parish meeting and election 1897; Parish meeting 1898
26 April Church: Chancel paintings, 1892; Restoration of medieval wall paintings, 1933
Sale of "Tile Villa", 33 Station Road, 1899
Sale of former Salvation Army barracks, 33-35 Sheep Street, 1904
Death of Sarah Cowley Willis, 1905
24 April Parish Council: May-Nov 1895 and 1896 Parish Meetings
22 April Will of Joseph Neal, innholder and dairyman, 1839 (proved 1842): landlord of The Bell for 22 years
14-16 April Additions to: King's Head (1861), Charities (soup kitchen, 1879), 15 Market Square (1880), The George (1880), , Sear family (1896), World War One (electoral registration card of T.J. Stairs)
County Court, 1849: unpaid debts of the main railway contractor, among others
Sale of land, 1877: mainly near Furze Lane
Road names: 4 new ones added
Free and voluntary present, 1661: a contribution to Charles II paid more generously in Granborough than Winslow
Parish Council minutes, April 1895
12 April Association Rolls, 1696: names for Granborough & Little Horwood added
5 April Will of Rebecca Webb, widow, 1851: nee Hinton
Parish Council minutes Jan-Feb 1895: including a detailed report on the Winslow Charities
27 March Kelly's Directory of Buckinghamshire, 1903
22 March Will of Richard Stevens of Granborough, gentleman, 1799: owner of Biggin Farm Ground, which he left to his housekeeper
20 March Will of Sarah West, widow, 1830: widow of George West of Greyhound Lane tannery
Will of Elizabeth Gibbs, spinster, 1842 (proved 1846): owner of 20-22 High Street
18 March Hearth Tax return for Granborough, 1662: 33 names
Opening of Baptist schoolroom (Centenary Hall), 1880
John Neal's jewellery and watch business, 1849-50
Station Road and Sheep Street: sale of land and houses by Selby-Lowndes estate, 1875
Railway: additions for 1849-50
Will of Ann Morecraft Fountain, 1824 (proved 1837): she got married at the age of 62
Will of Richard Mayne, grocer, 1828 (proved 1829): he was left the Crooked Billet by his grandfather
15 March Robson's Commercial Directory, 1839: over 90 entries with occupations, and a brief description of the town
Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1842: this also gives addresses
14 March Will of Newman Williatt of Buckingham, 1809: a bailiff (i.e. mayor) of Buckingham with several Winslow connections
6-7 March Opening of the Reading Room (Iron Room), 1874
Sale of S.B. Dudley's property, 1883

Additions from 1850 to Railway, Station Road, Tinkers End
Opening of the Baptist Tabernacle, 1864, and anniversary, 1868
Will of William Bull, dairyman, 1819 (proved 1820): tenant of Tuckey Farm, originally from Swanbourne
Will of Robert Willett of Little Horwood, yeoman, 1583
28 February Discovery of skeletons at Shipton, 1934
Will of Thomas Gibbs the elder of Addington, dairyman, 1776 (proved 1777)
Will of Joseph Corbett of Adstock, yeoman, 1800 (proved 1807)
Charles Mayne of Anmount Lodge (1803-1890)
25-26 February Additions to King's Head and Royal Oak concerning Jabez Price, 1895
Will of Ann Stevens of Granborough, widow, 1719 (proved 1721)
22 February Will of John Dandridge of Addington, husbandman, 1681 (proved 1683)
Will of Ann Coulson of Addington, widow, 1747 (proved 1754)
Will of William John Jones, farmer and cattle dealer, 1886: owner of Mill Knob and Horsemead Piece among other property
12 February Will of Mary Bradbury of Granborough, spinster, 1814 (proved 1815)
Will of Thomas Mountague of Granborough, yeoman, 1728 (proved 1729)
Winslow Hall: plan of grounds and schedule of fixtures from lease to H.R. Lambton, 1873
7 February Alleged theft of coal, 1849
Windmill Inn: bankruptcy of Joseph King, 1867
Thomas Lomath of the Railway Tavern (160 High Street): sale of effects after his death
Sale of William Mortimer's stock, 1862: also at 160 High Street
Winslow's first recorded football matches, 1879
6 February Will of John Holland the elder of Granborough, yeoman, 1731 (proved 1734)
Will of Robert Stevens of Granborough, gentleman, 1738/9 (proved 1739): owner of the site of Biggin
Will of Hannah Anson of Granborough, 1767 (nee Butcher)
31 January Articled clerkship of Francis John Budd (1802)
Will of Benedict Holland of Granborough, 1630 (proved 1634)
Maps: road map from 1782 added
27-28 January Inheritance of John Curtis in Little Horwood, 1822
Register of electors, 1838: 51 men listed
Redfield: Land Tax entries added
Will of John Janes of Granborough, yeoman, 1651 (proved 1658)
Will of John Thorpe of Granborough, yeoman, 1654 (proved 1655)
Nuncupative will of Oliver Styles of Little Horwood, 1642 (proved 1661/2)
Administration of William Butler, 1802
22 January Will of Joseph Mead, gentleman, 1816 + the tribulations of Matthew Mead: Matthew offered a reward for the return of his son who had absconded
Biggin: Division of the land in Granborough, 1685 (Stephens & Thorpe)
19 January Will of Robert Pollard Harding, plumber & glazier, 1832 (proved 1833): lived at 10 High Street
Will of William Sellar, cordwainer, 1830 (proved 1831): ancestor of the Sellar family of Winslow
16 January Will of William Rochford, Rector of Addington, 1679 (proved 1683)
Manor court entries for 1757 and 1760
11 January Will of Robert Corbett, baker, 1850 (proved 1855): owner of 8-10 Horn Street
8-9 January Will of Thomas Burgess of Shipton, farmer & farrier, 1829 (proved 1847)
Will of William Bowler, yeoman, 1833 (proved 1839): he lived at 9 Horn Street
Will of William Walker, brandy merchant, 1810 (proved 1812): proprietor of the Punch House
3 January Will of Richard Staniford, lately brickmaker, 1849 (proved 1857): owner of 32 High Street
31 December 2018 Will of George West, currier, 1825 (proved 1827): he ran the Greyhound Lane tannery
14 December Subsidy, 1641: 20 taxpayers from Winslow, 9 from Little Horwood
Lowndes Roll 2: more additions concerning the Spooner family
10 December Will of William Judge of Shipton, dairyman, 1830 (proved 1832): he lived at Red Hall Farm
2-3 December Richard Newcourt's account of the manor, 1708: mainly about King Offa, includes a list of vicars
Lowndes Roll 2: some additions
Town Guide, 1932: list of advertisers
George Verney, postman, retired 1910
Freemasons: members of Wineslai Lodge, 1892-1921
Additions to Biggin
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