Thu 7 November Winslow History Project workshop, 16 McLernon Way, 19:45-21:45
Drop in at any point in the evening or stay for the whole evening.
Transcribing 18th-19th century wills and other documents.
Thu 14 November Winslow History Project workshop, 16 McLernon Way, 19:45-21:45
Drop in at any point in the evening or stay for the whole evening.
Transcribing 18th-19th century wills and other documents.
Thu 21 November Winslow History Project workshop, 16 McLernon Way, 19:45-21:45
Drop in at any point in the evening or stay for the whole evening.
Transcribing 18th-19th century wills and other documents.
Thu 28 November Winslow History Project workshop, 16 McLernon Way, 19:45-21:45
Drop in at any point in the evening or stay for the whole evening.
Transcribing 18th-19th century wills and other documents.
Thu 5 December No meeting

If you would like to join in the transcribing but don't want to come on a Thursday evening, please contact - there is plenty of material which you can work on at home.


A transcription of the Winslow Congregational registers, with lists of members and abstracts of some minutes, is now available from the Eureka Partnership.

Winslow books for sale:

  • David Noy, Winslow in 1556: The Survey of the Manor (Bucks Archaeological Society, 2013): £5
  • David Noy, Winslow Manor Court Books 1327-1377 and 1423-1460 (2 vols, Bucks Record Society, 2011): £50
  • Alan Wigley, A Window on Winslow (Winslow, 1981): £5 - this contains many historical photos of Winslow

Please contact for more information.

Additions to website

7 November 2019 New page: Queen Victoria's coronation, 1838: This includes a full list of the 760 people who received a pound of pork, a pint of beer and various other gifts, and another list of the subscribers who paid for it.
Indentures of 1638 between Peter Fyge senior and junior about the office of bailiff and the Winslow tithes
Lowndes Roll 2: purchases by William Lowndes, 1710-15
4 November New page: Fires, 1748. There were two big fires, one in or near Horn Street and one on the east side of the High Street
Bucks Militia (1794-1810)
Manor court, 1728: one transaction concerning a cottage in Sheep Street
Manor court, 1631: transaction concerning the Deely family
31 October Church terrier and inventory, 1810
26 October Parish Council 1918: the provision of more allotments was the main topic throughout the year
Parish meeting 1919 about a permanent War Memorial
New page: Selby Villa (The White House) stood on the corner of Great Horwood Road from the 1820s to 1930s
Fire insurance policy of Thomas Bowler, 1783, covering 9 and 28 Horn Street
24 October Will of Susanna Bainbridge, 1846 and legal dispute about 30 Horn Street, 1879-81
21 October Parish Council 1917: they organised various activities to increase local food production
11-13 October Inquisition post mortem of Edmund Paxton, 1597: owner of a 60-acre freeholding in Winslow
Dispute concerning Robert Bowden of Granborough, 1656-61
Parish Council 1916: Air raids were still a worry
8-9 October Parish Council 1915: The main issue was whether to turn off the street lights as protection against airship raids
1636: Reference to the Duke of Buckingham's property in Winslow
Grant of the manor to Sir John Fortescue, 1599: the legal document by which Fortescue became lord of the manor
3 October Schedule of Mary Worrall's goods when she married John Seaton in 1694
Administration of Edward Selby-Lowndes, 1885: the owner of Selby Lodge, which became Redfield
Will of Arthur Stead Midgley, solicitor's clerk, 1892 (proved 1894)
1 October Court Leet, 1876: the traditional business of the manor court took place, mainly in The Bell
Redfield: Sale of Selby Lodge (the earlier building) in 1885
27 Market Square: sale of contents in 1885
Football match v Bicester, 1880 with a (nearlY) full list of the team
The Charge of the Fire Brigade: anonymous poem from 1926
30 September Will of Geoffrey Lowndes of Swanbourne, 1580
T.P. Willis: final list of creditors (1912): everyone from his own nephews to the Rogers Free School and the Winslow New Gas Company
21 September A letter to the Bucks Chronicle about Thomas Lomath, appointed Winslow's first paid policeman c.1823
19 September Parish Council 1914: contrary to what you might expect, the big issue in Winslow was whether to build a water tank for the fire brigade
18 September New page: The Cock
The existence of this previously unlocated 1740s/50s inn/alehouse has emerged from a dispute between John Turner and Peter & Mary Goldsworth in 1749. Click on the link to find out where it was. Another lawsuit brought by the Goldsworths concerned the estate of Mary's grandmother Ann Bigg.
17 September Bigg v Bigg 1746-58: A Bleak House-style dispute between various Biggs which dragged on for over a decade. It includes information about the windmill and 21-25 Market Square.
11-12 September Daniel Seaton v Mary Seaton and others, 1709: a legal dispute between Daniel and his stepmother with a lot of information about the problems which arose when people remarried.
William & Martha Short v John Longbridge, 1710: this concerns 15 Market Square and among other things contains the first reference to someone in Winslow owning a landscape painting, which was supposed to be treated as a fixture in the house.
7 September Gyles family: additions to Daniel Gyles and his children
2 September Parish Council 1913: trouble with the Town Band and the pavements
1 September Purchase of property in Winslow by Baron Rothschild of Mentmore, 1863
Additions to The Bull
30 August Morris and Ingram v Spratley and Bigg, 1724: a dispute within the Bigg family about the property which is now 5 Market Square / 1 Horn Street. Evidently John Spratley jr didn't carry out his threat to pull it down.
Additions to The Bell (William Neal bought out his stepmother's interest in 1855 after she remarried); Thomas Lomath (d.1858): copyhold property which he owned at his death for which his son-in-law became trustee
26 August Parish Council 1912: trouble with gas lamps, footpaths and watering the streets
24 August Will of Anne Webb, widow, 1810 (proved 1811)
19 August Parish Council minutes 1911: celebration of George V's coronation; installation of "High Street" signs
11 August Fortescue v tenants, 1607: bill of complaint of Sir John Fortescue; evidence of John Williott, denying that there was a riot in the wood at Little Horwood
Photo of Market House (27 Market Square) while under the ownership of Ezra Braggins, c.1896
Parish Council minutes 1909 and 1910: there were 16 candidates in 1910 but a behind-closed-doors arrangement prevented an election
7 August Deposition of Robert Williatt, 1607, in the Fortescue v tenants case: he admitted breaking the lord's enclosure in the woods at Little Horwood
5 August Parish Council minutes 1908: business mainly concerned who was to pay for repaving part of the High Street
29-30 July Letter about the T.P. Willis case, May 1910: there were apparently 94 claims against the estate
Parish Council minutes 1907: a contested election and a heated debate about the water supply
Photos of the Willis tomb added to the Willis family page
26 July Parish Council minutes 1906: George Robinson of The Swan becomes a member; Sir Edmund Verney gives the town a barometer
Parish Council 1904: report from Bicester Herald on November meeting added (giving a very different impression)
T.P. Willis payment schedule, Nov 1911: After all T.P. Willis' assets were sold, the Master in Chancery began to repay his creditors, who seem to have included most of Winslow's wealthier inhabitants. Lloyds Bank took priority.
William Stockley v Joseph Bigg, 1721: This legal dispute includes a schedule of Stockley's charges for carpentry work done for Bigg, including work on a balcony at Joseph Bigg's house, probably 21-25 Market Square
Dispute between Sir John Fortescue and his tenants in 1607: depositon of Rooke Mascall
16-17 July Parish Council minutes 1904: another uncontested election
Parish Council minutes 1905: councillors voted on a replacement for G.A. Monk
Additions from 1851 to: Railway, Station Road, Church (installation of an organ)
Mrs Clarke's burglary, 1851: attributed to the railway bringing burglars from London
Will of John Blake, baker, 1804: copy made at St Albans
9 July Parish Council minutes 1903: concern over the state of Station Road; criticism of the Bread Charity
Will of William Coxill, cooper, 1830 (proved 1831): he lived on the west side of the High Street
Dispute between Sir John Fortescue and his tenants in 1607: interrogatories
2 July Parish council minutes 1902: there was a vote on filling a vacancy on the council
Will of David Thomas Willis, 1877, proved 1885: the money he left for the church clock is responsible for the present-day chimes
25-26 June Parish Council minutes 1901: includes the first nomination by a female parishioner, 17 years before any women got the vote
Dispute about tithes in Shipton, 1725: this includes a detailed account of the defendants' livestock, milk, wool, etc.
15-16 June Parish Council minutes 1900: including a public meeting about the water supply
Pain v Willis: another document from 1911 after the property in Winslow had been sold
Action brought by Joseph Meakes against the trustees of John Seaton, 1726
10 June Parish Council minutes 1899: including discussion of the bathing place (Claydon Road) and a possible children's recration ground
T.P. Willis: first part of the case in Chancery which his creditors brought against his estate in 1910
Will of Susanna Hawkins, spinster, 1783, proved at the PCC 1820
1 June Will of Rev. James Preedy, clerk, Vicar of Winslow, 1834 (proved 1836): also chaplain to the Duke of Marlborough
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