Parish Council 1910

March 1910

[p.222]  1910 March 2nd                A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O.F. Hall, present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs. W. T. Walker, A. Watson, J. White, J. H. Turnham, J. Varney, C. Watson, W. R. Monk.

                The Minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

Paving West of High St  Mr. A. Watson propd and Mr.  J. White seconded, that a letter be written to the County Surveyor asking him to proceed with the new Brick paving on the West side of High St. with as little delay as possible.

Parish Constable    Mr. A. Watson propd and Mr J. White Seconded Mr. John Warner as Parish Constable.
                Mr. J. H. Turnham propd & Mr C. Watson Secd Mr. Wm. Ellwood as Parish Constable,
the above two names were accepted and the Overseers are requested to forward them to the Magistrates as pr. directions received.

Rent of F.B. Yard              Mr. Watson proposed that a letter be sent to Mr. A. Grace demanding the Rent of yard 20/- (due Sep 29 last) by March 20th next.      Mr. A. J. Clear agreeing to see Mr. W. N. Midgley respecting the property & the old Parish \Vestry/ Minute Book.

A J Clear [signature]

Annual parish meeting

1910 March 14th      The Parish Meeting for the Election of Parish Councillors and the Annual Parish Meeting was held in the Oddfellows Hall on Monday March the 14th 1910, at 7 p.m. Present Mr.  W. R. Monk in the chair
Messrs. S. Jones, A. Watson, F. Benbow, A. J. Clear, R. Golledge, J. Varney, Josh Colgrove,W. T. Walker, Thos. Walker, E. A. Illing, Geo George, E. A. Illing, J. C. Hawley, W. Turnham, D. Bimrose. G. Hancock, H. J. Turnham, Thos. D. Curtis (Clerk) and others.

The Notice calling the Meeting was read.
The Minutes of the last Parish Meeting were read and signed by the Chairman Mr. A. J. Clear who being himself a Candidate had to vacate the chair at this point and Mr. W. R. Monk, was appointed and took the Chair.

The following \16/ nominations were handed to the Chairman.

No. Candidate Proposer Seconder
1 Clear Alfred Joseph W. R. Monk Joseph Colgrove
2 Golledge Reginald E. W. R. Monk John Buckingham
3 Walker Wm. Thos W. R. Monk Thomas Walker
4 Watson Austin Silvanus Jones William Turnham
5 Varney John George Turner Wm. H. Stevens
6 White Josiah Edwin J. French Sidney P. Wigley
7 Turnham John Henry John Coles Ralph Benbow
8 Watson Charles George Hancock Ernest Spatcher
9 Robinson George Henry Crofts Ernest E. Parrott
10 Walker Alfred Homer Underwood Wm. Walker
11 Underwood Homer Wm.  Samuel Neal Wm. H. Stevens
12 Stevens Wm. Hall Wm.  Samuel Neal George Arthur Midgley
13 Colgrove Joseph George Arthur Midgley William Wise
14 Illing Ebenezer A. W. R. Monk Joseph Colgrove
15 Egleton Edwin Wm. Geo. Wise Harry Egleton
16 Gazey George Norman McCorquodale W. R. Monk

The election by show of hands was then proceeded with & resulted as follows :-

1, Colgrove Joseph 49 Votes
2. Clear A. J. 76
3. Egleton Edwin 46
4. Golledge R. E. 14
5. Gazey George 20
6. Robinson George 30
7. Illing E. A.  64
8. Stevens W. H.   29
9. Turnham J. H. 49
10. Underwood H. 20
11. Varney John 44
12. Watson Austin 47
13. White Josiah  55
14. Walker Wm. Thos 34
15. Watson Chas 43
16. Walker Alfred  18

The Chairman read out the result and stated that he should declare the first nine would be elected, unless a Poll was demanded, whereupon Mr. Re. E. Golledge demanded a Poll being supported by Messrs. J. Varney, Geo George, J. C. Hawley and Geo Gazey, and the meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the Chairman proposed by Mr. E. J. French and Secd. by Mr. Geo George.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

Buckingham Advertiser, 26 March 1910
Winslow Parish Council election has been settled without a poll, there having been seven withdrawals. The Council will consist of Messrs A.J. Clear, Jno. Varney, J. White, W.H. Stevens, and W.T. Walker (old Members), and E.A. Illing, J. Colgrove, E. Egleton and Geo. Gazey (new members).

April 1910

[p.223] 1st Meeting of New Council 1910 Apl 13th       The Annual Parish Council Meeting was held in the Oddfellows Hall on Wednesday the 13th April 1910. Present Mr A. J. Clear (Chairman) Messrs.  E. A. Illing, Joseph Colgrove, Edwin Egleton, Josiah White, John Varney, W. T. Walker, George Gazey, W. H. Stevens.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

The above members signed the Declaration of office.

Chairman            Mr. J. Varney proposed that Mr. A. J. Clear be again appointed Chairman of the Council this was seconded by Mr. J. White & carried unanimously.
Vice Do.               Mr. W. H. Stevens proposed that Mr. John Varney be appointed Vice Chairman Mr. E. A. Illing seconded & it was agreed Unanimously.
                Proposed by Mr. A. J. Clear and seconded by Mr. Josh Colgrove that the whole Council consist of the Lighting and Fire Brigade Comtees consist of the whole Council this was agreed

Apt of Overseers                                             “overseers”
Mr. E. A. Illing propd               }             Mr. Edwin Egleton
and  Mr. Josh Colgrove Secd    }             “as overseers
Mr. W. H. Stevens propd      }               Mr. R. E. Golledge
and  Mr. J. White Secd           }            
Mr. E. Egleton propd             }              Mr. W. Viccars
and Mr. J. White Secd            }            
Mr.  G. Gazey propd              }              Mr. Alfred Walker
and Mr.  W. T. Walker Secd    }

the above four names were put to the
[p.224] meeting & carried unan.

P.C. & L.C. a/cs                  The Parish Council & Lighting Accounts were presented Balanced ready for Auditor, showing a Balance in hand for the Parish Council No 1 a/c of £1-17-2 and on the Lighting No 2 a/c of £9-8-3 

Higher Educn Comtee    Mr. E. A. Illing proposed and Mr. W. T. Walker Seconded that Mr. A. J. Clear, W. H. Stevens & John Varney be appointed to represent this Council on the Higher Education Comtee

School Comtee   Mr. A. J. Clear propd. and Mr. J. Varney seconded that Mr. W. R. Monk be appointed to represent the Parish Council on the Schools management Comtee, and that Mr. E. A. Illing the nominated to represent the County Council on that Comtee (carried)

Alfred J Clear [signature]

May 1910

1910 May 4th          A Parish Council Meeting was held in O.F. Hall
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs. E. A. Illing, J. White, W. H. Stevens, E. Egleton, Geo Gazey, W. T. Walker, John Varney.

                The Minutes of the last meeting read & signed.

A letter was read from the County Surveyor “respecting the old Bricks which were taken up recently from High St” informing the Winslow parish Council that their application for them had come too late and they had
[p.225] already been disposed of.
Mr. Illing proposed that a letter be written to the County Council condemning their action in removing the Bricks from the Parish, after Mr. Thomas had promised Mr. Illing & Mr. Monk that the parish should have them, this was Secd by Mr. J. Varney and agreed to.
[added note in left hand margin reads] no letter sent. It was found upon enquiry the Bricks had not been removed.

Charity a/cs        Mr. H. Ray produced the charity a/cs showing a balance in hand of £13-8-0 the a/cs were considered very satisfactory.

Audit Stamp       A cheque for £2-0-0 was drawn for an Audit Stamp for the a/cs of P.C for the year ended March 31st 1910.

Call of £5-0-0 on overseers          Mr. W. H. Stevens propd. and Mr. J. White Secd. that a call be made for £5/- on the overseers to replenish No 1 a/c at the Bank, the balance there now being only £1-17-2. “agreed to”

Chq        A cheque for £1-15-3 was drawn to Pay the following a/cs 
                                                                     s   d
                Income Tax on Engine House      4   4        }
                Fire Insurance “    “          “          4   6        }
                E. J. French’s a/c                          4  10       }
                W. N. Midgleys a/c                  1   1   7        }              £1-15-3

A J Clear [signature]

June 1901

[p.226] 1910 June 1st       A Parish Council Meeting was held on Wednesday June 1st in the O.F. Hall
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs. Edwin Egleton, W. T. Walker, W. H. Stevens, John Varney, Geo Gazey.

                Minutes of last meeting were read and signed.

Letter to Home Secty      Mr. A. J. Clear proposed and Mr. W. H. Stevens Secd. that this being the first Meeting of the Council since the Death of King Edward 7th, a vote of sympathy \be/ expressed to Queen Alexandra and the Royal Family in their great loss, and also a similar vote to King George 5th, and to assure him of the Loyalty of this Council to the Throne, it was also agreed that the Chairman & the Clerk forward a copy of the above to the proper authorities.

                The Parish Council Accounts as Audited on May 12th last were presented, and considered very satisfactory.                               

E. A. Illing [signature]

August 1910

[p.227]  1910 Aug 3rd       A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O.F. Hall
present Mr. E. A Illing in the chair
Messrs. J. White, J. Colgrove, G. Gazey, W. Walker, W. H. Stevens,

                The Minutes of the last meeting read & Signed.

The reply from the Home Secty was read and it was decided to have it placed in the Iron Box with other papers.

Letter to RDC re Street Names                   A discussion took place respecting the classification of High St. Union St. and Buckingham Road. Mr. Josh Colgrove proposed and Mr. W. H. Stevens Secd. that High St. be described (in the Valuation List and Rate Books) as commencing from the Market Sqr. and ending at the Station Road, and Buckingham Road from there onward, and that the above resolution be sent to the RD Council, this was “carried unan”

letter to Mrs. Greaves                    Mr. J. White reported a bad state of the Foot Path in Parsons Close and propd. that a letter be sent to the owner Mrs. Greaves asking her to have some gravel placed in the deep ruts now caused by the rain &c. Secd. by Mr. Colgrove & agreed to,

A J Clear [signature]

September 1910

[p.228] 1910 Sept 7th                       A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O.F. Hall
Present Mr. A. J. Clear, in the chair
Messrs. J. Varney, E. Egleton, J. White, W. Walker & Geo Gazey.

                Minutes of the last Meeting read and signed.

Re-Naming of Streets    Mr. J. Varney propd. and Mr. E. Egleton Secd. that the question of naming certain Streets be adjourned to the next meeting, the RD Council having replied that neither they or the County Council can move in the matter untill they \the RDC/ have adopted the Section 21 of the Public Health Acts (Amendment) 1907. in the meantime Mr. A. J. Clear undertook to look up the Act, and report to the next meeting.

Smoke Nuisance in Station Rd.   In accordance with notice, Mr. John Varney moved that the Council use their influence toward abating the Smoke Nuisance in the Station Road arising from the Creamery Factory Chimney, it being at times, quite unbearable to the Ratepayers in the district. After some discussion Mr. Varney propd. and Mr. J. White Secd. and it was unanimously agreed that that a letter be written to the R.D. Council asking them to require the owners of the Creamery to abate the nuisance, either by using smokeless coal or consume the Smoke as in other districts.

The Land Tax return form was filled in and returned to Mrs. Russell, respecting the F.B. Station.

A J Clear [signature]

Parish meeting (Lighting & Watching)

1910 Nov 9           A Parish Meeting called for the purposes of the Lighting and Watching Act 3 & 4 Wm 4th and for taking into consideration the amount of money to be raised for the purposes of the said act for the current year in this Parish, was held in the Oddfellows Hall on Wednesday Nov 9th  1910.        
Present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs. J. Varney, W. T. Walker, Edwin Egleton, J. White, Josh Colgrove, Geo Gazey, W. H. Stevens.

                The Notice calling the meeting was read.

The Minutes of the last Parish Meeting were read & signed.

Vote of £135/-                   Mr. J. Varney propd. & Mr. J. White Secd. that a sum not exceeding £135 be raised for the purposes of the Lighting & Watching Act for the current year, this was carried.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]
Chairman of Parish Council

November 1910

[p.229] 1910 Novr. 9th     A Parish Council Meeting was held in the Oddfellows Hall.
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair,
Messrs.  John Varney, Josh Colgrove, J. White, W. H. Stevens Edwin Egleton W. T. Walker & E. A. Illing

The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

Re-Naming of Streets                    Mr. Clear produce the copy of the Public Health Amendment Act showing that the Parish Council have power to rename certain Streets in the town if two thirds of the Ratepayers in those streets are willing to agree to the proposed alteration, after some discussion it was agreed to suggest to the R.D. Council that the matter could be arranged upon the next new area Valuation List being made by them, the Rate Books and the Voters List would then be more accurate than they are at present.

Smoke Nuisance in Stn Rd                             The clerk reported having seen the clerk to the R.D. Council & asking him for a reply to our letter Re-Smoke nuisance in the Station Road which reply was the R.D.C. had written to Edward’s Ld. and had received their reply that the matter should be attended to and regretted the occurrence. The clerk was requested to write asking for a direct reply from the R.D.C.

Stile in Horrill Hill           A report having been received of a defective foot plank at the Stile in Horrill Hill the clerk was asked to write to Mr. John Buckingham the tenant, to have it put in order.
propd. by Mr. J. Colgrove
Secd.    “    “    J. Varney

Alfred J. Clear [signature]


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