Vestry, 25 March 1840

Centre for Bucks Studies, PR237/8/1

At a vestry held by adjournment at the Vestry Room at Church on Wednesday 25th March 1840 pursuant to a public notice for that purpose.

Present  Samuel G Dudley, Chairman, David Thomas Willis, John Bull, Daniel Grace, Robert Corbett, George Mayne, Thomas Edwin, Alfred Barton, Richard Baldwin, Henry Wigley.

William Selby Lowndes Junr Esquire, Daniel Grace and Samuel Cole were appointed Surveyors for Winslow and John Bull and Thomas Burgess were appointed Surveyors for Shipton for the year ensuing.

The following persons were nominated as fit persons to serve the office of Overseer for the year ensuing.
Robert Williatt Jones and Grant King, Robert Corbett, Richard Sharp, William Jones Junr, Samuel Cole, John Bull, John Dover.

The Accounts of the Overseers for the last year and those of the Surveyors for Winslow and Shipton were produced and examined and severally allowed.

The Churchwardens produced their Accounts which were allowed and it was agreed to grant a Church rate of Seven pence in the pound.

Resolved that the Churchwardens be enf advised to enforce the resolution of 9th January 1839 respecting the allotments of the poor’s land and that any portions of the land which have been appropriated disposed of contrary to that resolution be appropriated to other applicants for occupation at the discretion of the Churchwardens.

Saml Dudley [signature]

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