Vestry, 1873

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The following business was part of a dispute with the vicar about the management of the Infants' School; read more.

At a Vestry held in the Vestry room in the Church on Thursday 20th Feb: 1873.

Present Mr R.W. Jones Chairman, Messrs T.P. Willis, Wynter, Dr Newham, Neal, Monk, Jno: Grace, Hathaway, W.H. French, S. Jones, Warr, Woodward, Syratt, Jas Walker, Jas East, Elley, Grant King, Parrett, Sear, Jas King Keeper.

Proposed by Mr Neal seconded by Mr Monk
That the plan laid before the Vestry by Mr Matthews for the new School be adopted.
Carried unanimously.

Proposed by Mr Monk seconded by Mr Hathaway
That a Committee be appointed to raise the funds and that this Committee be informed that this vestry approve the plan of a Voluntary rate.
Carried unanimously.

The following Gentlemen were elected on the Committee –
W. Selby Lowndes, Esq: E.W. Selby Lowndes: H.R. Lambton Esq: T.P. Willis, W. Neal, J. St. T. Wynter, H. Monk, Dr Newham, J. Grace, R. W. Jones, J. Hathaway, W.H. French, S. Jones, Wm. George, E. Braggins
With power to add to their number. Five to form a quorum.
Proposed by Mr Monk seconded by Mr Grant King
That Mr Matthews be requested to prepare plans and specifications for the committee by Tuesday next 25th inst at 7p.m.

[unsigned] Ch

Bucks Herald, 29 March

 PARISH VESTRY.- The vestry for the purpose of nominating the various parish officers for the ensuing year was held in the Vestry-room in the Church, on the 24th instant.  The Rev. A. M. Preston, the Vicar, was in the chair, and there were also present T. P. Willis, Esq., Messrs. Monk, Neal, R. W. Jones, Grant, King [i.e. Mr Grant King], Hathaway, James King (auctioneer), A. Barton, (East Cowley) [presumably this means Mr East and Mr Cowley], James King (keeper), J. H. Jennings, G. Jennings, Grace, Corkett, Woodward, Syratt, Matthews, H. Ingram, and Sear.  The Surveyors of the Parish produced their accounts for the past year, and the same were allowed.  Messrs. Monk, Neal, and James King were re-elected surveyors.  The following persons were nominated as overseers, viz.:- James Youlet, J. H. Jennings, Joseph Loffler, J. Tofield, C. Wilford, and Rand.  Messrs. Monk and James King (auctioneer) were nominated for the office of guardians and there was no opposition.

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