Parish Council 1917

January 1917

[p.272]  Janry 3 A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O.F. Hall, present Mr. A. J. Clear in the chair
Messrs. H. C. Stock, J. White, E. Egleton, G. Gazey, E. A. Illing, J. Varney, A. Watson.

The Minutes of last meeting were read & signed.

Letter to H. J. Ray            The charge of 12/6 for use of O.F. Hall on Aug 4th last was again considered, and it was propd. by Mr. J. Varney & Secd. by Mr. Gazey that the Clerk again write to Mr. H. J. Ray & offer to pay 7/6 as before, it was not a political meeting but came more under the heading of charitable & religious objects.

Letter to W.G. Matthews Sec Bucks C.C. Seed Potatoes                 A letter from the Bucks County Council was respecting the supply of seed potatoes
[p.273] that will be required in this Parish for the next spring planting, as the letter seemed rather vague the clerk was requested to ask for more information, as to the price the potatoes will be supplied at &c. &c.

                The Balance at Bank on No. 1 a/c now stands at £6-9-5 this was thought to be sufficient for present needs.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

February 1917

1917 Febry 9th    A Parish Meeting was held in the O F Hall.
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the chair
Messrs.  J. White, E. Egleton, E. A. Illing, A. Watson, John Varney,

Bucks County Council Seed Potatoes      The minutes of last meeting were read & signed, further details respecting Seed Potatoes from the Bucks County Council were placed before the Council and considered, Mr. Illing propd. Mr. A. J. Clear Secd. that Mrs. A. G. Stevens be asked to take the matter in hand Mr. Clear to print the Bills & have them circulated about the Parish stating prices of the Potatoes & the terms upon which Cottagers and allotment holders could have a supply of them, this was carried.

Apt. of Parish Constables             on the proposition of Mr. Egleton secd. by Mr. White Messrs.  John Warner and E. T. Lines were nominated for Parish Constables.

Cheque A chq was drawn to pay Messrs.  R. J. Matthews & Son £2/10/8 & one to Pay O.F. Hall Comtee 12/6

A J Clear [signature

[p.274] 1917 Febry 17th A Parish Meeting was held in the OF Hall, present Mr. Clear in chair
Messrs. H. C. Stock, A. Watson, J. White, E. Egleton, G. Gazey, E. A. Illing & J. Varney,

The last minutes were read & Signed.

Letter to Mrs. A. G. Stevens         Mrs. A. G. Stevens sent in a return of the Seed Potatoes she had sold making a total of 5£ for the sum of £3-9-0 which amt. had been remitted to the County Council pr. Mr. E. A. Illing to the Secty. Mr. Watkins. More Seed potatoes might have been sold had the County Council given more time, only four days were allowed for the work.
Mr. A. J. Clear proposed & Mr. J. White secd. a vote of thanks to Mrs. A. J. Stevens for the trouble she had taken in the matter, the clerk to send a letter to Mrs. S -

Letter from Mrs. Bishop re Sparrow Club               A letter from Mrs. Bishop of Rodmore Gt Horwood, respecting the necessity of forming clubs for the destruction of Wood Pigeons, Sparrow & Crows & Starlings as recommended by the War Agricl. Comtee, but \as/ the matter could not be dealt with from funds out of the Parish Council a/cs it should be done by voluntary means, after a discussion the following Comtee was appointed to collect subscriptions &c.
Mr. Watson   from occupiers on Poors Allotments
 “    White  } 
 “    Gazey  }      “            “           “  Pauls piece & Stn Rd
[p.275] Mr. Stock  from occupiers, Vandemans
 “    Gazey     “            “           Bridge Allotmts & Stationn Rd Do.
 “    Stock      “            “          
Mr. Clear   Mr. Varney and Illing from Farmers & others in the Parish, also \Mr. Illing/ to act as treasurer.
The sum of 3d. pr. Dozen to be paid for Sparrows & Starlings. 1d. each for Wood Pigeons & Crows.
Mr. G. Gazey &  Mr. Geo. Robinson were deputed to receive the Birds, or their heads, & pay for the same.
Mr. A. J. Clear offered to have some Bills printed (free of cost) to be place [sic] about the town.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

March 1917

1917 March 28th                A Parish Council Meeting was held in O.F. Hall.
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the chair.
Messrs.  H. C. Stock, E. A. Illing, J. Varney, E. Egleton, J. White, G. Gazey & Mr. H. J. Ray.

The last Minutes were read & signed.

Charity a/cs        Mr. H. J. Ray produced the Charity trustee a/cs which were considered very satisfactory.

Letter to Secty. Charity trustees Re-fences          A discussion took place respecting the Fences round the poor’s Allotments on one side the fence had become very bad Mr. Warr’s Sheep getting through and doing damage to the crops this Fence being the Addington boundry [sic]. Mr. J. White propd. & Mr. E. Egleton Secd. that a letter be sent to Mr. Warr \the Secty. of trustees/ asking him \them/ to have the said
[p.276] fence repaired at once, by a request to the adjoining tenant Mr. A. Warr.

Letter to Mrs. Bishop re Allots                     A Letter from Mr. D. Money of Shipton was read offering his services \free/ to give a lecture or otherwise upon Gardening and the croping [sic] of Allotments &c. the said letter having come through Mrs. Bishop and the Winslow War Agriculture Comtee asking the Parish Council to use their influence to have all allotment gardens cultivated, after discussion it was agreed to write to Mrs. Bishop thanking her for the letters and to state that all allotments in Winslow Parish are now occupied and under a course of cultivation.

Apt. of Overseers. Letter to each            Mr. Gazey propd. & Mr. E. Egleton Secd. that the following be appointed overseers for Winslow for the ensuing year, (and carried).
Mr. R. E. Golledge, Mr. W. T. George
    “    T. G. Dickson     “    Henry Hall

Letter to Sprake & Co. Bungay                    A letter from Messrs. Sprake & Co. Solicrs. of Bungay Suffolk was read, asking for 2/- quit Rent for 12 years on Engine House property, the clerk was instructed to reply stating that the property in question was a free gift from the Lord of the Manor to Winslow  Parish and they decline to pay the above sum.

Letter to Mr. W. H. Marsh            A letter from Mr. W. H. Marsh of the Education Office Aylesbury was read offering to give a lecture in Winslow on Explosives. The Clerk was asked to write thanking  Mr. Marsh which the P.C. think would be best left untill [sic] next Winter time.

on No.2 a/c a Cheque for 13/5 was drawn to pay “Rates 8/9 & Stamps used 4/8”

A J Clear [signature]

May 1917

[p.277]  1917 May 2                         A Meeting of the Parish Council was held in the Oddfellows Hall on Wednesday the 2nd May 1917.
Present Mr. A. J. Clear (Chairman)
Messrs. J. Varney (Vice Chairman) J. White, A. Watson, H. Stock, G. Gazey.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Appointment of Clerk                   The question of the appointment of a Clerk to the Council was considered, and the Chairman read the following letter from the Local Government Board in reply to a communication he had addressed to them on the subject.
                ‘I am directed by the President of the Local Government Board to acknowledge your letter relative to the desire of the Assistant Overseer of the Parish of Winslow to resign his office as Clerk to the Parish Council.
                Mr. Long directs me to state generally that having regard to Section 17 of the Local Government Act, 1894, it appears that where the Parish Council do not appoint one of their number to act as Clerk without remuneration and there is an assistant overseer for the parish, the assistant overseer will be clerk to the Parish Council as long as he holds the appointment of  assistant overseer. It would however be competent to the Parish Council, if they thought it desirable, to appoint a second assistant overseer with a view to his acting as clerk to the Council; but if the Parish Council decided to take this course the resolution or resolutions under which the assistant overseer were appointed should distinctly state which of the two assistant overseers were to act as clerk of the Council.
[p.278]  It would be necessary that the assistant overseer who was to act as clerk to the Parish Council should have some duty of overseer assigned to him & not merely the duty of acting as clerk. The other assistant overseer might have assigned to him all or any of the duties which are not assigned to the first mentioned assistant overseer.’
                It appearing that the Council must therefore appoint an additional assistant overseer, or one of themselves without remuneration, to act as clerk, the Chairman offered to undertake temporarily the duties gratuitously.
                Mr. Varney proposed that Mr. Hugh Ray be appointed in the place of Mr. T. D.  Curtis who had resigned and Mr. Gazey seconded this.
                After further explanation of the position by the Chairman, and some discussion, the motion to appoint Mr. Ray was withdrawn. And on the proposition of Mr. Varney seconded by Mr. Gazey it was agreed \(nem: con:)/ to write to the Guardians informing them of Mr. Curtis’ resignation and inquiring whether it was competent for him to hold the office of Assistant Overseer without also acting as clerk to the Parish Council.

Potato Spraying                A letter from Mr. Mann Bucks County Horticultural Instructor, respecting the importance of spraying Potato crops, & approximate costs, was read; and Mr. Gazey promised to enquire whether it was possible to arrange anything to be done in the matter.

Seed Potatoes                  The Chairman reported the receipts & distribution in the district of 5½ tons of Irish ‘Up-to-date’ seed Potatoes.

[p.279] Cheques               A cheque for 10/- was drawn in favour of the Chairman to pay the following:- F. J. French 5/6 Fire Insurance Fire Brigade Station 4/6.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

June 1917

1917 June 13th    A Meeting of the Parish Council was held in the Oddfellows Hall on Wednesday the 13th June 1917. Present Mr. A. J. Clear (Chairman) Messrs. J. Varney, G. Gazey, J. White, A. Watson, H. Stock and E. A. Illing.

Appointment of Clerk                   The Chairman produced and read the correspondence between him & the Local Government Board relative to the Clerkship to the Council.
                Mr. Varney proposed that Mr. H. J. Ray be appointed an Assistant Overseer and Clerk to the Parish Council. Mr. Gazey seconded and it was carried nem: con: the Chairman not voting.

Salary of Clerk                   Mr. Varney proposed and Mr. Gazey seconded that Mr. Ray’s duties include making & collecting the Lighting Rate when necessary, & that his Salary as Clerk to the Council be £10 per annum with £8 additional for making & collecting the Lighting rate. This was carried nem: con: the Chairman not voting.

War Prisoners                   A letter from the Marquis of Lincolnshire was read respecting Bucks & Oxon War Prisoners in Germany, when
[p.280] the Council decided to take no action.

Food Production              A letter was also read relating to Food Production Societies; but no action \steps/ were taken.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

August 1917

1917 Augt. 1                        A Meeting of the Parish Council was held in the Oddfellows’ Hall on Wednesday the 1st August 1917. Present Mr. A. J. Clear (Chairman) Messrs. J. White, E. A. Illing, J. Varney, A. Watson & H. C. Stock

                The Minutes of the meetings held the 2nd May and 13th June were read and confirmed.

Fruit Preservation                           The Chairman produced and read a letter from the Bucks War Agricultural Executive Committee relative to obtaining supplies of screw-topped jars of 1lb & 2lbs for Preserving Fruit.
                Mr. Varney proposed that a number of Posters stating the particulars be printed and published throughout the Parish. Mr. J. White seconded this and it was unanimously agreed.

Complaint from late Clerk           A letter from the late Clerk (Mr. T. D. Curtis) was read complaining of a statement made by a member at a former meeting of the Council; when it was decided to let the matter pass with comment.

[p.281] Precept                 On the proposition of Mr. Illing, seconded by Mr. A. Watson a Precept for £10 on the Overseers for the purposes of the Parish Council, was signed.

Repairs to Fire Station   The account of £3:12:0 from Matthews & Sons for Repairs & Painting the Fire Engine House was presented and passed for payment. 

Cheque                                A cheque for 10s/8d was drawn to pay Miss I. M. French’s account for stationery.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

September 1917

1917 Sept: 26                     A Meeting of the Parish Council was held in the Oddfellows’ Hall on Wednesday the 26th September 1917 at 7.30pm. Present Mr. A. J. Clear (Chairman) Messrs. J. Varney, E. A. Illing, H. C. Stock, Jos White & A. Watson.

The Minutes of last meeting were read & confirmed.

Resignation                        The Chairman produced and read a letter from Mr. Edwin Egleton resigning his seat on the Council owing to continued ill-health. On the proposition of the Chairman seconded by Mr. Watson the resignation was accepted, and the Clerk directed to convey the
[p.282] Council’s regret to Mr. Edwin Egleton.

Destruction of Birds       The report (with statement of accounts) of the Destruction of Birds Committee was presented by Mr. Illing.

Receipts Payments
Collected from Allotment holders etc. viz.    
Pauls Piece 8/6 G. Robinson for heads of Birds 2:8:8
Station Road 9/-
Bridge Field  6/-  G. Gazey 1:2:9
Per Mr Gazey    1/6    
“     “   Stock       24/-    
Balance £1:2:5    
  £3:11:5    3:11:5

Mr. White proposed that the balance be paid out of the general fund of the Council. Mr. Illing seconded this and it was agreed.

Salary of Collector of Special Rates         An application was received from Mr. T.D. Curtis for an increase in Salary for making & collecting the Special Sanitary rate; On the proposition of Mr. Illing seconded by Mr. White the consideration of same was adjourned until the next meeting of the Council, in order that certain other information might be obtained.

Cheques              Cheques were drawn to pay :-
F. French Posters re Fruit Preservation  4s/-
R. J. Matthews & Son, Repairs to Fire Station £3:12/-

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

November 1917

[p.283] 1917 Novr : 7.                     A Meeting of the Parish Council was held in the Oddfellows’ Hall on Wednesday the 7th November 1917 at 7.30pm. Present Mr. A. J. Clear (Chairman) Messrs. E. A. Illing, G. Gazey, H. C. Stock, J. Varney, Josiah White & A. Watson.

The Minutes of the last Meeting were read & confirmed.

Member              The Chairman moved in accordance with the notice given “That Mr. William Wise of Winslow Stone Mason be elected a member of the Parish the Council in the place of Mr. Edwin Egleton, resigned." This was seconded by Mr. A. Watson and unanimously carried.

Salary of Collector of Specl Rates              The application of the Collector of Special Sanitary Rate for an increase in Salary was again brought forward, and on the proposition of Mr. White seconded by Mr. Illing was further adjourned until the next meeting.

Fire Engine Station         An application from Messrs. Sprake & Co. (Stewards of the Manor of Winslow) for payment of 2/2, 13 years Quit rents to October 1917, was received; and it was agreed to take no steps in the matter.

Food Production              A letter from the Winslow Agricultural War Committee relative to Food Production was read.

[p.284]  Food Economy Committee         A letter from the Winslow Rural District Food Control Committee was read, requesting the Parish Council to nominate six representatives to form a Food Economy Committee for the Parish.
                On the proposition of Mr. Gazey seconded by Mr. Stock it was unanimously agreed to nominate Messrs. Clear, Varney, Stock, Gazey, Wise & Watson \as/ the Committee with power to increase the number to 12.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]


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