Vestry, 5 Nov 1853

Centre for Bucks Studies, PR237/8/1

At a Meeting of the Ratepayers of the parish of  Winslow held at the Vestry Room in the Church on Friday the twenty fifth day of November 1853 at half past ten in the forenoon pursuant to public notice duly given for the purpose of the Inspectors appointed in pursuance  of an act of parliament passed in the session held in the third and fourth years of the reign of King William the for the lighting and watching of parishes in England and Wales producing their accounts and vouchers for the past year and the election of inspectors for the execution of the said act and for determining the amount of money to be raised for the purposes of the said act for the current year.

The same being also an adjourned Vestry as to the draining of the Buckingham Road.

Present Mr George Cross, Churchwarden in the Chair, Messrs William Matthews Senr, Samuel Cole, Richard Gibbs, Samuel Boneham, Joseph King, Alfred Barton, Thomas Matthews, Charles Mayne, Thomas Allen, George Mayne, John Curtis, John Woodward, Thomas Morecroft Junr, Henry Wigley, William Neal, John Grace, George Maydon, Daniel Grace, David Thomas Willis.

The accounts and vouchers of the \Inspectors for the/ past year were produced and allowed.

It was proposed by Mr Daniel Grace seconded by Mr Neal and resolved that Edward William Selby Lowndes Esquire be appointed as an Inspector in the stead of William Selby Lowndes Esquire one of the retiring Inspectors.

Resolved that Mr Samuel Greaves Dudley and Mr George Cross two of the retiring Inspectors be re-elected.

Proposed, seconded and resolved that a sum not exceeding one hundred and ten pounds be raised for the purposes of the said act in the ensuing year.

Proposed by Mr Daniel Grace seconded by Mr George Mayne and resolved that it be recommended to the Inspectors to make arrangements for holding their monthly and annual meetings in the room over the Engine house.

Proposed by Mr Daniel Grace seconded by Mr Maydon and resolved that it be recommended to the Inspectors that after the expiration of the notice given to Robert Ossitt the present policeman a Watchman be appointed at a lower salary.

Proposed by Mr Willis seconded by Mr John Grace and resolved that an offer be made to the Railway Company that if they will provide and erect at their own expense not more than four lamps and posts along the Station road the parish will light them in an understanding that the parish be not prejudiced as regards liability to repair the road.

Resolved that a nine inch pipe drain be laid along the Buckingham road according to Mr Matthews’ specification and plan and that a drain be also made from Mr John Grace’s wall to the Gas works and then across the road into the new drain. That the Surveyors be authorised to carry out the above resolutions and that they and the Overseers form a Committee to receive tenders and accept that which they best approve.

Resolved that Mr Thomas Matthews be requested to complete the plan and specification and that he be allowed to make a reasonable charge to the Surveyors for his trouble.

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