Vestry, 1877

Buckingham Advertiser, 31 March

This vestry meeting was held on Thursday, March 22nd, at which there were present- Mr. Monk, Mr. Neal, T. P. Willis, Esq., Mr. Colgrove, Messrs. Sare, A. R. French, W. Matthews, Hathaway, Bond, Parrett, J. East, and J. Corkett. 

Mr. E. Parrett was elected Chairman. 

It was resolved that the gravel used for the school-yard should be charged to the highway rate instead of school rate. 

The various accounts were examined and passed.  Proposed by Mr. Hathaway, seconded by Mr. Grace, that Mr. Monk be reappointed; proposed by Mr. Sare, seconded by Mr. Hathaway, that Mr. Neal be reappointed; proposed by Mr. Neal, seconded by Mr. Corkett, that Mr. Colgrove be appointed. 

The Shipton accounts were passed.  Proposed by Mr. Corkett, seconded by Mr. Colgrove, that Mr. J. Grace Mr. Woodward be surveyors for Shipton. 

Nominated for overseers - Messrs. E. Parrett, H. Ingram, T. Sare, A. R. French, C. Colgrove, and T. Ridgway. 

Proposed by T. P. Willis, Esq., seconded by Mr. T. Sare, that a committee be formed to consult with the surveyors about the removal of the railings on the Square and making a drive round.  The following were appointed - Messrs. Sare, Parrett, Bond, and A. R. French. 

A vote of thanks was passed to the Chairman.

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