Parish Council 1909

January 1909

[p.218]  Janry 13th 1909                  A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O.F. Hall
present Mr. A. J. Clear, in the Chair
Messrs. J. Varney, J. White, A. Watson, C. Watson, W. H. Stevens & W. T. Walker.               

The minutes of last meeting read & signed.

Paving High St.                  Mr. A. Clear proposed that the clerk write another letter to the County Surveyor Re the New Paving in High St. asking that it may be commenced at once. This was Seconded by Mr. A. Watson.

Charity Trustee                Mr. J. Varney propd and Mr C. Watson seconded that Mr. Thos Walker of Market Sqr be asked to again accept the office of a Charity Trustee for the ensuing three years.

Pathway Piccadilly          Mr. J. White reminded the Council that nothing had yet been done to improve the public Path by Piccadilly. The Clerk was requested to see Mr. Monk on the question he having previously offered to do some carting to the said path.

A. J. Clear [signature]

Annual Parish Meeting

1909 Apl 7th                         The Annual A Parish Meeting held in the Oddfellows’ Hall
Present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs. H. Ray, Thos D. Curtis, A. Watson, C. Watson,

The notice calling the meeting was read.
The minutes of the last meeting read & signed.

                The Charity Accounts were produced by Mr. Hugh Ray (the Secty) showing a balance in hand of £12:5:7.
                A discussion took place regarding the distribution of the Charity Bread and Mr. J. H. Turnham proposed & Mr. A. Watson Seconded that the Clerk be requested to write to the Charity trustees (through their Secty Mr. H. Ray) asking them to consider the matter, and if possible to give tickets to the people that they may get the Bread from their own Baker, this would prevent their having so much stale Bread  which often gets wasted.

A. J. Clear [signature]

April 1909

[p.219]  1909 April 7         A Parish Council Meeting was held in the Oddfellows Hall,
present Mr A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs.  A. Watson, C. Watson, J. H. Turnham, W. R. Monk & Josiah White.

The Minutes of the last Meeting read & signed.

Parish Constable             Mr. W. R. Monk propd and Mr. J. White Secd that Mr. John Warner be appointed Constable for the Parish, (carried)

Appointment of Overseers                         “Appointment of Overseers”
Mr. A. J. Clear propd         }
    “    A. Watson Secd       }             Mr. J. W. Ingram
 “    J. H. Turnham propd   }
     “    C. Watson Secd     }             Mr. A. J. Fulks
“    W. R. Monk propd       }
        “    J. White Secd     }             Mr. R. E. Golledge
“    W. R. Monk propd      }
“    J. H. Turnham Secd     }           Mr. Edwin Egleton
the above being \put/ to the meeting were \unan/ carried.

Letter from Mr. Coates Stn Rd.    A letter from Mr. Coates of Station Rd. was put in and read, asking the Parish Council to move in the matter of getting the County Council to improve the Foot Paths in the Station Road, after discussion the Clerk was requested to reply to Mr. Coates stating that the County Council having only recently spent a considerable sum in Re paving part of the High Street they think it will be advisable to wait untill the Autumn of this year and then approach them on the matter

[p.220] Parish Council a/cs          The Clerk presented the Parish Council & Fire Brigade a/cs Balanced for Audit, showing a Bal in hand of     £4-8-1 on No 1 a/c and
                “   “   “      “     “  £28-4-11  “   “   2 a/c
Audit Stamp       An Audit Stamp for £2-0-0 being necessary  A cheque for £2-4-6 was drawn to pay that and the Fire Insurance prem of 4-6    

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

October 1909

1909 Oct 6th         A Parish Council Meeting was held on Wednesday October 6th in Oddfellows Hall
Present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs.  W. R. Monk, T. W. Walker, Austin Watson, W. H. Stevens, C. Watson, J. White.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

Street paving     A Letter from the County Surveyor was read promising to put the street paving in order at once it having been left in a very bad state by the Postal Authorities after the laying of new Cable, the work is now proceeding in Charge of Matthews Bros.

Station Rd. Paths              Letters from Mr. Coates & Mr. Gosling respecting the Station Rd. Paths were read, asking that something may be done before the Winter comes on.
Mr. W. H. Stevens propd & Mr. C. Watson seconded that a letter be written to the
[p.221] County Council calling their attention to the bad state of the said paths and asking them to take steps at once before the Winter comes on.

Cheque                       A Cheque for 7/5 was drawn to pay Mr. E. J. French’s a/c.

Notice of Motion             Mr. A. J. Clear will move at next meeting to call the attention of the C.C. to the steady increase in Rate.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

November 1909

1909 Nov 3rd       A Parish Council Meeting was held in O.F. Hall
present Mr. A. J. Clear in Chair
Messrs. J. Varney, J. White, W. T. Walker, A. Watson, W. R. Monk & J. H. Turnham.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

County Rate Increase of                  Mr. Clear’s resolution “Re Increase of the County Rate” was discussed, and it was agreed to postpone the subject for the present.
                A Letter from Mr. R. J. Thomas the County Surveyor was put in and read, explaining that the Letter to him from the Parish Council \Respecting Paving/ dated Sept 30 1908 had been quite overlooked.

R.D. Council Re Paving West side of High St        A Letter from Winslow R.D. Council was read respecting new paving on the West side of High St.
                Mr. J. White propd and Mr A. Watson seconded that this Council recommend the
[p.222] Letter to RDC        R.D. Council to have the West side of High Street paved with Bricks at a cost of “ten pounds” £10/-/- out of Winslow Special Expenses funds, as suggested in their Letter, \of Oct 8 last/ the distance being from Mr. W. Wise’s to Avenue Road corner.

A. J. Clear [signature]


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