Vestry, 15 September 1843

Centre for Bucks Studies, PR237/8/1

At a general vestry held at Church on Friday 15th September 1843 pursuant to a public notice for that purpose.
Present  Samuel Greaves Dudley, Churchwarden in the Chair, Messrs John Cowley, David Thomas Willis, George Cowley, Alfred Barton, Giles Dickins.

It was resolved that it would be desirable that parish pumps be erected in the following places and that they be guarded by posts and iron railing.

One lead pump with iron case according to a plan No 4 now produced with foundation plate complete - on the Market Square.

One lead pump with iron case feet five feet high in Sheep Street opposite the Nag’s Head.

The like in Buckingham Road near Mr Staniford’s [30-32 High Street].

The like in Great Horn Street near The Red Lion [=The Plough].

And that the pump now standing on the Market Square be removed and placed in Tinker’s end.

Resolved that in order to carry the above resolution into effect an application be made to the Poor Law Commissioners for an order to be appropriate from the stock invested in the funds in the names of the Guardians of the poor of the Winslow Union (for the benefit of this parish) such a sum of money as may be required not exceeding the sum of sixty pounds.

Resolved that as the amount authorised to be raised under the powers of the lighting and watching act is insufficient for the purpose and as there are no other means left for raising the requisite sum the Poor Law Commissioners be requested to order that an additional sum not exceeding fifty pounds be appropriated from the above stock in providing lamp posts for lighting the streets with gas.

Saml Dudley [signature]

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