Parish Council 1913

February 1913

[p.248]  1913 Feb 18th     A Parish Council Meeting was held in the Oddfellows Hall
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs. J. White, J. Varney, E. Egleton, & Geo. Gazey

                The Minutes of last meeting were read & signed.

Winslow Town Band      A copy of the rules of the Winslow Town Band was produced by the Clerk and read by the Chairman.

Letter to Revd Hinckley                 Mr. Varney proposed & Mr. E. Egleton Seconded that the Copy of Rules be sent to the Vicar The Revd. T. Hinckley and calling his attention to Rule (13) thirteen, and asking him as one of the Vice Presidents to have an enquiry made into the at present unsafe care & custody of the Instruments.

According to a report in the Bicester Herald, "A complaint was brought forward that some of the instruments and uniforms of the Town Band (which is now non est) had been taken to Grandborough, contrary to the rules."

apt of Constables             Mr. Gazey proposed and Mr. J. White seconded that Mr. John Warner and Mr. Edwd. Thos. Lines be appointed Constables for the Parish of Winslow this was also carried and the lists were signed to be returned to the overseers.   

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

Annual parish meeting

1913 March 17th The Parish Meeting for the election of Parish Councillors and the Annual Meeting was held in the Oddfellows Hall on Monday March 17th. 7pm
present Mr. W. R. Monk in the chair
Messrs. J. Varney E. Egleton G. Gazey A. J. Clear, Austin Watson, W. C. Goodger, W. H. Stevens, Thos. Walker, W. R. Monk, W. Wise, E. A. Illing, W. J. Whitehorn, Norton, W. Neal Junr. W. G. Chowles, A E. T. Lines, J. H. Turnham, A. Walker  Illing Junr. & o(the)rs.

The Notice Calling the Meeting was read.

The Minutes of the last Parish Meeting were read and signed by the Chairman Mr. A. Clear who being himself a Candidate had to vacate the chair at this point and Mr. W. R. Monk, was voted and took the Chair.

Election of New Council            The following valid nomination papers were then handed to the Chairman.

No. Candidate Proposer Seconder
1 Varney John Turner Geo Bird S.D.
2 Egleton Edwin Wise Wm. Geo. Robinson Geo
3 Gazey George McCorquodale Norman Hawley Jas. C.
4 Watson Austin Clear Alfred J. Turnham Wm
5 Clear Alfred Joseph Wigley H. H. Stevens W. H.
6 Chowles W. G. Turnham J. H. Rowe H. G.
7 White Josiah French E. J. G. A. Midgley
8 Whitehorn W. J. Illing E. A. Varney John
9 Illing Ebenezer A. Wise W. Whitehorn W. J.

RE Subscriptions to F.B.  from Parish near            A discussion here took place Respecting the present Condition of the Fire brigade in connexion with the Villiages in the district which at present are not subscribing to the F.B. funds, having been declined by Winslow Lighting Comtee in consequence of the difficulty of getting Horses and also in getting payment in case of a Fire, the question was left for the future consideration of the new Parish Council.

propd Water Tank            Mr. W. Wise suggested that a Water Tank be  sunk in the spare ground in front of Staniford’s Pump near Mr. Fred French’s, to take the overflow from the Pump & be always ready in case of Fire & being also in the very centre of the Town, this was also left for the consideration of the new Council.

The Chairman then read out the names of the nine Candidates propd. & seconded, and declared them duly elected.

                A vote of thanks to the Chairman propd. by Mr. Varney & Secd. by Mr. Clear, concluded the meeting.

A. J. Clear [signature]

April 1913 Annual Meeting

1913 April 16         The Annual Parish Council Meeting was held in the Oddfellows Hall.

1st Meeting of New Council        Present Messrs.  A. J. Clear, G. Gazey, W. G. Chowles, Edwin Egleton,
E. A. Illing, John Varney, A. Watson, Josiah White, W. J. Whitehorn.

The above members signed the declaration upon taking office as Parish Councillors.

Chairman            Mr. J. Varney propd. & Mr. Egleton Secd. that Mr. A. J. Clear be reappointed Chairman this was put to the meeting & carried Unanimously.

Vice Chairman                  Mr. J. White propd. & Mr. Illing Secd. that Mr. J. Varney again be appointed Vice Chairman this was also unanimous.

L&W Comtee                       Mr. J. Clear propd. & Mr. Illing Secd. that the whole council constitute the Lighting & Watching Comtee.

                The Minutes of the last meeting were then read & signed.

Apt. of Overseers           
Mr. Gazey proposed            }             Mr. W. E. Woodman      
        “   Illing Secd               }                 as an overseer
        “   Varney propd          }              Mr. Josh Colgrove
        “   Gazey Secd             }                        as  Do.
 “   Gazey propd                  }              Mr. W. E. Law
        “   Varney Secd           }                        as  Do.
 “   Illing propd                   }              Mr. R. G. Matthews
      “  White Secd               }                         as  Do.
The above 4 names were put to the Meeting  & carried unanimously

Charity a/cs                        The Charity a/cs were presented by Mr.  H. Ray showing a balance in hand of £10.7.11.

[p.250] trusteeship of Congregational Chapel                    A letter from the Charity trustees was put in and read giving notice of proposed transfer of the trusteeship of Congregational Chapel in Horn Street to the trusteeship of Congregational Union of England & Wales.

School Managers            
Mr. J. Varney propd            }             Mr. W. R. Monk
   “    E. Egleton Secd         }                as School Manager
   “    J. Varney propd         }              that Mr. E. A. Illing be nominated
   “    Gazey Secd               }            to represent the County Council
 “    Illing propd     }              that Mr. A. J. Clear, Mr. W. J. Whitehorn
       “    White Secd            }             & Mr. J. Varney be appointed on the Higher Education Comtee      (carried)

Rent of Hall 20/=             Mr. Whitehorn propd           }             that the Rent of O.F. Hall
                                                 “    A. Watson Secd       }             of 20/= due Apl 24th be paid
Cheque                                a cheque was drawn for that amt

F.B. Sub Comtee                 Mr.  Illing propd                 }              that Messrs. Gazey, White & Egleton
                                                  “    Whitehorn Secd     }             be on the F. Brigade Sub Comtee

Town Band letter to Revd Hinckley Revd Riordon                The Clerk was requested to write to Revd. Hinckley & Revd. J. Riordon respecting the Winslow Town Band asking them to attend the next Parish Council Meeting & to bring the printed Rules.

Path Horn Street Dr. Kennish                      Dr. Kennish having made a complaint respecting the South Path in Horn Street the clerk was requested to write him saying the matter shall be inquired into at our next meeting.

A. J. Clear [signature]

May 1913

[p.251] 1913 May 14        A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O F Hall.
present Mr.  A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs.  E. Egleton, A. Watson, W. J. Whitehorn, W. G. Chowles, J. White, J. Varney, and Geo Gazey

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

Town Band              The question of the present position of the Town Band was raised and as it was now in process of being reformed the Council decided to leave the matter and proceed to \with/ the next business.

Letter to County Council              Mr. Whitehorn propd. & Mr. A. Watson secd. that the attention of the County Council be called to the condition of the foot path on the South Side of Horn St from \& including/ Dr. Kennish’s to the Congregational Chapel Manse occupied by Revd. J. Riordon.

a cheque was drawn to pay Mr. W. Midgley 10/4
           also one         “     “   Mr. E. J. French’s a/c £1/11/3

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

August 1913

1913       Aug 6th                  A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O F Hall, present Mr.  A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs.  E. A. Illing, J. W. Whitehorn, J. Varney, W. G. Chowles, A. Watson, G. Gazey.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

A letter from the County Council respecting path on the South Side of Horn St. was discussed in which the County Council decline to repair the said path stating that it had always been done by the owners of the property adjoining.

[p.252]  Letter to C.C.          The Clerk was requested to reply stating that the said path was paved by the old Surveyors some 25 years back and that no repairs have been done to it since that time by the owners.

Letter to R.D.C.                 Mr. Chowles propd. & Mr. Watson secd. that the District Council be asked to Tar Brush the paths round the Church Yard they being at present in a very uncomfortable condition. (carried)

Letter to C.C.                     Mr. Illing propd. & Mr. Varney secd. that the County Council be asked to Tar Brush & roll the two \gravel/ paths in the Station Road (carried)

chq 20/=/= Audit Stamp                               A cheque for 2/=/= was drawn to pay the Clerk for his outlay on June 24th last of an audit Stamp for the a/cs of 1912-13.

Notice of Motion             Mr. Chowles gave notice that at the next meeting he would move that steps be taken to provide a recreation ground for the children.

Letter to Mr. W. Wise Re Water Tank     The question of providing at Tank at Stainford’s pump for use in case of Fire was discussed. The clerk was asked to see Mr. Wise and get his opinion of the probable cost & size of the same, also if he Mr. Wise knew whose property the said Tank would come out upon,  Mr. Wise having made the original suggestion at the last parish Meeting.

A. J. Clear [signature]

September 1913

[p.253]  1913      Sep 10th                A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O F Hall,
present Mr.  A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs.  J. White, A. Watson, W. G. Chowles, E. A. Illing, Geo Gazey, John Varney.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

Buckm. Rd Path                   A letters from the owners & occupiers in the Buckingham Road was read, complaining of the state of the Footpath there, and asking the Parish Council to assist them in getting the Path Tarred.

Letter to Bucks C.C. (Mr. Crouch)              Mr. Illing propd. & Mr. J. Varney secd. that the letter be forwarded to the County Council with an enclosure stating that the Winslow Parish Council strongly recommend that the matter be attended to with as little delay as possible.

Proposed Tank at Staniford’s Pump        A reply was received from Mr. Wise giving his opinion of the probable cost of making a Water Tank at Staniford’s pump for use in case of fire “viz” a Tank to hold 10,000 gallons of Water to cost about £70 =
The Tank would be sunk on RDC property Mr. Illing propd. that the question of Tank be considered at the next meeting, and in the meantime Mr. Clear to see Mr. Wise and also to find out what are the powers of the Parish Council in the matter.
Secd. by Mr. White & agreed to.

[p.254]  proposed Recreation Ground                    Mr. Chowles moved the resolution, that the Parish Council do consider the question of a recreation ground for Winslow, after considerable discussion Mr. Illing proposed & Mr. J. Varney Secd. that the promoters of the question take steps to find an owner who will give or let (at a nominal Rent) a Field for the purpose, this was carried.

Stiles @ Dr. Kenish’s Field Letter to Wigley & Sons         The Clerk was requested to send a letter to Messrs.  Wigley & Sons calling their attention to the bad state of the Stile at the top of Short Lane, Tinker’s End leading on to Dr. Kennish’s Field, also to the Kissing Gate in the same field, leading to Hollow furrow, and requesting them as agents to the property to have the same put into better repair.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

October 1913

1913 Oct 15                         A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O F Hall
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs. E. Egleton,  J. White, J.Varney, A. Watson, E. A. Illing, W. G. Chowles, G. Gazey.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

Water Tank        Mr. Clear reported having interviewed Mr. W. Wise respecting the proposed water tank near Staniford’s Pump, stating that a 10,000 gallon Tank could be constructed there for a cost of £70 = but Mr. Clear

[p.255] Letter to LGB Re Water Tank       finds that the Parish Council have no power to do the work themselves and Mr. Illing propd. & Mr. J. Varney secd. that a letter be sent to the Local Govt. Board asking them what powers the Winslow Parish Council can have granted to them in the above case. This was agreed to, also reminding the L.G.B. that a Parish Meeting was held on March 17/13 at which it was unanimously agreed that a supply of water near the centre of the Town was much needed, for the use of the Fire Brigade in case of Fire.

Letter to Bucks C.C.         Two letters from the County Council were put in and read stating that in the matter of the path on the South Side of Horn St  they declined all responsibility and would not admit owning the said pathway, in the two other cases viz. Station Road & Buckingham Rd paths they reported not being able to do these as they could not get any \more/ tar this season, after some discussion on the above Mr. Clear agreed to write to the County Council himself, expressing in strong terms the opinion of the Winslow Parish Council.

A. J. Clear [signature]

Annual Parish Meeting (Lighting & Watching)

1913 Nov 12th                     A Parish Meeting was held in the O.F. Hall.
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs. Austin Watson, Henry Hall, Geo Wichello, W. G. Chowles, W. C. Goodger, E. A. Illing,
J. W. Whitehorn, -  Roskelly

The Minutes of the last Parish Meeting were read & signed by the Chairman.

The notice calling the meeting was read.

Vote of £120 = L&W Act                                Mr. Iling proposed that a sum not exceeding £120 = be raised for the purposes of the Lighting & Watching Act for the ensuing year, this was seconded by Mr. W. G. Chowles & agreed to.

A. J. Clear [signature]

December 1913

[p.256]  1913 Dec 10        A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O F Hall
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the chair
Messrs. J. W. Whitehorn, E. Egleton, J. White, J. Varney, A. Watson, G. Gazey.
The Minutes of last meeting were read & signed.

Horn St Path                 A letter from the Bucks County Council respecting path on South side of Horn St   was read wherein that Council decline all liability for the repair of that Pathway.

Letter to R.D.C. also Bucks C.C. 3 letters enced    Mr. White propd. & Mr. A. Watson Secd. that the Parish Council refer the matter of Horn St path to the R.D. Council for them to take up with the County Council. Carried.

Water Tank & L.G.B.                       A letter from the Local Govt. Board Respecting the required Water Tank at Staniford’s pump was read in which the L.G. Board refer the Parish Council to the R.D. Council. Mr. A. Watson propd. & Mr. E. Egleton Secd. that the question be adjourned to the next meeting.
Pathway past Piccadilly                 The Clerk was requested to call the attention of the R.D. Council to the state of the pathway leading from top end of Station Rd past Piccadilly. (letter sent to W N M)

chq 10/6 Small & Barker               An a/c from Messrs. Small & Barker for 10/6 for legal advise [sic] in connexion with the late Dodley Hill Fire was presented.                 Mr. J. Varney propd. & Mr. J. White Secd. that a cheque be drawn to pay the a/c of 10/6.                

Alfred J. Clear [signature]


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