Churchwardens' Vestry, 1882

Bicester Herald, 21 April

  CHURCHWARDEN’S VESTRY MEETING AT WINSLOW.- The annual meeting for passing the churchwarden’s accounts, and nominating churchwardens for the coming year, was held on Thursday, April 13.  The Rev. A. M. Preston (chairman), and Messrs. T. P. Willis, C. Clare, S. B. Dudley, James King, Jonas Hillyer, and J. Hathaway, were present.  The following statement of accounts was examined and passed.- Received: From Rev. A. M. Preston for payment of painting church clock, &c., £5; by monthly collections, £34 17s. 11d.; dividend on bank stock from charity trustees, £2 13s. 2d.; quarterly collections for organist’s salary, £8 8s. 3d.; total, £50 19s. 4d.  Paid: J. H. Jennings for painting and gilding church clock, £4 10s.; on account of removing gravestones, 10s.; balance due to churchwardens, £8 17s.; Richard Wilmore for gravel, 14s.; E. Abbott one year’s salary as clerk, £10; ditto one year’s salary as sexton, £6; tradesmen’s bills for repairs, coal, coke, &c., £10 6s. 1d.; on account of organist’s salary, £8 8s. 3d.; balance in hand, £1 14s.; total, £50 19s. 4d.    There were unpaid liabilities amounting to £17 5s. 6d. Mr. Charles Clare was nominated by the Rev. A. M. Preston, to be churchwarden, and on the motion of Mr. S. B. Dudley, Mr. G. George was appointed parish churchwarden.

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