Vestry, 23 March 1849

Centre for Bucks Studies, PR237/8/1

At a General Vestry held at the Vestry Room in the Church on Friday 23rd March 1849 pursuant to public notice for that purpose duly given.

Present  Mr George Cowley, Chairman, Messrs J. Cowley,  Alfred Barton, George Cross, Samuel Cole, John Curtis, John Woodward, Thomas Edwin, James Morgan, George Mayne, Willm Neal, Richd Baldwin, Robert Corbett, W.S Bowen & Thos Morecroft.

It was proposed by Mr Cole seconded by Mr Mayne and resolved unanimously that a Church Rate of four pence in the pound be granted for the year ensuing.

The Accounts of the Overseers, Churchwardens, & Over Surveyors for Winslow and of the Surveyors for Shipton were examined and allowed.

The following persons were nominated as proper persons to serve the office of Overseer
Mr Joseph Bowden/Farmer, Mr George King, John Mayne, George Yeulett, Joseph Grace, Benj Sharp, William Jones Senr, Thos Willis, James Hawley, John Robt West.

William Selby Lowndes Esq, Mr Samuel Cole and Mr Daniel Grace were appointed Surveyors for Winslow for the year ensuing.

Mr Thomas Edwin and Mr John Woodward were re-elected Surveyors for Shipton.

Messrs George Cross and Alfred Barton were re-elected Churchwardens for Winslow for the year ensuing.

Proposed by Mr Bowen seconded by Mr Cole and resolved unanimously that all persons renting houses in Winslow and not belonging to the parish be in future charged in the rates.

Geo Cowley [signature]

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