Vestry, 23 March 1847

Centre for Bucks Studies, PR237/8/1

Present  The Revd William Walkinshaw McCreight, Vicar, in the Chair, Messrs Samuel Greaves Dudley, David Thomas Willis, Samuel Cole, Daniel Grace, Richard Sharp, Alfred Barton, Edmund Edwin, John Woodward, John Curtis, William Burgess

The Accounts of the Churchwardens, Overseers & Surveyors for the past year were produced and allowed.

Mr Thomas Lomath having neglected to pay the ground rent due from him to the parish notwithstanding the resolution passed at the last meeting it was resolved that payment be enforced in case of his still refusing to pay and that Mr Willis be instructed to that effect.

Mr Barton was appointed Churchwarden on the part of the parish for the ensuing year.

Mr Dudley having expressed his intention to discontinue serving the office of Churchwarden the Vicar appointed Mr George Cross to be Churchwarden for the year ensuing.

Resolved that a collector of rates be appointed for the parish and that the sanction of the Poor Law Commissioners be obtained for that purpose if necessary.

William Selby Lowndes esquire, Mr Samuel Cole and Mr John Curtis were appointed Surveyors for Winslow for the year ensuing.

Mr Thomas Edwin and Mr John Curtis were appointed Surveyors for Shipton for the year ensuing.

The following persons were nominated as proper to serve the office of Overseer
Mr Thomas Edwin, Mr James Brooks, Charles Monk, John Mayne, James Hawley, John Robert West, Alfred Barton, Daniel Grace.

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