Parish Council 1915

February 1915

Feb 3rd                  A Parish Council Meeting was held at the Bell.
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the chair
Messrs. E. A. Illing, J. Varney, G. Gazey,  W. G. Chowles, A. Watson.        

The minutes of last meeting were read & signed.

Apt Charity Trustees  letter to T.W.         Mr. Watson propd.  & Mr. G. Gazey Secd & it was agreed that the two retiring  Charity trustees Messrs. T. Walker & J. Varney be reappointed for the next three years ending Janry 13 1918.

Parish Constables            Mr. Illing propd. and Mr. A. Watson Seconded that Mr. E. J. Line &  J. Warner & be appointed
[p.263] Parish Constables (Jointly) Carried.

Letter to Surveyor of Taxes         Mr. A. Watson propd. and Mr. Illing Secd. that a letter be sent to the Surveyor of Taxes at Aylesbury complaining of the appointment of a non resident Collector of Taxes for the parish of Winslow and asking why a local man cannot be appointed. Carried unan.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]

March 1915

March 31             A Parish Council Meeting was held in O F Hall.
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the chair
Messrs. E. A. Illing. G. Gazey, J. White, W. G. Chowles, A. Watson, & J. Varney,

The last minutes were read & signed.

Letter from & to Surveyor of Taxes         A letter from the Surveyor of Taxes was put in & read respecting the appointment of Collector for Winslow Mr. Illing propd. and Mr. Gazey secd. that a letter be sent to the Surveyor saying that at least six substantial people could be found in Winslow to do the Tax Collecting also to ask the Surveyor to forward this letter to the proper Authorities who held the appointment.

Apt overseers                    Mr. Varney propd. and  J. White Secd. that  Mr. G.A. Midgley, Mr. A. Warr Mr  Geo Robinson & Mr. R. Benbow be appointed Overseers for the ensuing year (carried)

Charity a/cs        Mr. H. Ray produced the Charity a/cs showing a substantial balance in hand which was thought very satisfactory owing to the high price of Coal and Bread.  

A. J. Clear [signature]

May 1915

[p.264] 1915 May [this might be a mistake for April] 5th      A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O.F. Hall. present.
Mr. A. J. Clear in the chair.
Messrs.  A. Watson,  J. White, E. Egleton.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.

Surveyr of Taxes                               A letter from the Surveyor of Taxes was read referring the parish Council to C.W.B. Calcott Esq. of Leighton Buzzard for any further information respecting the Tax Collectorship for Winslow. Mr. Illing not being at this meeting the subject was allowed to stand over.

P.C. & L.C. a/cs                  The Clerk produced the Parish Council and Lighting Comtee a/cs & Balance Sheets made up for the coming Audit, showing a Balance in hand on No. 1 a/c of £2-13-10
and                                            “       “        “      “      “  No. 2 a/c of £3 - 6 – 7
Mr. Egleton propd. and Mr. J. White Secd. that a precept be issued on the Overseers for the sum of ten pounds (carried)

chq 1/-/-    A cheque for £1-0-0 was drawn to pay Rent for O.F. Hall for the year ended Apl 24/15
chq 2/-/-    also a cheque for £2-0-0 Audit Stamp.

A. J. Clear [signature]

[p.265] 1915 May 9th      A Parish Council Meeting was held in the O.F. Hall. present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair.
Messrs. E. Egleton, E. A. Illing, W. [sic] Watson, W. G. Chowles

The Minutes of last meeting were read & signed.

Tank meadow Style & plank                       The question of providing foot planks over water courses was considered & it was agreed that one be provided at the Tank Meadow Style, & the Clerk was instructed to call on Mr. Will the Union Master and buy one Bundle of Sleepers, Mr. Illing agreeing to cart the same & put down at the said style free of charge.

Bucks C.C.           A circular letter from the Bucks County Council was read, respecting the House Fly pest & danger to Health therefrom, it was agreed that no action be taken on the matter.

A. J. Clear [signature]

Annual Parish Meeting (Lighting & Watching)

1915 Nov 10th                     A Parish Meeting was held under the Lighting & Watching Act in the O.F. Hall.
present Mr. A. J. Clear in the Chair
Messrs. G. Gazey, A. Watson, E. Egleton, WC Goodger, J. White, Geo George, R. E. Golledge, J. Varney, E. A. Illing.

The notice calling the meeting was read.

The Minutes of the last Meeting were read and passed.

Street Lighting Letter to Gas Co.                                Mr. Illing proposed & Mr. Watson Secd. that the Lighting Comtee be asked to approach the Gas Cowith a view to the Street Lamps being put out at 9 o’c instead of at 11 o’c.

Danger of Air Ship Raids                               Mr. J. Varney propd.  as an amendment & Mr. Gazey Secd. that the Lighting Comtee  approach the Gas Co  with a view to discontinue the Street lighting for the remainder of this Season, Superintendent Pearce having informed the Special Constables that this
Vote      district was in the danger zone for Air Ships. Upon being put to the vote four voted for the Amendment and two for the first proposition, the Amendment was therefore carried.

                Mr. Gazey proposed that this meeting be adjourned unill [sic] Wednesday Nov 24th.

John Varney [signature]

1915 Nov 24th                     The Adjourned parish Meeting under the L&W Act was held in the O.F. Hall.
Present Mr. John Varney in the Chair
Messrs. J. Keys, E. Egleton, J. White, W. C. Goodger, A. J. Clear, A. Watson, E. A. Byford, E. A. Illing, E. Roper, W. S. Neal, R. E. Golledge, W. Wise, G. Robinson, Geo George, S. P. Wigley, G. Gazey & others.

The notice calling the meeting was read.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and passed.

Street Lighting Discontinuance of            A copy \Copies/ of the letters sent to the Gas Co   on Nov 11 & 15th were read, asking the Gas Co   what abatement they would make off the Contract now running if the Street Lighting was discontinued from Nov 30th for this season. The Gas Co   reply was also read wherein they declined to allow more than £10 – off the total Amt. of the Contract should it now be terminated. A discussion followed in which it was generally admitted that £10 = was quite inadequate, and Mr. Wigley proposed That failing the Local Govt. Board being unable to rescind the contract with the Gas Co  the Lighting be continued as before.

Mr. W. S. Neal proposed & Mr. Golledge Secd  that the Lighting be discontinued, if, subject to a committee waiting on the Gas Co  and thereby obtaining more satisfactory terms than the £10– offered, the committee to report to the Parish Council Lighting Comtee, the above proposition was put to the meeting, nine voting for and six against Mr. Wigley allowing his proposition to stand over.

Letter to Secty of Gas Co                Mr. Neal then proposed & Mr. Geo George Secd  that Messrs. Wise, E. A. illing, & R. E. Golledge be a comtee to wait on the Gas Co and endeavour to get better terms from them. This was agreed to.

£100 =  Voted                    Mr. Illing proposed & Mr. Neal Secd  that a sum not exceeding £100= be raised for the purposes of the L&W Act for the current year.  This was carried.

Alfred J. Clear [signature]


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