Parish Council 1897

Parish Meeting (election)

1897 March 18   The Parish Meeting for the Election of Parish Councillors and the Annual Parish Meeting was held in the Boys School on Thursday 18th of March 1897 at 7 pm.

Present H. Bullock Esq (Chairman)  Messrs. G. Ash, A. J. Clear, J. Colgrove, G. Coulton James East G. George E. Gowin, E. A. Illing, J. W. Ingram, W. N. Midgley, G. A. Monk,  W. S. Neal, G. Pass, W. H. Stevens,  J. Varney, John Warner, T. P. Willis, J. White &c &c

The Notice calling the Meeting was read.

The Minutes of the last Parish Meeting were read and confirmed.

The following Nominations were handed to the Chairman

No. Candidate Proposed By Seconded By
1 Ingram Jno Willm Stevens Wm. Hall Ash George
2 Gowin Edward Ingram Jno Wm. Midgley W.N.
3 Varney John Turner George Sturgess Edwd
4 Coxill Richd Jno East James Osborn Charles
5 Osborn Charles East James Clear A.J.
6 Monk Geo. Arthur Neal Willm Saml Varney John
7 Stevens Wm Hall Neal Willm Saml Monk G. Arthur
8 White Josiah Neal Willm Saml East James
9 Monk Wm Redman Neal Willm Saml Illing E. Alfred
10 Walker Thomas Coxill Richard John East James

The Election with a show of hands was then proceeded with and resulted as follows:-

1 Monk Geo. Arthur 20 votes
2 Varney John 20
3 Ingram John William 19
4 Gowin Edward 18
5 White Josiah 16
6 Walker Thomas 16
7 Coxill Richard John 15
8 Stevens William Hall 14
9 Monk William Redman 9
10 Osborn Charles 9

Mr. Charles Osborn having withdrawn his w candidature the Chairman declared the first 9 names elected.

The accounts for the past year for the Winslow Charities were presented to the Meeting by the Secretary (Mr. Geo Ash)

Herbert Bullock [signature]

Parish meeting (lighting)

1897 Novr.  18    A Parish Meeting called for the purposes of the Lighting and Watching Act 3 & 4 Willm. IV and for taking into consideration the amount of money to be raised for the purposes of the said Act in the current year in this Parish was held in the Boys National Schoolroom on Thursday 18th November 1897.

                Present H. Bullock Esq. (Chairman) Messrs. A. J. Clear & John Varney

                The Notice calling for the Meeting was read.

The Minutes of the last Parish Meeting were read and confirmed.

Mr. Varney proposed & Mr.  A. J. Clear seconded that a sum not exceeding £140 be raised for the purposes of the Lighting & Watching Act for the ensuing year. 

Herbert Bullock [signature]





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