Parish Meeting 1949

1949 24th March

The Annual Parish Meeting held in the St Lawrence Room Winslow at 7.30 pm on 24th March 1949.

Present Messrs A Cox, A.E. Garlike. E.W.G. Spatcher, T.R. Gibbard, A.J. Illing, C.E. Beane, H.R. Langley,  R.O. Langley, F. Rolfe, E.E. French, C.J. Crook, D.G. Smith, Thompson & Williams and two others.

The Notice convening the Meeting was read.

Mr Alfred Cox was unanimously elected Chairman of the Meeting.

The Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on 22nd April 1948 were read and confirmed.

The Statement of Account of the Parochial Charities was produced by the Secretary to the Charity Trustees.

Replies to enquiries concerning public lighting were given by Parish Council members present.

On the proposal of Mr H.R. Langley seconded by Mr Williams the position as to the Winslow War Memorial was discussed. The proposition being “That a special committee be formed from the meeting to go into all the matters concerning the renovation and bringing up to date of the War Memorial”. An amendment was proposed by Mr French seconded by Mr Crook: “That the matter be stood over pending getting detailed estimates of the cost by the Clerk to the Parish Council”. On the amendment being put to the vote it was declared lost.
On the proposition being put to the vote it was declared carried and it was further resolved that the members of the Committee should be:- Messrs A. Cox, Beane, D.G. Smith, H.R. Langley and Williams

Alfred Cox [signature]
Mar 30th 1950

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