Vestry, 1869

Centre for Bucks Studies, PR237/8/1

25 March, 1 April: routine business only.

At a Vestry held in the Vestry Room on Thursday the 12th day of August 1869 pursuant to general Notice for that purpose given.

Present Mr Wm Neal Chairman, Messrs J. St. T. Wynter, T.P. Willis, Geo Maydon, C. Mayne, R.W. Jones, Jno Ingram, Henry Wigley, Wm Hy French & Jno Hathaway.

It was resolved to offer a reward of £2 – 2 – 0 for the detection of the Offender or Offenders who recently broke the Church Windows and the Notice Board in the Church Yard and the inhabitants present consent to hold the Churchwardens indemnified to that amount.

Mr Geo Maydon and Mr T.P. Willis agre jointly agreed to pay for the ringing of the Church Bell at 7 o’clock in the morning during the Summer Months and 8 o’clock during the Winter Months – Morning and Evening also the 1 o’clock Bell daily and the repairing and winding up of the Church Clock and Chimes up to Easter 1870. And it was understood that Messrs Maydon and Willis would solicit subscriptions to meet the above expense.

The Churchwardens undertook to procure estimate of the expenses of the following repairs to the Church vizt.
Repairs to the Foundations of the West side of the Church
                d(itt)o                   d(itt)o   West side of porch
New South Door - Cleansing and Colouring the interior of the Church and the putting in of a Fluted Glass Window in the Belfry to protect the Clock and Chimes
William Neal [signature] Chairman

8 Oct: routine business only

At a meeting of the ratepayers of the Parish of Winslow held at the Vestry Room in the Church on Friday the 26th day of Novr 1869 at 10 o’clock in the forenoon for the purpose of the Inspectors appointed under the Provisions of An Act of Parliament passed in the 3rd and 4th years of the reign of King William the 4th for Lighting and Watching of Parishes in England and Wales producing their accounts and vouchers for the past year and for appointing other Inspectors in the place of those who go out by rotation and to take into consideration the amount of money to be raised for the purpose of the said act in the current year and to transact other general business.

Present Mr Jno: Grace Chairman, Messrs Wynter, Matthews, Corkett, W.H. French, Jno: Ingram, Monk, G.D.E. Wigley, Hathaway, Maydon, W. Neal, T.H. Marks & T.P. Willis.

The accounts and vouchers for the Inspectors for the past year were produced inspected & allowed.

It was proposed by Mr Ingram seconded by Mr French that Mr Corkett be an inspector in the room of Mr Hutt deceased.
It was proposed by Mr Neal seconded by Mr French that Mr Hathaway be re-elected an inspector.
It was proposed by Mr Maydon seconded by Mr French that Mr Monk be re-elected an Inspector.
It was proposed by Mr Matthews seconded by Mr Maydon that Mr T.H. Marks be elected an Inspector in the room of Mr W. Jno: Jones who retires.

Proposed by Mr Monk seconded Mr Matthews that a sum not exceeding £75 be raised for the ensuing year.

Proposed by Mr Monk seconded by Mr Ingram That a Committee be appointed to solicit contributions for providing a suitable Fire Engine and that Messrs Monk, Ingram, T.P. Willis, Jno: King Junr, Hathaway, W.H. French and Jno: Grace form that committee.

Proposed by Mr Monk seconded by Mr Wynter that the rent to be received of Mr French for the old cage &c – be applied in payment of Messrs Willis’ bill on the Parish (amounting to the sum of £16 – 11 – 10.)

Proposed by Mr Ingram seconded by Mr Wynter – That the Vestry request the Trustees of the Wendover and Buckingham Turnpike road to take to steps to obtain the removal of the Telegraph posts and wires from the Public Street and be \get them/ carried at the back of the houses or underground.

Jno Grace [signature] Chairman

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