Will of George Maydon, gentleman formerly farmer, 1869 (proved 1876)

Principal Probate Registry

ON the 15th day of December 1876 the Will with a Codicil thereto of George Maydon late of Winslow in the County of Buckingham Gentleman formerly a Farmer deceased, who died on the 19th  day of September 1876 at Winslow aforesaid, was proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice,  by the Oaths of John Maydon No 10 Goldington Road Bedford in the County of Bedford Gentleman George Maydon of Bromley in the County of Kent Draper and Lynch Conway Maydon of Salden in the Parish of Mursley in the said County of Buckingham Farmer the Sons Executors named in the said Will They having been first sworn duly to administer,
Effects under £4000 no leasehold

This is the last Will and Testament of me George Maydon of Winslow in the County of Bucks Farmer I appoint my Sons John Maydon  George Maydon and Lynch Conway Maydon Executors and Trustees of this my Will I give and bequeath all the wood and coal and other household stores and provisions and all the live and dead stock (if any) which shall belong to me at my decease unto my Wife Mildred Ann Maydon absolutely and I give and bequeath all my furniture pictures prints books plates plated articles linen china glass household goods chattels and effects unto my said Wife for her use during her life and after her decease I declare that the same shall fall into and form part of my residuary personal estate And I direct my said Trustees to cause an Inventory to be taken of the articles lastly hereinbefore bequeathed before the delivery thereof (if practicable) to my Wife and  two copies of such Inventory to be signed by her of which copies so signed one shall be delivered to her and the other be kept by my said Trustees I give and bequeath to each of my Daughters Mary the Wife of Joseph Lacey Mildred Maydon Jane the Wife of Frank Dale Harwood Frances the Wife of Walter Hickox Elizabeth Sleath Maydon Catherine Maydon and Maria Maydon and to my Son Lynch Conway Maydon One hundred pounds sterling each free of legacy duty to be paid to them as soon as conveniently may be after my decease the legacy hereby given to such of my daughters who shall at the time of the payment thereof be married women to be for her sole and separate use free from marital control and I give and bequeath all my real estate including copyhold estate and all the rest residue and remainder of my personal estate unto the said  John Maydon  George Maydon and Lynch Conway Maydon their heirs executors and administrators respectively according to the nature and tenure thereof upon trust to sell during the life of my said Wife all or any part of my said real estate upon her request in writing and to call in sell and convert such part of my personal estate as shall not consist of money and convert the proceeds of my real estate if sold as aforesaid and the monies arising from any personal estate sold and converted as aforesaid in their names and I declare that my Trustees shall stand possessed of the house in which I reside with the land in Clayton [sic] Road Winslow . . . to permit my , . . Wife to reside in and occupy the same she doing all repairs and paying  all outgoings in respect thereof or if my . . . Wife shall not desire to reside there to pay and permit her to receive the income and annual produce thereof during her life And I declare that my . . . Trustees shall stand possessed of all my real estate and the residue of my personal estate remaining unsold and unconverted and of the monies arising from the sale and conversion after payment out of my personal estate of my debts funeral and testamentary expenses and legacies to pay to my said Wife . . . the annual income thereof during her life and . . . after the decease of my . . Wife I direct that my . . .  Trustees shall sell my real estate and . . .  get in the residue of my personal estate and stand possessed thereof and of the monies arising . . . thereof . . . to divide the same into eleven equal parts and to  . .  pay each of my children Mary the Wife of Joseph Lacey Mildred . . .  Lynch Conway Maydon one equal eleventh part thereof And I declare [proviso for married daughters to retain their legacies free of any marital control repeated] And I declare that my . . .  Trustees shall stand possessed of the remaining eleventh part thereof upon trust to invest the same in their names  and pay the income . . .thereof to my daughter Ann the Wife of Joseph Purcell by half yearly payments during her life for her separate use and free from marital control and after her decease . . . during the joint lives of the said Joseph Purcell and my Grand daughter Mildred Anne Purcell the child of my daughter to pay the income . . .  to them in equal shares and after the decease of . . . Ann Purcell and . . . Joseph Purcell my . . . Trustees shall stand possessed of the monies arising from such last mentioned eleventh part . . . upon which the same shall be invested for my said Grand daughter Mildred Anne Purcell [free from marital control] upon her attaining the age of twenty one years or marrying but in case  . .  . Mildred Anne Purcell shall die under the age of twenty one years or without having been married . . .  then the . . .  eleventh part . . . upon which the same shall be equally divided among all my children other than . . . Ann Purcell I empower my . . . trustees to give receipts . . . for all monies . . . to be paid . .  to them by virtue of my Will and . . . such receipts shall exonerate the persons taking the same from all liability to see to the application . . . of the monies . . . therein mentioned and I declare that my . . . Trustees may postpone . . . the sale  . . . of . . . any part . .  of my real and personal estates so long as they . . . may deem proper but my real estate shall be considered as personalty from the time of my death and until such sale my . . .Trustees may manage and let upon lease . . . for any term . .  with or without premium . . . or cultivate my real estate and generally act with reference to such estate . . . as the . . . Trustees . . . may think proper . . . and may make out of the income . . . any outlay which such Trustee may consider proper . . .  And I declare that . . . the income produced from my real and personal estates previously to the conversion . . .  shall be applied . . . in the same manner . . . as if the same were income arising from investments and that all income produced from my estate . . . whether consisting of property or investments shall be applicable as income under the trusts of this my Will and I declare that all investments upon the Trusts of my Will may be made upon loan with or without . . . any securities my . . .  Trustees  . . .  may deem expedient And I hereby further expressly declare that notwithstanding any rule law or equity to the contrary it shall be lawful for any one of my . . .  Sons notwithstanding his being a Trustee to purchase . . . any part of my real estate in which case the other Trustees . . .shall . . . convey the estate so sold to my son . . . and the receipt of such other Trustees shall be a sufficient discharge for the purchase money And I . . . declare that the power of appointing new . . . Trustees shall be exercisable by . . . continuing Trustees . . . or the acting executors administrators . . . of the last continuing trustee . . .  And I further declare that the Trustees . . .  shall be competent to exercise all the powers and discretions hereby confided . . . And I further declare that the Trustees . . .  may take and accept any security for and give any time for payment of any purchase money . . . under the trusts for sale hereinbefore contained and may lend money on the security of leasehold premises without investigating or requiring the production of the Lessors Title and may lend on the security of any hereditaments with less than a marketable title without being responsible for loss occasioned thereby I devise all the freehold and copyhold hereditaments vested in me upon trust or by way of mortgage unto my . . . Trustees their heirs and assigns upon the trusts and subject to the equity of redemption subsisting therein respectively but the money secured on such mortgages shall be considered as part of my personal estate I revoke all other testamentary writings and declare this to be my last and only Will In Witness whereof I the said George Maydon have to this my last Will and Testament  contained in four sheets of paper set my hand this twenty first day of August One thousand eight hundred and sixty nine George Maydon [signature] Signed by the said Testator George Maydon as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other all present at the same time have subscribed our names as witnesses Tho Kennedy 26 Chancery lane Solicitor George J. P. Canes Clerk to Mr. Kennedy

I George Maydon of Winslow Bucks out of business do propose and determine this my Codicil to my last Will and Testament this 21st day of August 1869 I leave & bequeath unto my Son John Maydon now living at No. 11 Goldington Road Bedford the sum of One hundred pounds to act as Executor to his Mothers Will and winding up the same jointly with his brother George Maydon now living & carrying on business as a draper at Bromley in the County of Kent £100 as Executors to my own Will
The erasure and alterations were make previous to signing GK.
George Maydon Senr [signature]
Signed in the presents [sic] of Thos. Holt & Grant King this 21st June 1876
(Affidavit of due execution filed)

Proved at London with a Codicil 15th December 1876 by the Oaths of John Maydon George Maydon and Lynch Conway Maydon the sons the Executors to whom Adm(inistrati)on was granted


George Maydon was the son of John (d.1829) and Mary Maydon, and grandson of George Maydon (d.1769). He married Mildred Ann Gent at Simpson in 1819 (sister of Catherine Conway Gent, d.1861, q.v. for more about their family). He was a butcher and maltster before styling himself farmer. He was 82 when he died in 1876. Mildred died in 1884 aged 87 leaving personal estate valued at £1,362. They lived at 28 High Street, which was bought and rebuilt by T.P. Willis after Mildred's death.

The children mentioned in the will are:

1885: Buckingham Advertiser, 16 May
AN EXCELLENT BRICK AND TILED RESIDENCE, With extensive Premises, Outbuildings and Garden,
Situate in the heart of the town of Winslow, very valuable either for a private Residence or for first-class business premises.
A highly valuable close of fine Old Pasture ACCOMMODATION LAND, Known as “Claydon Meadow,” containing about 4A. 2R. 0P. more or less, in the Parish of Winslow.
The old-established, full-licensed PUBLIC HOUSE known as THE “RED LION,” With Paddock and necessary Buildings, situate at Granborough, with early possession, and a cottage and a large Orchard adjoining.
An  Accommodation Close of Rich Pasture Land, In the centre of Granborough, with valuable Building Frontages,
3 Brick and Tiled and Thatched Cottages, With Woodbarns and Gardens, pleasantly situate in the village of Whaddon.
20 Shares in the Bucks and Oxon Union Bank.
On WEDNESDAY, May 27th, 1885, at the Bell Hotel, Winslow, at Five o’clock in the afternoon, in 11 lots by direction of the Devisee in Trust of the late MR. GEORGE MAYDON.
Further particulars may be obtained of Messrs. Willis and Willis, Solicitors, Winslow; or Mr. Geo. Wigley, Auctioneer and Land Agent, Winslow and Town Hall Offices, Fenny Stratford.

1885: Bucks Herald, 6 June
  PROPERTY SALE.- On Wednesday, May 27, at the Bell Hotel, Mr. G. Wigley offered for sale some valuable freehold and copyhold properties in the parishes of Winslow, Grandborough, and Whaddon, which realised the following prices:- Lot 1, a brick and tiled residence, situate in the High-street, Winslow, purchased by Mr. T. P. Willis, £720.  Lot 2, an accommodation close, known as Claydon Meadow, containing 4a. 2r. 0p., in Winslow parish, Mr. J. Maydon, £450.  Lot 3, the Red Lion public-house at Grandborough, Mr. John Terry, of Buckingham, £295.  Lot 4 , a copyhold cottage at Grandborough, Mr. L. C. Maydon, £145.  Lot 5, a copyhold close, containing 1a. 2r. 6p., at Grandborough, Mr. Edward Dickins, jun., £205.  Lot 6, three freehold cottages at Whaddon, Mr. L. C. Maydon, £115.  Twenty £25 shares in the Bucks and Oxon Union Bank, upon which only £5 had been paid, realised £22 each, and were purchased by Mrs. E. Tomes, Mrs. M. E. Rowland, and Mr. H. Colgrove.  Seven more shares, the property of another vendor, realised £22:10 each, Mr. W. R. Rowland being the purchaser.

1885: Fenny Stratford Times, 17 Sep
COMPRISING mahogany centre folding, and Pembroke tables, sofas, mahogany cane-seat, easy and Windsor chairs, mahogany sideboard, bureaus, chimney-glasses, chests of drawers, iron, French, and mahogany four-post bedsteads, bedding, washstands, dressing-tables, Brussels and other carpets, curtains, cornice poles, china, glass, and earthenware, kitchen requisites, milk leads, dairy vessels, &c,
By direction of the Executors of the late Mr. Geo. Maydon,
The whole may be viewed on the Morning of Sale.
The Sale will commence at Eleven o’clock.
  Catalogues may be had at the Offices of the Auctioneer, Winslow, and Town Hall Offices, Fenny Stratford.

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