Telephone Directory, 1912

A telephone service for Winslow was first proposed in 1902.

1904: Buckingham Express, 16 April
                                                                                          Winslow, Bucks,
                                                                                               April 8th, 1904.
  Dear Sir,- The Buckingham Borough Council and a few residents in Winslow are again making an effort to get telephone service for both towns.
  It is already established from London to Aylesbury, and it is practically assured at Leighton Buzzard.
  A resolution is to be placed before the Buckingham Borough Council next Monday, and they have written asking how many subscribers there are likely to be in the Winslow district.  We are strongly of opinion that it would be of great service, both for private and commercial purposes, to the neighbourhood generally, and trust that you will now be able to see your way to become a subscriber and join in the effort to obtain what must ultimately be for the welfare of the town.
  As the notice is so soon to come before the Buckingham Council, we want if possible to furnish them with the probable number of subscribers in this district, and hope to receive a favourable and early reply.- We remain, yours faithfully,
                                                                                          WILLIAM S. NEAL.
                                                                                          SIDNEY P. WIGLEY.

1907: Bucks Herald, 3 March
  POST OFFICE TELEPHONE EXCHANGES have now been opened at Winslow and Buckingham, the charges from Aylesbury being 3d. for three minutes for subscribers to the local exchange, and for callers the usual additional fee of 2d.  As there are already 17 subscribers at Winslow and 33 at Buckingham, the direct communication with Aylesbury will no doubt be appreciated.

From The Post Office Telephone Directory, July 1912

Telephone number Subscriber
Winslow 1 Winslow Post Office
Winslow 2 Bell Hotel (W.S. Neal)
Winslow 3 Johnston, E.L., Mrs., Addington manor
Winslow 4 Small & Barker, Solicitors, Winslow
Winslow 5 Cripps & Sons, Builders & Contractors, High st
Winslow 6 Edwards' Creameries Ltd., Winslow
Winslow 7 French, E.J., Printer & Stationer, High st
Winslow 8 Hawley, J.C., Grocer, Wines, Spirits, Market sq
Winslow 9 Kennish, T.L., Dr., M.D., The Cottage
Winslow 10 Lambton, W.H., Capt., Redfield
Winslow 11 Matthews Bros., Builders, Contractors, Undertakers, Horn st
Winslow 12 McCorquodale, N., J.P., co. Bucks, Winslow Hall
Winslow 13 Sanderson, B., Architect & Surveyor, The Beeches
Winslow 14 Steven, W.H., Tailor & Costumier, High st
Winslow 15 Vaisey, T.F., Surgeon, Norden ho
Winslow 16 de la Warr, Countess Muriel, Sandhill
Winslow 17 Wigley, G. & Co., Auctioneers, The Walk
Winslow 18 Coates, F., Northolme
Winslow 19 Broadwood, W.A., Farmer, Whitehouse farm
Winslow 20 Varney, J., Veterinary Surgeon, Newlands
Winslow 21 London & North Western Railway Co., Station
Winslow 22 Midgley, G.A., Ironmonger, Winslow
Winslow 23 Bishop, B.G., Roddimore
Winslow 24 Hayman, E.B., "The Cottage", Shipston-cwm-W [sic]
Winslow 25 Whitehorns & Law, Solicitors, Winslow
Winslow 26 Denny, Frederick A., Norwood ho

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