Church Houses / Old Post Office / St Laurence Room

The two Church Houses at the entrance to the Churchyard from the Market Square can be traced from 1677 (when they were one house occupied by Jane Gibbs at a rent of £4), but they may be the two tenements next to the Church Stile which were bequeathed to the church by John Borne the vicar, who died in 1494, mentioned in the 1556 Survey. Church houses were used before the Reformation for church ales and other parish events, but were largely redundant after church ales were abolished in 1547 and these buildings may have been converted to residential use then. There don't seem to be any surviving photos showing both houses but they can be seen together in a painting of c.1860. One was demolished to make way for the Bank, and the other (the Post Office until 1897) for the St Laurence Room.

These details were recorded in the 1876 vestry minutes:

Benefaction to Winslow. Abstract from Terrier

Two Church House next the Principal South Gate of the Church yard, namely on the Eastern side thereof one of them late the property of Mr Joseph Dudley at the yearly rent of four pounds afterwards the property of Mr Thomas Lomath now in the occupation of Miss Elizbth Monk. The other late the property of Mr Samuel Yeates at the yearly rent of Two pounds now the property of Mr John Kelland in the occupation of Mr James King both of them held under a Building Lease of Two Hundred Years. The Churchwardens paying all manner of taxes.

Old Post Office (the one nearest the Church)

Jubilee celebrations in the Market Square 1897
The photo shows the corner of the Market Square in 1897. The bank had been built, and the Post Office had moved to the High Street. The Old Post Office was now a tea room, with screens across the shop windows.

1700: 29 Sep (as recorded in 1863)
Lease for 200 years of both houses

1714: manor court
The appointment of new charity trustees refers to "a messuage in Winslowe called The Church House now in the occupation of Benjamin Dudley and William Firth"; "the rents and profits will be annually paid into the hands of the Churchwardens of Winslowe to be expended by them for and towards the repair and maintenance of the church of Winslowe".

1724: 9 Nov
Fire insurance of Benjamin Dudley, mercer and draper: house £300, merchandise £700

Will of Benjamin Dudley, proved 1742, leaving his house to his son William.

1757: Inventory of Church Goods, 9 Aug
Two Church houses situate by the south gate of the Churchyard. One of them in the occupation of William Dudley, of the yearly rent of £4 … the Churchwardens paying all manner of taxes

1781: Land Tax
Joseph Dudley (leaseholder and occupier): 8s 3d

1781: 19 July
Fire insurance of Joseph Dudley, mercer: house and stable £200, goods £550

1786, 1795, 1805: Land Tax
Joseph Dudley (leaseholder and occupier): 8s 11¾d

1810 Church terrier
... in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Dudley at the yearly Rent of four Pounds

Will of Joseph Dudley of Winslow draper (proved 1813), leaving to wife Penelope and son Thomas "my Messuage or Tenement situate in or near the Market Square  of Winslow aforesaid wherein I now dwell With the Garden adjoining the Church yard of Winslow aforesaid now in my own occupation"

1832: Land Tax
Lomath, Thomas (leaseholder); Thomas Lomath & Mrs Gibbs house (occupiers): 8s 11¾d

1833: Commission for Inquiring Concerning Charities
Winslow: Church Houses
There are two houses in Winslow from which the churchwardens received a ground-rent up to the year 1827, and carried it to their account. One is occupied by Mr. T. Lomath, the other by Mr. Yeates. The ground on which the latter house stands, appears, by a recital in an assignment of the lease of it, to have been let on the 29th July 1700, by certain persons, with the consent of the trustees of the lord of the manor of Winslow-cum-Membris, and of the principal parishioners of Winslow, for 200 years on a building lease. The draft indenture of assignment was produced to us by Mr. Willis, who stated that there was a similar draft relating to the other house. The amount of certain outgoings payable in respect of these houses, appears by the churchwardens' books, to have been allowed to the tenants out of their rents, and as since 1827, that amount has exceeded the rents, nothing has been received from them since that period.

1838: Church Rate Book
Lomath, Thomas: Church Ground 6s 0d

1845: Church Rate Book
Lomath, Thomas: house, Churchyard
Monk, M.: house, Churchyard

1851: Census
Market Square

Charles Monk Head widr 60 Grocer b. Stone
Elizabeth do Daughter unm 21 Grocer's daughter do
Ann White Servant unm 21 General servant b. Adstock

1853: Directory
Monk, Elizabeth, grocer

1855: Notes on church terrier
... a cottage made out of one of them, [occupied] by Joseph Evans

1861: Census
Market Square

Elizabeth Monk Head unm 31 Grocer b. Stone
Mary A. Gilbert Sister wid 37   b. Stone
Charles R. Gilbert Nephew   9 Scholar b. Oxford
Mary E. Monk Cousin unm 43   b. Aylesbury
Mary A. Evans Servant num 24 House Servant b. Stoke Bruerne

1863: report on charities
Mrs Gilbert’s House and Cottages Rent £4 Rates 4-1-3

1864: Directory
Monk, Elizabeth (Miss), grocer, Market Square

1866: Bucks Herald, 27 Jan
Capital GIG, nearly new,
On the premises, Market Square, Winslow, by direction of Miss Monk, who has disposed of her business.
THE FURNITURE Comprises Four-post French and other bedsteads, feather and flock beds, blankets, Washstands, chests of drawers, carpets, dining room, chamber, and other chairs, tables, pier glasses, fenders, fire irons, kitchen requisites, china, glass earthenware, and a variety of other articles.
The Sale will commence at Eleven o’clock.
  The whole may be viewed the Morning of Sale and Catalogues obtained at the Inns in the neighbourhood; and of Messrs. Dudley and Son, Auctioneers and Land Agents, Winslow.

1866: Buckingham Advertiser, 10 Feb


  In relinquishing the Grocery Business, returns her grateful thanks to her friends for the kind and liberal support she and her family have received for many years past, and begs to introduce MR. WILLIAM HUTT as her successor, for whom she solicits a continuance of their favours.


  In succeeding to the above old-established Business ventures to hope he may secure the confidence and favour of the gentry and public generally, and trusts that by supplying the best articles at the lowest remunerative prices, and prompt attention to all orders entrusted to him, to merit the support so long bestowed on his predecessor.
  Market Square, Winslow, February 5th, 1866.

1869: Directory
Hutt, William, grocer & provision dealer, Market Square

1869: death of William Hutt

1871: Census
Market Square

Elizabeth Hutt Head wid 38 Grocer b. Kidlington
Bessie S. Hutt Daughter   8 Scholar b. Ramsden, Oxon
Edith M.E. Hutt Daughter   3   b. Winslow
Josiah Nix Manager unm 24 Grocer (Manager) b. Oxford
Sidney G. Whichelo Shopman unm 17 Shopman b. Marborough, Oxon

The Public House Returns of 1872 show that Elizabeth Hutt had had a licence since 1870 on unnamed premises owned by Mary Ann Gilbert of Cambridge.

1881: Census
Market Square, Post Office

Charles Wilford Head mar 33 Grocer & Postmaster b. Old Stratford
Elizabeth Wilford Wife mar 45 do Wife b. Kidlington
Herbert W. Hutt Relative
unm 24 do Assistant b. Ramsden, Oxon
Bessie S. Hutt do unm 18 Telegraphist do
Edith M.E. Hutt do unm 13 Scholar b. Winslow
Mary A. Adams Servant unm 25 General Servant (Domestic) b. Buckingham

1881: Bicester Herald, 6 March
  IN RE CHARLES WILFORD.- At the meeting of the creditors of Charles Wilford, grocer, and wine, spirit, and ale merchant, Winslow, held at the Bell Hotel, Winslow, on May 30, an offer of 3s. in the £ was made by the debtor to the creditors.

1881: Buckingham Advertiser, 18 June
COMPRISING STOCK of TEAS, COFFEES, SOAP, Mats, Brushes, cigars, Ale, Italian Goods, Utensils of Trade, Shop Fixtures, 35 dozen of Wine and Spirits, 2 very useful PONIES, Grey Horse, nearly new SPRING CART, Pony Trap, capital Set of Silver-mounted HARNESS, nearly new, Set of Cart HARNESS,  and about 35 Lots of Household FURNITURE,
On WEDNESDAY, June 22nd, 1881, on the premises of Mr. Charles Wilford, Market Square, Winslow.
The whole will be sold without reserve, and for prompt cash.
The Sale will commence at 11 o’clock.
Catalogues may be had at the Offices of the Auctioneer, Winslow.

1881: Buckingham Advertiser, 23 July
TO LET, PLATE-GLASS Fronted SHOP, WAREHOUSE, and Dry CELLARS, well situated on Market Square, Winslow.- For further particulars apply to C. W., Winslow.

Charles Wilford's appointment as postmaster for Winslow is recorded in Sep 1882 (British Postal Museum and Archive; POST 58/88).

1891: Directory
Wilford, Charles, postmaster & stamp office, Market Square

1891: Census
Market Square

Charles Wilford Head mar 43 Postmaster b. Cosgrove
Elizabeth Wilford Wife mar 54   b. Kidlington
Herbert William Hutt Stepson single 34 Grocers Manager b. Ramsden, Oxon
Bessie Selwood Hutt Stepdau do 28 Postal Assistant do
Edith Mary E. Hutt do do 23 nil b. Winslow
Annie Rose Tompkins Servant do 19 Maid Servant (domestic) b. Maids Moreton

1895: Directory
Hutt & Co, sauce manufacturers
Wilford, Charles, postmaster & stamp office, Market Square

1896: Buckingham Advertiser, 28 March
  DEATH OF THE POSTMASTER.- We much regret to record the death of Mr. Charles Wilford, 19 years postmaster of this town.  Mr. Wilford succumbed to an attack of Bright’s disease, on Saturday morning last, having been laid aside from his official duties about a fortnight, but he was about until within a day of his death, being taken worse on the Friday.  Mr. Wilford succeeded Mr. J. L. French, as postmaster, in April 1877, and was generally admitted to be not only a most efficient, but also an extremely courteous officer, ever ready to give information or advice.  The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon, when the Vicar conducted the service.  The coffin was borne by six postmen in uniform, viz., Messrs. Lomas, Roads, Warner, Verney, Attkins, and Alderman, and the mourners comprised: Mr. Percey Hutt, of Llandudno, stepson, and the Misses Hutt; Mr. Miles, temporary postmaster; Mr. Lee, clerk; Mr. R. Cheshire, submaster, North Marston; Mr. Read, sub-postmaster, Steeple Claydon; Mr. Grace, sub-postmaster, Mursley; and Mr. Illing, sub-postmaster, Little Horwood; rural postmen and letter carriers, Messrs. Mark Thorpe, Steeple Claydon; Boughton, J. Varney, S. Warner, Bateman, and King.  Telegraph messengers, Watson and Viccars, Mr. Geo. Whichello, ex-town postmen, and Mr. W. S. Neal.  The wreaths included one from the post office staff, and one from Lady Addington, and the Misses Hubbard.

1896: Bicester Herald, 24 July
Mrs F. MacDonnell, of London, has been appointed postmistress at Winslow. There were several local applicants.

1897: Bucks Herald, 22 May
  THE POST OFFICE, which for many years has been located in the neighbourhood of the Market-square, is now being removed to the large and central premises in the High-street, which were formerly Messrs. F. and J. Loffler’s shop and furniture warehouse [66 High Street], a pillar box being placed on the Market-square.  The old Post-office, although conveniently enough situated, was certainly no credit to the town, but the new one will to all appearances be quite up-to-date... 

1897: Buckingham Advertiser, 26 June
Good Accommodation for commercial Gentlemen, Cyclists and Others.
Good Assortment of Pastry and Cakes.
ALSO THE Gold Medal Whaddon Chase Hunt Sauce.

1899: Directory
Hutt, Elizabeth (Miss), dining rooms, Market Square

1901: Census
Market Square

Edith Mary Elizabeth Hutt Head single 31? Tea & Dining Rooms & Post Office Assistant, employer b. Winslow
Bessie Selwood Hutt Sister single 33 Postal & Telegraph Clerk (Civil servant) b. Ramsden, Oxon
Annie Miles Waitress single 26 Waitress b. Reading

Something seems to have gone wrong with the ages. Charles Wilford died in 1896, aged 49, and Elizabeth in 1899 aged 64. The Post Office moved to the High Street in 1897, on the premises which formerly belonged to Ferdinand and Joseph Loffler.

1903: Directory
Hutt, Elizabeth Mary (Miss), apartments, Market Square

The Hutt sisters moved to the house which is now 14 Station Road, where in 1911 Edith was listed as a boarding house keeper and Bessie as a sorting clerk and telegraphist. One of the boarders was Rev. St J. Beamish, who was then the curate.

1909: Buckingham Express, 24 April
The Vicar said that Mr McCorquodale had been trying to purchase from the Commissioners the Old Post Office and pull it down, so as to clear the space and give a better view and approach from the Market Square. The late Mr Wigley had valued the place at £100 and that sum Mr McCorquodale had offered, but the Commissioners replied that the piece of ground adjoining, which was smaller, fetched £220, and they would not entertain the idea.

1910: Valuation 126
Vicar & Churchwardens: late Hutt house & shop Market Square            

1910: Charity Commissioners, 13 Sep
Charity Commissioners to Parish of Winslow Church Repair Charity
Authority to sell real estate

1910: Sale of Freehold of Old Post Office Winslow, 23 Nov
1) Henry William Thomas Bowyear Esq the Secretary for the time being of the Board of Charity Commissioners for England and Wales and as such the Official Trustee of Charity lands (hereinafter called the Official Trustee)
2) Rev. Thomas Hinkley of the Vicarage Winslow clerk in Holy Orders
Norman McCorquodale of Winslow Hall Esq
William Hall Stevens tailor trustees of the Winslow Church Repair Charity (hereinafter called the Trustees)
3) Norman McCorquodale of Winslow Hall Esq (hereinafter called the Purchaser)

Whereas under and by virtue of an order made by the Board of Charity Commissioners dated 11 August 1893 the legal estate in the herditaments hereby conveyed together with other hereditaments then forming part of the  said Church Repair Charity then known as the Church Houses and Church Land were vested the Official Trustee of Charity Lands and his successors in trust for the said Charity

And whereas by an order made by the said Board of Charity Commissioners dated 1 November 1895 the endowment of the said Charity known as the Church Houses and Church Land consisting of the particulars specified in the schedule thereto and which particulars included the hereditaments hereby conveyed was by the said order separated from the rest of the said endowments of the said Charity therein referred to and ordered to be henceforth the endowment of a separate ecclesiastical charity to be called the Church Repair Charity and by the same order the Vicar and Churchwardens for the time being of the Parish of Winslow were appointed to be the Trustees of the said Church Repair Charity

And whereas the Trustees are the Vicar and Churchwardens for the time being of the said Parish of Winslow and as such are duly certified Trustees of the said Church Repair Charity

And whereas by an Order made by the said Board of Charity Commissioners dated 13 September 1910 the Trustees were authorised within six months from the date thereof to sell the land and hereditaments described in the schedule thereto (being the land hereinafter mentioned and intended to be hereby conveyed) to the purchaser one of the Trustees of the of the said Charity for not less than £150 and to do and execute all proper acts and assurances for carrying the said sale into effect and the Official Trustee was ordered to concur in the conveyance of the said hereditaments if his concurrence should be required

Now this indenture witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of £150 paid to the Trustees by the purchaser for the purchase of the fee simple of the said hereditaments (the receipt of which the Trustees hereby acknowledge) the said Henry William Thomas Bowyear pursuant to the Order given to the Official Trustee by the last recited Order and at the request of the Trustees testified by their execution hereof hereby conveys and confirms to the Purchaser all and singular the piece of freehold land containing two hundred and sixty four and two ninths square yards or thereabouts situate in the Market Square in the Parish of Winslow aforesaid together with the old building erected thereon known as the Old Post Office as all the same hereditaments were formerly in the occupation of Miss Elizabeth Mary Hutt to and to the use of the Purchaser in fee simple

And it is hereby certified that the transaction hereby effected document forms part of a larger transaction or of a series of transactions in respect of which the … or value or the aggregate value or values of the consideration exceeds £500

In witness whereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first before written

Signed sealed and delivered by the before named     Henry W.T. Bowyear
Henry William Thomas Bowyear the Official            Thomas Hinkley
Trustee of Charity lands in the presence of                Norman McCorquodale
G.B. Rooke                                                                 W.H. Stevens
Charity Commission
Barrister at Law

St Laurence Room            

1912: Winslow Rural District Council Minutes, 13 Sep  (Centre for Bucks Studies DC 4/1/5)
Plans: The plans of a New Church Room to be erected at Winslow for N. McCorquodale Esq .... were produced and passed      

1913: Datestone over entrance
1913 Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam N. McC.

1918: Deed of Gift of St. Lawrence Room, Winslow, 24 April

1) Norman McCorquodale of Winslow Hall in the County of Buckingham, Esquire (hereinafter called “the Donor”)
2) Oxford Diocesan Board  8 New Inn Hall Street, Oxford (hereinafter called “the Board”)
3) Rev Henry Lyttelton Lyster Denney of Winslow
    Thomas Frederick Vaisey of Winslow)
    William Hall Stevens of Winslow        ) churchwardens
Whereas the Donor is seized in fee simple free from incumbrances of the hereditaments hereinafter described and intended to the be hereby conveyed and is desirous of conveying the same to the Board to be held as an Ecclesiastical Charity for the benefit of the Church of England or of the members thereof as such in the Parish of Winslow aforesaid upon the trusts and with and subject to the powers and provisions hereinafter declared of and concerning the same.

And whereas it has been agreed that the management of such trusts shall be vested in the persons parties hereto of the third part or other the Vicar and Churchwardens for the time having of the said Parish of Winslow as Administrative Trustees.

Now this indenture witnesseth that in pursuance of his said desire the Donor as Beneficial Owner fully and voluntarily and without any valuable considerations doth hereby grant and convey to the Board their successors and assigns

All that piece of freehold land containing two hundred and sixty four and two ninths square yards or thereabouts together with the building erected thereon known as the St. Lawrence Room situate in the Market Square in the Parish of Winslow formerly the site of an old building known as the Old Post Office and which piece of land and the site of the St. Lawrence Room is delineated on the plan drawn on these Presents and thereon coloured pink

To hold the same unto and to the use of the Board its successors and assigns in fee simple upon trust to permit and suffer the same and all buildings now or hereafter to be erected thereon to be used by the persons or parties thereto of the third part or other the Administrative Trustees for the time being of these Present (all which several persons are hereinafter included in the expression “the Administrative Trustees”) for all or any of the following purposes for promoting aiding and furthering the objects and work of the Church in the Parish of Winslow aforesaid that is to say:-

1.         For the celebration of Divine Service in accordance with the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England when and should an excuse of permission be given by the Bishop for the time being of the Diocese hereinafter called the Bishop within which the said Parish is situated.

2.         As a Sunday Shool or Schools for the education of children and adults or children only according to the principles of the Church of England.

3.         As a classroom reading room or lecture room for Communicant classes or other religious instruction or for secular instruction under the control of the Vicar or Officiating Minister of the said Parish.

4.         As a place for Clerical Meetings for social conferences of the Clergy and Communicants of the Church of England. for District Visitors. for committees of any Societies parochial or otherwise connected with the Church of England and for meetings to be called in aid or for the benefit of any such Society.

5.         For any other Meetings or for other objects ends or purposes having in view the spiritual intellectual moral or social wants of progressing members of the Church of England in the said Parish but so that the particular mode of use within the limits of the aforesaid and the management of the trusts hereof shall subject as hereinafter mentioned be determined by and vested in the Administrative Trustees who shall use the said premises for the purposes aforesaid.

Provided always And it is hereby agreed and declared that the Board shall deliver to the Administrative Trustees and such Trustees shall accept and take possession of the said hereditaments immediately upon the execution of these Present and thereafter the Board shall not be bound to enquire to what purpose the same are devoted or whether they are devoted to purposes in accordance with the trusts of these Present or to take any proceedings with reference to the said hereditaments or the user thereof unless required so to do in any particular case by the Administrative Trustees or the Bishop or some other ecclesiastical authority having jurisdiction in the said Parish in matters connected with the Church of England and upon due permission being made for payment of the costs charges and expenses of the Board to be incurred in reference to any proceedings to be taken by the Board.

Provided always and it is hereby agreed and declared that the Board shall not be under any obligation or liability in respect of any omission to keep any buildings which may be subject to the trusts hereof repaired or insured And the Administrative Trustees shall pay or procure to be paid all rates taxes insurance premiums and other outgoings of whatsoever nature which may from time to time be payable in respect thereof and the Board shall not be concerned as to the making of any such payment except so far as it be necessarily liable by law but the Board shall not be precluded from making any such payment if it sees fit to do so. AND the Board may at its discretion raise from time to time by mortgage on charge of any property for the time being subject to the trusts of these Present all sums requisite to defray any such cash charges and expenses incurred by the Board in relation to the trusts hereof.

And it is hereby agreed and declared that the Bishop of the Diocese in which the said hereditaments are situate shall have the powers of a visitor over the trust premises and shall have power to decide all questions arising (space) the Administrative Trustees or any of them and any other person in reference to the trusts and powers of these present.

And also that the (space) parties hereto of the Board part shall be deemed to be Administrative Trustees solely by virtue of their holding such offices of Vicar and Churchwardens respectively and shall cease to be Administrative Trustees on ceasing to hold such offices respectively and every person duly appointed Vicar or Churchwarden of the said Parish shall on his admission become and Administrative Trustee of theses Present and every person so appointed or becoming a new Administrative Trustee shall have the same powers authorities and discretions and may in all respects act as if he had been originally appointed an Administrative Trustee and also that (space) an Administrative Trustee of these Present either original or substituted is dead or remains out of the United Kingdom more than twelve calendar months or ceases to reside in the said Parish or desires to cease to be an Administrative Trustee or refuses or becomes unfit or incapable to act as an Administrative Trustee or becomes bankrupt or makes any arrangement or composition with his creditors or openly ceases to be a member of the Church of England then and in every such case it shall be lawful for the remaining Administrative Trustees  by writing under their hands to appoint  for such period as is therein stated any other person to be a new Administrative Trustee so appointed shall have the same powers authorities and discretions and may in all respects as if he had been originally appointed an Administrative Trustee. Provided that the period during which such new Administrative Trustee shall continue to act shall terminate on the admission to office of the successor of the person in whose place he was appointed.

And it is hereby agreed and certified that the transaction hereby affected does not form part of a larger transaction or of a series of transaction in respect of which the amount or value or the aggregate amount or value of the property conveyed or transferred exceeds Five hundred pounds.

In witness whereof the Donor and the Administrative Trustees have hereunto set their hands and seals and the Board have caused their common seal to be hereunto affixed the day and year first above written.

Second Church House (demolished to build the Bank)

Market Square c1890 before the Bank was built
This photo was taken before 1891, when the Church House on the left (W.H. Stevens) and the very large house formerly owned by the Burnham family in the centre were demolished to build the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Union Bank. The Church House had been gentrified as a private house, although it was being used for a business.

Evidence given in 1677 in the case of the Duke of Buckingham v William Gyles refers to Thomas Norcot, shoemaker, and Widow Day occupying the house next to Gyles and setting up stalls in front of the houses. Mary Day was buried in 1647, and Thomas Norcot died after 1673. William Burrell also said that he lived in a house next to Gyles and used to set four stalls in front. They probably lived in the second Church House.

Will of William Gyles, woollen draper (proved 1713)
He mentions part of his house, which became the Burnhams' house, being adjacent to the house of William Firth, i.e. the second Church House (on the left in the photo above)

1714: manor court
The appointment of new charity trustees refers to "a messuage in Winslowe called The Church House now in the occupation of Benjamin Dudley and William Firth"

1723: Oath of Allegiance
William Firth

1757: Inventory of Church Goods, 9 Aug
Two Church houses situate by the south gate of the Churchyard … the other in the occupation of William Firth, of the yearly rent of £2; the Churchwardens paying all manner of taxes

1775: Fire insurance, 10 Aug
William Firth, brazier, Market Square: house £200, goods £100

1781: Land Tax
Firth, William (proprietor), himself (occupier): 6s 9d
                   do                       Thomas Allen (occupier): 1s 9d

1781: Northampton Mercury, 30 July
TO be LETT, or SOLD, and Entered on immediately, The DWELLING-HOUSE of Mr. WM. FIRTH, Braizer, at WINSLOW, in the County of Bucks; with a small CLOSE of PASTURE-GROUND thereunto belonging.
For Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Joseph Dudley, Draper, of Winslow aforesaid.
N.B. The Stock in Trade, with the Working-Tools, to be taken at a fair Appraisement.

1786, 1795: Land Tax
Dudley, William (proprietor and occupier): 7s 3¾d

1786: Sun Insurance, 26 Oct: 11936/340/523480
William Dudley of Winslow gentleman
On his now dwelling house situate as aforesaid
Brick & tiled £200
Household goods therein £100
Total: £300

Northampton Mercury, 4 June 1803 [it is not certain if this is William Dudley's house, but the date and contents fit]
On the Premises, in the Market-Square, at Winslow, in the County of Bucks, on Friday the 10th Day of June, 1803,
A Neat and Modern ASSORTMENT of HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE and other EFFECTS, comprising Four-post Sacking-bottom Bedsteads, with neat Furniture; Feather Beds, Mattresses, Cotton counterpanes. Blankets, &c., Mahogany Dining, Tea and other Tables; a large Mahogany Sideboard; a very neat Mahogany Secretary and Bookcase; a very correct Eight-day Clock; Square and Oval Glasses, in Gilt and other Frames; Mahogany Chairs, and painted Chamber Ditto; Bath Stoves, &c.; a large Kitchen-Range, and Kitchen-Furniture in general; Iron-bound Beer Vessels, Tubs, with various other Articles.
* The Sale will begin at Ten o'Clock

1803: Northampton Mercury, 15 Oct
Sale of William Dudley's "neat and compact dwelling-house" in accordance with the terms of his will.

It was presumably William Dudley who gave the house the appearance of a gentleman's residence.

1805: Land Tax
Yeates, Samuel (leaseholder); late W Dudley (occupier): 7s 3¾d

1810: Church terrier
... in the Occupation of Mr. Samuel Yeates, of the yearly Rent of two Pounds

1832: Land Tax
Yeates, Samuel (leaseholder): Samuel Yeates house 7s 3¾d

1833: Commission for Inquiring Concerning Charities
see above

1840: Garden rent
Samuel Yeates 6d

1841: Census
Market Square

Samuel Yeates 61 Independent means born in county
Bridget do 62 do do
Jane Faulkner 39 Female servant do

Samuel Yeates died in 1842 and Bridget in 1846.

1846: the house is described in the particulars of Bridget Yeates' sale: three parlours, a drawing-room and four chambers. It was apparently bought by the Willis family.

1851: Census
Market Square

James King Head mar 29 Auctioneer b. Winslow
Elizabeth Ann King Wife mar 27 Auctioneer's wife b. Soulbury
Martha Ann King Dau   3 Scholar b. Oxford
Maria King Dau   1   b. Winslow
Sarah Horne Sister in law unm 30 Independent b. Soulbury
Ann Elizabeth Wesley Servant unm 17 House servant b. Winslow
Martha Read Servant unm 14 House servant b. Whaddon

1853: Directory
King, James, auctioneer, Market Square

1861: Census
Market Square

Henry F. Tomkins Head mar 24 Ironfounder b. Tring
Lois Tomkins Wife mar 24 Irounfounder's wife b. Wingrave
Henry W. Tomkins Son   2   b. Bierton
Frank A. Tomkins Son   10m   b. Claydon
Elizabeth Barnes Servant unm 22 General servant b. Travers, Dorset
Charles Pugh Servant mar 28 Carman b. Wootton Basset, Wilts

1863: report on charities
Mr Kellands house & Mr. Ingrams Close Rent 3£ Rates £2-10-7¾

1871: Census
Market Square

Eve Blick Head unm 57 Independent b. Dunton
Sophia Adkins Servant unm 57 General servant (domestic) b. Quainton

Eve Blick died in 1874 aged 61.

1877: Directory
Curtis, Mrs, Market Square

1877: Will of D.T. Willis (proved 1885)
He leaves to trustees "my leasehold messuage or tenement on the Market Square occupied by Mrs. Curtis", to sell at their discretion.

1881: Census
Market Square

Emma Curtis Head wid 67 Retired farmer b. Whitchurch
Ann Clark Servant unm 40 General servant (domestic) b. Shenley

Emma Curtis died in 1884 aged 74 (sic).

1884: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 18 Nov
The whole of the neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE,
COMPRISING MAHOGANY centre and folding tables, Pembroke and chess tables, mahogany couch, mahogany chairs, in leather, cloth, and horse-hair; tapestry carpet, mahogany bureau, chimney glasses; the CONTENTS OF THREE BED-ROOMS,  including mahogany chests of drawers, mahogany Arabian and iron French bedsteads, washstands, dressing tables, feather beds, and bedding, and miscellaneous effects;
On the Premises, Market Square, Winslow, by direction of the Executors of the late Mrs. Emma Arnold Curtis.
Catalogues may be had at the Offices of the Auctioneer, Winslow, and Town Hall Offices, Fenny Stratford.

1887: Directory
Stevens, William Hall, tailor, Market Square

1891: Directory
Stevens, William Hall, tailor, Market Square & High Street
He was living in the High Street in the 1891 census.

1891: Charity Commission, 21 Feb

In the Matter of the Charity called The Church Houses and Church Land, in the Parish of Winslow, in the County of Buckingham; and in the Matter of The Charitable Trusts Acts, 1853 to 1887:

By direction of the Board of Charity Commissioners for England and Wales
Notice is hereby given, That the Trustees of this Charity propose to effect a sale of the property mentioned in the subjoined schedule, for a sum of £220, the purchaser accepting the title and paying the expenses of the Trustees in the matter. Any objection or suggestion relative to the proposed sale may be transmitted to the Commissioners in writing within 21 days from the first publication of this notice, addressed to The Secretary, Charity Commission, Whitehall, London, S.W.
Dated this 21st day of February, 1891. D.R. Feason, Secretary.

The reversion in fee simple expectant upon the determination of a lease for 200 years from the 29th September, 1700, of and in a piece of land containing 111 Square Yards or thereabouts, situate in the Market Square, in the Parish of Winslow together with the Dwelling House and Shop erected thereon, lately in the occupation of William Henry Stevens

The house was then demolished to make way for the Bank, built in 1895. The Bank and St Laurence Room, on the site of the two Church Houses, can be seen in the photo below from c.1930.

Market Square c1930 with St Laurence Room



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