14 Market Square

Market Square with cars

14 Market Square consists of two separate but interconnected buildings: the large 3-storey shop (best known as Turnham's or The Grapevine) on the corner next to The George in the centre of the photo above, and the adjacent 4-storey building, The Bakery from the 1950s-80s, now numbered 14C. The latter is described in its listing report as "early C19" but in fact it was "nearly new" in 1873, in an unusual mock-Georgian style. The large shop is listed as "Mid-late C18" but according to Alan Wigley (A Window on Winslow, p.27) "the rendering covers Tudor framing and brickwork". The east end of 12 Market Square appears to have been truncated, and it seems likely that part of it was separated during the 18th century, attached to no.14, then demolished and replaced with the 4-storey building. Along with The George, these shops form an early encroachment into the open space of the original Market Square.

14 Market Square with flags
14 Market Square probably photographed in 1911

1682: Manor Court, October
Joseph Glenister inherited from his father Francis Glenister, mercer "a shop containing 1 bay in the Market Place".

1713: Will of Joseph Glenister, grocer
"concerning All that Mesuage or Tenement in Winslowe aforesaid wherein I now Dwell I Give Devise and Bequeath the same unto my loving wife Jane and her heires forever"

1725: Manor Court, October
Ann wife of William Hobbs sought to be admitted to a messuage in Winslowe which came into the lord's hands on the death of Jane Glenester widow [her mother] presented at the court on 21 Oct 1724. Rent [blank], fine 5s. 

1771: Manor Court, 28 & 29 October (Centre for Bucks Studies, D 82/1/89)
Surrender: Ann Hobbs
Admission: Thomas Bowler of Winslow wheelwright [Ann's cousin]
All that Messuage or Tenement in the Market Square of Winslow with the appurt(enance)s to which she was admitted at a Court holden for this manor 18 Oct 1725

1779: Will of Thomas Bowler the elder of Winslow, wheelwright (proved 1795)
"I give and devise unto my said wife Mary Bowler all that my copyhold messuage or tenement situate and being in the Market Square of Winslow aforesaid with the appurtenances thereunto belonging now in the tenure or occupation of Sarah Foster spinster ... to hold the same unto and to the use of my said wife Mary Bowler and her assigns for and during her natural life and from and immediately after her decease I give and devise the said messuage or tenement ... to the use of my son Charles Bowler his heirs and assigns for ever."

1781: Land Tax
Proprietor: Thomas Bowler
Occupier: Sarah Foster
Assessment: 5s 5½d

1786: Land Tax
Proprietor: Thomas Bowler
Occupier: Thomas King
Assessment: 5s 11¼d

1795: Land Tax
Proprietor: Widow Bowler
Occupier: John Cheney
Assessment: 5s 11d

1880 25 inch map
14 Market Square on the 1880 O.S. map

1798: Manor Court, 28 October                               
Thomas Bowler sr of Winslow wheelwright whilst he lived held a messuage in the Market Square formerly in the occupation of Sarah Foster spinster, now of John Cheney ... By his will dated 6 May 1779 he devised them to his wife Mary for her life, then to his son Charles Bowler. Mary is since dead, Charles desires to be admitted tenant.  Rent [blank], fine 9s.  Immediately after Charles Bowler of Aylesbury currier & Elizabeth his wife surrendered to the use of Alexander Norton jr of Buckingham tanner. Rent [blank], fine 14s.

1805: Land Tax
Proprietor: Alexander Norton
Occupier: John Cheney [Grocer & Ironmonger in 1798]
Assessment: 5s 11d

1811: Bucks Herald, 26 Oct
To Drapers, &c,
By W. Berry,
On Thursday the 31st Day of October, 1811, at the Bell Inn, Winslow Bucks, (punctually at Six o’Clock in the Evening), under such Conditions as shall then be produced, viz.
A Substantial well-built Brick and Tiled MESSUAGE, or TENEMENT, advantageously situated for Trade, in the MARKET-SQUARE, WINSLOW aforesaid; comprising an Entrance-passage in front, on the Right a Neat Parlour, on the Left a good Shop, with Bow-window, three Bed-Chambers, two Garrets, excellent Kitchen, in which is a good Pump, and plenty of Water, back Kitchen or Scullery, Beer and Coal Cellars, and suitable Offices, now in the Occupation of the Proprietor.
The above Estate is in complete Repair (Copyhold of Inheritance, held of the Manor of Winslow aforesaid, subject to Quit Rent, 3d. Herriot when it happens, Fine 6s. Land-Tax 3s 6d) and a desirable situation for a small genteel Family, or a person wishing immediately to enter into Business, as an early Possession may be had.
For further Particulars, enquire of Messrs. WYATT & WILLIS, Solicitors, Winslow, Bucks, who will send a Person to shew the Premises.
Particulars also may be known of the Auctioneer, Aylesbury, Bucks.

1811: Manor Court, 28 Oct
Surrender: Alexander Norton
Admission: Henry Watkins Stubbings

Mr Stubbings, master of the Winslow Academy, left Winslow in 1813 after briefly running a stationery and book shop:

1813: Northampton Mercury, 27 Feb

To Booksellers and Stationers.
To be LETT or SOLD,
A Convenient HOUSE and SHOP, centrical [sic] Situation, pleasantly situated in the MARKET PLACE, WINSLOW, Bucks.  The Premises possess an excellent Shop, cheerful Sitting Room neatly fitted up, two airy Bed Rooms, two Attics, Kitchen, with a Pump of fine Water, and two Cellars.  The Whole is in excellent Repair, (the Stock and Fixtures to be taken at a Valuation), in the Occupation of the Proprietor, who is retiring from Business.
N.B. An excellent Situation for a Printer and Binder.
Apply to Mr. STUBBINGS, as above, if by Letter, Post paid.

1813: Northampton Mercury, 20 March

Stationery, Perfumery, and Household Furniture
On Thursday the 1st of April, 1813, and following day, on the Premises.
THE STOCK in TRADE and other EFFECTS, of Mr H.W. STUBBINGS, Bookseller and Stationer, in the Market-Square, WINSLOW, who is retiring from Business; comprising a Numerous Assortment of Books of different Descriptions, several Articles in the Fancy Japan and Perfumery Line; also Household-Furniture; consisting of an Oak Bedstead, and Flock Bed, capital Oak Dining-Table, Mahogany Dinner Tray and Waiter, Dresser and Shelves, a Counter, one Ditto complete, with Drawers, Glass Case, Pair of Venetian Blinds (equal to new), a Copper and Grate, with various Other Articles.
The Whole of the above Stock is well worth the Attention of the Trade, which has been new within the last fifteen Months, and will be sold without Reserve.
The sale will commence at Ten o’clock precisely.

1822: Manor Court, 28 Oct
Surrender: Henry Watkins Stubbings late of Winslow now of Newnham near Daventry, Schoolmaster, and Jane his wife in consideration of £145
Admission: George Bunce of Winslow, Cordwainer, and Elizabeth his wife
A Messuage or Tenement in the Market Square of Winslow formerly in the tenures or occupations of Sarah Fowler and John Cheney [grocer / ironmonger], since of William Seaton [cordwainer] and now of William Mayne.
Fine: 10s

1826: Manor Court, 30 Oct
Surrender: George Bunce (his wife Elizabeth being deceased)
Admission: Mary Whichello, widow [She was probably the Mary Southam (daughter of Ferdinando Southam the lawyer) who married Abiel Whichello in 1769]
Consideration: £70 paid to George Bunce, £100 to the mortgagees (Joseph & Matthew Robinson as trustees under the marriage settlement of Mary Robinson and Philip Haines)

1828: Manor Court, 27 Oct (Centre for Bucks Studies, D 82/4/485)
Surrender: Mary Whichello of Winslow widow
Admission: Charles Willis of Winslow gent
Mortgage for £200

1830: Directory
Whichello, Samuel, hairdresser, Market Square

1832: Land Tax
Mrs Whichello: house 5s 11d, exonerated.

1837: Bucks Herald, 8 July
HOUSE, SHOP AND PREMISES, (Well situated for Trade), WINSLOW, BUCKS.
TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY DUDLEY & SON, At the George Inn, Winslow, on Wednesday, the 12th July, 1837, at Six o’clock,
A Copyhold HOUSE and SHOP, situate on the MARKET SQUARE of Winslow, and facing the Turnpike Road, forming an excellent situation for any business requiring show.
They have recently been fitted up very conveniently;  a good business in Hairdressing and Perfumery has for several years been carried on in them, and there is no one of the same business in the town.
The premises are nearly equal in value to freehold;  they may be viewed, and further particulars known, on application to Messrs. WILLIS & Son, Solicitors, or the Auctioneers, Winslow.

1837: Manor Court, 30 Oct
The Homage presents that Edward Sidney Mason of Winslow, Hairdresser and Mary his wife, late Mary Whichello, widow, who was examined by Charles Willis of Winslow Gent. Deputy Steward, she being a customary tenant, out of court on 29 July last, in consideration of £100 paid to them on or before that date by Henry Wigley of Winslow, Painter, and the further sum of £100 to be paid by Henry Wigley to Charles Willis, which was due to Charles Willis from a Principal Sum of £150 secured by a Conditional Surrender from Mary Whichello to him dated 21 March 1828 (which £200 is in full for the absolute purchase) surrendered through Charles Willis:
A Messuage or Tenement in the Market Square of Winslow, formerly in the tenures or occupations of Sarah Fowler and John Cheney, since of William Seaton William Mayne and George Bunce, successively late of the said Mary Mason, now of Edward Sidney Mason.
Mary Mason, then Mary Whichello was admitted tenant at a General Court Baron on 30 Oct 1826 on the surrender of George Bunce.
To the use of Henry Wigley and Ann his wife for their joint lives and the life of the longer liver, then to the heirs and assigns of Henry Wigley, subject  to the Conditional Surrender to Charles Willis and the money and interest due.
At this court Henry and Ann Wigley were admitted tenants. Yearly rent 4d. Fine 10s. Fealty respited.

1839: Bucks Advertiser and Aylesbury News, 19 Jan
NEAT Dwelling–House and excellent Shop, TO BE LET, AT WINSLOW, BUCKS.
SITUATE in the Market-Square, and commanding a view of the entire thoroughfare of the Town.  The shop possesses a large circular window, well adapted for any business requiring display.
  Apply (if by letter, post paid) to H. Wigley, printer, druggist, &c., Winslow, Bucks.

1840: Manor Court, 26 Oct (Centre for Bucks Studies, D 82/5/318)
Surrender: Henry Wigley of Winslow printer & Ann his wife
Admission: George Mayne of Winslow maltster
£120 paid to Henry Wigley
£100 paid to Charles Willis is respect of mortgage by Mary Whichello 21 March 1828
All that Messuage or Tenement situate and being in the Market Square of Winslow aforesaid within the said manor formerly in the tenure or occupation of Sarah Fowler and others successively late of Edward Sidney Mason now of John Mayne

1841: Census

John Mayne 30 Tailor born in county
Maria Mayne 20   born in county
Christopher Paine 12 Apprentice born in county

1842 & 1848: Directories
Mayne, John, tailor, Market Square

1850: Manor Court, 22 July (Centre for Bucks Studies D 82/6/256)
Surrender: George Mayne of Winslow, Malster, in consideration of £250
Admission: Thomas Simons of Winslow, Hairdresser
All that messuage or tenement situate and being in the Market Square of Winslow aforesaid within this manor formerly in the tenures and occupations of Sarah Fowler and others, successively since of Edward Sydney Mason, late of John Mayne, now of the said Thomas Simons
To which George Mayne was admitted tenant at a General Court Baron on 26 Oct 1840 on the surrender of Henry Wigley and Ann his wife.
To the use of Thomas Simons, who was admitted tenant.  Yearly rent: 4d. Fine: 5s. Fealty respited.
Thomas Simons then made a conditional surrender to Richard Baldwin of Winslow, baker, to secure £150.

Part of surrender by George Mayne to Thomas Simons

1850: Directory
Simmons, Thomas, hairdresser, Market Square

1851: Census

Thomas Simons Head unmarried 24 Hair Dresser b. Thame
Elizabeth do Sister unmarried 22 Dress Maker b. Thame
Charles D. Meecham Journeyman unmarried 17 Journeyman Hair Dresser b. Buckingham
Henry J. Turner Lodger unmarried 18 Railway Messenger b. Great Marlow
Anna Bailey Servant unm 22 Servant b. Buckingham

1861: Census

Thomas Simons Head unmarried 34 Hair Dresser b. Thame
Sarah Higgins Servant unmarried 24 General Servant b. Granborough
Edward Felix Lodger unmarried 25 General Dealer b. Treddol, Cards

1870: manor court
Mortgaged by Thomas Simons to William John Jones of Winslow, cattle dealer, for £15 + 5% interest.

1871: Census

Thomas Simons Head unmarried 44 Hair Dresser b. Thame
Sarah Higgins Servant unmarried 34 General Servant b. Granborough
adjacent property, =no.14C, recently built
Sarah A. White Head unmarried 28 Milliner & Dress Maker b. Padbury
Hannah Marriott Aunt married 61 Assistant b. Padbury
Elizabeth A. White Apprentice unmarried 19 Dress Maker b. Lillingston [sic]

1873: Bucks Herald, 21 June,
To Let, with immediate possession,
A NEARLY-NEW 6-ROOMED HOUSE, situate in the Market Square, Winslow, Bucks, well-adapted for Millinery and Dressmaking Business.  Rent and Taxes low.
Enquire of KING and SON, Winslow.

1881: Census

Thomas Simons Head unmarried 54 Hairdresser b. Thame
Mary A. Meehan Servant unmarried 24 Housekeeper b. Buckingham
Annie MacFarlane Servant unmarried 14 General Servant b. Wicken

1882: Buckingham Advertiser, 9 Sep

F R E E H O L D   H O U S E,
Well situate in the Market Square,
T O    B E   SO L D   B Y   A U C T I O N,   B Y
On FRIDAY, September 15, 1882, at the “The Bell”
Hotel, Winslow, at Six o’clock in the afternoon.

The property comprises a brick and slated house most eligibly situate in the Market Square, Winslow, adjoining the “The George” Hotel, and containing - Shop with 2 front windows, good Sitting-room over, a large Bedroom and 2 other Bedrooms on second floor.  An underground Kitchen opening through archway to cellar extending under the Market Square from which there is an entrance.
The house is well situate for business purposes, being in the centre of the town.   It is newly-built and very sound, no expense having been spared in its erection. [This refers to no.14C]

For further particulars apply to Messrs. Willis and Willis, Solicitors, Winslow, or to George Wigley, Auctioneer and Land Agent, Winslow, and Town Hall Offices, Fenny Stratford.


HOUSE, with Valuable SHOP and Business PREMISES, occupying one of the most commanding and eligible positions in the Market Square and centre of the Town TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR GEO. WIGLEY,
On FRIDAY, September 15, 1882, at the Bell Hotel, Winslow, at Five o’clock in the afternoon, by direction of Mr. Thomas Simons, who is leaving the town.
The Property comprises a brick and tiled House containing a large Shop with double front of 152 feet plate glass, a back Shop or Sitting Room, 2 good Sitting Rooms, on first floor and 2 Bedrooms on second floor;  underground kitchen, cellar and coal cellar and a good well of water.
It is Copyhold of the Manor of Winlow [sic], but nearly equal in value to Freehold, and is Land-tax redeemed.
[This text was also used on the sale poster, Centre for Bucks Studies D/WIG/2/7/1882/17.]

1882: Centre for Bucks Studies D/WIG/2/7/1882/17
List of fixtures drawn up by Wigleys on 15 Sep includes: Front shop, second shop, kitchen, back sitting room, front sitting room, back bedroom, front bedroom.
18 Nov: receipt for £28 14s 9d "balance due on sales of property stock in trade & c.", signed Thomas Simons.

1882: Buckingham Advertiser, 14 Oct

WRITING and Bill Papers, Envelopes, Pocket Books, Pencil-cases, Portrait and Scrap Albums, Drawing Papers, Card-boards, Camel Hair Pencils, Slates, Sponges, Pencils, Penholders, Several Volumes of Books, Magazines, 9 years of Punch (unbound), Work-Boxes, Writing Desks, Satchels, Valentines, Embroidery Work and Cotton, Wool Work Mats and Braid, Clothes, Hair, Nail, and Tooth Brushes, Hair Combs, Fire Stove Ornaments, Brooches, Studs & Solitaires and Laces, Bobbin Wire.   A large assortment of Toys, quantity of Fishing Rods and Tackle, Walking Sticks, Cricket Sets, Pipes and Cigar-holders, Concertinas, Draught-boards and Draughts, Dominoes, several Glass Cases, 25 Bird-Cages, a large Canary Aviary, Brass circular Parrot Cage, a few lots of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Mahogany Press Bedstead, Papier-machie Tables, Reading Lamp, Music Stand, Experimental Still, Library Stove, 3 Liquor Decanters and Labels, Pier Glasses, several vases of wax Flowers and Fruit under glass shades, quantity of Flower Pots, &c., &c.
On TUESDAY, October 17th, 1882, on the premises at the Market Square, Winslow, by direction of Mr. Thomas Simons, who has left the Town.

1882: Manor Court, 28 Oct
Enfranchisement (i.e. conversion of copyhold property to freehold)
            1) William Selby Lowndes
            2) Thomas Simons of Winslow hairdresser
Recites admission of said Thomas Simons on surrender of George Mayne 22 July 1850
All that messuage or tenement situate and being in the Market Square of Winslow aforesaid within the said manor formerly in the tenures and occupations of Sarah Fowler and others, successively since of Edward Sydney Mason, late of John Mayne, now of the said Thomas Simons.

After leaving Winslow, Thomas Simons experienced a number of disasters:
Buckingham Express, 14-28 Nov 1891
  MR. MINTER, Master of the Winslow Workhouse has started a subscription on behalf of Mr. Thomas Simons, hairdresser, formerly of Winslow, and now living in very reduced circumstances in Birmingham.  Some time back Simons, while ill in bed, was robbed of nearly everything in the house by a man and woman whom he had engaged to look after his business.
  Poor Mr. Simons, who was for many years barber, hairdresser, shopkeeper, and subsequently innkeeper in Winslow, has fallen upon evil days of poverty and misfortune in Birmingham.  Mr. Minter…is acting the part of a ‘true Christian’ …in collecting some money for Simons from those who remember him, as very many do.  He was a “character” and in his better days appeared prosperous and well-to-do, but he changed and changed and is now at a very low ebb. Very many of our readers will have a kind thought for their bustling fellow-townsman, and will perhaps send Mr. Minter a few contributions to help on his good and sympathetic plan,
  MR. MINTER...asks us to…thank all those subscribers who have so warmly responded to his appeal on behalf of Thomas Simons.  Mr. Minter has received the following letter from Simons:- “Dear Sir,- Your kind and welcome letter safe to hand.  It is a God-send to me in my trouble.  I do thank you and all the friends who have helped me.  If I could but shave I could do well now, but my right hand has failed me, so I do the housework and conduct the shop as well as I can.”  Between £5 and £6 was forwarded by Mr. Minter.

1882: Winslow Literary Institute set up a Reading Room at 14C Market Square, known as The Roundhouse, on 1 Nov (read more).

1883: Buckingham Advertiser, 7 July
F.J. Munt, Jeweller, Castle Street, Buckingham, Has now arranged to Receive Watches and Jewellery for Repairs, &c., at Mr. W. Turnham's, Confectioner, Market Place, Winslow, every Wednesday Between the Hours of 11 and 6 o'clock.

1886: Mr Chinnery of Winslow Hall took a lease on 14C Market Square for his groom, and continued the Parish Reading Room under new management.

1891:  Census

William Turnham Head married 46 Confectioner b. Winslow
Mary Turnham Wife do 42   do
Ellen Turnham Daughter single 18 Shopwoman to above do
John Henry Turnham Son do 15   do
William Turnham do do 10 Scholar do

William Turnham (1850-1937)

William Turnham at 10 Horn Street
William Turnham outside the Bakery at 10 Horn Street, 1930

William Turnham was born in 1850 in Sheep Street. His father John took over the Bakery at 10 Horn Street in 1866. William went to school at Grace’s Academy where he was a contemporary of the future playwright Henry Arthur Jones.  William and his wife Mary lived at 14 Market Square, which they ran as a confectioner's shop, and inherited the bakery business when John Turnham died in 1894. Their son Harry then had his photography studio at 14 Market Square, and Harry's wife Hetty ran the confectioner's.

A handwritten poem by William TurnhamWilliam was an active Liberal and Congregationalist, a member of the Bucks Volunteers and won many trophies for rifle-shooting. He was best known for his poetry about Winslow, and in 1932 published Turnham's All Sorts. Click on the image on the left to see a poem which he wrote in 1909, copied out in his own writing. Click here for the poem which he wrote about the church clock in 1918. Thanks to Ed Grimsdale for some of the information above.


1891: Directory
Turnham, William, confectioner, Market Square

The Turnhams in their shop doorway
William Turnham in the shop doorway with his wife and daughter. A painting of 1860 (Alan Wigley, A Window on Winslow, p.26) shows that the door was previously on the left, next to The George.

1901: Census

William Turnham Head married 56 Baker & Confectioner (employer) b. Winslow
Mary Turnham Wife do 52   do
Ellen Turnham Daughter single 18 Waiter in shop do
John Henry Turnham Son do 25 Photographer (own account) do

1903: Directory
Turnham, Harry, photographer, Market Square
Turnham, William, baker & confectioner. Market Square

1907: Bucks Herald, 30 March
Mr. W. Turnham, who has succeeded to the poetic mantle at one time worn by the late Mr. Henry Wigley, at Winslow, entertained a large number of people at the Congregational Schoolroom there last week by giving selections from his compositions, some of which have appeared in London magazines.  His themes were varied, ranging from Spelling-bees to Fire Brigades and Rifle Corps of the past, down to the New Woman of today;  with other pieces, both grave and gay.   They certainly were very much appreciated by the audience, the Chairman remarking that he had seen plenty of published pieces which were not equal to Mr. Turnham’s.

I note, by the way, that one of Mr. Turnham’s ancestors was residing at Buckingham as early as 1676, when a John Turnham sold 9 acres of arable land situate in Churchway Furlong to the trustees for the endowment of Buckingham Vicarage.  Thomas Turnham, too, was Mayor of Buckingham in 1720 and again in 1726.

1910: Valuation
J.H. Turnham (occupier): William Turnham (owner): house, 14 Market Square

William and Mary Turnham with 3 children
Harry and Hetty Turnham in his studio
William and Mary Turnham with their three children, c.1890
J.H. (Harry) Turnham (1876-1950), shown in the photo with his wife Hetty, was Winslow's photographer for several decades and took most of the photos on this website

1911: Directory
Turnham, Harry, photographer, Market Square

1911: Census
Market Square, 6 rooms

John Henry Turnham Head married 5 years 35 Photographer b. Winslow
Harriet Hetty Turnham Wife married, no children 34 Shopkeeper b. Dallington Moors, Northants

William Turnham had now moved to 10 Horn Street, replacing his father who died in 1894. Well known as the Winslow Poet, he died in 1937 aged 87.

Tableau of a soldier leaving home
This scene seems to have been staged in the photographic studio at 14 Market Square, with members of the Turnham family enacting the departure of a First World War soldier

1914: Assessment (TNA, IR58/2348 no.275)
Situation              Market Square
Description         House & Shop
Gross Value: Buildings   £25         Rateable Value: Buildings             £20
Occupier              J.H. Turnham
Owner                  Wm Turnham, Horn Street, Winslow
Interest of Owner                            Freehold
Estimated Rent                                 £25
Who pays (a) Rates and Taxes (b) Insurance       (a)          T              (b)          TL
Who is liable for repairs                                                 TL
Site Value Deductions claimed    Yes
[stamp] SEP 30 1914
Particulars, description and note made on inspection     
Brick & Tile house
Shop, sitting room, kitchen & dining room
Sitting room, dark room, studio & 2 bedrooms
& 1 bedroom
4 cellars
3 poles  15 yards
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition              £550
Deduct Market Value of Site under similar circumstances, but if divested of structures, timber, fruit trees, and other things growing on the land
25 x 48  = 960 sq feet                                                                                                                     £50
Difference Balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber &c.                £500
Market Value of Fee Simple of Whole in in its present condition (as before)                                        £550 

1921: Census
Market Square, 5 rooms

John Henry Turnham Head married 45y 7m Photographer (own account) b. Winslow
Harriett Hetty Turnham Wife married 44y 6m Managing confectioners shop for William Turnham b. Northampton

According to Alan Wigley (A Window on Winslow, p.28), the 4-storey building was in use as the Town Library and reading room.

1935: Directory
Turnham, Jn Hy, confectioner, Market Square
Turnham, John Henry, photographer, Market Square

1939: Hillier's Almanac
14 Market Square: J.H. Turnham

14 Market Square with a man and bicycle
The skylights in the roof (replaced in 1989 with dormer windows) were for Harry Turnham's photography studio

The confectioner's business was run until the 1960s by Harry Turnham's niece Mollie and her husband Charles Beane, whose name is over the door in the photo at the top of the page. It later became The Grapevine off-licence. It is currently (February 2016) Guelder Rose.

14C was run as the retail shop for the bakery (originally Turnham's) at 10 Horn Street until the 1980s.

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