1841 Census: District 2

District 2 began at Tuckey Farm, followed the west side of Granborough Road and north side of Horn Street, included the houses around the church, went round the Market Square (mainly anti-clockwise) and up the west side of the High Street.

See 1841 Census introduction for more information.

Map of District 2 Horn Street Vicarage Church Yard Market Square Tuckey Western Lane Tinkers End High Street

The map is an 1813 Ordnance Survey drawing held by the British Library, used under Open Government Licence v.1.0.

Click on the names on the map to go to the relevant place in the census return.

Words in italics are editorial notes.

Address First name Surname Age (m) Age (f) Employment Born in county?
Albert Place = 30-36 Granborough Rd Thomas Seaton 44   Agricultural Labourer   Yes
Hanah [sic] Seaton   40   Yes
Richard Seaton 18   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Lisea [=Eliza] Seaton   14   Yes
George Seaton 12     Yes
  Benjiman [sic] Bates 25   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  George Clark 22   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Hanah Clark   26   No
  John Clark 18   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Joseph Clark 15   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Mary Clark   2   No
  Thomas Radwill 25   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Charlotte Lucket   65   Yes
  Eliza Lucket   25   Yes
Tuckey Farm Samuell [sic] Cole 45   Farmer Yes
  Catherine Boner   36 Female Servant Yes
  James Dodson 16   Male Servant Yes
Weston Lane Charles Holt   40   Agricultural Labourer   Yes
= Western Lane (houses mainly on site of nos.11-13 and Demoram Close) Mirieah [=Maria] Holt   35   Yes
James Walker 30   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Ann Walker   40   Yes
Jesey [=Jesse] Walker 8     Yes
Fredick [sic] Walker 2     Yes
Mirieah [=Maria] Walker   5   Yes
James Royce 34   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Mary Royce   37   Yes
Emma Royce   12   Yes
George Royce 7     Yes
  Sarah Royce   5   Yes
  Elize Royce   2   Yes
  John Fosket 30   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth Fosket   30   Yes
  Alfried [sic] Fosket 6     Yes
  William Fosket 4     Yes
  William Benbow 35   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Fanny Benbow   35   Yes
  Ann Benbow   10   Yes
  John Wesley 30   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  William Wesley 10     Yes
  George Wesley 8     Yes
  Ann Wesley   5   Yes
  Mary Wesley   4   Yes
Weston Lane John Egelton 30   Cooper Yes
  Ann Egelton   30   Yes
  George Egelton 7     Yes
  Charles Egelton 5     Yes
  Richard Harris 53   Painter Yes
  Sarah Harris   42   Yes
  Rebecca Harris   14   Yes
  Jane Harris   12   Yes
  Mary Harris   9   Yes
  Sarah Harris   5   Yes
  Henry Faulkner 60   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Jane Faulkner   50   Yes
  George Faulkner 13   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Joseph Faulkner 15   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Martha Faulkner   14   Yes
  George Egelton 65   Cooper Yes
  Hanah Egelton   55   Yes
  Sarah Egelton   25   Yes
  George Egelton 15   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Thomas Newman 40   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Ann Newman   40   Yes
  Mary Newman   25   Yes
  Henry Newman 15   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Edmond Newman 10     Yes
  Louca [=Louisa] Newman   5   Yes
  Christopher Newman 2     Yes
  John Green 25     Yes
  Sarah Green   25 Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Joseph Green 6     Yes
  Susan Green   5   Yes
  Jane Green   1   Yes
Tinkers End Thomas Scott 70   Agricultural Labourer   Yes
now demolished; partly on site of Chiltern Court George Scott 26   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Elizabeth Scott   23   Yes
Joseph Evens 40   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Henery Evens 19   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Hanah Evens   35   Yes
Mary Evens   8   Yes
John Evens 22   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Charlotte Evens   19   Yes
  Richard Willmore 25   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Ann Willmore   35   Yes
  Ann Willmore   10   Yes
  Elizabeth Willmore   8   Yes
  Hanah Willmore   7   Yes
  Jane Willmore   5   Yes
  Martha Willmore   3   Yes
  Richard Willmore 3     Yes
  Charles Walker 20   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Mary Walker   20   Yes
  John Beddell 50   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Ellen Beddell   45   Yes
  Elizabeth Beddell   19   Yes
  Pheby Beddell   16   Yes
  William Higgins 25   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth Higgins   25   Yes
  Sarah Higgins   3   Yes
  George Alderman 30   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Eliza Alderman   1   Yes
  Mary Alderman   25   Yes
  John Alderman under 1 year     Yes
Great Horn Street Thomas  Green 30   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Mary Green   30   Yes
  Edmon [sic] Green 7     Yes
  Emanuel Green 5     Yes
  Eliza Green   2   Yes
  Francis Warner 69   Gardener Yes
  Thomas Warner 45   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Mary Pollard   65 Female Servant Yes
  John Morecraft 55   Butcher Yes
  Mary Morecraft   50   Yes
  Mary Dover   50 Ind. Yes
  Rhoda Cook   18 Female Servant Yes
  Thomas Rivett 50   Watchmaker Yes
  John Rivett 19   Watchmaker Yes
Some of these houses were probably on the site of Western House Thomas Green 65   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Ann Green   60   Yes
George Buckingham 15   Agricultural Labourer No
Elizabeth Stares   15   Yes
  Jams [sic] Winmen 65   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Sarah Winmen   65   Yes
  Ann Winmen   8   Yes
  Thomas Scott 35   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Ann Scott   45   Yes
  William Scott 15   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  John Scott 10     Yes
  James Scott 9     Yes
  George Smith 25   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Leanour Smith   25   Yes
  Alferead Smith 1     Yes
  Thomas Goodger 47   Brewer Yes
  Hannah Goodger   48   Yes
  Mary Goodger   23   Yes
  Charles Goodger 13     Yes
  Eli Goodger 10     Yes
  Thomas Kirby 60   Grazier Yes
  Mary Kirby   50   Yes
  Elizabeth Kirby   25   Yes
  Henery [sic] Kirby 20   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Henery Seller 25   Glazier No
  Charlott [sic] Seller   25   Yes
  Emma Seller   1   Yes
  John Wilmore 30   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth Wilmore   35   Yes
  George Wilmore 3     Yes
  Benjamin Sharp 30   Brazier No
30 Horn Street John Bainbridge 55   Independent Means No
  Susanna Bainbridge   50 Independent Means Yes
  Sarah Dickins   18 Female Servant Yes
  Henery Butcher 83   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Henery Butcher 35   Tea Dealer Yes
  William Bates 16   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth Bates   59   Yes
  Ann Bates   20   Yes
  John Massey 30   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth Massey   25   Yes
  Thomas Massey 6     Yes
  George Massey 4     Yes
  Robert Massey 2     Yes
  John Goodger 20   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Charles Monk 45   Farmer Yes
  Mary Monk   15   Yes
  John Monk 15     Yes
  Elizabeth Monk   11   Yes
  Charles Monk 9     Yes
  Mary Monk   20   Yes
  Mary Uff   15 Female Servant Yes
  William Ingram 25   Shoemaker Yes
  Elizabeth Ingram   25   Yes
  Jane Ingram   1   Yes
  William Ingram 55   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Lucy Ingram   45   Yes
  Sarah Ingram   20   Yes
  Eliza Ingram   15   Yes
  John Ingram 15   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Henery Ingram 10     Yes
  Lucy Duck   3   Yes
  Silence Goodger   75   Yes
  Mary Alderman   65   Yes
  Mary Alderman   18   Yes
  Elizabeth Walker   38   Yes
  William Walker 10     Yes
  James Walker 6     Yes
  Eliza Walker   2   Yes
  Mary Wesley   5   Yes
  James Goodman 29   Bricklayer Yes
  Sarah Goodman   22   Yes
  William Goodman 2     Yes
  Thomas Evans 40   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Susana Evans   40   Yes
  William Evens 21   Agricultural Labourer Y
Horn Street Rebeca Evens   15   Y
  Cariline Evens   13   Y
  Eliza Evens   9   Y
  Sarah Evens   4   Y
Most of the households in the rest of Horn Street (which actually includes Church Street) can be identified on the 1880 map, but there had been some changes in the buildings between 22 and 10. Clicking on the red names on the map will take you to the relevant census entry.
Map of north side of Horn Street
The Plough Roseman Tombs 45   Victualler Y
  Emma Tombs   25   Y
  Ann Tombs   8   Y
  Arther Tombs 4     Y
  Barbery Tombs   2   Y
  Mildrind Tombe   Under
1 year
  Philip Walker 35   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Zilpah Walker   35   Y
  Richard Walker 11     Y
  Emma Walker   9   Y
  Ephraim Walker 5     Y
  Victoria Walker   2   Y
  David Walker Under
1 year
  Hanah Piggott   55   N
  Charlott Piggott   19   Y
  James Piggott 16   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Edward Piggott 25   Agricultural Labourer Y
Western Lodge David Willis 35   Solicitor Y
  Maria Willis   30   Y
  Maria Willis   4   Y
  Sarah Willis   2   Y
  Susan Golby   20 Female Servant N
  Ann Rickard   15 Female Servant Y
  Elizabeth Wesley   30   N
  Rebeca Wesley   12   Y
  William Wesley 10     Y
  Susanah Wesley   8   Y
  George Wesley 5     Y
  George Bailey 15   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Jane Walker   55   Y
Church Lane according to Pigot's Directory 1842 Thomas Stevens 30   Tailor Y
Susanah Stevens   25   Y
Eliza Stevens   2   Y
Alfred Stevens 1     Y
4-8 Church St - Pigot's Directory 1842 gives the address as Church Alley Thomas Morcraft 27   Butcher Y
Mary Morcraft   25   Y
Elizabeth Morcraft   4   Y
Mary Morcraft   1   Y
Thomas Turnham 22   Journeyman (Butcher) Y
Frances Dubery   20 Female Servant Y
Charlott King   21   Y
1 Church St Mary Judge   75 Independent Means Y
  Elizabeth Judge   30   Y
24 Horn St Charles Willis 60   Attorney at Law N
  Elizabeth Willis   65   N
  Ann Willis   25   Y
  Estere Hinton   15 Female Servant Y
20 Horn St Robert Jones 20   Farmer Y
  Elizabeth Jones   65 Independent Means Y
  Mary Jones   35 Independent Means Y
  Mary Emerton   15 Independent Means Y
  Sarah King   50   Y
  Sarah Vicors (?)   6   Y
  Penelope Dudley   65 Independent Means N
  Ann Dudley   25 Independent Means Y
  Charles Keys 26   Shoe Maker Y
  Eliza Keys   28   Y
  John Keys 4     Y
  Charles Keys 2     Y
  Margarett Wichello   45   N
  George Wichello 15   Agricultural Labourer N
  Eliza Wichello   10   N
  Joseph Wichello 10     N
10 Horn Street Robert Corbett 55   Baker Y
  William Corbett 25     Y
  John Corbett 20     Y
  Elizabeth Corbett   26   Y
  Emma Blackwell   15 Female Servant N
8 Horn Street Henery Faulkner 40   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Ann Faulkner   45   Y
  Charlott Faulkner   20   Y
  Elizebeth Faulkner   12   Y
  Henery Faulkner 10     Y
  Mary Faulkner   7   Y
  Ann Ingram   20   Y
6 Horn Street Thomas Moore 63   Shoe M. Y
  Mary Moore   60   N
The Bull Hannah Wade   52 Innkeeper Y
  John Allen 41   Mason Y
  Robert Gurney 55   Relieving officer Y
  Mary Gurney   60   Y
  Charles Scaldwill 25   Shoe Maker Y
  James Newman 20   Apprentice N
  Ann Barlow   15 Female Servant Y
Church Yard James Markham 30   Blacksmith Y
  Catherine Markham   30   Y
  Edward Markham 6     Y
  Richard Markham 5     Y
  Mary Kingston   70   Y
Part of Churchwalk House George Cross 73   Malster Y
William Cross 9     Y
Thomas Cross 64   Male Servant Y
Mary Cross   15 Female Servant Y
Sarah King   50 Female Servant Y
  Mary Whitehall   40   Y
  John Lomath 30   Currier Y
  Sarah Lomath   25   Y
  Jane Lomath   9   Y
  Mary Lomath   5   Y
  Henny Lomath   2   Y
  William Lomath   Under
1 year
wrong column used for age Y
Vicrage [sic] House W W M’Creight 39   Vicar N
  Catherine M’Creight   40   N
  Benjamin Puckle 50   Clergyman N
  Esther Stammer   20 Female Servant N
  Fanney Baseley   45 Female Servant Y
Market Square            
Numbers in the Market Square correspond to the detailed map below, which is based on the 1880 Ordnance Survey map. (?) means that the identification is not certain. Unfortunately the enumerator does not seem to have followed any particular order. Click on the numbers to go to the relevant census entry.
Market Square with census entries
The numbers in the first column correspond to the map above
1. The George Alferead [sic] Barton 30   Inkeeper [sic] Y
  Mary Barton   35   Y
  Sarah Barton   35   Y
  John Cranwell 15   Male Servant Y
  Joseph Balard 45   Male Servant Y
2. 14 Market Sq. John Mayne 30   Tailor Y
  Maria Mayne   20   Y
  Christopher Paine 12   Apprentice Y
3 (not located) Catherine Fry   50   N
  Straw plait manufacturer in 1847 directory
  Selina Fry   18   Y
  Francis Phillips 29   Straw dealer N
4. Site of the Bank James Burnham 40   Independent Y
  Emily Burnham   40 Independent N
5. 27 Market Sq Sarah Mayne   60 Independent Y
  Fanny Markham   15   Y
6. 25 Market Sq. (?) Jams [sic] Hazzard 30   Confectioner Y
Rebecca Hazzard   30   Y
Sarah Goodman   35   Y
Henery [sic] Wills 18   Apprentice Y
7 (not located) John Brownett 36   Shoemaker Y
  Ann Brownett   36   Y
  Eliza Brownett   10   Y
  Richard Brownett 7     Y
  Sarah Brownett   5   Y
  George Brownett 1     Y
  Ann Ward   78   Y
8. 21-23 Market Sq Henary Wigley 40   Printer N
Ann Wigley   39   Y
Elisabeth Wigley   3   Y
Caroline Wigley   1   Y
Mary Yeulett   19 Female Servant Y
9. 2nd Church House Samuel Yeates 61   Independent Y
  Briget Yeates   62 Independent Y
  Jane Faulkner   39 Female  Servant Y
10 (not located) Rebeca Wyatt   70 Independent Y
  Sarah Emerton   20 Female Servant Y
11. Church Walk Rosetta Lee   35   Y
Rebecca Lee   35   Y
Louisa Hicks[?]   Under 1 year Added later Y
12 (not located) Philip Bud 30   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Martha Bud   25   Y
  Eliza Bud   9   Y
  Elizabeth Bud   4   Y
13. Punch House, 13 Market Sq Henry Jenings 30   Painter Y
Eleanor Jenings   30   Y
Leahana Jenings   7   Y
Jesse Jenings 1     Y
Mary Parrott   14 Female Servant Y
14. 15 Market Sq George Cross 44   Draper Y
  Grant King 33   Draper Y
  Jane King   28   Y
  Martha King   3   Y
  Maria King   2   Y
  Amelia King   1   Y
  Ann Read   17 Female Servant Y
15. Rose & Crown Mary Maffey   20   N
  Richard Maffey Under 1 year     N
  Sarah Maffey   20   Y
  Elizabeth Rich / Rick   35 Female Servant N
  Charles Maffey, who was a butcher and kept the Rose & Crown according to Pigot's Directory (1842) must have been absent.
16 (not located) Thomas Talbett? 30   Butcher N
17. Old Crown Richard Sharp 40   Victualler Y
  Elizabeth Sharp   40   Y
  Sarah Harris   14 Female Servant Y
  Bengiman [sic] Bailey 5     N
  James Fletcher 60     N
18 1st Church House (later Post Office) Thomas Lomath 53   Lether Seller? Y
Mary Lomath   53   N
Sarah Dickins   4   Y
19 (not located)   Giles Dickens 25   Grocer No
  Mary Dickens   25   Y
  Charlotte Dickens   3   Y
  Ann Bignell   22   Y
20. 17 Market Sq. Samuel Dudley 60   Auctioneer Y
Samuel Dudley 30   Auctioneer Y
Sarah Harris   40 Female Servant Y
21. Site of the Bank Martha Burnham   65 Independent Means Y
22. Apparently separate household, not located Catherine Sharp   25   Y
Mary Sharp   18   Y
Sarah Church   23   Y
Albert Church 1     Y
High Street William Saving 35   Agricultural Labourer Y
  ditto [sic] Saving   25   Y
  Ester Saving   2   Y
  Daniel Walker 64     Y
  Jane Woodward   62   Y
  John Taylor 74   P(ensioner?) Y
  Ann Dandey   21   Y
  William Dandey 1     Y
Site of 3 High St Edward Gray 65   Smith Y
  Mary Gray   66   Y
  Sarah Gray   20   Y
  Eliza Gray   4   Y
Lime Cottage Mary Hinton   35   Y
  James Hinton 15     Y
  Ann Hinton   13   Y
  Edward Hinton 7     Y
  Sarah Hinton   2   Y
  Helen Day   45   N
  Charls [sic] Day 16     Y
  Henry Day 8     Y
27-29 High St (Three Pigeons)               William Jones 51   Baker Y
Sarah Jones   45   Y
Luisa [sic] Jones   15   Y
Silvanis [sic] Jones 14     Y
Eliza Jones   11   Y
Thomas Jones 8     Y
Thomas Gates 20   Male Servant Y
Mary Greitrickex[?]   30   N
  George Lomath 60   Shoemaker Y
  Elizabeth Lomath   62   N
  Thomas Boner 20   Apprentice N
  John Lomath 37   Shoe Maker N
  Sarah Lomath   36   N
  James Lomath 16     Y
  Mary Lomath   8   Y
  Elizabeth Lomath   6   Y
  George Lomath 3     Y
The Windmill Joseph King 43   Wheelwright Y
  Elizabeth King   35   Y
  Elizabeth King   12   Y
  William King 10     Y
  Joseph King 6     Y
  George King 2     Y
  Mary King   1 month   Y
  William George 19   Male Servant Y
  Jams [sic] George 17   Male Servant Y
  Hannah Shilton / Shelton   17 Female Servant Y
  Bett Gibbs   55 Female Servant Y
Site of fire station and telephone exchange Edward Sear 30   Coach Builder Y
Ann Sear   30   N
William Sear 5     Y
John Sear 1     Y
Charles Edmonds 17   Apprentice N
Richard Coxill 37   Cooper Y
  Alice Coxill   30   N
  Lousia [sic] Coxill   6 months   Y
  Joseph Coxill 39   Cooper Y
  William Coxill 8     N
  Ann Coxill   65   N
  Henry Hancock 19   Apprentice N
  Richard Soton 40   Tanner Y
  Susan Soton   35   N
  William Soton 15     Y
  Thomas Soton 14     Y
  Emma Soton   12   Y
  Eliza Soton   8   Y
  Caroline Soton   6   Y
  George Soton 4     Y
  Sarah Soton   2   Y
  Thomas Webb 42   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Elizabeth Webb   42   Y
  Ann Webb   21   Y
  Mary Webb   19   Y
  Sarah Webb   14   Y
  Jane Webb   12   Y
  John Webb 7     Y
  Catherine Webb   4   Y
  Eliza Webb   9 months   Y
  Richard Goodwin 57   Carrier Y
  Elizebeth Goodwin   50   N
  William Hopkins 35   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Charlott [sic] Hopkins   35   N
  Elizebeth Hopkins   15   Y
  Mary Hopkins   10   Y
  Hannah Hopkins   6   Y
  William Hopkins 4     Y
  John Hopkins 1     Y
  Bengemen Watson 20   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Jams Gelling 18   Agricultural Labourer Y
The following houses were in Back Lane (Vicarage Road); at least the first 2 are now no.5        Wiliam Punn 10 [=70]   Tailor Y
Mary Punn   60   Y
Matthew Deeley 65   Agricultural Labourer Y
Susanah Deeley   55   Y
Ann Hopkins   65   Y
George Scammell[?] 45     Y
Ann Scammell[?]   45   Y
Alfred Scammell[?] 12     N
George Scammell[?] 9     N
Mary Scammell[?]   6   N
Edward Taylor 67     Y
Mary Taylor   67   Y
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