Tuckey Farm

1767    Enclosure Award 
184a 0r  25p in Demoram Field allotted to William Lowndes in lieu of great tithes - land bounded by the brook dividing the old enclosures of East Claydon from the open fields by the Act intended to be divided and inclosed .... Tuckey Farm was then built in the middle of the former open field. The farm was the largest one in Winslow. The name, usually written Toky, was previously used for one of the furlongs in the field. Tuckey Mead was 24 acres of freehold land acquired by William Lowndes in the 1690s, and there are also references to Tuckey Hill.

1781-3    Land Tax
Lowndes, Willm Esq (owner), Thomas Ingram (occupier): £19 11 10¾

1785-1800    Land Tax
Selby, Willm Esq (owner), Thomas Ingram (occupier): £29 10 4¼

1786 Fire insurance: farmhouse valued at £320; barn and two stables £70; barn and two cowhouses £70

1805-15    Land Tax
Selby, Willm Esq (owner), John Bull sr (occupier): £29 10 4 

1813 Ordnance Survey map of Winslow
1813: Tuckey Farm marked on pre-Ordnance Survey map.

1817    Will of John Bull the elder of Winslow dairyman

1819    21 Aug Baptism William son of William & Mary Bull Tuckey farmer

1820: Will of William Bull, dairyman, proved. He left his farm to be carried on by his widow, brother and father-in-law.

1820-25    Land Tax
Lowndes Selby, Wm Esq (owner), Mrs Bull (occupier): £29 10 4

1826, 4 Nov: Northampton Mercury

Valuable and extensive STOCK of DAIRY COWS,
By S. Dudley,

On Monday the 6th November, 1826, on the Premises of Mrs. MARY BULL, at TUCKEY FARM, in the Parish of WINSLOW, Bucks, who is leaving the same;
COMPRISING 52 valuable dairy Cows, in-calf,  new-milch, and barren;  one long-horned Bull, 160 fat Sheep and Lambs, and two Tups;  two useful cart Horses, two cart Mares, in-foal; nag Horse, three Years old (by Sancho); nag Mare, five Years old (by Knowsley);  two handsome grey Galloways, rising two and three Years old; grey Pony, in Foal; two sucking cart Colts, and one nag Ditto; six fat Hogs, one feeding Sow, and eight Porkets; about 100 Tons of prime meadow Hay, in seven Stacks; and 270 Acres of excellent Keeping, till the 25th March, 1827.
Part of the Hay may be taken off, and three Months’ Credit will be given for the same and the Keeping, by paying a Deposit of 25 per Cent, and giving approved  joint Security.
The Farm is well supplied with Water, and the Purchasers will be accommodated with the use of the Cowhouses and Yard.
Catalogues may be had at the neighbouring Inns; Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneers, Winslow.
The Sale will commence at Ten o’Clock.

1827, 26 Feb
Sale of Meadow and Upland Hay, Mrs Bull, Tuckey Farm

1827, 19 March
Sale of Farming Stock, Mrs Bull, Tuckey Farm

1828    Land Tax
Lowndes Selby Wm Esq (owner), Owen Cole (occupier): £29 10s 4d

1832    land Tax
Lowndes Selby Wm Esq (owner), S & O Cole (occupiers):  £29 10s 4d

1833    Register of Electors
Samuel Cole Occupier of lands Tuckey Farm

1833: Royal Cornwall Gazette, 9 Feb
Last week Matthew King, one of the keepers of S. Lowndes, Esq., shot on Tuckey's farm, near Winslow, a black hare. It was an exceedingly fine animal, and, as we believe, it is unique in this country. It has been sent to London, to be stuffed and preserved.

1838    Rate book
Cole, Samuel: Farm House & Land        £5 2s 4½d

1838: Leicester Journal, 10 Aug
WINSLOW.- The celebrated “Miss Finger,” (the property of Mr. Cole, of this place) at the Leicester Races, last week, won two silver cups, and a sweepstakes [sic], after travelling from Winslow, the night preceding the morning of the races, (a distance of 48 miles,) and arriving at Leicester only three hours previous to the time of starting;  she also won a silver cup at Camberwell, on Tuesday last.  She is rising five years old.  The proprietor has been offered £150 for her.- Northampton Herald.
In the race for the second cup at Camberwell, Miss Finger ran against a post, and fell, injuring both herself and her rider.

1839: Bucks Herald, 4 May
CHALLENGE.- Bell’s Life in London of Saturday last, contains the following paragraph.  The pony referred to, is of course Mr. Coles’ celebrated “Miss Finger.” “A black pony 12½ hands high 5 years old, is open to run a match on the race course at Winslow, on May 29th next, with any pony in England of the same height, for any sum from £10 to £25, to carry 7 st. each, heat 1½ mile, but if accepted by more than one to run a single 1½ mile for a sweepstake of a like sum upon the same terms.  May be heard of at Mr. Bull’s, King’s Arms, Snow Hill, or Mr. Jos. Neal’s, Bell Inn, Winslow.

1841: Census
Tuckey Farm

Samuel Cole 45 Farmer not b. in county
Catharine Boner 38 Female servant b. in county
James Dodson 16 Male servant do

1844: Morning Post, 13 April
(Inquest by J.W. Cowley, coroner for Bucks, on 1 April, at Winslow, on Thomas Bates, aged 27)
It appeared that the deceased and his brother were in the employ of Mr. Samuel Cole, of Tuckey farm, near Winslow, and on the morning of the previous Saturday his brother requested deceased to assist him in cleaning a mare, which he accordingly did. She began kicking, and as deceased was running out of the stable she kicked him on the chest, knocked him down, and kicked him again whilst on the ground. The unfortunate man never spoke, and died in about ten imnutes. Verdict, "Accidental death;" deodand, 5s.

1845: Samuel Cole married Sarah Barton of The George

1848    Directory
Cole, Samuel Farmer Tuckey

1851: Census, Tuckey Farm

Samuel Cole Head mar 45 Farmer 301 acres employing 11 labourers b. Greatworth, Northants
Sarah do Wife mar 48 wife b. Winslow
Benjamin Coal [sic] Nephew unm 20 Writing clerk b. Adstock
Elizabeth East Servant unm 43 Domestic servant b. Sulgrave, Northants

1852: Bucks Chronicle, 26 June
Mr Benjamin Coles, of this place, being about to leave for Australia, his friends and old acquaintances, at Winslow and its neighbourhood, in order to show their good feeling towards him, invited him to dine with them on Tuesday last, at the George Inn, where they sat down to a spread in Mr. Barton’s usual style.  The occurrence being rather an unusual one, was kept up with spirit to a late hour, the only drawback on the pleasures of the evening being the near prospect of parting with one who has, on all occasions, deserved the feeling thus evinced.

1853    Directory 
Cole, Samuel Farmer Tuckey Farm

1854: 14 Dec (Centre for Bucks Studies D/X 1036/1/17)
Letter of Acknowledgement by Samuel Cole that the sum of £300 is owed to Richard Baldwin of Winslow, coal merchant

1856: Bucks Herald, 1 Nov
SALE OF STOCK. – The sale of  Messrs. Coles’ stock at Tuckey Farm, by Mr. James King, on Wednesday last, drew a most unusual assemblage of agriculturists, dealers, and others;  the result of which was highly satisfactory to the parties concerned.  The sale commenced with the sheep.  Store lambs realised 37s., store ewes, 48s., and fat sheep upwards of 50s. per head.  The cow stock, which was good, fetched high prices, some as high as £26 per head.  The fat and store pigs sold equally well.

1858: Oxford Journal, 29 May [The following was part of a dispute between Cole and his successor Henry Monk about the ricks which were left at the farm]
WE, the undersigned Farm Labourers, having worked on Tuckey Farm, Winslow, in the year 1856, in the employment of Mr. Samuel Cole, hereby testify that we assisted in building all his Ricks of Corn and Hay (including a Rick of Oats which was Sold by Auction, in October 1856, on his leaving the Farm, and was the subject of Trial, at the County Court, at Buckingham, on 17th May instant); we declare that such Rick of Oats was fairly built in every respect, and that no Straw whatever was put upon it, except a moderate covering of thatch.
    We, also, having worked for Mr. Cole, on the above Farm, for may years, wish to express our grateful feelings towards him as a master, for his uniform kindness, honesty of purpose, and good treatment, being all that could be wished from a master to a servant.
Witness our hands, this 25th May, 1858.
John Redding, in the employment of Mr. Cole 28 years
George Holt - 20 years
William Warr - 19 years
Robert Holt - 12 years
Joseph Edwin - 10 years
William Viccars - 6 years
Thomas Morris - 5 years
N.B. Mr. Cole occupied Tuckey Farm 29 years, and received a notice to quit the same, on the 27th September, 1856, previous to which time all his Stacks of Corn and Hay were built.

1859 Oxford Journal, 14 May
Winslow Petty Sessions: Emma Mansell, servant to Mr. Henry Monk of Tuckey Farm, Winslow, was charged with robbing her employer. It appeared that Inspector James Carruthers searched the prisoner's box, at Mr Monk's house, and on so doing found a bottle of whiskey, three bottles of gin, some tea, a scent bottle, a needle case, a neck-tie, and articles of jewellery, the property of Mr. Monk; the accused pleaded guilty; committed to Aylesbury gaol for two months' hard labour.

1859 Oxford Journal, 28 May
Winslow Petty Sessions: Joshua Rawlins, labourer, of East Claydon, was charged with having feloniously received from Emma Mansell articles which she had stolen from Mr Henry Monk, of Tuckey Farm, Winslow. Committed to Aylesbury Gaol for trial.
According to the Aylesbury Gaol database, Joshua Rawlins was aged 25 and had a child by Fanny Stevens. Emma Mansell was a dairymaid aged 25, born at Hillesden.

1861: Census, Tuckey Farm

Henry Monk Head mar 34 Farmer 320 acres employing 8 men & 4 boys b. Stone
Eliza do Wife mar 33   b. London
Charles H. do Son   5   b. Salden
Emily R. do Dau   2   b. Winslow
John E. do Son   9m   b. Winslow
Emma Coles Servant unm 20 Dairy maid b. Quainton
Jane Bates Servant   12 Nurse maid b. Winslow
John Turney Servant unm 18 Agricultural labourer & groom b. Slapham [sic], Beds

1863    Rate Book
Monk Mr H: land & buildings £78 0s 0d
Monk Mr H: Claydon Road £5 16s 8d
Monk Mr H: House & land £424 3s 4d

1864    Directory
Monk Henry Farmer Tuckey Farm

1870: Henry Monk was sued for damages after allegedly libelling Samuel Burnham Dudley

1871: Census, Tuckey Farm

Henry Monk Head mar 44 Farmer of 380 acres employing 5 men & 5 boys b. Stone
Eliza do Wife mar 46   b. Flitwick(?), Beds
Henry do Son   15 Farmer's son b. Winslow
Emily do Dau   12 Scholar b. Winslow
Job [sic] do Son   10 do b. Winslow
Arthur do do   9 do b. Winslow
Ellen do Dau   7 do b. Winslow
Clara do do   5 do b. Winslow
Frank do Son   4   b. Winslow
William do do   11m   b. Winslow
Ruth Tuckett Servant unm 26 Domestic servant b. Fenny Compton, Oxon
Hannah Gibbard do unm 18 do b. Padbury
do Briggs Servant unm 20 Governess b. Desborough, Northants

1871    Register of landowners
Monk, Henry, Winslow  79a 2r 33p

1877    Directory 
Monk, Henry  Farmer  Tuckey Farm

1881: Census, Tuckey Farm

Henry Monk Head mar 53 Farmer of 950 acres employing 12 men & 4 boys b. Stone
Eliza do Wife do 54 Farmer's wife parish n.k.
Emily R. do Dau unm 21 Farmer's daughter b. Winslow
John E. do Son do 20 do son b. Winslow
Helen C. do Dau do 17 do daughter b. Winslow
Frank do Son   14 Scholar b. Winslow
William do do   10 do b. Winslow
Arthur do do unm 18 Farmer's son b. Winslow
Sarah Smith Servant unm 26 General servant domestic b. Leckhamstead
William Britten Servant unm 20 Farm servant b. Charlbury, Oxon

1884: Bicester Herald, 11 July
  DRUNK AT WINSLOW.- Henry Monk, of Winslow, was charged with having been drunk at Winslow, on July 2.  The case was proved by Sergt. Bowden, and the Bench fined defendant 5s. and 13s. 6d. costs.

1886: Emily Monk married William Neal of The Bell

1891: Census, Tuckey

Henry Monk Head mar 64 Farmer b. Stone
Eliza Morris Monk Wife do 62   unknown
Helen Celine Monk Dau single 27   b. Winslow
Frank Monk Son do 23   b. Winslow
William R. Monk do do 20   b. Winslow
Mary Ann Grace Servant do 25 General servant domestic b. Newton Longville

1892: Bucks Herald, 9 Jan: deaths
MONK.- On the 5th inst., at Tuckey Farm, Winslow, Eliza Morris, the beloved wife of Henry Monk, aged 64 years.

Tuckey Farm in sale catalogue1897    Sale of Winslow Hall Estate. 
Lot 16.  Tuckey Farm 312a 1r 3p let to Mr Wm R Monk £480 per annum. 
Not sold. See right - click on image for full size

1898: Bucks Herald, 4 June (part of another sale for William Selby-Lowndes)
TUCKEY FARM, a first-class FREEHOLD DAIRY and STOCK FARM of 220 ACRES, in a ring fence, situate in the Parish of Winslow, and close to the Winslow Road Station on the Metropolitan Railway, and a VALUABLE SMALLER FARM adjoining, comprising 95 ACRES

1898: Bucks Herald 2 July
  Lots 2 and 3, comprising Tuckey Farm and Tuckey Covert, with an area of 315 acres, occupied by Mr. W. R. Monk and the Whaddon Chase Hunt, at a rental of £480, were bought by Mr. J. A. Goldring, for Mr. H. S. Leon, of Bletchley Park, at £9,000.

1901: Census, Tuckey Farm

William R. Monk Head mar 30 Farmer b. Winslow
Esther L. do Wife do 28   b. Hogshaw
Norman C. do Son   1   b. Winslow
Helen M. Baylis Cousin single 27   b. Hoggeston
Louise Holt Servant   15 General servant domestic b. Winslow

Will of Henry Monk, retired farmer, 1901 (proved 1903)

1906: Buckingham Advertiser, 28 April
  SUDDEN DEATH.- On Saturday night last Henry Holt, a respected farm labourer, for many years employed on Tuckey Farm, and living at the cottage known as Tuckey Lodge, was returning home from Winslow, where, as usual on a Saturday evening, he had been spending an hour shopping etc.  He left Winslow about 10 p.m., and had got within about 100 yards of his own house on the East Claydon Road when he was taken ill, and expired before medical aid could be obtained.  Fortunately his grandson was with him, and his son’s house was just across the road, and he was taken there.  He had been for some little time under treatment by Dr. Vaisey, who was able to certify the cause of death, so that no inquest was necessary. His age was about 75.

  Henry Holt, whose sudden death last Saturday night is noted in another column, was a typical specimen of the old class of farm labourers, and had worked on Tuckey Farm for many years.  He was also one of the original members of the Provident Society.  He was of a cheerful, lively disposition, and seemed just the same while at the Bull Inn a few minutes before his death.  His wife was taken off suddenly on April 7, 1902.

1906: Buckingham Advertiser, 30 June
AFFILIATION.  Lilian Turvey, of Gawcott, v. Harry Holt, of Tuckey Cottages, Winslow.- Mr. Law appeared for the complainant and Mr. Allinson for the defendant.- The complainant, who is now only 18 years of age, went into domestic service at Tuckey Farm an June 26 last year.  Intimacy at once sprung up with the defendant, and the female child was born on May 9.  In an interview with the complainant’s father, the defendant had practically admitted the paternity.- The Bench made an order for 2s. per week and the costs £2 19s.

1911: Census, Tuckey Farm: 7 rooms

William Reddman Monk Head mar 40 Farmer b. Winslow
Esther Louisa Monk Wife do 39 3 children living, 1 dead b. Hogshaw
Norman Curtis Monk Son   11   b. Winslow
William Frank Monk Son   8   b. Winslow
Esther Joan Monk Dau   7   b. Winslow
Annie Elizabeth Dancer Servant single 25 Housemaid b. Granborough
Elsie Edith Ewers Servant single 16 General servant domestic b. Ashendon

1913: Assessment (TNA, IR 58/2348 no.207)
Situation              Claydon Road
Description         Pasture land with barn & shed
Extent   A 54 – 1 -  8
Gross Value: Land           £103                       Rateable Value: Land                     £97 - 17 – 6
                Buildings              £5                                                           Buildings              £4
Occupier              William Readman Monk
Owner                  Herbert Samuel Leon, Bletchley
Interest of Owner            Freehold
Occupier’s tenancy, Term             Yearly                    from      January 1907
Outgoings Land Tax £3 – 18 – 0                 paid by                                 Owners
Tithe £12 – 10 – 6              paid by                                 Owners                [red] but see 212
Who pays (a) Rates and Taxes (b) Insurance      
Who is liable for repairs                                                
See No 212
Former Sales  Dates                        June 1903
Consideration                                    £3145
Subsequent Expenditure                               Nil
[red] PV 17/2/13
Includes ...478 479 480
Particulars, description and note made on inspection      /2/13
?Farm House Build[ings?] /Good Hay Barns Good feeding
ground near Road Good ?agric land near River
Close to station for carriage near Fat stock
market, small town hree cottages
 369 – 2 -  28
Charges, Easements and Restrictions affecting Market Value of Fee Simple
[red] pd T26074
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition       £12,950
Deduct Market Value of Site under similar circumstances, but if divested of structures, timber, fruit trees, and other things growing on the land                                                                                       £10,625
Difference Balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber &c.                £2,325
Divided as follows:-
Buildings and structures                                                                                                               £2,075
Timber                                                                                                                                           £  50
Other things growing on land                                                                                                         £  200
Market Value of Fee Simple of Whole in in its present condition (as before)                           £12,950
Add for Additional Value represented by any of the following for which any
Deduction may have been made when arriving at Market Value :-
Charges (excluding Land Tax)    TRC 313
Restrictions                                         £60         £373
GROSS VALUE                                                                                                                       £13,323
Description of Buildings
Brick & Tiled House                        
5 Bedrm 2 Sit kit Scullery, Water Supply
Stable & Stall & Chaise House
Tin & Slate Barn
Cart Shed & Loft
Open shed
Dutch Barn
Brick & Tile Cowhouse
New Bullock House
3 Cottages
[numbers below refer to 25" OS map]
No          Area                                      No               Area                     No          Area
104         9.929                                     309         1.755                     305      37.948
105           .177                                      310      10.232                      304         3.064
107      36.037                                      311      21.776                      331      13.252
113         4.275                                     312           .187                      317      33.629
114         2.521                                     307           .611                      318      11.811
115      10.728                                      308         7.264                     326         1.379
94pt       1.175                                     306         1.845                     327     13.260
  95           .167                                      313         7.810                     328           .229
118     18.921                                       314           .523                      329      34.664
110     16.592                                       316           .135                      332         1.701 Half [illegible]
111     11.978                                       315           .143                      196         .266 ditto
112     10.675                                       303      18.227                  Total    369.678
116     24.822 
GROSS VALUE                                                                                                                              £13323
Less value attributable to Structures, timber &c. (as before)                                                         £  2325
FULL SITE VALUE                                                                                                                         £10998
Gross Value (as before)                                                                                                                  £13323
Less deductions in respect of –
Tithe or Tithe Rent Charge                            £312
Public Right of Way or User                         £ 60
Restrictions                                                                                                                                 £  373
                TOTAL VALUE                                                                                                              £12950
 Less value attributable to Structures, timber &c. (as before)                        £2325
Expense of clearing site                                                                                                               £2325

Assessment no.212
Situation              Near Claydon Road
Description         Tuckey Farm builds & house
Extent   A 310
Gross Value: Land           £35                         Rateable Value: Land                     £28
                Buildings              £360                         Buildings              £342
Occupier              W.R. Monk
Owner                  H.S. Leon, Bletchley
Interest of Owner            Freehold
Occupier’s tenancy, Term             7 years                  from      Sep 1905
Actual Rent                         £442
Outgoings Land Tax £3 – 15 – 3                 paid by                                 owner
Tithe £12 – 10 – 6                                     paid by                                       “
Who pays (a) Rates and Taxes (b) Insurance       (a)          T less £20             (b)          TL
Who is liable for repairs                                                 L
Fixed Charges, Easements, Common Rights & Restrictions           
Former Sales  Dates                        1898
Consideration                                    £9,300
Subsequent Expenditure                   £1478 in Cottages barns etc
Charges, Easements and Restrictions affecting Market Value of Fee Simple
[red] Pt V 20751
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition     
Valued in 207

1920-39    Directory 
Monk, William  Farmer  Tuckey Farm

1921: Census, Tuckey Farm: 9 rooms

William Monk Head mar 51 Farmer b. Winslow
Esther Monk Wife do 49 Home duties b. Hogshaw
Norman Monk Son single 21 Farmer assisting father b. Winslow
Frank Monk Son single 18 Farmer assisting father b. Winslow
Joan Monk Dau single 17 Home duties b. Winslow
Rose Monk Dau   8 At school b. Winslow
Annie Curtis Mother-in-law widow 78   b. Winslow

1940    Telephone directory 
Monk, W. R.  Tuckey  Winslow 62

1941-42: Ministry of Food Farm Survey
Read the full return for Tuckey Farm

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