27 Market Square (Market House)

N.B. This building was demolished in 1947 to widen the entrance into High Street. It was sometimes known misleadingly as "the Wren House" or "the Market House". Meanwell's Shop
1764 Will of Grace Tofield, spinster
  I Give and bequeath unto my Kinsman William Tofield  All that my Messuage or Tenement Situate and being upon the Market Hill in Winslow aforesaid and now in the Occupation of William Gibbs
1777 8 April              Sun Insurance               11936/256/382480
  John Gibbs of Winslow cooper
  On his household goods in his now dwelling house situate as aforesaid
  brick and tiled 50
  Utensils and stock therein 50
  Two houses only in Cow Street in Winslow aforesaid in the tenure of Charles King  thatched 50
  Workshop only near in his own tenure thatched 10
  Utensils and stock therein 15
  Barn only separate  thatched 10
  Utensils and stock therein 5
  Utensils and stock in the yard adjoining 10

1781 Land Tax  
  Wm Tofield: John Gibbs           8s 3 ½d  

1785 Land Tax  
  Wm Tofield: John Gibbs           9s 0 ½d  

1783 5 May           Sun Insurance                11936/313/477379  
  John Gibbs of Winslow cooper  
  On his household goods in his now dwelling house only  
  situate as aforesaid  brick and tiled 50
  Utensils and stock therein 50
  Two tenements adjoining at Winslow aforesaid in the tenure of Charles King  thatched 45
  Workshop only near  thatched 10
  Utensils and stock therein 10
  Barn and workshop adjoining near  thatched 15
  Utensils and stock therein only 10
  Hovel only separate  thatched 3
  Utensils and stock in the yard adjoining 7

1794 28 March                            D 82/2/315  
  Admission of Grace Martin wife of Samuel Martin of the Island of Antigua Esq, Daughter and heir of George Savage heretofore of the Island of Antigua deceased

All that Messuage or Tenement situate standing and being at the corner of the Market Place in Winslow aforesaid late in the occupation of Bigg[?] Tofield and now in the tenure or occupation of John Gibbs with the appurtenances

And also all those two Messuages or Tenements adjoining to the last mentioned dwelling house now in the several tenures or occupations of Stephen Gibbs and George Cross with the appurtenances

And also all that lot plot piece or parcel of land or ground lying in a certain field now or late called or known by the name of New Mill Field 3a 1r 16p

And also all that lot piece or parcel of land or ground . Old Mill Field 0a 0r 38p exchanged by the said William Selby Lowndes Esq for a plot of ground called Mill Garden

And also all that Messuage or Tenement in Little Horwood with the Home Close now in the tenure or occupation of William Rand

1795 Land Tax  
  Wm Tofield: John Gibbs cooper            9s 1 ½d  

1797 27 & 28 Oct                                                    D 82/2/435  
  Admission of William Tofield of Stewkley yeoman eldest son and heir of William Tofield late of Wing yeoman deceased

All that Messuage or Tenement with the outhouses buildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging situate in the Market Place at Winslow in Co. Bucks formerly in the occupation of William Gibbs and now of William Mayne
Surrendered to said William Mayne

1798 Directory  
  William Mayne [F.] saddler  

1805 Land Tax  
  Wm Mayne late Tofields: self    9s 1 ½d  

1811 Will of William Mayne of Winslow saddler leaving messuage in Winslow wherein I now dwell to daughter Sarah Mayne  

1830 Directory Academies
Sarah Mayne (day) Market Square

1832 Land Tax  
  Sarah Mayne: Sarah Mayne house        9s 1 ½d  

1841 Census (see full return)  
  Sarah Mayne 60 Ind  

1851 Census Market Square
Sarah Mayne 76 school governess
Fanny Markhand 27 school teacher
Mary Ann Barton 50 Independent

1852 23 Dec Will of Sarah Mayne of Winslow spinster proved: her property was to be sold by her executors

1853 14 January  
  ELIGIBLE BUSINESS PREMISES, CONSISTING of a roomy DWELLING-HOUSE, situate in the most Business Part of the Improving Town of Winslow, with a Double Frontage to the Market Square and the High Street, commanding a good Tenant at a High Rent, recently occupied by the late Miss Sarah Mayne, deceased.

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY Mr. James King, AT THE GEORGE 1NN, WINSLOW, On FRIDAY, the 14th Day of JANUARY, 1853, AT 5 O'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON, Subject to such Conditions as will then be produced.

All that substantial brick-built and tiled Dwelling-House, situate at the corner of the Market Square and the High Street, in the most central situation for business in Winslow, comprising, in the basement, a large kitchen, scullery, with pump and well of excellent water, and roomy, arched cellars, extending under the whole of the house and for a considerable distance under the Market Square, being dry and well suited for store-rooms; on the ground floor, a large room in the front, fitting for a shop for any description of business, a parlour at the back, and a wood-barn, with back entrance; on the first floor, a pleasant drawing-room, with a balcony, protected by a very handsome wrought iron railing, and a lofty bedroom at the back; on the second floor, two large and lofty bed-rooms; and on the third floor, three roomy attics, one of which contains a large lead tank for rain-water, communicating with the basement story by a lead pipe and tap; on the top of the house, with entrance from the attics, is a large drying-ground, protected by a parapet, commanding a beautiful and extensive prospect over the surrounding country for several miles.

To a person wishing to enter into any kind of business, in the populous and thriving Town of Winslow, these Premises present an opportunity rarely to be met with; or, as an investment, they will ensure a high , rate of interest.

The Property is Copyhold of the Manor of Winslow, being nearly equal in value to Freehold. The only outgoings are a Quit-rent of 3d. and a Land-tax of 9s. 1 d. per annum.
Immediate possession may be had.
The House may be viewed on application to Mr. Grant King, draper, Winslow; and further particulars obtained from David Thomas Willis, Esq., solicitor, or at the Auctioneer's Offices, Market Square, Winslow.

1853 4 May: special court D 82/6/313

Sarah Mayne late of Winslow spinster held a messuage with outhouses & buildings in the Market Place formerly in the occupation of John Gibbs, afterwards William Mayne, since Sarah Mayne widow, late the said SM, now unoccupied.  She was admitted 1816 as devisee of William Mayne.  She made her will 9 July 1852 whereby she devised all real estate to George Maydon of Winslow maltster & Grant King draper.  George Maydon by deed poll of 3 Dec 1852 declined the trusts and executorship.  Grant King desires to be admitted.  In consideration of £475 he immediately surrenders to John King of Winslow land surveyor. Rent 3d, fine 5s.

1853 31 Oct: manor court                                                 D 82/6/324
  Surrender: John King of Winslow land surveyor  
  Admission: Grant King of Winslow draper  
  All that Messuage or Tenement with the outhouses buildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging situate in the Market Place in Winslow aforesaid within this Manor formerly in the occupation of John Gibbs afterwards of William Mayne since of Sarah Mayne widow late of Sarah Mayne spinster and now unoccupied to which premises the said John King was admitted tenant 4 May 1853 on the surrender of Grant King as devisee in trust under the will of Sarah Mayne spinster deceased  

1861 Census  
  Grant King 53 draper & postmaster  
  Grant King was appointed postmaster for Winslow in 1845 (British Postal Museum and Archive, POST 58/39); he was originally at 5 Market Square. He had to provide a bond of £200.

1864 Directory  
  Grant King silk mercer woollen & linen draper hosier haberdasher & postmaster, Market Square

1865 According to A.J. Clear (Buckingham Advertiser, 21 Dec 1929): ...  In 1865 and for some years later there was only a little window at which you had to stand outdoors in all sorts of weather.  This was up the present Mr. Meanwell’s steps at the corner of the Market Square.

1870 Bucks Herald, 5 Nov  
  REMOVAL OF THE POST-OFFICE.- On Tuesday, November 1st, a public meeting was held in the National Schoolroom, and a memorial drawn up to be presented to her Majesty’s Postmaster General, praying that Mr. Grant King may be reinstated in his office of Postmaster, which he had so satisfactorily fulfilled during the period of twenty-six years.

1871 Census  
  Grant King 63 draper  

1877 Directory  
  Thomas Sare draper & outfitter Market Square  

1877 Apprenticeship indenture of Ernest Ingram (courtesy of Melissa Lane)  
  This Indenture Witnesseth that Ernest Ingram with the consent of his mother Martha Ingram of Steeple Claydon in the County of Buckingham, widow doth put himself Apprentice to Thomas Sare of Winslow in the said County of Buckingham Draper and Silk Mercer to learn his Art and with him after the Manner of an Apprentice to serve from the Fifteenth day of February One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Seven unto the full End and Term of Three Years from thence next following to be fully complete and ended During which Term the said Apprentice his Master faithfully shall serve his secrets keep his lawful commands every where gladly do he shall do no damage to his said Master nor to see to be done of others but to his Power shall tell or forthwith give warning to his said Master of the same he shall not waste the Goods of his said Master nor lend them unlawfully to any he shall not commit fornication nor contract Matrimony within the said Term shall not play at Cards or Dice Tables or any other unlawful Games whereby his said Master may have any loss with his own goods or others during the said Term without License of his said Master he shall neither buy nor sell he shall not haunt Taverns or Playhouses nor absent himself from his said Master’s service day or night unlawfully. But in all things as a faithful Apprentice he shall behave himself towards his said Master and all his during the said Term And the said Thomas Sare in consideration of the faithful service of the said Apprentice and also of the sum of twelve pounds ten shillings to the said Thomas Sare paid by the said Martha Ingram on the execution hereof and of the further sum of Twelve Pounds 10 shillings to be paid by the said Martha Ingram to the said Thomas Sare on the fourteenth day of August One thousand and eight hundred and seventy eight his said Apprentice in the Art of A Draper and Silk Mercer which he useth by the best means that he can shall teach and Instruct or cause to be taught and instructed Finding unto the said Apprentice Sufficient Meat Drink and Lodging during the said Term and the said Martha Ingram Finding unto the said Apprentice suitable clothing, Washing, and Medical attendance and Medicine and other necessaires.
    And for the Consideration afore said the said Thomas Sare covenants and agrees to pay unto the said Apprentice during the last 6 months of his service the Wages or sum of five pounds by six equal monthly payments
    And for the true performance of all and every the said Covenants and Agreements either of the said Parties bindeth himself and herself unto the other by these Presents In witness whereof the Parties above named to these Indentures interchangeably have put their Hands and Seals the twenty eight day of February 1877 and in the Fortieth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Victoria by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen Defender of the Faith and in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Seven.

1881 Census  
  Thomas Sare 31 draper  

1885 Bicester Herald, 26 June  
  In  Re THOMAS SARE, DRAPER, Winslow.- This bankrupt appeared for his public examination at the Banbury County Court, on Tuesday, June 16 (before Fitzroy Cowper, Esq., deputy judge).  The gross liabilities were £2,361 13s. 8d., and the deficiency £1,224 7s. 9d.  In reply to Mr. Mallam, the bankrupt said he started business in 1875 with a capital of £1,000.  About three years ago he prepared a statement of his affairs, and it appeared there was a balance of £1,200.  The paper was in the hands of the trustee, he thought.  In 1882 he was ill from diphtheria, and his books got out of order then.  He did not know he was insolvent until a day or two before he filed his petition.  He was pressed for money, and he went to see if he could dispose of his business.  He believed he told a gentleman that the business was solvent, but he must have over-estimated his position.  Some little time back he took his brother-in-law, Mr. George Turner, into the ready-made portion of his business.  On being asked what became of the money the witness said that the money was partly owing to Turner for stock bought from Lewisham.  Mr. Turner wrote his own account off the books, but he did not know how much he wrote off.  The stock sheet would show.  He knew that an executor Mr. Turner proved against his estate for a large amount.  Mr. Turner knew he had had money on a promissory note.  Being asked if he knew that the promissory note was given after the note which appeared on it, he said that an error was discovered in the stamp, and it was rectified in that respect.  Under the note £650 was really due.-  The Judge: with regard to this promissory note, you say it was a wrong stamp.- Witness: I gave my father–in-law a promissory note for the loan of the money, but the stamp was not sufficient, and the error being discovered I made a fresh copy- another bill, a copy of the previous one.- The Judge: Was it ante dated. Witness: I dated back the same as the other.- The Judge: Did you keep a copy of the former note with the other stamp? Mr. Mallam said that matter would be fully investigated by the trustee.  The bankrupt passed his public examination.

1885 Centre for Bucks Studies, D/WIG/2/1/14  

Re Thos Sare’s Bankruptcy Winslow Bucks

  Valuation of certain articles described as Wedding Presents
  June 29 : 1885  
  Green and flower Dessert Service 6 Dishes (2 broken) and 11 Plates
Metal Coffee Pot
D(itt)o Tea Pot
Toast Rack
Walnut Dressing Case
Walnut Writing Desk
Pair wine Decanters
Gilt and white China Tea Service
3 Antimacassars
2 Worked cushions
Pair of green Vases and lustres (broken)
3 Ruby Vases
3 glass preserve Dishes
Cruet stand & Cruet
Plated Spirit Stand and 3 spirit Decanters
Large Bible & Commentary with plates bound in calf
Glass Flower Vase with 3 suspending Vases
Photographic Album
Pair of green Vases
Mahog(any) Swing glass              
4.  2.0
  Re Thos Sare’s Bankruptcy Winslow Bucks  
  Valuation of Beds Bedding & other Effects  
  June 29 : 1885  
  Small Back Bed Room
Feather Bed flock Bolster and feather pillow
Brass M(oun)t(e)d p(ain)t(e)d iron French Bedstead
Straw Palliasse
Bordered flock mattress
3 Blankets
Pair of Sheets
  Young Ladies Room
Feather Bed 2 wool Bolsters & 2 wool pillows
Pair of Sheets
1 Blanket
Flock Bed
  Front Bed Room
Feather Bolster and 2 feather Pillows
Colored Counterpane
White D(itt)o
3 Blankets
5 Pairs Sheets (3 Calico 7 Linen)
9 Calico Pillow Slips
Mahog(any) Secretary with Bureau Top
(Bed & Bedding)
  Attic no. 1
Straw Palliasse
Flock Bed
Flock Bolster
Colored Quilt
1 Blanket
Paper D(itt)o [sic]
  Bed Room No. 1
Flock Bed
Brown Blanket
3 patent D(itt)o
Flock Mattress for Cot
  No. 2
Straw Palliasse
Flock Mattress
Colored Counterpane
  No. 3
Flock Mattress
Covered spring Mattress
Wool Bed
Col(ore)d Counterpane
Chair Bed
  Servants Room
Straw Mattress
Flock Bed
Colored Blanket
White D(itt)o
2 Sheets
Col(ore)d Quilt
Flock Bolster

1885 Bucks Herald, 18 July: In bankruptcy re Sare  
  THE WHOLE of the NEAT and MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and SHOP FITTINGS, comprising mahogany Centre and Dining Tables, mahogany Cheffonier, mahogany and walnut Watnots, Lady’s and Gent’s Easy Chairs in horsehair and leather cloth, mahogany Wardrobe, Chest of Drawers, Dressing Tables, Marble Top Washstands, painted Iron Half-tester and French Bedsteads, Cane-seat Chairs, Chimney Glasses, Brussels and Kidderminster Carpets, Linoleum, Timepieces, Pictures, Fenders, Fireirons, Windsor Chairs, Kitchen Tables;  a Seven-Octave PIANOFORTE, in handsome walnut case;  Shop Counters, Show Cass, Shelving, Grey Pony, Pony Trap, Set of Plated Pony Harness, and numerous Miscellaneous items,

T O   B E   S O L D   B Y   A U C T I O N,   B Y
On WEDNESDAY, the 22nd Day of JULY, 1885,
By Direction of the Trustee.

1887 Bucks Herald, 29 Jan: Notice of dividends  
  SARE, Thomas, Market-square, Winslow, draper. 2nd and final of 9d., at Mr F. Collinson's, 99, Cheapside, London, on and after Jan. 28th.
1887 Kelly's Directory  
  Luxmoore, Benjamin, draper, Market Square  
1888 Centre for Bucks Studies, D/WIG/2/1/19  
  [f.30] Inven(tor)y of Fixtures & Effects of House at Winslow Bucks the p(ropert)y of  Mr Augustin Geo(rge) Stevens.
  Valuation of Fixtures and Effects at Winslow Bucks from Mr Benjamin Luxmore to Mr Augustin George Stevens.
  June 25 1888  
Sun Blinds include Ticking
4 Posts Rails Sockets & HooKs
& 10 Iron Loops & Sockets
3 Bracket Lamps & Plugs
Sign Board           Market House
Patent Centre ?Sun Burner as fixed
Iron Rails & Supports from Ceiling
7 face Wire ?Taellace Stand in Windows
4 Doz(en) 4ft brass rods
? in Tubing
2 Deal Window Boards & Doors
The whole of the shelving in ?Show Room
Gas Bracket with wire ?globe & ?extinguate
Suspended gas Burner & globe
Gas Bracket with Wire globe
Cash Desk
Gas Bracket & Ceiling [illegible]
  Show Room
2 light [deletion] Gasalier with globes & 2 Ceiling glasses
[f.31] 2 joint gas Bracket & globe
Stained Deal Rack in Corner
Row of 10 Iron Pegs in Closet
Iron Rods & Brackets over Mantle Piece
Suspend(ed) gas Burner with Wire Globe & bell
Dining Room Bell as fixed
  Front Sitting Room
3 Light Gasalier with Weights & globes
Stained Deal Shelf
4 Brass Curtain Rods with Brass Brackest & ?ends
gas Bracket & globe
Stained Glass bracket
Rail with 4 Iron Hooks
  Dining Room
gas Bracket
4 shelves in Cupboard
  Ware Room
gas Bracket & globe
The whole of the shelv(in)g & Fixtures
  Bed Room (Front)
2 joint gas Brackets
3 Cornices with ?green ?fringe                                  
5 - 3 - 6
  [f.32] Roller Blinds & Fittings throughout House 2 - 0 - 0   
23 - 11 - 6   
5 - 3 - 6
30 - 15 - 0

GDE Wigley [signature]
Valuation of House Furniture & Effects at Winslow Bucks from Mr Benjamin Luxmore to Mr Augustin George Stevens.
June 25 1888

  Front Attic Bed room
3ft Iron French Bed
Straw Palliasse
Wool Mattress
Flock Bolster & Pillow
4ft 6 Iron Bedstead
Straw Palliasse
Flock Mattress
Flock Bolster & Flock Pillow
Painted washst(an)d & Mahog(any) glass
2 Painted Washstands & part services
1 Cane seat chair
Floor Cloth & Carpet to Room
3 - 19 - 6
Attic Back Bed room
3ft 6 Iron French Beds(tea)d
Straw Palliasse
Wool Mattress
Flock Bolster & Feather Pillow
Mahog(an)y Angle washst(an)d Service & Towel Rail
Carpet & Floor Cloth
  Back Bed Room No1
3ft Iron French Beds(tea)d
Straw Palliasse
Wool Mattress
Bolster & Pillow
Dress(in)g Table with Drawer
Paint(e)d Washst(an)d service & towel rail
  Back Bed Room No2
4ft 6 Iron French Beds(tea)d
D(itt)o [deletion] Wool Mattress
  Sitting Room
Stained Deal Table with ?Occ Baize top
  Dining Room
Iron Fender & Set Fire Irons
Linoleum to Landing (see below)
Floor Cloth to Stairs
Lead [deletion] [illegible]
  Front Hall
Linoleum as fitted
  Show Room
Linoleum as fitted
8 - 18 -6
  [f.34] Black Painted Show case with 2 [deletion] glass, Door & glass Sides & Side  bracket
Deal Painted ?Cupboard
Pier Plate Glass on ebonized frame
The Shelving
4 Cane seat Chairs
Round Mahog Table
Deal Kitchen Table
4 Windsor Chairs
2 D(itt)o
Kitchen Fender & Poker
15 Cane seat Shop chairs
painted Black show case with glazed Door
 [deletion] set of 7 [illegible]
8 –  14 -  0
3 -   19 – 6
8  -  18 -  6
21 -    2  -  0
The balcony with Luxmoore's sign
The balustrade on the balcony matched the one which is still there on The George
1891 Census: Market House  
  Henry Withers, widower, 31, b. Bucklebury, Berks Draper's manager
  Ann Odell, single, 42, b. Winslow Housekeeper
  Amy Esther Haynes, lodger, single, 21, b. Glympton, Oxon Dressmaker
  Annette Maud Lee, lodger, single, 19, b. Great Horwood Draper's assistant
1891 Buckingham Advertiser, 19 Dec  
  The Winslow Cash Drapery Stores [part of the business of A.G. Stevens, 15 Market Square] have made, and that successfully, a decided innovation this year.   In addition to the well stocked windows, in which as usual are to be seen the automatic figures, a large show-room has been opened, and it is stocked with all sorts of fancy goods.  The windows and walls are draped with light vari-coloured art muslin, and the large room gives one the impression of a bazaar, so varied are the contents, whilst the musical box on the centre table plays its lively tunes as the bevy of lady assistants attend to the patrons. 
1893 Buckingham Advertiser, 4 Feb  

The valuable, attractive, & substantially built HOUSE.
With extensive double frontage and first-class BUSINESS PREMISES,
CENTRALLY situate in the most commanding and advantageous position for trade in the Market Square and High Street, and in which the Business of a Linen and Woollen Draper has been most successfully carried on for a great number of years. 
A Brick and Tiled HOUSE with SMITH’S SHOPS, Facing the High Street. 
Also in the Hamlet of Shipton, an Enclosure of Valuable LAND well adapted for Building Purposes, containing 1a. 1r. 27p.  Together with TWO COTTAGES standing thereon,

On TUESDAY, February 21st, 1893, at the Bell Hotel, Winslow, at Four o’clock in the afternoon, in three Lots, by direction of the Executors of the late Mr. Grant King.
  Bicester Herald, 24 Feb
  The house and shop known as Market House, occupied by the Cash Drapery Company, realised £950, Mrs. Lownds [Martha Jane, eldest daughter of Grant King] being the purchaser.- The dwelling-house and smith’s shop, occupied by Mr. Russell, was purchased by him at £365

Dec 1894    Advert in Bucks Herald  
Sale of a Draper's, Clothier's, & Boot Stock.
Market Square & Market Hill, Winslow.
E. Braggins & Son, having purchased the above Stocks, are now offering them at a GREAT REDUCTION to effect a Clearance.
Wonderful Bargains in all Departments.
The Drapery and Millinery Departments will now be carried on at Market Square
and Clothing and Boots Department at Market Hill, Winslow.
Best and Newest Goods. Lowest Cash Prices.
Shop with signboard for Braggins
1895 Kelly's Directory
  Winslow Cash Drapery Co. (late Benjamin Luxmoore), drapers, milliners & also undertakers, Market square
1895 Mr Bridger, who seems to have been the manager, complained about having nowhere to dispose of his ashes [read more]
Nov 1895 Advert in Bucks Herald for sub-lease of the residential part of the premises
To Let, Market House, Winslow. Capital Dwelling House (without shop): every convenience. Terms very moderate. Apply to E. Braggins & Son, Winslow.

1899 Kelly's Directory  
& 1903 Brown, Charles Henry, clothier & hatter, Market Square  
1901 Census  
  Charles Henry Brown, 29, b. Leicester Shopkeeper (clothier)
  wife Gertrude aged 25 b. Biggleswade; daughter Doris Rutherford Brown 3 months b. Winslow  
  Henry Lawrence, boarder, single, ?30, b. Stevington, Beds Shop assistant, house furnishing


Bucks Herald, 20 August


TO LET, DRAPERY and OUTFITTING SHOP and PREMISES on Market Square. – Particulars of “MRS. L.” 4, Station Road, Winslow.

[=Martha Lownds, c/o her sister Clara King]

1910 Assessment no.27  
Situation              High St & Market Sq
Description         House & Shop
Gross Value: Buildings                   £40
Rateable Value: Buildings             £32
Occupier              Robt. J. Cowper
Owner                  Mrs Martha Jane Lownds, 24 College Rd, Bromley
Interest of Owner            Copyhold  (Winslow)
Occupier’s tenancy Term  7, 14, 21 yr leases  from June 1905
Actual (or Estimated) Rent  3 yrs at £40, 4 yrs @ £42, 14 yrs @ £45
Outgoings Land Tax £1 – 14 – 4                 paid by L
Who pays (a) Rates and Taxes (b) Insurance       (a) T.  (b) L
Who is liable for repairs                 Outside by L, Inside by T.
Former Sales      Dates    1892
Consideration       £950
Subsequent Expenditure    £140?
[stamp] Sep 30 1914
Particulars, description and note made on inspection
Brick & slated House, shop
Shop showroom, sitting room, lumber room, drawing room 3 bedrooms & 2 attics (kitchen scullery & coalhouse downstairs)
2 frontages 
810 sq feet
Charges, Easements and Restrictions affecting Market Value of Fee Simple
[red] V21311      V21729 (Surrender)
[red] V16959 Baxter & Cowper 620 (Surrender) 25/8/19
V18616 (CV29519/18) M.J. Lowndes decd 23/2/18
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition      £720
Deduct Market Value of Site under similar circumstances, but if divested of structures, timber, fruit trees, and other things growing on the land 28 ft   £125
Difference Balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber &c.                £595
Divided as follows:-
Buildings and structures   £595
Gross Value (as before)    £720
Less deductions in respect of –
Fixed charges, including– Fee Farm Rent, rent seck, quit rent, chief rent, rent of Assize ?without ?Data     £2
If Copyhold, Estimated Cost of Enfranchisement ?without ?Data                               £43
                TOTAL VALUE      £675

1911 Census: Market House (7 rooms + shop, showroom)  
  Robert J. Cowper, 32, b. Richmond, Surrey General draper
  Ruth M. Cowper, wife, 30, married 6 years, b. Fakenham, Norfolk Assisting in business
  Winnie ?Readwin, niece, 13, b. Fakenham Scholar
  Gwladys Thorn, assistant, 20, b. Cheltenham Milliner
  Amy Justice, servant, 18, b. Edgcott General servant
1911 Directory  
  Cowper Robert J. draper Market Square  

1919 1 September                                         D82/9/371  
  Surrender: Mildred Jane Baxter of 24 College Road Bromley Kent
Wife of William Baxter retired chemist devisee in the will of Martha Jane Lownds deceased

Admission: Robert James Cowper of Winslow draper


All that Messuage or Tenement called or known by the name of Market House with the outhouses and buildings thereto belonging situate in the Market Place in Winslow in Co. Bucks within that Manor formerly in the occupation of Sarah Mayne afterwards of Grant King then of Benjamin Luxmore then of Augustus George Stevens and now and for some time past of the said Robert James Cowper

1920 8 September                                         D 82/9/388  
  Surrender: Robert James Cowper
Admission: Arthur Meanwell of Winslow draper

1921 Census: 7 rooms  
  Arthur Meanwell, head, 50y 8m, married, b. Louth, Lincs Draper (employer, at home)
  Rachel Esther Meanwell, wife, 60y 2m, married, b. Newnham on Severn, Gloucs Home duties
  Frederick Arthur Meanwell, son, 24y 1m, single, b. Grimsby Draper's assistant & county traveller for father
  John Hardy Rastall, visitor, 50y 10m, married, b. Aunsby, Lincs Railway engine driver (Great Central Railway Co., Mexborough)
  Annie Rastall, visitor, 52y 1m, married, b. Swanwich, Derbys Home duties
  Leonard Burton Rastall, visitor, 27y - m, single, b. Sheffield Motor engineer (Winslow Motor Works)
1945 Public meeting  
  Mrs. McCorquodale said that plans had been designed by an architect for the use of Market House as a Market House with a public lavatory underneath.  She thought that a construction on the Market Square would spoil the amenities.  Another speaker observed that an underground lavatory on the Market Square would not prevent farmers from parking their cars there although they might run down the people on their way to the lavatories.  (Laughter.)  Mr. Illing thought that the proposed expenditure of £2 was preposterous and that they could save money by the facilities offered by Market House, with supporting pillars and some discussion arose as to the situation regarding this property

1946 Buckingham Advertiser, 29 June  
It seems strange that when people are clamouring for "roofs to be put on" one has been taken off the Market House at Winslow. This action recalls parochial meetings and much discussion and many contend that the building should not be demolished on account of its Christopher Wren attribution, also because of the part that it played in making the general picturesque effect of the Winslow Market Square. During the war it has served many useful purposes. It was a much-valued Evacuees Club and has been headquarters of the W.V.S. During this period it was visited by Royalty and by the present Prime Minister (then Deputy)!

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