Obituary of Edward Lane Sear (d.1895)

This obituary was printed in the Bucks Herald on 26 July 1895.

The death of Mr Edward Lane Sear, coachmaker, of this town took place on Tuesday morning. Mr. Sear was by far the  oldest tradesman and almost the oldest inhabitant of the town. He was a Nonconformist and a Liberal, and seemed in good health and spirits on polling day, but on Monday he was taken unwell and died after a few hours’ illness.

1891: Census
High Street (site of fire station / telephone exchange)

Edward Lane Sear head widower 80 Coachbuilder b. Bletchley
Elizabeth Ann Sear daughter single 46 Housekeeper b. Winslow
George James Sear grandson single 21 Watchmaker b. Winslow
Elizabeth Sear granddaughter single 19 Draper's assistant b. Ramsgate

The map below shows the Sears' house (coloured red) on the 1880 25 inch OS map (left) and the same site in 1978 (right)
Site of Sears house 1880 and 1978

Obituary of his daughter Elizabeth Ann Sear (d. 1931)

The following is taken from an obituary printed in the Buckingham Advertiser on 28 March 1931.


Miss Elizabeth Ann Sear, who has passed away at Winslow at the age of 87, had passed all her life in the picturesque old thatched cottage which stands near to Winslow Post Office. Her father, Mr. E.L. Sear, a coach-builder, who took a great deal of pride in his work, until, alas, modern conditions deprived him of it, had also occupied the same cottage at Winslow. His coach-building business was nearly a century old and he also passed away at a great age, being 86 at the time of his death.

Miss Sear, who was highly-respected in Winslow, was the aunt of Mr. C.J. Sear, a Winslow watch and clock-maker, whom she cared for and brought up in his childhood. Much sympathy is felt in Winslow for Mr Sear, in the loss which he has suffered, of a relative to whom he was greatly devoted. Miss Sear had been ill for two months before her death.

In the photo below, the Sears' house is the thatched building on the left, next to Coxill's (sign not quite legible) which was pulled down before 1911 (Richard Coxill was a cooper).
High Street c.1900 showing Coxill's

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