Obituary of John King (d.1907)

This obituary was printed in the Bucks Herald on 9 Feb 1907.

OBITUARY. – We regret to record the death, which occurred last Monday at the residence of his sisters, Station-road-terrace, of Mr. John King. Deceased was formerly in business as a draper in the Market-square. He then carried on business in Bedford, and finally went to Bromley. He came back to Winslow to try his native air, but this was of no avail, although he seemed somewhat better at first. He had many friends in the town and neighbourhood.


John King was aged 60 when he died. His sisters Clara and Charlotte lived "on their own means" at what is now 7 Station Road in 1901. They were the children of Grant King (see below), draper at 27 Market Square. In 1881 John was a draper in Bromley High Street, with a wife, Catherine (b. Clifton, Gloucs) and 4 live-in female assistants. He also had a servant, Anne L. Viccars, aged 20, b. Winslow, and a visitor, Alfred Barton, aged 24, b. Winslow, described as "gentleman" but actually the son of the former landlord of The George. John and Catherine were still there in 1891 and 1901.

Obituary of Grant King (d.1892)

Bucks Herald, 16 April 1892

OBITUARY – We have to record the death, which occurred on Tuesday  of Mr. Grant King, one of the oldest and most respected inhabitants of the town. Mr King was for many years in business as a draper at Market House, and also kept the Post-office for a considerable period. He gave up the latter nearly twenty years ago, and two or three years later retired from business, since which time he had resided in Station-road, but had not taken any part in public-affairs.


In the 1891 census, Grant King was a widower aged 83, living in Station Road with his two unmarried daughters. He was born in Great Horwood, where the Kings were a long-established family. Through his grandmother Ann Harris nee Hewiett he was descended from the Grant alias Miller family which was very prominent in Winslow until the 17th century. He married Jane King at Winslow on 3 Nov 1834.

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