Blake family

Information provided by Ann Johnston (updated by David Noy, Nov 2016 and April & July 2017)

Note: members of the family not directly connected with Winslow are in lighter type.

Generation No. 1

1. GEORGE(1) BLAKE of Charlton on Otmoor, Oxon.
Children of GEORGE BLAKE are:
2. i.    THOMAS(2) BLAKE, bap. 2[?] Nov 1649, Charlton on Otmoor; d. 1709, Winslow.
3. ii.    GEORGE BLAKE, born 27 March 1658, Charlton on Otmoor; ?d. 1730, Winslow.

Generation No. 2

2.  THOMAS(2) BLAKE (father: GEORGE1) died 1709 in Winslow.  He married ELIZABETH WALKER of Ambrosden at St Mary Magdalene, Oxford, on 10 Sep 1679, when he was described as of "Morecutt in the parish of Charlton upon Otmore".  She died 1716 in Winslow.

3.  GEORGE(2) BLAKE (father: GEORGE1)  He married MARY SEATON, daughter of John Seaton d.1693

George Blake of Murcott appears in the Winslow court rolls in 1693, when he bought Sheepcote House (in Western Lane) and about 34 acres of land from George Knight. He is later described as grazier of Thornton. He is probably the George Blake buried at Winslow on 25 May 1730.
Children of GEORGE BLAKE and MARY are:
                   i.    ROBERT(3) BLAKE, d. 1711.
6.               ii.    GEORGE(3) BLAKE, b. 1691, Winslow.
7.              iii.    JOHN(3) BLAKE, b. 1695, Winslow.
                 iv.    MARIA BLAKE, b. 1697.
                  v.    WILLIAM BLAKE, b. 1700, d.y.
                 vi.    JOANNA / JANE BLAKE, b. 1703.
                 vii.    THOMAS BLAKE, b. 1705, Thornton.
                 viii.    ANN BLAKE, b. 1708, Thornton.

Generation No. 3

4.  THOMAS(3) BLAKE (f. THOMAS2, gf. UNKNOWN 1) died 1762 in Winslow.  He married ELIZABETH BENNELL by licence 2 December 1714 in Quainton, daughter of JOHN BENNELL and ELIZABETH TOMS.  She was born Aft. 1686 in North Marston, and died 1748 in Winslow.

Thomas made his will in April 1761 and died the following Spring. The witnesses were Robert Gibbs, John Mayne and Joseph Hunt. Sole executor the eldest son Thomas. Beneficiaries include son Edward Blake who was left property in Steeple Claydon currently let to John Stevens jnr, son Thomas Blake who was left the property at Great Horwood which he already occupied, daughter Ann wife of John Carpenter £100, son Robert Blake £30, son Francis Blake £20, son William Blake £5, grandson Robert Dancer £10, kinsman John Blake the younger £10, housekeeper Ann Goatman £10, grandson John Blake (son of Robert) £10 when he reached 21. Also to the poor of Winslow £5 for bread but to be baked by son Robert Blake.  

Through her mother Elizabeth Bennell was related to the Toms of Kings Sutton who were tanners as were the Bennells of North Marston.  There are many references to the surname Toms in the Kings Sutton Churchwardens Accounts 1636-1700, which have been published by the Banbury Historical Society.

8.                i.    THOMAS(4) BLAKE, b. 1715, Winslow; d. 1784, Winslow.
9.               ii.    ELIZABETH(4) BLAKE, b. 1716, Winslow.
                 iii.    GEORGE BLAKE, b. 1717.
                 iv.    JOHN BLAKE, b. 1718; d. 1761, Winslow. Occupation: Tanner.
                  v.    MARY BLAKE, b. 1720, Winslow; d. 1720, Winslow.
                 vi.    WILLIAM BLAKE, b. 1721, Winslow; d. 1797, Shipton near Winslow; m. ANNE, 1764, Addington; d. Bef. 1793.
Will made in 1793, where William describes himself as a Yeoman, proven in 1797 leaves bequests to Mary and Elizabeth Blake (daughters of late brother Thomas), Gabriel and John Blake (sons of brother Robert Blake), brother Edward Blake, "son-in-law" (ie stepson)  Robert Coulson and Robert's children. Also kinsman James Barton and Widow Newman are mentioned. Possibly the same William Blake as the William Blake of Winslow currier (1762) and the William Blake of Addington, dairyman (1774)  who also owned property in Quainton (title deeds dated 1762 in Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies). 
10.           vii.    ROBERT(4) BLAKE, b. 1723, Winslow.
               viii.    EDWARD BLAKE, b. Abt. 1724, Winslow; d. July 1725, Winslow.
                  ix.    EDMUND BLAKE, b. Abt. 1725, Winslow; d. Abt. 1725, Winslow.
                   x.    JONATHAN BLAKE, b. Abt. 1725, Winslow; d. Abt. 1725, Winslow. They seem to be twins. Date of birth and death Jan 1725 or 1726.
11.             xi.    ANN(4) BLAKE, b. 1726.
                 xii.    MARY BLAKE, b. Abt. 1728, Winslow; d. 1729, Winslow.
12.           xiii.    MARY(4) BLAKE, b. 1729, Winslow.
13.           xiv.    FRANCIS(4) BLAKE, b. 1731, Winslow; d. Aft. 1801, ?London.
14.            xv.    EDWARD(4) BLAKE, b. 1733.
                xvi.    EDMUND BLAKE, b. 1734.

Blake's House and Cottage Postcard showing Blake House, now known as Tinkers Corner

5.  ELIZABETH(3) BLAKE (f: THOMAS2, gf. UNKNOWN 1)  She married RICHARD BARTON August 11, 1701 in Horwood. 
15.              i.    JOHN(4) BARTON, bap. 4 April 1708, Little Horwood
                  ii.    MARY BARTON, bap. 23 Oct 1709, Little Horwood
16.            iii.    RICHARD(4) BARTON, b. 9 Nov 1703, Little Horwood
                 other children must have died young

6.  GEORGE(3) BLAKE (f. GEORGE2, gf. UNKNOWN 1) was born 1691 in Winslow.  He married ANNE. 
Child of GEORGE BLAKE and ANNE is:
                   i.    MARY(4) BLAKE, b. 14 March 1721/22.

7.  JOHN(3) BLAKE (f. GEORGE2, gf. UNKNOWN 1) was born 1695 in Winslow.  He married JUDITH.  He inherited property from his uncle Robert Seaton of Peterborough (d.1743).
Children of JOHN BLAKE and JUDITH are:
17.              i.    JOHN(4) BLAKE, b. 1727.
                  ii.    MARY BLAKE, b. 1729.
                 iii.    JOANNA BLAKE, b. 1731.
                 iv.    CATHERINE BLAKE, b. 1733.

Generation No. 4

8.  THOMAS(4) BLAKE (f. THOMAS3, gf. THOMAS2, ggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1715 in Winslow, and died 1784 in Winslow.  He married ELIZABETH BRADBURY 11 June 1770 in Great Horwood, daughter of THOMAS BRADBURY and MARY WILLIAMS.  She was born 1744 in Great Horwood, and died 1824. See Elizabeth's will.

18.              i.    MARY(5) BLAKE, b. 1771; d. 1810.
19.             ii.    ELIZABETH(5) BLAKE, b. 1774, Winslow; d. Aft. 1851.

Blake's Cottage In 2005 the facade of the house still known as Blake's Cottage in Horn Street was removed for repair, revealing the timber framing beneath.

9.  ELIZABETH(4) BLAKE (f. THOMAS3, gf. THOMAS2, ggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1716 in Winslow.  She married ROBERT DANCER 1735 in Hoggeston.  He was born 1715 in North Marston.

Bond of Robert Dancer, 1749 (from the collection of the late Norman Saving)

Know all men
by these Presents That I Robert Dancer of Winslow in the County of Bucks Farmer and held and firmly bound to John Blake of Winslow aforesaid in the said County of Bucks Tanner aforesaid  in said the County of Bucks Farmer and John Dancer of Northmarston in said the County of Bucks Farmer in the Sum of Six Hundred Pounds of Lawfull Money of Great Britain to be paid to the said John Blake and John Dancer or either of them or their Certain Attorney Executors Administrators or Assigns for which payment to be well and truely made I bind myself my Heirs Executors and Administrators firmly by these Presents Sealed with my Seal Dated the Eighteenth day of October in the twenty third year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and so forth and in the year of Our Lord one Thousand seven Hundred and Forty Nine
The Condition of this obligation is such that if the above bound Robert Dancer his heirs Executors and Administrators and every of them do and shall in all things well and truly Observe Perform fulfill Accomplish Pay and keep all and Singular the Covenants Grants Articles Clause Provisoes Payments Conditions and Agreements whatsoever which on the part and behalf of the said Robert Dancer his heirs Executors and Administrators are or ought to be Observed Performed fullfilled accomplished Payed and kept Comprised or mentioned in a Certain Indenture of Release bearing even date with the above written Obligation made or mentioned to be made between The said Robert Dancer and Elizabeth his Wife of the one Part and the above named John Blake and John Dancer of the other Part According to the Purport true Intent and meaning of the same Indenture Then the above Written Obligation to be void or else to remain in full force and Virtue.
Robert Dancer [signature]  [seal]
Sealed and Delivered being first duely stampt in the Presence of 
Ferd(inan)do Southam [signature]
Joseph Goodenough [signature] Cl(erk) to Mr. Southam

The bond relates to the lease and release on 17 Oct 1749 by Robert Dancer (son and heir of Robert Dancer late of North Marston deceased, whose will was proved in 1731) to John Blake and John Dancer of Deverells Close in Oving (CBS, D-X_467).

                   i.    ROBERT(5) DANCER, b. 1738, North Marston.

10.  ROBERT(4) BLAKE (f. THOMAS3, gf. THOMAS2, ggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1723 in Winslow.  He married (1) MARTHA SEIR by licence 23 February 1746/47.  She was born 1727 in Adstock, and died 1764 in Winslow.  He married (2) ANN CLEMENTS, widow, 1765.  She was born in Adstock.

Children of ROBERT BLAKE and MARTHA SEIR are:
                   i.    ELIZABETH(5) BLAKE, b. 1751.
                  ii.    THOMAS BLAKE, b. 1750. Yeoman, of Adstock. Held property in Horn Street, 1807-9.
20.            iii.    JOHN(5) BLAKE, b. 1754, Winslow; d. 1815, Winslow.
                 iv.    MARTHA BLAKE, b. 1756, Winslow; d. 1757, Winslow.
                  v.    GABRIEL BLAKE, b. 1757; d. Aft. 1797.
                 vi.    GEORGE BLAKE, b. 1757, Winslow; d. 1757, Winslow.
                vii.    MARTHA BLAKE, b. 1758.

11.  ANN(4) BLAKE (f. THOMAS3, gf. THOMAS2, ggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1726.  She married JOHN CARPENTER by licence 11 May 1754 in Swanbourne. 

Children of ANN BLAKE and JOHN CARPENTER are:
                   i.    JOHN(5) CARPENTER, bp. June 1754, Swanbourne.
                  ii.    WILLIAM CARPENTER, bp. 17 Nov. 1755, Swanbourne.
21.            iii.    GEORGE(5) CARPENTER, b. 1758, Swanbourne; d. 1795.
                 iv.    ELIZABETH CARPENTER, b. 1761, Swanbourne; m. ELIAS SIMPSON; b. Kings Sutton.
22.             v.    ANN CARPENTER, b. 1763, Swanbourne; d. September 22, 1840, Kings Sutton.
                 vi.    JOHN CARPENTER, b. 1765, Swanbourne.
                vii.    THOMAS CARPENTER, b. 1766, North Marston, bp. 29 Dec. 1766, Swanbourne.
               viii.    REBECCA CARPENTER, d. 1773, North Marston.

12.  MARY(4) BLAKE (f. THOMAS3, gf. THOMAS2, ggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1729 in Winslow, bp. 7 June 1729, Winslow.  She married GEORGE HARRIS Abt. 1750.  He was born in Bicester.
Children of MARY BLAKE and GEORGE HARRIS are:
                   i.    MARY(5) HARRIS.
                  ii.    THOMAS HARRIS, m. ELIZABETH ROLLS.

13.  FRANCIS(4) BLAKE (f. THOMAS3, gf. THOMAS2, ggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1731 in Winslow, and died Aft. 1801 in ?London.  He married MARY WHITE April 17, 1759 in Newbottle Northamptonshire, daughter of JAMES WHITE and FRANCES MAKEPEACE.  She was born Abt. 1735 in Newbottle, and died 1809 in London.

Notes for MARY WHITE:

Marriage Notes for FRANCIS BLAKE and MARY WHITE:

Children of FRANCIS BLAKE and MARY WHITE are:
                   i.    ELIZABETH(5) BLAKE, b. 1760, Kings Sutton; m. WILLIAM MATTHEWS, 1781; b. Kings Sutton, currier.
23.             ii.    JOHN(5b) BLAKE, b. 1762, Kings Sutton; d. 1832, Hanborough.
24.            iii.    FRANCES(5) BLAKE, b. 1763; d. 1800, Bicester.
25.            iv.    THOMAS(5) BLAKE, b. 1763, Kings Sutton; d. 1846, Kings Sutton.
                  v.    JAMES BLAKE, b. 1765. Apprenticed to William Matthews, Currier on 25 December 1781, presumably his brother-in-law of that name.
                 vi.    MARY BLAKE, b. 1767; d. ?London. Member of Middleton Cheney Baptist Church 1789-1791
                vii.    ANNE BLAKE, b. 1770, Kings Sutton; d. 1771, Kings Sutton.
               viii.    GEORGE BLAKE, b. 1771; d. Aft. 1851. Member of Middleton Cheney Baptist Church 1804-1846 when dismissed to form a Baptist Church at Kings Sutton where he was a deacon. Occupation: 1851, Maltster.
                  ix.    ANN BLAKE, b. 1773, Kings Sutton; d. 1773, Kings Sutton.
                   x.    WILLIAM BLAKE, b. 1774, Kings Sutton; d. 1775, Kings Sutton.

14.  EDWARD(4) BLAKE (f. THOMAS3, gf. THOMAS2, ggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1733.  He married SUSANNAH MUMFORD 1761. 
                   i.    THOMAS(5) BLAKE. Was left £5 in Uncle Thomas(4) Blake's will of 1784.
                  ii.    WILLIAM BLAKE, b. 1764.
                 iii.    ELIZABETH BLAKE, b. 1767.

15.  JOHN(4) BARTON (m. ELIZABETH3 BLAKE, gf. THOMAS2, ggf. UNKNOWN1). Occupation: Tailor or staymaker in Winslow. Died 1768; wife Mary died 1780 (according to 1781 manor court)
Children of JOHN BARTON are:
                   i.    JAMES(5) BARTON, d. bet. 1787 - 1798.
                  ii.   RICHARD BARTON inherited part of 8-10 Horn Street in 1781; he appears to be the Richard Barton who kept The George                        

                   i.    JAMES(5) BARTON. Witness to relative Edward Blake's marriage in 1761. Alive in 1797.

17.  JOHN(4) BLAKE (f. JOHN3, gf. GEORGE2, ggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1727.  He married MARY HUGHES (WIDOW) 1772. 
                   i.    HANNAH(5) BLAKE, b. 1772; m. WILLIAM MORRIS.

Generation No. 5

18.  MARY(5) BLAKE (f. THOMAS4, gf. THOMAS3, ggf. THOMAS2, gggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1771, and died 1810.  She married THOMAS EMERTON by licence 21 December 1794 in Wicken, Northamptonshire.  He was born in Stony Stratford.

26.              i.    EDWARD(6) EMERTON, b. 1797, Stony Stratford.

19.  ELIZABETH(5) BLAKE (f. THOMAS4, gf. THOMAS3, ggf. THOMAS2, gggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1774 in Winslow, and died 1856.  See Elizabeth's will, made in 1841. She married GEORGE JONES by licence 25 November 1794 in Wicken, Northamptonshire, son of JOHN JONES and ELIZABETH WILLIAT.  He was born 1771 in Great Horwood, and died December 1834 in Winslow. Under the will of George's older brother John Jones of Great Horwood (made 1829, proved 1831), he and Elizabeth each received annuities totaling £60, and John's property in Great Horwood and Wappenham (Northants) was divided among their children.

                   i.    GEORGE(6) JONES, b. 1795, d.1836. He had daughters Elizabeth Ann Jones (born before 1823 according to the will of her great-grandmother Elizabeth Blake) and Nancy Morecraft Jones according to the will of his uncle John Jones (1829). His second wife was named Mary, and they had daughters Sarah (married John Cross, son of George Cross, draper of Winslow) and Mildred. In 1828 he was a lacebuyer, late of Winslow but now of Buckingham (see the administration of the property of his first wife Ann). He was a Lace Manufacturer in Castle Street, Buckingham (Pigot's Directory 1830). His will was proved in 1836.
27.             ii.    ELIZABETH(6) JONES, b. 1797, Winslow; d. 1830, Winslow.
                 iii.    THOMAS JONES, b. 1800; m. Winslow 24 Sep 1828 Rachel Woollhead (probably his cousin as Mary Woolhead of Thornborough was his great-aunt); d. 1857, Winslow. Children: Elizabeth Woollhead Jones (m. John Dover 1853); Mary Ann Jones; Rachel Ann Jones; Anna [registered as Hannah] Maria Jones (b.1839; m. John Woollhead 1860); Emily Jones (b.1842); Catherine Ann Williatt [registered as Woolhead] Jones (b.1847)
                 iv.    MARY ANN JONES, b. 1802, d. 1853 (see her will).
                  v.    NEWMAN JONES, b. 1803, d. 1874 in Lambeth (ran The Bull 1824-25)
                 vi.    SARAH JONES, b. 1806, m. GEORGE HARRUP before 1841.
                vii.    HANNAH (or ANNA) MARTHA JONES, b. 1808, Winslow; d. 1832, Winslow (see her will).
               viii.    JOHN JONES, b. Abt. 1810; d. before 1829 (not mentioned in his uncle's will)
                  ix.    WILLIAT JONES, b. 1813, Winslow; lived with his uncle John Jones at Great Horwood; d. 1831, Winslow.
                   x.    EDWARD WILLIAT JONES, b. 1816, Winslow; d. 1837, Winslow.
28.             xi.    ROBERT WILLIAT JONES, b. 1818, Winslow; d. 1889, Winslow.

20.  JOHN(5) BLAKE (f. ROBERT4, gf. THOMAS3, ggf. THOMAS2, gggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1754 in Winslow, and died 1804 in Winslow.  He married SARAH.  She died 1807 in Winslow.

Children of JOHN BLAKE and SARAH are:
                   i.    SUSANNAH(6) BLAKE, b. 1793, Winslow; d. 1834, Padbury; m. CHARLES NEAL, April 24, 1816, Winslow; b. Abt. 1791, Winslow. Charles was the brother of Joseph Neal of The Bell. They had 4 children born in Buckingham and Chetwode. At the 1826 manor court, Charles was recorded as a farmer of Addington, and Susannah was administratrix of her father's will which her mother had not proved. On the 1851 Census Charles is recorded as a widower aged 60 lodging in a house in Horn Street Winslow with John and Mary Corbett and their 2 nephews George and Charles Roads. In 1851, he was a grocer's porter.
                  ii.    MARTHA BLAKE, b. 1795, Winslow; d. 1876, Padbury; m. JOSEPH FLETCHER, 1813, Padbury. They had 11 children born in Padbury between 1813-1834.
29.            iii.    JOHN(6) BLAKE, b. 1797, Winslow; d. August 1857, Marsh Gibbon.

Baker's Cottage, Horn Street A recent photograph of the former bakery in Horn Street


21.  GEORGE(5) CARPENTER (m. ANN4 BLAKE, gf. THOMAS3, ggf. THOMAS2, gggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1758 in Swanbourne, and died 1795.  He died intestate; see the grant of administration to his wife. He married SARAH WATKINS 1782 in North Marston.  She was born 1755 in North Marston, and later married Thomas Yeates; see her will. She must be the Widow Carpenter of Winslow mentioned in the 1798 Posse Comitatus as owning 2 horses, 1 wagon and 1 cart.

30.              i.    GEORGE(6) CARPENTER, b. 1787, Winslow; m. 1807 Deborah, daughter of Joseph Mead; d. 1863, North Marston; Deborah died in 1858 aged 71.
                  ii.    ANN CARPENTER, m. JAMES STONE ALLEN, 1814; d. before 1837
Mentioned in the will of Newman Williatt, 1809. She was mentioned in will of his widow, her great-aunt Ann Williatt (nee Watkins) 1819. Legacy included a gold watch. She was the 2nd wife of James Stone Allen. His first wife Ann Mold died in childbirth 1812. He and Ann Carpenter had 4 children and after her death he married for a 3rd time in London in 1838.
                 iii.    SUSANNAH CARPENTER, d.1851 at Winslow aged 61, m. John Bainbridge of Winslow (lace merchant of Co. Durham by 1837); beneficiary of the will of Ann Williatt; see her will (made in 1846)

22.  ANN(5) CARPENTER (m. ANN4 BLAKE, gf. THOMAS3, ggf. THOMAS2, gggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1763 in Swanbourne, and died 22 September 1840 in Kings Sutton.  She married JEREMIAH TIBBETTS, son of THOMAS TIBBETTS and ELIZABETH CLARKE.  He was born Abt. 1761 in Kings Sutton, and died February 22, 1809 in Kings Sutton.

                   i.    ELIZABETH(6) TIBBETTS, b. 1782; d. 1826.
                  ii.    MARY TIBBETTS, b. 1783.
                 iii.    ANN TIBBETTS, b. 1786.
                 iv.    THOMAS TIBBETTS, b. 1788, Kings Sutton; d. 1851.
                  v.    SARAH TIBBETTS, b. 1791; d. 1856.
                 vi.    REBECCA TIBBETTS, b. 1792; d. 1813.
                vii.    CATHERINE TIBBETTS, b. 1794.
               viii.    FRANCES TIBBETTS, b. 1796; d. November 15, 1802, Kings Sutton. There is a plaque in memory of Frances Tibbetts inside Kings Sutton Parish Church.
                  ix.    JEREMIAH TIBBETTS, b. 1796, Kings Sutton.
                   x.    JANE TIBBETTS, b. 1799; d. 1851.
                  xi.    GEORGE TIBBETTS, b. 1801, Kings Sutton; d. 1851.

23.  JOHN(5b) BLAKE (f. FRANCIS4, gf. THOMAS3, ggf. THOMAS2, gggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1762 in Kings Sutton, and died 1832 in Hanborough.  He married SARAH.  She was born 1760, and died 1817.

Children of JOHN BLAKE and SARAH are:
31.              i.    JOHN(6b) BLAKE, b. 1792, North Marston.
                  ii.    SARAH BLAKE, b. 1796.
                 iii.    FRANCIS BLAKE, b. 1798.
                 iv.    FRANCIS BLAKE, b. 1799.
32.             v.    CAROLINE(6) BLAKE, b. 1799.
                 vi.    ANN BLAKE.
                vii.    FANNY BLAKE, b. 1803.
               viii.    WILLIAM BLAKE, b. 1805, Kings Sutton; d. May 1805, Kings Sutton.
                  ix.    JAMES BLAKE.
                   x.    THOMAS BLAKE.
                  xi.    MARY BLAKE.
                 xii.    FRANCES BLAKE, d. 1803, buried 5 October, Kings Sutton.

24.  FRANCES(5) BLAKE (f. FRANCIS4, gf. THOMAS3, ggf. THOMAS2, gggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1763, and died 1800 in Bicester. Buried at Bicester Independent Church. She married WILLIAM ROLLS 1797, son of WILLIAM ROLLS and MARY DEVONSHIRE.  He was born 1762 in Bicester, and died 1847 in Bicester.

                   i.    THOMAS HARRIS(6) ROLLS, b. 1798; d. 1799, Bicester. Buried at Bicester Independent Church.
                  ii.    FRANCES BLAKE ROLLS, b. 1799.

25.  THOMAS(5) BLAKE (f. FRANCIS4, gf. THOMAS3, ggf. THOMAS2, gggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1763, baptised 13 Nov. 1763, in Kings Sutton, and died 1846 in Kings Sutton.  He married (1) ELIZABETH KING (WIDOW) April 15, 1791.  She was born 1762 in Kings Sutton, and died December 1805 in Kings Sutton.  He married (2) BEATEA FESSEY January 27, 1812 in Avon Dassett Parish Church, daughter of GEORGE FESSEY and BEATA WELCH.  She was born 1786 in Byfield, and died 1856 in Kings Sutton.

                   i.    JOHN(6) BLAKE, b. 1792, Kings Sutton.
1851, Innkeeper (London). 1861: Amhurst Arms, 240 Amhurst Road, with his wife Mary, aged 62, born Orcheston, Wiltshire.
                  ii.    JAMES BLAKE, b. 1793. Occupation: 1851, Pianoforte maker (London).
                 iii.    FREDERIC BLAKE, b. 1799. Baptism: 10 April 1799, Kings Sutton.
                 iv.    THOMAS BLAKE, b. 1802, Kings Sutton. Baptism: 8 January 1802, Kings Sutton.
                  v.    GEORGE RICHARD BLAKE, b. 1804, Kings Sutton; d. 1804, Kings Sutton. Baptism: 20 August 1804, Kings Sutton
                         Burial: 17 September 1804, Kings Sutton.

33.            vi.    GEORGE FESSEY(6) BLAKE, b. October 14, 1808; d. 1872.
                vii.    FANNY BLAKE, b. 1813, Avon Dassett Warwickshire; d. 1894, Kings Sutton.
Took over as shop keeper and beer retailer from her mother at 17 Red Lion Street Kings Sutton. Occupation: 1862, shop keeper and beer retailer. On the 1871 census she and her sister Matilda are living together at the Red Lion.  Owned land and cottages in and around Kings Sutton. Will of 1894, bequests included:
5 acres of land known as Brick Kiln Closes to nephew Edwin Caleb Blake.
Annual payments of £3 pa to nephews Gabriel and George Blake.
4 cottages absolutely to niece Fanny Stanley then occupied by James Gurney, Joseph Twyman, Reuben Burrell and Emma Bray.
3 cottages for her lifetime to niece Emma Bray then occupied by George Wyatt (husband of Emma Bray's daughter Fanny Maria), William Gibson and William Turvey (husband of Emma Bray's daughter Jane). 
34.          viii.    MATILDA(6) BLAKE, b. 1817, Kings Sutton; d. 1881, Kings Sutton.

Generation No. 6

26.  EDWARD(6) EMERTON (m. MARY5 BLAKE, gf. THOMAS4, ggf. THOMAS3, gggf. THOMAS2, ggggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1797 in Stony Stratford.  He married (1) RACHEL.  She was born 1802 in Wicken.  He married (2) his first cousin ELIZABETH JONES 2 May 1820 in Winslow, daughter of GEORGE JONES and ELIZABETH BLAKE.  She was born 1797 in Winslow, and died 1830 in Winslow.

                   i.    EDWARD(7) EMERTON, b. 1822, Little Horwood; presumably died before 1832 as not mentioned in his aunt Hannah's will.
                  ii.    BENJAMIN EMERTON, b. 1824, Great Horwood; presumably died before 1832 as not mentioned in his aunt Hannah's will.
                 iii.    GEORGE JONES EMERTON, b. 1825, Great Horwood; d. 1908, Great Horwood. Occupation: Vet at Stony Stratford.
                iv. MARY EMERTON: mentioned with George and Elizabeth in the will of her grandmother Elizabeth Jones and the will of her uncle Edward Williatt Jones, d.1846
                v.    ELIZABETH BLAKE EMERTON, b. 1828, Great Horwood; d. 1916.

27.  ELIZABETH(6) JONES (m. ELIZABETH5 BLAKE, gf. THOMAS4, ggf. THOMAS3, gggf. THOMAS2, ggggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1797 in Winslow, and died 1830 in Winslow.  She married her first cousin EDWARD (6) EMERTON 2 May 1820 in Winslow, son of THOMAS EMERTON and MARY BLAKE. Children are listed above under (26) Edward Emerton.

Gravestone of Robert Williatt Jones and Ann Barbara Jones28.  ROBERT WILLIAM (OR WILLIAT) (6) JONES (m. ELIZABETH5 BLAKE, gf. THOMAS4, ggf. THOMAS3, gggf. THOMAS2, ggggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1818 in Winslow, and died 1889 in Winslow.  He married ANN BARBARA BRISE 1852 in Swanbourne.  She was born 1829 in Stewkley, and died 1902 in Winslow.

                   i.    ROBERT WILLIAT(7) JONES, b. 1854. He died in 1889 at Charwelton Hall, Byfield, Northants; buried at Winslow on 28 Aug.

29.  JOHN(6) BLAKE (f. JOHN5, gf. ROBERT4, ggf. THOMAS3, gggf. THOMAS2, ggggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1797 in Winslow, and died August 1857 in Marsh Gibbon.  He married (1) SALLY JONES 1818 in Marsh Gibbon, daughter of THOMAS JONES and ELIZABETH HOWES.  She was born Abt. 1801, and died August 24, 1822 in Marsh Gibbon.  He married (2) ELIZABETH LINES June 12, 1823 in Hillesden Parish Church.  She was born January 21, 1798, and died October 1837 (buried 26 Oct.) in Marsh Gibbon.  He married (3) LOUISA RUSHALL 1848 in Daventry.  She was born 1800 in Northamptonshire.

Children of JOHN BLAKE and SALLY JONES are:
                   i.    ANN(7) BLAKE, b. April 4, 1818, Marsh Gibbon; d. December 13, 1822, Marsh Gibbon.
                  ii.    SARAH BLAKE, b. April 10, 1821, Marsh Gibbon; d. 1846, St Ives Huntingdon; m. CHARLES CHRISTOPHER CANNAM, 1842, Buckingham; b. 1820, St Ives Huntingdon.
                 iii.    JOHN(7) BLAKE, b. February 21, 1824, Marsh Gibbon; d. August 14, 1824, Marsh Gibbon. Baptism: August 14, 1824, Buckingham Independent Chapel. Burial: August 24, 1824, Marsh Gibbon.
                 iv.    EDWARD BLAKE, b. January 1825. Twin. Not on 1881 census. Baptism: 1825, Buckingham Independent Chapel. Occupation: 1851, Baker, Marsh Gibbon.
                  v.    JOHN BLAKE, b. January 1825. Baptism: 1825, Buckingham Independent Chapel.
35.            vi.    BENJAMIN LINES BLAKE, b. September 7, 1826; d. August 4, 1888, Chatteris Cambridgeshire.
36.           vii.    MARY ANN BLAKE, b. July 28, 1828, Marsh Gibbon; d. 1863, Brixton.
               viii.    JAMES HENRY BLAKE, b. 1835; d. 1836, Marsh Gibbon. Burial: November 1, 1836, Marsh Gibbon.

30.  GEORGE(6) CARPENTER (f. GEORGE5 CARPENTER, gm. ANN4 BLAKE, ggf. THOMAS3, gggf. THOMAS2, ggggf. UNKNOWN1) was born abt. 1791 in Winslow, and died 1863 in North Marston.  He married DEBORAH MEAD.  She was born 1787 in Swanbourne, and died 1858 in North Marston.
                   i.    JOHN BLAKE(7) CARPENTER, b. 1812, North Marston. Mentioned in the will of his Great Aunt Ann Williat (nee Watkins) 1819, who was his godmother. The will included a legacy of £50 when he became 21 or married, whichever came first.  He was the plaintiff in a dispute about 30 Horn Street, 1879-81.
                  ii.    ANN CARPENTER, b. 1808, North Marston.
                 iii.    SARAH SUSANNAH CARPENTER, b. 1809, North Marston.
                 iv.    GEORGE CARPENTER, b. 1814, North Marston.
                  v.    SARAH CARPENTER, b. 1815, North Marston; d. 1878, Winslow (see her will); benefited under the will of her aunt Susannah Bainbridge.
                 vi.    RICHARD WATKINS CARPENTER, b. 1817, North Marston.
                vii.    FREDERICK CARPENTER, b. 1821, North Marston.
               viii.    THOMAS CARPENTER, b. 1830, North Marston. Dairyman of 31 Great Ormond Street, Queen Square, London in 1863.

31.  JOHN(6b) BLAKE (f. JOHN5b, gf. FRANCIS4, ggf. THOMAS3, gggf. THOMAS2, ggggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1792 in North Marston.  He married MARIA.  She was born 1798 in North Marston.

Children of JOHN BLAKE and MARIA are:
                   i.    SARAH7 BLAKE, b. 1823, North Marston. Occupation: 1851, Washerwoman, Stamford Lincs.
                 ii.    FRANCES BLAKE, b. 1830. Occupation: 1851, Houseservant, Stamford Lincs.
                 iii.    JOHN BLAKE, b. 1832, North Marston. Occupation: 1851, Porter, Stamford Lincs.
                 iv.    HARRIETT BLAKE, b. 1842, North Marston.
                  v.    MARY A BLAKE, b. 1844, North Marston.
                 vi.    EMMA BLAKE, b. 1848, North Marston.

32.  CAROLINE(6) BLAKE (f. JOHN5b, gf. FRANCIS4, ggf. THOMAS3, gggf. THOMAS2, ggggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1799.  She married GEORGE CLARKE by licence 23 July 1822 in Kings Sutton. 

                   i.    FRANCES(7) BLAKE, b. October 22, 1821.

33.  GEORGE FESSEY(6) BLAKE (f. THOMAS5, gf. FRANCIS4, ggf. THOMAS3, gggf. THOMAS2, ggggf. UNKNOWN1) was born October 14, 1808, and died 1872.  He married MARY HARWOOD August 1838 in Dassett Major, daughter of JOSEPH HARWOOD and SARAH BASS.  She was born 1810 in Burton Dassett.

Children of GEORGE BLAKE and MARY HARWOOD are:
                   i.    SARAH(7) BLAKE, b. August 1839, Bodicot Oxfordshire; d. January 15, 1840, Bodicot Oxfordshire.
                  ii.    GABRIEL WESLEY BLAKE, b. 1841, Bodicot; d. 1908, Bodicot. Occupation: Butcher.
                 iii.    GEORGE BLAKE, b. February 1843, Bodicot; d. October 1843, Bodicot.
                 iv.    SARAH BLAKE, b. 1845, Bodicot; d. 1887, Bodicot.
In the 1881 census Sarah is simply listed as an unmarried daughter with no occupation. It is possible that she was some sort of invalid as she never married and died aged 42. Personal effects at the time of her death were valued at £230.
                  v.    GEORGE BLAKE, b. May 1, 1848, Bodicot; d. 1929, Kings Sutton; butcher; m. ELLEN HONE, September 24, 1877, Primitive Methodist Chapel Banbury; b. 1849, Adderbury Oxfordshire; d. November 16, Kings Sutton. Trustee of Kings Sutton Primitive Methodist Church. When the new Methodist Church was built at Kings Sutton in 1936 there was a plaque put up "To the glory of God and in honour of all who laid foundation stones and bricks. Also in grateful memory of George Blake". Along with his brother Edwin, George was one of the executors and trustees of his Aunt Fanny Blake's will (1894) from which he inherited an annual sum of £3 payable half-yearly.
            vi.    FANNY BLAKE, b. 1850, Bodicot; d. 1940, Bodicot.
           vii.    EDWIN CALEB BLAKE, b. January 10, 1853, Bodicote; d. 1936, Deddington.

34.  MATILDA(6) BLAKE (f. THOMAS5, gf. FRANCIS4, ggf. THOMAS3, gggf. THOMAS2, ggggf. UNKNOWN1) was born 1817 in Kings Sutton, and died 1881 in Kings Sutton.

Child of MATILDA BLAKE is:
              i.    EMMA(7) BLAKE, b. 1838, Bodicot; d. September 23, 1901, Kings Sutton.

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