View of frankpledge and court baron, 2 May 1693

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Originals in Latin. Only entries concerning Winslow have been summarised here, apart from the lists of jurors and defaulters which also include Little Horwood and Granborough.

[f.1] View of frankpledge of Nicholas Goodwin, 2 May 5 William & Mary, by James Hayes esq., deputy steward.

Jurors: Thomas Blake, Richard Seaton, Richard Phipps, William Bigg, John Amborough, John Hearne, Christopher Stutsbury, Robert Eding
Charles Bowler, Henry Townesende, Edward Berkley, William Prentice, John Holland, Robert Stevens, Joseph Holliday, John Stevens
William Tharpe, William Stevens, Thomas Ward, Richard Barten, Arthur Smyth, Henry Curtice, Thomas Adams, William Eden

Default: George Knight, Thomas Norman, Peter Lowndes, William Wyatt jr, Richard Cox & Robert Mitchell with many others

Constables of Winslow: Simon Hogston & Charles King in place of Richard Seaton & Benjamin Dudley

Assessors of Winslow: Nicholas Miller & Richard Reading in place of Henry Toms & Ralph Bates

Constable of Shipton: William Wyatt sr in place of Charles Bowler

Tithingman of Shipton: John Carradine in place of William Ashby

Field-warden [custos agrorum] of Shipton: Robert Mitchell

John Hogston has died. He held a messuage and 40 acres by copyhold. John Hogston his son, who is heir by entail of his grandfather John Hogston deceased, was summoned and did not come. First proclamation made.

Benjamin Griffin and Anne his wife on 10 April last surrendered 3 acres of land:

To Daniel Gyles of Winselowe, Linnen Draper. Fine 6s. And 1 acre in Hoxlowe Furlong, New Mill Field, land late Mr Hazellwood's south, to William Gyles jr of Winslow, Mercer. Fine 2s. [Anne Griffin was Daniel and William Gyles' sister]

George Norris and Anne his wife at the court on 19 Oct 1679 surrendered the messuage called the Little Angel [Angelam parvam], John Kenniston west, to Theodocia West of Marsworth, spinster. To be void if they paid her £50 and interest, which is unpaid, so the property is forfeit to her. [More below]

William Hazellwood sought to be admitted to 10 acres of land and a part of a messuage on the surrender of his father Nathaniel Hazellwood. 1 rood [?] is in the occupation of Benjamin Dudley. According to a surrender in 1690[?]. Fine 20s.

Samuel Palmer and Anne his wife at this court surrendered 3 acres of arable and grassland:

To Philip Budd of Winslowe, Butcher, and Elizabeth his wife, and Philip's heirs. Rent 9d. Fine 6s.

Robert Eden jr and Anne his wife in open court surrendered a piece of land containing 4 perches 4 feet, part of the orchard of Robert Eden [not "the said"] of Winslow. 16 feet long on the south side, 30 feet on north side. 50 feet wide. To Edward Horwood of Bissiter, Plasterer, and Anne his wife, and Edward's heirs. Fine 6d.

William French sr, a customary tenant for life, surrendered a cottage in Winslowe in the occupation of William Greene, William French's east and John Glenister's west, with all outhouses etc. To William French jr for the life of William French sr. William jr is aged between 14 and 21 and Daniel Stevens of Adstock is appointed his guardian. Fine 5s. [This was in Sheep Street]

Edward Curtain[?] and Anne his wife surrendered 1/3 of a cottage [no location given], lately Christopher Willins deceased's. Half to the use of William Gibbs and Alice his wife, half to the use of Elizabeth Willins. Fine 5s.

Theodocia West, spinster, surrendered a messuage in the occupation of Richard Punn and Charles King called the Little Angel, with lights, easements, passages, appendages and appurtenances. To John Greene of Winslow, chirurgeon, and Emma his wife, and John's heirs. Fine 5s. [More below] [This is mentioned again in 1694, and seems to refer to the "encroachment" in the Market Square, now nos.12-16.]

[f.2] John Robbinson and Mary his wife surrendered the cottage in Winslowe in which Dennice Church, spinster, now lives, on a parcel of land lately William Elliot's and Elizabeth his wife's, 57 feet long, 16 feet wide at the east end, 18 feet in the middle, 13 feet at the west end, [blank] Wurrall widow south. To Denice Church of Winslow spinster. Fine 5s.

Benjamin Leach and Frances his wife surrendered all their customary land in Winslow, 8 acres in all:

To Samuel Norman of Winslow, Grocer, and Martha his wife, and Samuel's heirs. Rent 2s. Fine 16s.

John Yeomans surrendered a messuage in the occupation of John Hewett with all outhouses etc., and 2 closes belonging to it in the occupation of Thomas Godwin. To the use of John Meakes of Addington, yeoman. On condition that if Grant Hewett of Winslow, a minor under 21, and John Amborough of Winslow, Maulster, his guardian pay to him £3 on 2 Nov 1693, 2 May & 2 Nov 1694, 2 May & 2 Nov 1695, and £130 on 3 May 1696, the surrender should be to the use of Grant Hewett and his heirs. Otherwise to remain in force. Fine 5s.
[There is a copy of this surrender: CBS, D97/104/1/4. On the reverse Joseph Meakes, administrator of John Meakes, acknowledges receipt of the principal (date illegible).]

John Green & Emma his wife and John Stutsbury & Elizabeth his wife surrendered a messuage in the occupation of John Greene, containing one bay from the entrance in the occupation of John Hearne fronting the common street, and 3 bays adjoining on the yard side and the south part of the yard belonging to the bays, as it is now walled, with entry for horses, carts and carriages through the entrance and the Gatewayes on the east side of the yard in the occupation of the said John Hearne. To Joseph Dandridge of London, Merchant Taylor, and Martha his wife, and Joseph's heirs. Joseph's attorney Joseph Dandridge of Winslow, Barber Chirurgeon, sought to be admitted tenant. Rent 8d. Fine 5s.

Stephen Bigg jr and Martha his wife surrendered all their entrance between Stephen's domicile and the domicile of William Gyles jr fronting south on the Markett place, 18 feet 3½ inches long, 4 feet 5½ inches wide at the front and 4 feet 4½ inches at the other end. To William Gyles jr and Sarah his wife and William's heirs. Fine 5s. [This refers to the site of The Bank; Stephen and William had a dispute about their boundary in 1691.]

Robert Scott & Anne his wife and Benjamin Scott & Elizabeth his wife and Robert Hale surrendered a close of arable land called Coldum containing 5 acres. To William Gyles sr of Winslow, Woollen Draper. On condition that if the Scotts pay him 25s on 5 Nov 1693, 5 May & 5 Nov 1694, 5 May & 5 Nov 1695 and £51 5s on 5 May 1696, the surrender is to be for the use of Anne and Benjamin and their heirs. Otherwise to remain in force. Rent 1s 3d. Fine 10s. [The land was sold to William Lowndes in 1694.]

Thomas Blake surrendered 8 butts of arable land lying over Firlings near Loccas house, the land lately Thomas Bishop's south. And a close in Demeram Field called Shoulder of Mutton containing 1 acre. To Henry Hughs, Richard Seaton & Henry Townesend of Winslow. On condition that if Thomas pays them 48s on 3 Nov 1693, 3 May & 3 Nov 1694, 3 May & 3 Nov 1695 and £62 8s on 3 May 1696, the surrender is to be void. Fine 6s.
[Henry Townesend acknowledged at the court in 1722 that he had received the £62 8s]

Robert Scott surrendered 1 acre of arable land on the north side of Coldum Close with the fence/hedge standing on it. To Benjamin Scott of Winslow, butcher. Fine 2s.

A 3rd proclamation was made for Thomas Bett.

View of frankpledge and court baron, 11 Oct 1693

View of frankpledge with court baron of Nicholas Goodwin gent., 11 Oct 5 William & Mary 1693 by Nicholas Merwin, gent., deputy steward.

Essoins. Residents: Thomas Wainewright, Robert Reddall & William Firth with many others.
Tenants: Thomas Deely, William Shelton, Thomas Henley, Charles Bowler, James Woodward & John Mountague with many others.

Jurors: Thomas Blake, John Amborough, Peter Lowndes, Joseph Glenister, Richard Westley, William Kurby, John Chandler, John Meakes.
Henry Hughes, William Hunt, William Prentis, William Bigg, Richard Phipps, Henry Townesend, Thomas Ward, John Markham.
Arthur Smyth, Robert Manwareing gent., John Holland, Richard Sterman, John Haynes, Thomas Mountague, William Stevens jr, William Elliott.

Default. Residents: Hugh Burrall 2d, Thomas Paxton 2d, John Burrall 2d, Thomas Foster 6d, Benjamin Dudley 6d, Benjamin Sanders 6d, Christopher Bigg 2d, Robert Grainger 2d, Joseph Collins 3d, Edward Smyth 2d, Thomas Tayler 2d, Squier Emmerton 2d.
Tenants: Thomas Godwin 4d, Thomas Kurby 6d, John Godwin 6d, Thomas Bett 6d, Zacharias Hamms 6d, John Robbins 6d, John Chennill 6d, Joseph Glenister 6d, Joseph Hollyday 6d, Benedict Holland at Pound 6d, Thomas Rutland 6d, William Stevens at Tilde House 6d, Robert Hughes 4d, John Stevens at New House 6d, Ralph Stevens sr 6d, Thomas Adams 4d, John Mead 3d, Henry Galquin 3d, John Coye 3d, Edward Markham 3d, Thomas Oakeley 3d, John Ellis 3d, Henry Curtis 3d, William Richardson 3d, Thomas Ward 3d, Hugh Williatt 3d, John Capper 3d, Henry Pitkin 3d, Thomas Willin 3d, Robert Norman 3d, William Bevin 3d, John Varney 3d, William Willice 3d, Thomas Showler 3d, John Williatt 3d, Thomas Curtice 3d, Richard Barton 3d, Robert Grainge gent. 3d, William Barton 3d, Edward Hopkins 3d.

John Hogson, Benjamin Scott, Peter Lowndes, Richard Phipps & John Dymocke inspected the encroachment between Henry Hughes and John Amborough. The fencing in dispute was agreed to be paled by Henry Hughes. He is to gravell the watercourse there and to have entry to take water at the well when he hath Occac(i)on.

Tithingmen of Winslow: Joseph Harding and William Firth in place of William Prentis and William Bigg.

Robert Inwood erected a new cottage and habitation, and 4 acres of land does not adjoin it to be occupied continuously according to the form of the statue. Therefore forfeiture of £10 by pain of statute.

Thomas Chandler formerly died seised of 3 acres of land in Winslow. John Chandler is his son and next heir, of full age. Elizabeth Chandler widow has died since the last court, seised of a cottage and 3 acres in Winslow. John Chandler her son and heir was admitted tenant.

George Norris on 4 July last surrendered through the chief steward a messuage in the Middle Rowe in Winslow called the Little Angel, in the occupation of Charles King jr and Richard Punn. To the use of John Greene of Winslow, Chirurgeon, and Emmas his wife, and John's heirs. Fine 5s.

George Knight, citizen and glazier of London, and Elizabeth his wife through the chief steward surrendered all these separate pieces of copyhold land:

To the use of George Blake of Murcott, Oxon, and his heirs in perpetuity. [George Knight must have disposed of all his property in Winslow by his death in 1704; he had property at Buckingham which was to go to his grandson George Knight Lambert.]

Elizabeth Holloway, widow of Thomas Holloway, asked if she had to do anything else to become tenant of a messuage and 40 acres of arable land, pasture and meadow in Shipton. On reading a copy of the court roll dated 12 Dec 1656 of the admission of Thomas and Elizabeth by Francis Clarke gent., steward, it was agreed that it made her tenant.

Thomas Robinson sought to be admitted tenant to 3 acres 1 rood of land in Winslow and Shipton as son and heir of Thomas Robinson his father and John Robinson his grandfather, deceased. Seisin was granted.

Benjamin Leach surrendered all the messuage in his own occupation with all yards, barns, etc. and the backyard. To the use of William Gyles jr of Winslow, draper, on condition that if Benjamin pays him £61 10s on 12 April next at William's house, the surrender is to be void.

George Knight, citizen and glazier of London and Elizabeth his wife on 20 May last through William Cherry, chief steward, surrendered:

To the use of George Blake of Murcott, Oxon, and Mary his wife and George's heirs. George and Mary did not come to court, first proclamation made.

John Seaton who died since the last court on 12 Aug surrendered through William Kurby and Richard Seaton all his homestall with all barns, stables, orchards and gardens, and all his customary arable lands, meadow and pasture in Old Mill Field, New Mill Field and Demeram Field to the use of his will. First proclamation made.

Second proclamations were made for John Hogson and Henry Emmerton.

[signed] Nicho: Merwin, deputy steward

Court Baron of Nicholas Goodwin, gent., 18 October 5 William & Mary 1693, by Nicholas Merwin gent. deputy steward

No essoins, no complainants

Homage: William Gyles sr, Henry Hughes, William Gyles jr, William Illing Christopher Coates, Thomas Wright, Thomas Godwin, Thomas Bett, Philip Budd, John Stutsbury, William Prentice, Joseph Glenister, Samuel Norman

[Business only concerned Little Horwood]

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