Will of Newman Williatt of Buckingham, 1809

National Archives, PROB 11/1505/72

My Will, To Mrs Williatt 300 a year for life out of my Real and personal Estates also my House and Furniture in Castle Street with my Houses & Close in the Prebend end for life and 500 pounds to be paid her three months after my decease my House and Furniture in Castle Street with the Houses and Close in Prebend End after the decease of Mrs Williatt to Wm Woolhead of Thornborough and his Heirs Also I give to W(illia)m Woolhead 500 one y(ea)r after my decease to Mrs Woolhead his Mother 500 one year after my decease   To John Jones G(rea)t Horwood 600 pounds one y(ea)r after my decease To Geo. Jones of Winslow all the Money he owes me on Bills Mortgages or Notes to be given up to him and to all his Children 300 apiece when they shall arrive at the age of 21 years if any die before that time the living to have the share of him her or them so dying divided amongst the Survivors To my Brother Edward Williatt my Estate at Horwood To Sara Carpenter of Winslow 100 to Ann Carpenter her daughter 200 to John Clark Turvey 6ct [sic], Brickwell 100 To Mrs Goodman Grove Mill 100 pounds To my Executors In Trust all my Real and personal Estates Money in the Funds and my Estate at Wendover Dean in the occupation of Mr Prot[?] my Est(ate)  at Granborough in the occapation [sic] of Mr. Turvey and myself my Estate at Wapinham in my occupation all the rest and residue of my Real and personal Estate I give to Geo(rge) Williatt Edward

[p.2] Williatt and Rob(er)t Williatt share and share alike after paying my just debts Legacies and Funeral Expences Geo(rge) Williatt Edward Williatt and Robert Williatt Executors joint Executors        

Appeared Personally Philip Box of Buckingham in the County of Bucks Banker and Thomas Hearn of the same place Gentleman and made oath that they knew and were acquainted with Newman Williatt late of the Town and County of Buckingham deceased and with his manner and Character of Hand writing by having seen him write and having now with care and attention viewed the paper writing hereunto annexed being or purporting to be and contain the said deceased the said Will without date or subscription beginning thus “my will” ending thus “George Williatt Edward Williatt and Robert Williatt Executors joint Executors” they these Deponents say that they verily and in their Consciences believe the whole body series and Contents of the said paper writing beginning and ending as aforesaid to be all of the proper Handwriting and to have been wholly written by the said deceased
Phil(ip) Box                         Tho(mas) Hearn
On Wednesday the Twenty fifth day of October 1809 the said Philip Box and Thomas Hearn were duly sworn to the truth of this Affidavit before me Henry Crowe Commiss(ioner)

This will was proved at London 31st October 1809 before Rt Hon Sir John Nicholl Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully Constituted by the oaths of George Williatt Edward Williatt and Robert Williatt Executors to whom Administration was granted having been first sworn by Commission  duly to Adm(inister)

[margin] On the 11th day of Dec(ember) 1828 Adm(inistrati)on (with the Will annexed) of the Goods Chattels and Credits of Newman Williatt late of the Town and County of Buckingham dec(ease)d left unad(minister)ed by George Williatt Edward Williatt and Robert Williatt dec(eased) whilst living the Brothers Executor and residuary Legatees named in the said Will was granted to John Jones and George Jones the Elder the Nephews and Adm(inistrat)ors of the Goods of the said George Williatt dec(eased) having been first sworn by Com(missi)on duly to Administer. The said George Williatt survived the said Edward Williatt and Robert Williatt and died Intestate.


This was a draft will which was allowed to stand, hence the very unusual wording. Newman Williatt was descended from the Williatt family of Little Horwood, and had strong Winslow connections as well as property in many other places. He seems to have been the son of Newman and Eliza Williatt of Buckingham, and was aged 26 when he married Ann Watkins of North Marston in 1776. He was Bailiff of Buckingham three times. He bought property in Granborough in 1797, 1803 and 1808, amounting to 4 messuages and about 100 acres; at the 1811 manor court it passed to his eldest brother George Williatt of Great Horwood, gentleman, with dower to his widow Ann.

George Jones the nephew (1771-1834), son of Newman's sister Elizabeth, married Elizabeth Blake of Winslow; see Blake family. Their children included Newman Jones and Robert Williatt Jones. Sarah Carpenter, later Yeates, of Winslow (1755-1837) was nee Watkins of North Marston and Newman's sister-in-law. She was also connected to the Blake family. The Wool(l)heads of Thornborough were also related (see will of Thomas Jones, 1857); Mrs Woolhead was probably Newman's sister.

The will of Ann Williatt of Buckingham, relict of Newman Williatt, lacebuyer (National Archives, PROB 11/1616/409, made 18 Sep 1815, codicils 16 & 21 Dec 1818, proved 24 May 1819), mentions:

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