Directory of Winslow, c.1795

A transcription of this by A.J. Clear was published in the Buckingham Advertiser, 23 Jan 1909. His comments have been added in italics. (F.) stands for freeholder. Links have been added to wills etc. Clear gave the date as 1790, but it must be later. Thomas Bowler the elder and Robert Gibbs, maltster died in 1795; Crescens Churchill probably left in that year. However, Sarah Burley didn't take over The Bull from her husband William before 1795, and William King the carpenter who died in 1795 isn't listed. The date of the information is therefore mainly 1795, not 1798 as previously thought. However, Edward Hillyer died in 1792.

WINSLOW is situate fifty miles from London, eight miles north-west from Ivinghoe [sic], and seven miles south-east from Buckingham, in the turnpike road leading from London to Birmingham. It is a neat, regular, well-built town, consisting chiefly of three streets, which stand east, west and north. The town is surrounded with woods. There is a market on Thursday, and four fairs for cattle, viz. March 20, Holy Thursday, August 21st, and September 22nd. It has also two statute fairs for the hiring of servants, one is held the Thursday before old Michaelmas Day and the other the Thursday following.

The post goes out every evening, Saturdays excepted, at six o'clock, and comes in every morning at six o'clock, Monday's excepted. The Buckingham stage coach goes through to London every day in the week except Sunday, and one returns the same day; also three common stage coaches, which go twice in the week (two to the Oxford Arms, and one to the George, Snow Hill, London). One belongs to Mrs. Eagles, of Brackley, Northamptonshire, one to Mrs. Eagles, of Banbury, and the other to Mr. Stutchbury, of Buckingham.

The following are enumerated as the principal inhabitants:-

Dudley, William. Mr S.B. Dudley, the last male representative of this family, died about 20 years ago.
Prentice, Mrs.
Selby, William (F.). This was the ancestor of the present Selby-Lowndes family.
Yeates, Thomas. This was probably the father of Miss Bridget Yeates who left the charities.

Ash, Rev. Edward (F.)
Bannister, Rev. James, Curate. It is evident from this that Mr. Walker, who was Vicar from 1789 to 1793 was not then in residence in the parish. There is no record of who the Rev. Edward Ash was, but as a freeholder he must have owned property in the town.

Barlow, Richard, Surgeon etc.
Tookey, John (F.) ditto. There is a piece of land formerly known as Tookey's close.
Turner, Joseph, ditto

Burnham, James (F.) Attorney. Coroner for the district. His descendant, Mr. James Burnham, died about 25 years back.
Churchill, ___, Attorney [=Crescens Churchill]
Reading, Richard, Attorney

Allen, James, Tailor
Allen, James, Butcher. A descendant is living at Steeple Claydon.
Barton, Richard (F.) Victualler. Kept the George Inn, then known as the George and Dragon [sic - actually George and Horseshoe]
Bignell, Thomas, Baker
Blake, John, Baker
Blake, William (F.)
Bowler, Charles {F.) Cordwainer
Bowler, Thomas Sen., Maltster. This family resided in Horn street and has not died out very long; they intermarried with the Jones'.
Bowler, Thomas Jun., Wheelwright
Brandon, Thomas, Dairy-man
Budd, Francis, Butcher
Burley, Sarah, Victualler [The Bull]
Carpenter, George (F.) Tanner. This family resided in Horn Street and has not died out above 25 years.
Cheney, John, Grocer & Ironmonger
Cox, John (F.) Glazier. The Cox's owned considerable property in Tinker's End; they are now represented by a branch of the Gibbs family.
Cox, Martha, Milliner
Cross, George, Blacksmith. This family became drapers, George Cross, probably the son, occupying the shop on the Market Square just occupied by Mr. Readwin. The Crosses succeeded the Dudleys' there. The Rev. John Cross, son of Mr. Geo. Cross, was rector of Mursley.
Dudley, Benjamin, Glazier
Dudley, John, Draper. One of the Dudleys just mentioned as living at the Market Square shop; on making some alteration there about 10 years back the name Robert Dudley, hatter, was discovered over the door.
Dudley, Joseph, Draper
Dumbleton, John, Gardener
Eagleton, C., Turner. Name still survives in the form of Egleton.
Eden, Robert, Carpenter. Robert Eden, an aged carpenter (generally known as "old Bob Huden") died a few years back; he would probably be grandson, or possibly even the son.
Gibbs, John, Cooper
Gibbs, John, Glover
Gibbs, John, Maltster
Gibbs, Richard, Currier
Gibbs, Robert, Grocer
Gibbs, Robert, Maltster
Gibbs, Stephen, Glover & Postmaster. He kept the post-office at the house now ocupied by Mr. Lundy, and the workshop where he made gloves is now Mr. French's printing office. The family of Gibbs still survives; it can be traced back to 1517, and probably was here much earlier, the name being Saxon.
Godfrey, ____, ( F. ) Cooper
Goodman, John (F.) Victualler. His descendant was a bricklayer and died some 30 years back.
Hall, John, Mason. This family intermarried with the Gibbs; Mr. James Gibbs Hall, printer, died at High Street not many years ago.
Harris, Thomas, Victualler
Harris, William, Butcher. Mr. Joseph Harris, butcher, died at Great Horwood, and Miss Ann Harris, of Mursley, about eight or nine years back. Some of the family lived at Horwood and some at Winslow.
Hawley, George, Grocer & Ironmonger. Still carried on by the same family and at the old spot.
Hazzard, Mrs., Victualler. The descendants kept a confectioner's shop for many years in the Market Square.
Hazard, Thomas, Cordwainer
Hillyer, Edward, Farmer
Holland, John, Grocer & Ironmonger
Jackman, William (F.) Blacksmith. This was a very old family of blacksmiths, whose forge was in Sheep Street; the name is not quite extinct.
James, Robert, Victualler
Jellyman, John, Hemp-dresser
Ingram, Thomas (F.) Farmer. This name is still in evidence; the family resided at Shipton.
King, Charles, Whitesmith
King, John, Blacksmith. This family has not died out very long.
King, William, Victualler. Occupied the Windmill. [Clear was wrong; William King kept The Bell]
Lomath, John, Cordwainer. Mr. John Henry Lomath, rate collector, etc., was the descendant of this family.
Maydon, John, Butcher. This name has only recently died out; Messrs. Willis and Willis' offices are on the spot where Mr. George Maydon lived for many years.
Mayne, John, Butcher. This was a very old Winslow name, now only represented on the female side.
Mayne, Richard, Grocer
Mayne, William (F.) Sadler
Morecraft, Thomas, Butcher. The family is still represented.
Morris, James, Peruke-maker
Newman, Frances, Victualler
Rawbone, Thomas (F.) Schoolmaster. He died in 1836, aged 84, having been Master of the free School (in Cowley's Walk) for 60 years.
Read, Thomas, Farmer
Robinson, Francis, Tailor
Seaton, Augustine (F.) Butcher
Staniford, Richard, Mason. The name is commemorated by "Staniford's pump" (close to Miss George's).
Turnbull, Elizabeth, Draper
Walker, William, Butcher. Now by far the most popular surname in the town.
Whichello, Abel, Peruke-maker
Williams, John, Victualler
Wilmore, William, Victualler. Still represented.
Wilson, Thomas, Farmer

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