Will of John Tookey, surgeon, 1802 (proved 1818)

National Archives PROB 11/1606/239

In the Name of God Amen I John Tookey of Winslow in the County of Bucks Surgeon being of sound mind disposing memory and understanding do make and publish this my last Will and Testament and so hereby after the payment of my just debts give and bequeath to my dearly beloved Wife Henrietta Tookey all my real and personal property or Estates besides what is settled upon her by our Marriage Settlement or agreement during her natural life or as long as she shall continue a Widow subject to the following Imprimis (that is to say) for the maintenance and Education of my Son John Tookey and my daughter Henrietta until they are of age of twenty one years I then give unto my Son John <eith>er on his settling in any Business or profession \or/ on his Marriage with the consent of the Trustees herein after mentioned Five Shares in the Grand Junction canal and also one third of my Personal Property I also give to my said Son John that ground commonly called Hollow Furrow containing about ten acres more or less in the parish of Winslow with remainder to my Daughter Henrietta in case he should die without Heir or Heirs of his body lawfully begotten to her and her Heirs (I also give to my Daughter Henrietta in case of her Marriage before she is twenty one years of age with the consent of the Trustees of this my Will Five Half shares in the Grand Junction also \one/ and third of my Personal Property also that Farm in Great Horwood Field now in the occupation of John Swaley and also that close in Great Horwood aforesaid in the occupation of Tom Judge of Little Horwood both in the County of Bucks with remainder in case she dies without Heir lawfully begotten to her Brother John Tookey and his Heirs) I do hereby appoint my dear Wife Henrietta Tookey and my Brother in Law William Belgrave of Uppingham in the County of Rutland  Joint Trustees and Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I give to each Ten Guineas over and above whatever Expence they may be subject to in fulfilling the same I also leave to them In Trust my House and Land known and called by the name of Thistle Forest in parish of North Marston Bucks to be sold as soon as may be after my death and the product thereof as soon as may be after my death and the product thereof to be put out to Interest for the use of my Wife and children as Personal Property I also leave to my Dear Sister Susannah Belgrave of Uppingham aforesaid and to my Wifes Mother Sarah Prentice Five Guineas each as a small token of my Love and Regard to purchase a Ring  I also give after the decease or Marriage of said wife Henrietta the remaining third part of my Personal Property and real estate not before disposed of to be equally divided between my two children or their Heirs in case of the death of my Children without Heirs before the death of their Mother  I give all my real and personal property to my dear Sister Susanah Belgrave  and her Heirs for ever given under my hand and Seal this tenth day of November one thousand eight hundred and two as my last Will and Testament

J Tookey [signature]

Signed and Sealed in the presence of
John Cowley [signature] Surgeon Winslow Bucks
Thomas Clarke Apprentice

Proved at London the 15th July 1818 before the Judge by the Oaths of Henrietta Tookey Widow the Relict and William Belgrave the Executors to whom Adm(inistrati)on was granted having been first sworn by Com(missi)on duly to Adm(iniste)r


John Tookey was born at Uppingham, Rutland, in 1748. He arrived in Winslow in 1773 to go into partnership with Elizabeth, widow of the surgeon John Turner (d.1773). In 1786 he bought the house in The Walk now called Lawn House, which he must have substantially rebuilt. In 1796 he married Henrietta, daughter of Thomas Prentice (d.1780), also a Winslow surgeon; see their sale of some land in 1806 for more information. She had inherited land in Winslow and Little Horwood. Her will was proved in 1847. He was in partnership with William Ashwell until 1784. By 1805 his partner was John Cowley, who bought Lawn House from John Tookey jr in 1820. John Tookey of Winslow was made a Doctor of Medicine by the University of Aberdeen in 1806; presumably this was John sr.

Arthur Clear recorded a memorial plaque for Elizabeth Tookey, died 9 Sep 1782 aged 73, and John Tookey Esq. M.D. her son, died 17 Dec 1817 aged 69.

In 1782, Tookey & Ashwell advertised that they had taken over "Mr Southam's house" at Thistle Forest near North Marston for inoculating patients against smallpox at £2 4s 6d each. "They use Mr. Southam's secret and peculiar Method, in which he has inoculated upwards of Twenty-five Thousand Patients with the greatest Success, in the County of Bucks only." (Oxford Journal, 23 March 1782)

Tookey provided medical services for the Fremantles of Swanbourne, and is recorded in the Wynne Diaries as attending the births of the children of Betsey Wynne, wife of Admiral Thomas Fremantle.

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