Will of John Cox, plumber and glazier, 1830 (proved 1842)

Herts RO 278AW2

This is the last Will and Testament of me John Cox of Winslow in the County of Bucks Plumber and Glazier  First I desire that my Body may be interred in the Church Yard of Winslow aforesaid as near the remains of my late Ancestors as conveniently can be that Stones may be erected to my memory similar to those erected to their memory and that the expences attending the same may be paid by my Executrix hereinafter named


John Morecraft
Dav. Tho. Willis
Sam. Cater

Probate granted 25 Aug 1842 to Phillis Cox, Charles Willis and William Matthews. Sworn before me, W.W. McCreight, surrogate.


John Cox was the son of Francis Cox, glazier, d.1782, whose business he carried on. In the 1841 census, John Cox aged 105 [in fact he was about 85], of independent means, was living in Great Horn Street (part of the site of no.5) with his housekeeper Phillis Cox, aged 55. He died on 2 April 1842 aged 87. He lived 50 years after his planned retirement for health reasons:

Northampton Mercury, 17 March 1792
TO BE LETT, and entered upon at Old Lady-Day next the PLUMBING and GLAZING SHOP, belonging to JOHN COX, Plumber and Glazier, In Winslow, in the county of Bucks (who intends declining business on Account of his Health) – Also the STOCK in TRADE to be DISPOSED OF.
For Particulars apply to the said John Cox.

Some of his other property was offered for sale in 1805:

Bucks Herald, 2 March 1805
To be  S O L D  by  A U C T I O N, By Mr. JOSEPH DUDLEY,
At the Old Crown, in Winslow, in the county of Buckingham, on Wednesday the thirteenth Day of March, 1805, between the Hours of Three and Six of the Clock in the Afternoon, under and subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there  produced,
THE following FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD ESTATES, situate in WINSLOW aforesaid, and GRANDBOROUGH, in the said County of Buckingham;  the Copyhold Parts whereof are Copyhold of Inheritance, held of the Manor of Winslow aforesaid, subject to a small Fine, which is certain:-
   Lot 1. A Copyhold Messuage or Tenement, Brick and Tile-built, and excellent Malt House, capable of making fourteen Quarters of Malt per Week, situate near the Church-Yard, in Winslow aforesaid, with Barns and Garden thereunto adjoining, in the Occupation of the Proprietor, Mr. John Cox, Plumber and Glazier.
**The Purchaser of the above Lot may be accommodated with 17 Acres of Pasture Land, either to rent or purchase, well supplied with Water;  whereon is a new-erected Cow House for ten Cows, with convenient Calf-Pens.
   Lot 2.  Two Copyhold Messuages or Tenements, adjoining each other, with the Barn, Yard, and Garden belonging thereto, situate near the Church Yard, in Winslow aforesaid, in the Occupations of William Penn and James Royce.
   Lot 3.Two Copyhold Tenements, situate in Grandborough aforesaid, late in the Tenure or Occupation of John Norman and George Stairs, with the Orchard thereunto adjoining; also about nine acres of Freehold Pasture Land, in Grandborough aforesaid, adjoining the Road leading to Winslow.
   Lot 4. Two Copyhold Tenements, situate in Grandborough aforesaid, with the Garden and Orchard adjoining thereto, well planted with excellent Fruit-Trees and thriving Elm Timber, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Chapman; also two other Copyhold Tenements and Garden, in Grandborough aforesaid, adjoining each other, in the Occupation of Christopher Stairs and William Hogg.
** For further Particulars, or to treat for any, or either, of the above Lots, apply to the Proprietor, Mr. JOHN COX, or Mr. LANCELOT WYATT, Attorney at Law, in Winslow aforesaid.

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