1841 Census: District 1

The enumerator for District 1 started at Mobbs Farm (Redfield) and continued down the east side of the High Street (where the houses seem to have started at about the site of the present no.108), north side of Sheep Street, and Shipton north and east of the turnpike.

See 1841 Census introduction for more information. A blank line in the table shows the start of a new household.

Map of census district 1 Chandos Arms High Street Mobbs Farm Staniford House King's Head Winslow Hall Magpie Farm Red Hall Farm Shipton Curtis Farm Brook Hall Sheep Street

The map is an 1813 Ordnance Survey drawing held by the British Library, used under Open Government Licence v.1.0.

Click on the names on the map to go to the relevant place in the census return. Scroll down for a more detailed map of the southern end of the High Street.

Words in italics are editorial notes.

Address First name Surname Age (m) Age (f) Occupation Born in county?
Mobb’s Farm
John Burrell 53   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Ann Burrell   52   Yes
High Street
?site of 108 High St
Henry Smith 30   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Mary Smith   29   Yes
  Elizabeth Smith   9   Yes
  William Smith 6     Yes
  George Smith 3     Yes
  Charlotte Smith   6 mths   Yes
uncertain if separate household Henry Walker 30   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Elizabeth Walker   21   Yes
  Matthew Gibbs 60   Bricklayer Yes
  William Gibbs 20   Bricklayer Yes
  Catherine Luck   20   No
  Richard Gibbs 30   Bricklayer Yes
  Ann Gibbs   25   Yes
  Mary Gibbs   8   Yes
  Richard Gibbs 6     Yes
  John Gibbs 3     Yes
  Catherine Woodward   31   Yes
  Fredric Woodward 9     Yes
  Eliza Woodward   5   Yes
  Thomas Woodward 3     Yes
  Ann Barrett   20   Yes
  John Arnott 60   Grazier No
  John Smith 12     Yes
  William Forster 30   Bricklayer Yes
  Susanah Forster   21   Yes
  William Forster 2     Yes
  Benjamin Forster 1     Yes
  Susannah Hinton   55 Independent Means No
Chandos Arms = 80 High Street William Sharp 30   Publican Yes
Mary Sharp   30   No
  Henry Sharp 8     Yes
  Susannah Sharp   6   Yes
  Thomas Sharp 3     Yes
  Anne Matthews   32   No
  Mary Matthews   13   Yes
  Thomas Matthews 3     Yes
  Hester Matthews   1   Yes
  Jonathan East 23   Tailor Yes
  Henrietta East   20   Yes
  Richard Lomath 27   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Mary Lomath   26 Dressmaker Yes
This and many of the following houses were sold by the Board of Guardians in 1837 Henry Holt 60   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Elizabeth Holt   60   Yes
Charles Holt 27   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Ketura Walker   8   Yes
High Street William Hawkins 60   Agricultural Labourer No
  Lucy Hawkins   60   No
  Rebecca Hawkins   22   No
  George Hawkins 20   Agricultural Labourer No
  Adery[?] Hawkins   17   Yes
The former workhouse (site of 56-58 High Street) was probably divided into a number of cottages. John Savin 41   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Sarah Savin   32   Yes
Mary Savin   3   Yes
George Savin 2 mths     Yes
Thomas Savin 12     Yes
Elizabeth Savin   10   Yes
Charles Savin 7     Yes
William Harrison 75   Carpenter Yes
  Thomas Walker 65   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  George Walker 20   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Leah Walker   20 Lacemaker Yes
  Sarah Walker   1   Yes
  Catharine Gibbs   40   Yes
  Louisa Gibbs   13   Yes
  John Gibbs 11     Yes
  Adelade Gibbs   9   Yes
  Joseph Gibbs 6     Yes
  Sarah Deverhill   18   Yes
  Catherine Yewlett   20 Lace Maker Yes
High Street John Odell 32   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Mary Odell   28   No
  Geoge Odell 8     Yes
  Sarah Odell   6   Yes
  Elizabeth Odell   4   Yes
  Samuel Odell 1     Yes
  Joseph Smith 35   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Martha Smith   35   Yes
  Elizabeth Smith   11   Yes
  Leah Smith   6   Yes
  Joseph Smith 3     Yes
  Rosannah Smith   1   Yes
  Mark Norris 65   Agricultural Labourer ?
  William North 35   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Ann North   30   No
  Thomas North 12     No
  Mary North   10   Yes
  George North 7     Yes
  Susannah North   4   Yes
  Keziah North   1   Yes
  Edward Smith 60   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Mary Smith   60   Yes
  David Smith 19   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Mary Smith   65   Yes
  Thomas Smith 29   Agricultural Labourer No
High Street Thomas Edwin 55   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Martha Edwin   50   Yes
  John Edwin 25   Sawyer Yes
  Thomas Edwin 20   Sawyer Yes
  Joseph Edwin 15   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  John Joyce 65   Agricultural Labourer No
  Mary Joyce   65   Yes
  Ann Joyce   85   No
  William Bellow 65   Agricultural Labourer No
  Phebe Bellow   65   Yes
  Ann Bellow   34 Lace Maker Yes
  Mary Bellow   27 Lace Maker Yes
  Johanna Bellow   23 Lace Maker Yes
  Rosetta Bellow   11 mths   Yes
  James Yeulett 50   Agricultural Labourer No
  Elizabeth Yeulett   45   Yes
  William Yeulett 14     Yes
  John Walker 37   Huckster Yes
  Sarah Walker   34   Yes
  Isaac Walker 10     Yes
  George Walker 5     Yes
  Alfred Walker 2     Yes
  unknown Walker 1 mth     Yes
High Street George Verney 25   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth Verney   22   Yes
  George Verney 3     Yes
  John Lomath 65   Currier Yes
  Catharine Lomath   60   Yes
  James French 25   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth French   24   Yes
  William Verney 40   Farrier Yes
  Margaret Verney   45   Yes
  Hannah Verney   14   Yes
  John Verney 12     Yes
  Caroline Verney   10   Yes
  Elizabeth Verney   7   Yes
  Charles Verney 2     Yes
  Mary Verney   23   Yes
  Hannah Verney   3   Yes
  Harriett Verney   1   Yes
  John Scott 35   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Ann Scott   31   Yes
  William Scott 23   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Mary Scott   23   Yes
  Benjamin Rawlins 35   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Sophia Rawlins   35   Yes
  William Lomath 27   Shoemaker? Yes
  Jane Lomath   25   Yes
  Thomas Lomath 20   Shoemaker Journeyman Yes
  Mary Lomath   60   Yes
  Eliza Lomath   3   Yes
  Sarah Lomath   1   Yes
  Thomas Wheeler 19   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Thomas Ablethorp 35   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Hannah Ablethorp   40   Yes
  Ann Bailey   15 Lacemaker Yes
  Hannah Bailey   12   Yes
  Sarah Gent   65   Yes
  Thomas Smith 38   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Mary Smith   41   Yes
  William Smith 10     Yes
  James Smith 7     Yes
  Sarah Smith   4   Yes
  Elijah Smith 1     Yes
  James Ablethorp 50   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Hannah Ablethorp   55   Yes
  Mary Ablethorp   26 Lacemaker Yes
  John Ablethorp 24   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  James Ablethorp 22   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Sarah Ablethorp   15 Lacemaker Yes
  James Todd 31   Carpenter Yes
  Ann Todd   36   No
  Thomas Allen 25   Mason Yes
  Elizabeth Allen   25   Yes
  Richard Allen 4     Yes
  Elizabeth Allen   6 mo   Yes
Staniford House Richard Staniford 65   Independent Means Yes
  Kitty Staniford   60   Yes
Greyhound Lane Tannery George West 40   Tanner Yes
Caroline West   35   No
Georgina West   5   Yes
George West 4     Yes
Melbourne West 3     Yes
Charles West 1     Yes
Harriet Halsey   20 Female Servant Yes
  John West 35   Independent Means Yes
  Mary West   40   Yes
  Louisa Willson   15   No
  George Maydon 45   Butcher & Maltster Yes
  Mildred Maydon   40   Yes
  Mary Maydon   20   Yes
  Mildred Maydon   15   Yes
  John Maydon 15     Yes
  Jane Maydon   10   Yes
  George Maydon 10     Yes
High St. Frances Maydon   8   Yes
  Elizabeth Maydon   6   Yes
  Conway Maydon   4 Male according to 1851 census Yes
  Catharine Maydon   2   Yes
  Ellen Maydon   5 mo   Yes
  Ann Gibbs   30 Female Servant Yes
  Joseph Higgins 15   Male Servant Yes
From the King's Head to the Bell corner, it is possible to identify all the census entries with the 1880 map below (which shows north to the left). Click on the red names to go to the relevant census entry.
High Street east side
King's Head James Brooks 25   Publican Yes
  Elizabeth Brooks   20   Yes
  William Brooks 2     Yes
  Mary Brooks   2 mo   Yes
  Mary Brooks   20   Yes
  Ann Verney   15 Female Servant Yes
  George Caves 30   Labourer Maltster Yes
24 High St. Elizabeth Curtis   20   Yes
  Mary Curtis   10   Yes
  Robert Curtis 5     Yes
  William Curtis 5     Yes
  Elizabeth Foster   10   Yes
  Anna Bennett   10   Yes
  Martha Beseley   10   Yes
  Rachel Read   20 Female Servant Yes
22 High St. Elizabeth Gibbs   70 Milliner Yes
  Mary Mayne   40   Yes
  Ann Harper   40 Milliner Yes
  Martha Young   19 Milliner's Apprentice Yes
  Ann Grace   17 Milliner's Apprentice Yes
  Elizabeth King   16 Milliner's Apprentice Yes
20 High St. Hannah Hawley   79 Independent Means Yes
  Elizabeth Fowler   86 Independent Means Yes
  Emma Woodward   24 Female Servant Yes
18 High St Mary Stevens   20 Milliner Yes
  Sarah Stevens   20 Milliner Yes
  Fanny Stevens   20 Milliner Yes
  Elizabeth Bonner   15 Milliner Yes
16 High St John Wynter 33   Surgeon No
  Frances Wynter   35   No
  Mary Mayne   19 Female Servant Yes
12 High St. James Morecraft 40   Butcher Yes
  Catherine Morecraft   35   Yes
  Alfred Morecraft 15     Yes
  Ann Morecraft   14   Yes
  Thomas Morecraft 13     Yes
  James Morecraft 11     Yes
  Emma Morecraft   10   Yes
  Catherine Morecraft   7   Yes
  Elizabeth Morecraft   4   Yes
  Richard Morecraft 3     Yes
High St. George Morecraft 1     Yes
10 High St. William George 25   Grocer No
  Louisa George   25   No
  Charles George 2     No
8 High St. Thomas Viccars 29   Plumber Yes
  Ann Viccars   31   No
  George Viccars 5     Yes
  Josiah Viccars 3     Yes
  Caroline Viccars   1   Yes
  Ann Yeulett   16 Female Servant Yes
6 High St. James Hawley 35   Grocer Yes
  Charlotte Hawley   25   Yes
  Elizabeth Hawley   3   Yes
  George Hawley 2     Yes
  Sarah Hawley   18 mo   Yes
  George Mayne 18   Grocer Journeyman Yes
  John Henley 18   Male Servant Yes
  Ann Ellerd   16 Female Servant No
  Lilla Egerton   18 Female Servant Yes
Market Sq. William Coxill 30   Carpenter Yes
  Toy and Clothes Dealer according to Pigot's Directory 1842
  Ann Coxill   30   Yes
  Mary Coxill   9   Yes
  Richard Coxill 6     Yes
  Eliza Coxill   4   Yes
Market Sq. Joseph Coxill 4 mo     Yes
  Thomas Roads 30   Carpenter Yes
  Eliza Roads   35   No
Royal Oak Mary Bull   34 Publican Yes
  Mary Bull   14   Yes
  Thomas Bull 8     Yes
  John Sandwell 25     Yes
  Thomas Saxby 50   Printer Yes
George King 39   Grocer Yes
  Elizabeth King   40   Yes
  Sarah King   16   Yes
  George King 13     Yes
  Rosetta King   8   Yes
  Jane Bowden   19 Female Servant Yes
London House James Morgan 43   Draper Yes
  Mary Morgan   44   No
  John Morgan 10     Yes
  George Morgan 8     Yes
  Martha Morgan   6   Yes
  Jane Morgan   1   Yes
  Robert Dumbleton 13   Draper's Apprentice No
  Ann Tattam   20 Female Servant Yes
  Susan Grantham   17 Female Servant Yes
Sheep St. Caroline Clarke   40 Independent Means Yes
  William Clarke 7     No
Part of Brook Hall Ann Daniel   55 Lacemaker Yes
Benjamin Ridgeway 10     No
William Seaton 65   Shoemaker Yes
Mary Seaton   25   Yes
Louisa Seaton   25   Yes
Straw hat maker in 1843 directory
Ann Wallis   30   No
Brook Hall Daniel Grace 50   Schoolmaster Yes
  Jemima Grace   50   No
  Maria Grace   20   Yes
  John Grace 20     Yes
  William Grace 15   Clerk to Attorney Yes
  Richard Mead 15     Yes
  Robert Stuchbury 11     Yes
  Matthew Mead 14     Yes
  Samuel Perkins 13     Yes
  John Biggs 12     Yes
  Benjamin Blake 13     Yes
  John Foster 14     Yes
  Joseph Woodman 14     Yes
  Joseph Curtis 11     Yes
  John Curtis 11     Yes
  William Short 13     Yes
  Nathaniel Parrott 12     Yes
  John Baseley 10     Yes
  Ralph Tattam 10     Yes
  Thomas Barry 13     No
  James Woodward 11     Yes
  William Phillips 10     No
  Robert Tompkins 9     Yes
  Ann Price   20 Female servant Yes
11 Sheep St Elizabeth Todd   35 Schoolmistresss Yes
  Sarah Todd   30 Schoolmistress Yes
  Rev Mark Kerr 40   Independent means No
  Rev Charles Kerr 35   Independent means No
  Jane Chapman   20   No
  Sarah Biggs   10   Yes
  Sarah Baker   8   Yes
  Elizabeth Cooling   8   Yes
  Elizabeth Emerton   12   Yes
  Sarah Stevens   10   Yes
  Frances Stevens   9   Yes
  Emma Neal   6   Yes
  Elizabeth Stevens   15   Yes
  John Cooling 7     Yes
  Henry Field 6     No
  Edward Field 4     No
  Fredric Field 12     Yes
  Rebecca Jarvis   15 Female servant Yes
Winslow Hall William Lowndes 30   Independent means Yes
  Lucy Lowndes   30   No
  Clara Hartman   25   No
  Essex Lowndes   5   No
  William Lowndes 4     No
  John Lowndes 2     No
  Lucy Lowndes   1   No
  Cresseder [sic] Lowndes   2 mo   No
  Owen Meyrick 30   Independent means No
  George Matcham 40   Male servant No
  Matthew King 40   Independent means Yes
  Martha Mahew   45 Female servant No
  Fanny Mahew   20 Female servant No
  Ann Abbott   20 Female servant Yes
  William Johnson 18   Male servant No
  Sophia Harraway   25 Female servant Yes
  Sarah Groome   25 Female servant No
  Charles Binwell 30   Male servant No
Black Horse (17 Sheep St.)         George Yeulett 49   Carrier Yes
Elizabeth Yeulett   33   No
Ann Yeulett   18   Yes
Elizabeth Yeulett   16   Yes
Emma Yeulett   8   Yes
  John Yeulett 3     Yes
  William Yeulett 1     Yes
  James Dumbleton 70   Agricultural Labourer No
  Sarah Hinton   70   No
William Jackman 65   Tailor Yes
  George Dodson 15   Tailor’s Apprentice Yes
  John Holt 65     Yes
  Ann Holt   55   Yes
  Robert Evans 65   Independent Means Yes
  John Goodger 40   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Ann Goodger   27   Yes
  Sarah Goodger   4   Yes
  George Goodger 9 months     Yes
  Martha French   10   Yes
Joseph Lee 45   Saddler Yes
  Elizabeth Lee   40   Yes
  Thomas Lee 21   Saddler Journeyman Yes
  James Lee 16     Yes
  Margaret Lee   8   Yes
  Fredrick [sic] Lee 6     Yes
  George Lee 4     Yes
  Richard Allen 48   Mason Yes
  Martha Allen   47   Yes
  Charles Allen 20   Painter Yes
  Ann Allen 7 ages in wrong column     Yes
  Charlotte Allen 6   Yes
  Francis Pipet 18   Mason Journeyman Yes
  Susannah Edwin   55   No
  William Edwin 27   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  George Edwin 25   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Joseph Edwin 20   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Sarah Edwin   14   Yes
  Mary Edwin   20   Yes
  Ann Brise   60 Independent means Yes
  Ann Brise   20   Yes
  Joseph Brise 20     Yes
  Taylor William [sic] 55   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Matthew Alderman 64   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Ann Alderman   60   Yes
  Lydia Alderman   40   Yes
  William Brown 74   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Martha Edwin   40 Lacemaker Yes
  William Budd 59   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth Budd   56   Yes
  William Budd 20   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Joseph Seaton 40   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Ann Seaton   35   Yes
  Maria Seaton   13   Yes
  Rebecca Seaton   11   Yes
  William Seaton 9     Yes
  Charlotte Seaton   3   Yes
Nag’s Head (39 Sheep St.)  Henry Cheney 45   Publican Yes
Jemima Cheney   45   Yes
Eliza Read   21   Yes
  Josiah King 50   Independent means Yes
  George Dibden 25   Groom No
  Emma Dibden   18   Yes
  Ann Dibden   15   No
Curtis Farm (47 Sheep St)     John Curtis 25   Farmer Yes
Ann Curtis   25   Yes
Mary Alderman   25 Female servant Yes
Shipton Joseph Bowden 35   Farmer Yes
  Elizabeth Bowden   35   Yes
  William Bowden 9     Yes
  Thomas Bowden 4     Yes
  Ann Bowden   7   Yes
  Eliza Bowden   6 mths   Yes
  John B. Bowden 47   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  William Archer 35   Farmer Yes
  Sarah Archer   30   No
  Elizabeth Archer   3   Yes
  John Archer 3 mths     Yes
  Eliza Barrett   20   No
  Johanna Barrett   2   No
  John Dumbleton 40   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Mary Dumbleton   55   No
  Sarah Dumbleton   15   Yes
  Ann Dumbleton   12   Yes
  George Dumbleton 10     Yes
  Rebecca Dumbleton   8   Yes
  Emma Dumbleton   6   Yes
Rands Farm Thomas Edwin 55   Farmer Yes
  Ann Edwin   57   Yes
  Edmund Edwin 25     Yes
  Sophia Jackman   30 Female Servant Yes
Thomas Clarke 54   Independent means Yes
  Mary Clarke   61   No
  Edward Clarke 24   Shoemaker Yes
  Eliza Clarke   26 Milliner Yes
  Sarah Clarke   20   Yes
  John Luckett 29   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Caroline Luckett   27   No
  Samuel Taylor 50   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Rebecca Taylor   21   Yes
  Robert Holt 35   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Rebecca Holt   35   Yes
  Penelope Holt   13   Yes
  Catharine Holt   11   Yes
Site of Shipton Mead? Thomas Burgess 45   Farmer No
Ann Burgess   45   Yes
William Burgess 18     Yes
Mary Cook   18 Female Servant Yes
  Herculous [sic] French 40   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Lucy French   39   Yes
  Eliza French   15   Yes
  John French 13   Shoemaker’s Apprentice Yes
  William French 11     Yes
  Thomas French 9     Yes
  Hariatt French   18   Yes
  Elizabeth French   4   Yes
  Ann French   3   Yes
  Edward Orchard 65   Agricultural Labourer Yes
Red Hall Farm John Woodward 25   Farmer Yes
  Ann Woodward   20   Yes
  Eliza Woodward   15   Yes
  George Anstee 20   Male Servant Yes
Magpie Farm William Alderman 35   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Susannah Alderman   35   No
  Rosetta Alderman   2   Yes
  Mildred Alderman   3 mo   Yes
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