Rands Farm

Rands Farm is a 17th-century farmhouse with 19th-century extensions and frontage. It remained a farm after Shipton was enclosed by private Act of Parliament of 1745, when all other farms in Shipton were replaced by enclosure farms in the fields. Its present name comes from the family which occupied it in the second half of the 19th century; it does not seem to have had a permanent name before then. It is now set back from the road but would been right on it before the turnpike was realigned in the 1830s. See the Shipton section for more information. It has been part of the Swanbourne Estate since 1897.

A modern photo of Rands Farm

1781 Land Tax
William Lowndes Esq: Geo Henley £9 9s 4d
Edward Line £4 13s 4d

1783 Land Tax
William Lowndes Esq: Geo Henly £10 5s 10d
Edward Line £5 1s 1d

1785 Land Tax
William Selby Esq: Thomas Brandon £10 5s 10d
Edward Line £5 1s 1d

1786 13 June Sun Fire Insurance 11936/337/518991
House gatehouse woodhouse stable and barns adjoining at Shipton in the tenure of Brandon £120

1790 Land Tax
William Selby Esq: Thomas Brandon £10 5s 10d
Edward Line £5 1s 1d

1792 Universal British Directory
Brandon, Thomas, Dairyman

1795 Land Tax
William Lowndes Esq: Thomas Brandon £10 5s 10d
Edward Line £5 1s 1d

1800 Land Tax
William Lowndes Esq: Thomas Brandon £10 5s 10d
Edward Line £5 1s 1d

1805 Land Tax
William Lowndes Esq: Thomas Brandon £10 5s 10d
Edward Line £5 1s 1d

1810 Will of Thomas Brandon of Winslow, yeoman
After his death the tenancy passed to his son-in-law John Bull.

1810 Land Tax
William Selby Esq: John Bull jun £10 5s 10d
Edward Line £5 1s 1d

1815 Land Tax
William Selby Lowndes Esq: John Bull jun £10 5s 10d
Edward Line £5 1s 1d

1810, 4 Oct: Northampton Mercury

Valuable Yorkshire Cows, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, Hay, and Keeping.

On Wednesday the 8th Day of October, 1817, on the Premises of Mr. JOHN BULL, at SHIPTON, in the Parish of WINSLOW, Bucks, who is leaving the Farm;
COMPRISING 32 in-calf, new-milch, and barren Cows, two-year-old cart Colt, a nag Horse, rising four Years old, by Abomelique; 45 Leicester Ewes, 25 shearhog Sheep, and three Rams; five fat Hogs, five Porkers, and 14 store Pigs;  about 100 Tons of prime meadow Hay, and about 100 Acres of fresh Keeping, till the 25th of March, 1818.
Two Months’ Credit will be given for the Hay and Keeping, with the usual Conditions.
The Sale will commence at Eleven o’Clock.

1820 Land Tax
William Selby Lowndes Esq: Thos Line £10 5s 10d
Edward Line £5 1s 1d

1821 Oct 11 Baptism of Louisa daughter of Thomas & Sarah Line, Shipton, grazier

1822 Aug 27 Baptism of Louisa daughter of Thomas & Sarah Line, Shipton, grazier

1824 Will of Edward Line of Shipton, dairyman

1825 Land Tax
William Selby Lowndes Esq: Thomas Edwin £10 5s 10d
Thomas Edwin £5 1s 1d
Thomas Edwin 1s 8d

1833 Register of Electors
Edwin, Thomas, occupier of Lands in his own occupation.

1832 Land Tax
William Selby Lowndes Esq: Thomas Edwin - House & Land £10 5s l0d
House & Land £5 1s 1d

1835 & 1838 Register of Electors
Thomas Edwin, Shipton Farm

1838 Church Rate
Edwin, Thomas: Farm House and Land £4 16s 1 ¼ d

1841 Census, Shipton
Thomas Edwin, 55, Farmer
See full census return

1848 Directory
Edwin, Thomas, Farmer, Shipton

1851 Census, Shipton
Thomas Edwin, 67, Farmer of 210 acres employing 3 men & 1 boy

1852: will of Thomas Edwin, farmer and dairyman (proved 1853)

1853 Directory
Edwins, Edmund, Farmer, Shipton

1857: Bucks Herald, 14 Nov
60 Fat Sheep, 35 Valuable Dairy Cows, USEFUL CART HORSE
150 TONS of PRIME HAY and CLOVER, Part to go off, and120 ACRES OF FRESH GRASS KEEPING Up to the 25th day of March 1858,
On the Farm at Shipton, near Winslow, in the occupation of Mrs. Edwin and Mr. Edmund Edwin, who are leaving at Lady-day next.
THREE Month’s Credit will be given for the Hay and Keeping.  The hay is well secured from first-rate land, in fine order, and a considerable part may be taken off.
  The Sale will commence at Eleven.  Catalogues may be had at the Inns in the neighbourhood, and of Messrs. Dudley and Son, Auctioneers and Land-Agents, Winslow.

1858 Church Rate
Edwin, Edmund: Farm House & Land RV £260 0s 0d

1859 Church Rate
Rand, Robert: Farm House & Land RV £260 0s 0d

1861 Census Shipton
Robert Rand, 37, Farmer, born Soulbury Bucks

1863 Church Rate
Rand, Robert: House etc. RV £260 0s 0d

1871 Census
Robert Rand, 42, Farmer employing 4 men, 2 boys

1881 Census
Thomas Rand, 27, Farmer 185 acres 4 men, 1 boy

1891 Census
The farm seems to have been occupied by Henry Kimble, agricultural labourer, with his wife and child

1897 Sale Catalogue (sale of Winslow Hall Estate)
Lot 13 A valuable dairy and milk farm known as Rands ... The farm house contains 2 sitting rooms, kitchen, pantry, Dairy, Churn House, Cellar, Wash House and 6 bed rooms. The buildings near the house, which are chiefly brick built and slated, are conveniently arranged round a large fold yard. The northern block consists of a 5-bay open cattle shed, loose box and a 2-bay open stock shed. The eastern block - a box for 4 head, cow house for 6, and another range for 10 head. The southern block - a 5-bay open cart shed, wood house, 8 pigsties, boiling house etc. The western block -stable for 4 horses, nag stable for 2 with loft over and a large barn … 174 a 3r 31 p … let to Mr G.A. Monk on a yearly (Lady Day) tenancy, at a rent of £216 per annum.
(Sold to Mr. H. Brazier, Grandborough, £4,150)

1901: Buckingham Advertiser, 14 Sep: sale of property in Granborough and Little Horwood and:

A particularly desirable FREEHOLD GRAZING And DAIRY FARM.
Distinguished as “Rand’s,” situate at Shipton, close to the Town of Winslow, and one mile from the Railway Station, and containing
174A. 3R. 31P., Of excellent Grass Land, with Farm House and Agricultural Homesteads.

by direction of the Trustees under the will of the late Mr. Henry Brazier. Bought by Mr Bullock for Lord Cottesloe at £4,350.

1902: CBS Fremantle Papers D/FR 21/7
Correspondence re Rands Farm

1907 Alfred Walker entered Rands Farm as tenant of Fremantle

1913: Assessment (TNA, IR58/2348 no.297)
Situation            Shipton
Description         Farm House & Buildings
Extent                   178: RB
Gross Value:     {Land, £183      Rateable Value: {Land,             £133[?]
{Buildings, £19[?]                                 {Buildings,        £ [?]  
Occupier            A. Walker
Owner               Hon T.F. Fremantle
[red] P.V. served 31/5/13
[red] Includes 296
Particulars, description and note made on inspection     5/5/13
Brick & Tile house in good order
6 Bedrooms, 2 Sittings Rooms, Kitchen, Scullery, good dairy & storehouse
Well water
AC 174.940 = 3 [roods] 30 [perches]
Charges, Easements and Restrictions affecting Market Value of Fee Simple          Footpaths  4½ chains
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition                 £4725
Deduct Market Value of Site under similar circumstances, but if divested of structures, timber, fruit trees, and other things growing on the land                                                                  £3305
Difference Balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber &c.         £1420
Divided as follows:-
Buildings and Structures            £1200
Timber                                      £    20
Other things growing on land    £  200
Market Value of Fee Simple in its present condition (as before)                                                   £4725
Add for Additional Value by any of the following for which any deduction may have been made when arriving at Market Value:-
Restrictions         path                                       £5
GROSS VALUE                                                                                                                           £4730
Description of Buildings                                              Condition                  Remarks
In            { Wood & Slate  Cowhouse (14) & barn     good                         B
Field      { Wood & Tile             “      (13)                         “                           B
                Wood & Slate    Stable & Loft (4)                    “                           A
                                                Open hovel (10)               “                         B
                Brick & Slate       Cowhouse (6)                        “                         A
                Wood & Slate            “         (19)                      “                         B
                Brick & Slate       Pigstye                                “                            A
                Wood & Slate    Brewhouse & Coalhouse      “                            B
Ord No Area
274         17.822   past[ure]
269         18.915      “
268         15.009
267             .267
277         14.656      “
276          4.444      “
249         36.605
265             .189
266         21.677
273           2.944
270           7.016
264           2.497
257           4.793
245           1.162
250           9.495
248         23.167
229             .348

[red] Includes 296
GROSS VALUE                                                                                                                             £4730
Less value attributable to Structures, timber &c. (as before)                                                         £1420
FULL SITE VALUE                                                                                                                                              £3310
Gross Value (as before)                                                                                                                  £4730
Less deductions in respect of –
Fixed Charges including –
Public Rights of Way or User                                       £5
Restrictions                                                                                                                                         £      5
TOTAL VALUE                                                                                                                                     £4725    
Less value attributable to Structures, timber &c. (as before)         £1420
Expense of clearing site                                                                                                                                     £1420
ASSESSABLE SITE VALUE                                                                                                                                  £3305
If Agricultural land, the value for Agricultural purposes including/excluding
Sporting Rights                                                                                                                                                 £4700
Value of Sporting Rights                                                                                                                                        £25

1928 Directory
Walker, Frederick, farmer, Rands Farm, Shipton

Haymaking at Rands Farm, c.1930

1939 Directory
Walker, Frederick, farmer, Rands Farm, Shipton

1940-42: Farm Survey return for Rands Farm. 175 acres, £219 rent.

1960 Tenancy taken over by his son Donald Frederick Walker

1977 Death of Frederick Walker

1982 D.F. Walker moved to Corkett's Farm. Rands Farm ceased to be a working farm and the land was absorbed by the Fremantle Estate.


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