The Chandos Arms (1839-1943) and Rose Cottages

According to the 1872 Return of Public Houses, the Chandos Arms was first licensed in 1839. It must have been named in honour of the Marquis of Chandos (later the 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos), probably in honour of his contribution to the Reform Act of 1832; there were many pubs called the Chandos Arms in North Bucks including ones at Adstock and Whitchurch. It was probably a purpose-built pub, with six adjoining houses (see map below: originally three to the north and three to the south), part of Winslow's slow expansion northwards. The builder was probably William Forster, who appears in various places as the owner. He is in the 1838 register of electors as owner of houses in Buckingham Road, so they had presumably been built by then.

Customer entering Chandos Arms
Chandos Arms, 1920s/30s. You can see how it was connected to, but apparently a separate build from, the houses on either side.

Church rates for Chandos Arms:
1839-42: William Sharp

1841 Census:

Church rates for Chandos Arms:
1842-48: William Forster; stables were added in 1847

1845: Bucks Herald, 30 Aug
Mr. Foster, of the Chandos Arms beer-house, Winslow, also applied for a license, but the magistrates thinking there were already a sufficient number of public houses in Winslow, refused to grant the license, but referred Mr. Foster to the next meeting.
13 Sep
A liquor license was granted to Mr. Foster, of the Chandos Arms, Winslow, he having obtained sufficient signatures for the same.

1847: Bucks Advertiser, 4 Dec, sale advert
Chandos Arms with brewhouse and six cottages “built within the last eight years” for sale by private contract, details William Foster.

1848    Directory
Forster, Wm, Chandos Arms, bricklayer

Church rates for Chandos Arms:
1848-51: James Warner

1851 Census:

Church rates for Chandos Arms:
1851-57: Henry Cheney

1853: Musson & Craven's Directory
Forster William, bricklayer and builder, High street
Cheney Henry, victualler, “Chandos Arms,” High street

1854: Bucks Chronicle, 24 June:


A FREEHOLD PUBLIC HOUSE, TWO DWELLING HOUSES, A GROCER’S SHOP and THREE BRICK and SLATED COTTAGES, situate in the High street, in the Market-town of Winslow,

On Wednesday, 5th July, 1854, AT FIVE O’CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON

By direction of the proprietor, Mr. WILLIAM FORSTER, subject to conditions that will then be read, in the following lots:-


THE DWELLING HOUSE, recently in the occupation of the proprietor, containing two sitting-rooms and two bed-rooms, with kitchen, scullery, and coal-house, and a house adjoining, occupied by Mr. George Goodman; together of the estimated rental of £14 per annum. [The original three houses had been made into two by this point, as shown on the map below.]


A HOUSE and GROCER’S SHOP, where a good business is carried on, occupied by Mr. John Ingram, and two cottages adjoining, occupied by Messrs. Lomath and Adkins: let at low rents, amounting to £17 per annum.


That well accustomed Inn, called “THE CHANDOS ARMS,” containing parlour, tap-room, kitchen, pantry, cellar, and four good bed-rooms, with large wood and coal shed, and a stable for four horses, with two bed-rooms over; let on lease to Mr. Thomas R. Parsons for the remainder of the term of seven years, expiring at Midsummer 1855, at the moderate rent of £20 per annum.

The whole property is substantially built of brick, and slated, and in thorough good repair.  It is situate in the High-street Winslow on the road to the railway-station, in a situation secure of good and respectable tenants; and will be sold to pay a good per centage on the capital invested, the proprietor being engaged in business at a distance from Winslow, and wishing to dispose of the property.

It is well supplied with good water by a pump and well.  The whole is freehold, exonerated from land-tax, and free from all outgoings whatever.   May be viewed by permission of the respective tenants: and further particulars obtained from David Thomas Willis, Esq., solicitor, or the Auctioneer, Winslow.

Maps showing Chandos Arms area in 1880 and 1978
The maps above show the Chandos Arms in 1880 and its site in 1978

1854: Winslow Petty Sessions, 24 Aug
On the information of Superintendent Hodgkinson ...  Henry Cheney, of the Chandos Arms, Winslow, was charged with having had in his possession an illegal quart measure.  It appeared that the officer on visiting the defendants house, found the measure in question half-a-gill deficient.  A fine of 10s. with 12s. 6d. costs, was inflicted.

1858: Bucks Herald, 1 May (Winslow Petty Sessions)
Richard Lomath, of the Chandos Arms Inn in this place, was fined 1s. and costs 8s. 6d., for keeping his house open on Good Friday during unauthorised hours.
The license of the Chandos Arms was transferred from Henry Chasen [sic] to Richard Lomath.

Church rates for Chandos Arms:
1858-63: Richard Lomath

1861 Census:

1864    Directory
Lomath, Richard Chandos Arms, High Street

1866-67: Riotous behaviour by Samuel Shakespear in the Chandos Arms

1870: sale of the Chandos Arms (see full details; the purchaser was John Ingram)
Situate near the centre of the town of Winslow, and in the principal thoroughfare leading to the Railway Station.  The House is substantially Brick-built and Slated, containing 5 Bed Rooms, Parlour, Tap Room, Bar, Bar Parlour, Kitchen, and good under ground Cellar; adjoining is a Brick-built and slated WOOD BARN and STABLE, with good Loft over, now in the occupation of MR. R. LOMAS, under tenant to Major Lucas, Esq., at the Rent of £18 per Annum.
Situate near the centre of the town of Wnslow, and adjoining Lot 6, the whole is substantially Brick-built and Slated, and contains Grocer’s Shop, Parlour, Kitchen and Pantry, with 2 Bed Rooms over; the COTTAGE contains Parlour, Kitchen, Pantry, and 1 Bed Room over, now in the occupation of MR. G. EAGLETON, and MRS SMITH, at a Rental of £15 4s. 0d.

1871 Census

Phipps delivery van outside Chandos Arms
Phipps delivery van outside the Chandos Arms, 1920s

1872: Return of Public Houses
Chandos Arms, licensed 1839: occupier Henry [=Richard] Lomath; owner John Ingram

1875: Buckingham Advertiser, 13 March
THE CHANDOS ARMS INN, High Street, WINSLOW, with a small but complete Plant of a Ginger Beer and Soda Water Manufacturer attached.  The house is eligibly situated, and a steady but improving business has for some years been carried on.  The house is the property of a brewery of established reputation, the proprietor of which is a liberal and encouraging landlord.  Coming in easy.- Address, Mr. E. Reed, on the premises.

1876: Harrod's Directory
Read, Edward, Chandos Arms, High Street

1877: Bucks Herald, 20 Oct
To Let: The Chandos Arms, Winslow. Apply to J. & T. Parrott, Brewers, Aylesbury

1877    Directory
White, John, Chandos Arms High Street

1877: Buckingham Advertiser, 26 May
  John White, of Winslow, innkeeper and mineral water manufacturer, sued Mr. Dark, farmer, Hoggeston, for £50, for loss of trade, damage, and injury caused by defendant’s milk cart running into his vehicle on the 9th of December last, in Winslow, and throwing him out.  Mr. Monckton, instructed by Messrs. Sheppard and Ewen, Luton, appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Whinch, instructed by Mr. Small for defendant.  The case occupied the Court about two hours.  Mr. Monckton having given a brief sketch of the case, called the plaintiff.- It appeared from the evidence, that the plaintiff started out on his usual round with his ginger beer, etc., and went to Padbury, Buckingham, Gawcott, and called at Adstock on his return journey.  He, however emphatically stated that he was sober when the accident happened, having only drunk five glasses of ale during the day.  When driving up Winslow, he was only a few yards behind another cart, and both were going along at a slow pace.  Suddenly, however, they heard a cart coming along in the opposite direction, and although the first vehicle passed safely by, the milk cart belonging to Mr. Dark caught the wheel of Mr. White’s trap and threw him out ...

1878: Buckingham Advertiser, 12 Oct (advert)
Horses clipped and singed on reasonable terms by W. Goodman, Chandos Arms, High Street, Winslow

1879: Ned Piggott's wheelbarrow walk from the Chandos Arms to London

Rose Cottages (a terrace of four 4-room cottages on the land behind nos.82-84) are shown on the 1880 map (see above) but only appear in the Census by name in 1891. They could be the first 2 or 3 entries in the 1881 Census return below. They were built by Henry Ingram on the land behind buildings which he owned. According to A.J. Clear, Rose Cottages were built on the site of a building which had previously been used as a school and a Methodist and Baptist chapel, but this doesn't seem to be right as the 1880 map shows both the four cottages and a separate building marked as a chapel. The lane leading from the High Street to the cottages was known as Monkey Alley for reasons explained by Clear.

Map of the site Rose CottagesThe 1925 map shows the Chandos Arms ("P.H.") and Rose Cottages (the four houses top right), east of the High Street. The building previously used as a chapel had been demolished. The Oddfellows Hall (bottom right corner) is in roughly the same place as the present Public Hall. The photo on the right, taken not long before the air disaster, shows Rose Cottages from the footpath near the Oddfellows Hall.

1881 Census

1883: Kelly’s Directory
Goodman, William, Chandos Arms, High Street

1884: Buckingham Advertiser, 9 Feb
TO BE LET, with immediate possession, the above Inn, situate in the High Street, with Yard, Stabling, &c.  For particulars apply at the Walton Brewery, Aylesbury.

1887: Winslow Petty Sessions, 8 June
Holdover granted from E. Birkhead [sic] to John Mayne.

1888: Winslow Petty Sessions, 27 June
A holdover of the Chandos Arms was granted to Edward Birkett.

1889: Winslow Petty Sessions, 13 March
Licence transferred from Edward Birkhead to Thomas Sear (previously of the King's Head).

1891 Census

1892: Winslow Petty Sessions, 23 June
Transfer of Chandos Arms to Charles Keys.

1899 (proved 1900): will of Henry Ingram
I give and devise all those my four freehold Cottages gardens and shed situate near the High Street in Winslow aforesaid and known as “Rose Cottages” unto my said daughter Mary Ingram in fee simple
Mary subsequently married Gerard Grainge.

1901: Death
Feb 4, at the Chandos Arms, Winslow, Eliza wife of Charles Keys, aged 59 years.

1901 Census

Sale poster for Chandos Arms and Golden Lion

1901: Bucks Herald, 13 July

[click on the sale particulars on the right for a larger image]

THE OLD ESTABLISHED, FREE and FULLY LICENCED INN, known as “THE CHANDOS ARMS,” with good Stabling and Accommodation, most eligibly situate for Business in the High Street and doing a very large trade;

A FREEHOLD INN, known as “THE GOLDEN LION,” ALSO SITUATE IN THE High Street; TWO Brick and Slated FREEHOLD HOUSES and SHOPS, with Stabling and Outbuildings, situate in the High Street, and occupied by Messrs. Bathe and Walker: also FOUR Brick and Slated FREEHOLD HOUSE adjoining;

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. GEO. WIGLEY On, FRIDAY, the 26th day of JULY, 1901 At the BELL HOTEL, WINSLOW at Four for Five
o’Clock, in FOUR LOTS, By direction of the Mortgagees,

For a View apply to the respective Tenants, and for further particulars to Arthur de Milt Severne, Esq., Solicitor, Town Hall Chambers, Wirksworth; Messrs. H. and E.H. Small, Solicitors, Buckingham; or to Mr. Geo. Wigley, Auctioneer and Land Agent, Winslow and Fenny Stratford.

This was probably when Phipps & Co., brewers of Northampton, bought the Chandos Arms. It had belonged to John Ingram who lived at 86 High Street until he was sent to Bucks County Asylum after trying to kill his wife in 1873 (read more). His widow Martha was the Mrs Ingram of Bedford who still owned nos.74-78 High Street in 1910 (see below) and died in Bedford in 1922 aged 89.

1903    Directory
Keys, Charles, Chandos Arms P.H. & boot manufacturer, High Street

1909: Buckingham Advertiser, 27 Feb
The Chandos Arms was one of the pubs threatened with closure under the Licensing Act of 1902, but in the end it survived.
BEFORE Hon Cecil Fremantle, M. Selby Lowndes Esq., N. McCorquodale, Esq., T. Biggs, Esq.
  This was the adjourned Licencing Sessions and the following houses, to which notice of objection had been given, were considerd, viz., The Wrestlers, Mursley; the Chandos Arms, Plough, and Rose and Crown, Winslow.
  Mr. E C Fortescue, Banbury, represented Messrs. Phipps and Co., the owners.
  Supt. Lait’s report was to the effect that the house was satisfactorily conducted, and the tenant had been there 16 years.  He suggested one or two alterations with regard to the premises.
  Mr. Fortescue called Mr. Crofts, of Northampton (Messrs. Phipps’ manager), and the tenant to show there was a good trade done, and the house was a necessary one.

High Street looking north, Chandos Arms on right
The Chandos Arms is directly above the "ck" of Bucks. You can see the 3 cottages on the near (south) side and 2 houses/shops to the north.

1910 Survey
Rose Cottages: occupiers Alice Harbach, George Lambourne, Jesse Chapman, Robert Royce; owner, Gerard Grainge, Little Horwood
Rose Alley, buildings: owner & occupier Gerard Grainge, Little Horwood
High Street, shop, house & stabling: owner & occupier John Walker
High Street, cottage & yard: occupier William Atkins, owner John Walker
Chandos Arms: occupier Charles Keys, owner Phipps & Co.
High Street: occupiers Thomas Watson, William Sellar & James Commerford, owner Mrs Ingram, 18 Castle Road, Bedford

1910: Winslow Petty Sessions, 26 Oct
The Chandos Arms was transferred from Charles Keys to William Ellwood.

1911 Census

Sketch plan showing Rose Cottages and High Street1911: Assessment (TNA, IR58/2349 no.384)
Situation                                  Rose Cottages     
Description                               House
Gross Value      Buildings £5 - 5 Rateable Value £4 - 5
Occupier                                   Alice Harbach
Owner                                      Gerrard Grange, The Firs, Little Horwood
Interest of Owner                     Freehold
Occupier’s tenancy,  Term        Monthly
Actual Rent             £7 - 10
Who pays (a) Rates and Taxes (b) Insurance         O
Who is liable for repairs                                          O                   
Site Value Deductions Claimed   
[stamp] P Vs served 31st Oct.11
See CV 48774
Particulars, description and note made on inspection     /10/11
Row of Brick & Slate Cottages in Yard in rear of High St
Small but fair Cottages
2 Bedrooms 2 Downstairs Rooms
Pump WC Water not on                                                           
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition                              £89 - 11 -  8
Deduct Market Value of Site under similar circumstances, but if divested of structures, timber, fruit trees, and other things growing on the land       4/0 5y @ £3 £12 - 0 - 0
Difference Balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber &c.                                           £77 - 11 -  8
[same details for 385-387; the plan on the right shows all four cottages] Occupiers: William Hawkins, Jessy Chapman, Robert Royce

1914: Assessment (TNA, IR58/2347 no.168)
[red] L29410
Situation              “Chandos” Buckingham Road
Gross Value: Buildings   £18
Rateable Value: Buildings             £14 – 10 - 0
Occupier                              Charles Keys
Owner                                 Phipps & Co Northampton
[red] PV Copy to Dleck 1 Dec ‘14               [stamp] 30 NOV 1914
Particulars, description and note made on inspection     
The Chandos Public House
Brick & Tile 4 bedrooms, tap room, smoke, kitchen, bar, scullery
Brick & Tile stable & Coach house Loft over                                                 
15 poles 12 yards                                                                                    
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition
[red] L29410                                                                                                                               £550
Deduct Market Value of Site under similar circumstances, but if divested of structures, timber, fruit trees, and other things growing on the land
28’  front                                                                                              5100 sq ft                       £ 56
Difference Balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber &c.                £494

1923: Buckingham Advertiser, 3 March
FOR SALE, Three COTTAGES, in High Street, Winslow, adjoining "Chandos Arms.” – Particulars, EXAR., 16, Lodge Road, Croydon.

1924: Kelly's Directory
Dobbs, Alwynne George, Chandos Arms P.H., High St., boot repairer

1924: sale by Wigley, Sons & Gambell, 17 March
Two brick and slated cottages in the High Street, let to Messrs. Adkins and Paintin.

1926: Winslow Petty Sessions, 26 Nov
Licence of Chandos Arms transferred from Elwyn [sic] Dobbs to George Henry Allan.
D/WIG/2/1/78: Winslow: Inventory and valuation of fixtures at Chandos Arms [Alwynne Dobbs to G.H. Allen]

1929: Buckingham Advertiser, 20 July
The funeral of Mr. G. H. Allan, licencee of the Chandos Arms, Winslow, whose death was announced in our last issue, took place yesterday (Friday) week amid many manifestations of esteem and respect.  As will be seen from a report in another column, reference was made to his sudden demise when the widow, Mrs. Pauline Allan, applied to the Winslow justices for the transfer of the licence to herself, the Chairman of the Bench, Mr. C. M. Prior, in expressing regret at the death of Mr. Allan, who had been so suddenly cut off from them, and whom he had known for forty years, said he was at one time one of the finest horsemen in the country.  They all regretted his death very much. The chief mourners at the funeral were the widow and other immediate relations.  There were a large number of beautiful wreaths.

Parents (standing) and son (seated) in front of window of terraced house1929: Winslow Petty Sessions, 26 July
Transfer of Chandos Arms from executors of Mr George Henry Allan to Mrs Mary Ann Allan the widow.

The photo on the right (c.1930; courtesy of Carole Munro) shows the Phillips family of 2 Rose Cottages: William (a tailor) b.1890, Louisa (nee Sawyer) b.1888 and their son Horace (b.1916). William had his tailor's workshop in the garden.

1939 Hillier's Almanack:

Thomas Cox, from Butlers Cross, took over the Chandos Arms in 1939.

The Chandos Arms and Rose Cottages were destroyed in the Winslow air disaster of 7 August 1943 and Thomas Cox the landlord was killed, along with Tom and Donald Paintin next door at no.82. Click here to read more.

1946: Buckingham Advertiser, 9 Aug

By direction of Messrs. P Phipps & Co. Ltd.

  VALUABLE BUILDING SITE, on the main Buckingham – Aylesbury bus route.  Frontage of about 27 feet to the High Street, in the Centre of the Town, with an area of about 6,284 square feet, being the site of the war-damaged Chandos Arms. Excellent Possibilities for Commercial Development, with large drawing capacity from surrounding areas.  By direction of Mr. Chas. Grainge.

  The adjoining VACANT PLOT, with an area of about 5,557 square feet and the Productive GARDEN PLOT, now let at 26s. per annum.

At 3 o’clock by Messrs. GEO. WIGLEY & SONS

  For further particulars and conditions of sale apply to:- Solicitors: Lot 1, Messrs. Becke, Green & Stops, Westminster Bank Chambers, Northampton: Lots 2 and 3, Philip Wood, Esq., Winslow. Auctioneers: Messrs. Geo. Wigley & Sons, F.S.I. F.A.I., Winslow, Tel 17.

East side of High Street looking north
This photo from the 1950s shows a gap where the Chandos Arms had stood (by this time used by the Royal British Legion), and the rebuilt houses beyond (82-84 High Street). The houses on this side (74-78) escaped serious damage in the plane crash.

1946: Buckingham Advertiser, 23 Aug
  The site of the “Chandos Arms,” fronting the Winslow High Street, was sold by Messrs. Geo. Wigley and Sons, at the “Bell” Hotel, Winslow, on Monday, for the sum of £140.  It will be recalled that a plane crashed on the “Chandos” during the war.  All salvable materials were included in the sale, together with two brick and slated outhouses.  The purchaser was Mr. E. W. Kemp, of Winslow who also bought the adjoining vacant plot for another £140. [Mr Kemp lived at no.86, the adjacent 3-storey building]
  Mr. Garlike, of Winslow, bought the productive garden plot, and paid £60 for it.

The full licence of the Chandos Arms was transferred to The Stag, previously licensed only as a beerhouse. The new Royal British Legion hall was built on the site of Rose Cottages: see History of the British Legion Hall by Alan Wigley (PDF, 113KB).

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