6 High Street

John Watts halfpenny1657: John Watts and Catherine his wife bought from Samuel Rawlins the elder and younger and Edward Mitchell (the mortgagee) a "cottage" which they then mortgaged to Samuel the elder for £200. It had barns, stables, backsides, orchard and gardens. No location is given but it was probably 6 HIgh Street.

1664: John Watts produced his own trade tokens (right). He lived in Winslow from at least 1642, but we don't know whether it was always at 6 High Street.

1692: Will of John Watts, ironmonger, proved at Winslow, 16 Dec.
The inventory has goods worth about £170 in the shop, warehouse, back chamber and backhouses. The will does not mention any premises, which must have passed to his oldest son William.

1706: Manor court
Catharine Watts widow surrendered a messuage now in the occupation of herself and Thomas Watts or either of them. To the use of Catherine for her life, then to Thomas in perpetuity. Rent 6d, fine 5s, heriot [blank].

1710: Will of Katherine Watts, widow, proved at London, 23 Dec.
She gave her son William a strong incentive to transfer to his brother Thomas "that Messuage or Tenement now in the tenure or occupacon of me the said Katherine Watts scituate in or near the Market Place of Winslowe" .

1725: Will of Thomas Watts, ironmonger, proved at London, 3 Aug.
He left to his nephew John Watts "my Copyhold Messuage or Tenement wherein I now dwell with all the Outhouses Barns Stables Yards Orchards Gardens backsides privelleges and appurtenances" under certain conditions; if they were unfulfilled it would go instead to his nephew Peter Stutsbury.

1727: Manor court
John Watts admitted as tenant. A deleted entry records him transferring the property to Peter Stuchbury.

1742: Will of Peter Stuchbury, ironmonger, proved at London, 11 Jan.
He left to his nephew Henry Stuchbury "All that my Copyhold Messuage or Tenement in Winslowe aforesaid wherein I now dwell And the Outhouses Barnes Stables Yards Orchards Gardens Backsides Priviledges and Appurtenances".

1750: Will of Henry Stuchbury, ironmonger, proved at St Albans, 24 Oct.
There is an extremely detailed inventory which mentions the shop, three warehouses (upper, lower and next to the shop) and the butchers' workshop. The stock was worth about £300. He left to his father Henry Stuchbury "All that my Copyhold Messuge or Tenement in Winslow ... now in my own Occupation together with the Shop Yard Garden Stable and all other out Buildings thereto belonging".

1750: John Deverell borrowed £200 from John Watts of Stony Stratford, ironmonger (who inherited the premises in 1725), presumably to buy Henry Stuchbury's business. The principal sum was repaid by John Deverell's widow Avis in 1769, and recorded in the manor court book for 1770.

Face of a clock by John DeverellThere are a number of longcase clocks in existence made by John Deverell of Winslow (see photo on right and click here for some more), who bought 6 High Street from the Stuchburys. Charles King, clock and watch-maker (b.1748), later operated from premises which were probably behind 6 High Street and certainly belonged to the Deverells (see below). It seems likely that John Deverell branched out into clock-making (he did not necessarily do the work himself), and after his death the businesses separated.

1758: Will of John Deverell of Winslow, ironmonger, proved at the PCC, 30 Sep.
His wife Avis was to sell off all his property to pay off the mortgages and other debts, and to pay his son Josias £500.

1770: 31 Oct, Mortgage for £200 (Centre for Bucks Studies, D82/1/80)
Surrender:  Avis Deverell of Winslow widow, out of court on 24 Oct 1769
Admission: Ann Dodd of Quainton widow
All that Messuage or Tenement situate and being in the Market Square of Winslow aforesaid in the County of Buckingham heretofore in the occupation of Henry Stutchbury the younger deceased and now in the possession or occupation of the said Avis Deverell with the barns stables workshops outhouses yards orchards gardens backsides …

1777: 26 July
Marriage bond of Josiah Deverell, tallow-chandler of Winslow, and Elizabeth Fowler of Aylesbury.

1777 22 December  :  Sun Insurance 11936/263/392643
  Josiah Deverell of Winslow, ironmonger, grocer and chandler
  On his now dwelling house only situate as aforesaid
  plaister and tiled
  Household goods therein only
  Utensils and stock therein
  Wearing apparel
  Candlehouse, woodhouse, barn, stable and brewhouse adjoining but not communicating, a brick wall between, brick and tiled
  Utensils and stock therein, hay, straw and horses excepted
  Salthouse only, separate, brick and tiled
  Utensils and stock therein

1778: Special manor court, 30 June
Decease of Avis Deverell, widow; admission of her son Josiah under her will dated 6 Feb 1776 to "copyhold messuage ... near the Market Square of Winslow ... heretofore in the Occupation of Henry Stutchbury deceased and late in the Occupation of the said Avis Deverell and now in the tenure or Occupation of Josiah Deverell"

1778: 1 July
Josiah Deverell of Winslow Grocer & Tallow Chandler and Elizabeth his wife mortgaged this and other property to Thomas Taylor of Swanbourne Carpenter & Joiner for £150 payable on 1 Jan next.

1778: Northampton Mercury, 3 Aug

To be SOLD immediately by PRIVATE CONTRACT, for the Benefit of the Creditors of JOSIAH DEVERELL, of Winslow, in the County of Bucks, Ironmonger, Grocer, and Tallow - Chandler, in the following lots
Lot 1. A COPYHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situate in the Market-Square of Winslow aforesaid; together with all the Stock, Counters, Shelves, Shew-Glasses and Utensils in Trade of the said Josiah Deverell. The house and Shop has been in the Trade of an Ironmonger upwards of 50 Years, and has a large Yard adjoining to it, with exceeding good conveniencies for carrying on the Trade of a Grocer, Tallow-Chandler, and Soap-Boiler; there is likewise a very convenient new-built Brewhouse at the Upper End of the Yard, with a Drying-Room and Laundry over the same, and a neat Garden walled round.
N.B. A Large Quantity of WARWICKSHIRE CHEESE and about Fifty FLITCHES of Fine BACON (warranted good) Part of the above Stock, will be sold immediately, at
a very reasonable Price, to any Person who will buy the same.
Lot 2. = 15 Market Square
Lot 3. A COPYHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situate near the Market-Square of Winslow aforesaid, now In the Occupation of Charles King, Watch-Maker, with an extending good Stable, Barn and a Large Work-Shop to the same adjoining, in good Repair. [This was in Church Walk]
Lot 4. A FREEHOLD Inclosed close of Pasture-Ground, with a new Cow-House erected thereon, situate in the Parish of Grandborough, in the County of Bucks, containing by Estimation six Acres, more or less, now lett to John Clarke, of Winslow aforesaid, Carrier, at the yearly Rent of 7l. 10s. upon a Lease for 21 Years, 14 Years of which are already expired.
For further Particulars, or to treat for either of the above Lots, apply to Mr. John Axford, Grocer, on Ludgate-Hill, London; Mr. John Clinton, Grocer, in Aldersgate-Street, London; or to James Burnham, Attorney at Law, in Winslow aforesaid, who will shew the Premises.

ALL Persons who have any Demands on the Estate and Effects of JOSIAH DEVERELL, of Winslow, in the County of Bucks, Ironmonger, Grocer, and Tallow-Chandler, are desired to send an Account thereof immediately to James Burnham, Attorney at Law, in Winslow aforesaid. And all Persons who stand indebted to the said Estate are requested to pay their respective Debts to the said James Burnham, on or before the 17th Day of August next, otherwise they will be sued for the same without further Notice.

1778: Northampton Mercury, 31 Aug
TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN DAY, on Tuesday the 8th Day of September next, and the two following Days, unless disposed of before by private Contract, of which timely Notice will be given in this Paper,
All the entire STOCK in TRADE of JOSIAH DEVERELL, of Winslow, in the County of Bucks, Ironmonger, Grocer, and Tallow-Chandler; consisting of Grocery, great Variety of Ironmongery and Cutlery Goods --- Likewise two COPYHOLD MESSUAGES, or TENEMENTS, (Fine certain Five Shillings each upon Death or Alienation) situate in the Market-Square of Winslow aforesaid, one of which is now in the Occupation of the said Josiah Deverell, and has been an old-accustomed Ironmonger's Shop for 50 Years and upwards, with a large Yard, Garden, and exceeding good Out-Offices belonging to the same; and the other in the Occupation of Charles King, Watch-maker, with an exceeding good Stable, Out-Houses, and a large and commodious Work-Shop thereto belonging.
Also the HOUSEHOLD-GOODS and FURNITURE of the said JOSIAH DEVERELL; consisting of very good Feather Beds, Blankets, Quilts, Bedsteads, &c. with Harrateen Furniture; Mahogany Chairs, Tables, and Chests of Drawers; Pier and Dressing-Glasses; Pewter, Brass, and Kitchen-Furniture; together with Brewing and Washing-Coppers, Brewing-Vessels, &c.
The Whole of the Household-Goods and Stock may be viewed the Day before the Sale; and Catalogues thereof will be delivered gratis, in due Time, at the George Inn, in Aylesbury; the Cross-Keys Inn, in Buckingham; the King's-Arms Inn, in Bicester; the Three-Swans Inn, in Stony-Stratford; and at the Place of Sale.

1778 6 October: Sun Insurance 11936/269/403500
  Thomas King of Winslow, ironmonger, grocer and chandler
  On his now dwelling house and warehouse adjoining situate as aforesaid, plaister and tiled
  Utensils and stock therein
  Candle house, stable, barn, gateway and brewhouse adjoining And to the house (a brick party wall between and no communication) brick and tiled
  Utensils and stock therein
  Barn and salt warehouse separate, plaister and tiled
  Utensils and stock therein

1779: Manor court, 21 July (Centre for Bucks Studies, D82/1/371)
Surrender: Josiah Deverell and Elizabeth his wife
Admission: Thomas King the elder of Blackthorne, Co. Oxon., yeoman
All that Copyhold Messuage of Tenement situate standing and being near the Market Square of Winslow aforesaid heretofore in the occupation of Henry Stutchbury deceased late in the occupation of the said Josiah Deverell and now in the occupation of Thomas King. Ann Dodd of Quainton widow acknowledged receipt of £200 from Josiah Deverell as Avis' only son and executor, through Thomas King the elder. Thomas Taylor of Swanbourne acknowledged receipt of £150.

1785: Jackson's Oxford Journal, 10 Dec


TO be SOLD, or LETT by Lease, and Entered
Upon immediately, - an old established SHOP in the
Above Branches, now in full Trade, situate in the Market
Square at WINSLOW, in the County of Bucks, in the Oc-
cupation of Mr. THOMAS KING, who is retiring from Business.

It is a very eligible and desirable Opening for any Person in-
clined to enter into all or any of the above Branches. The Pre-
mises are admirably adapted for the Purposes, having many
and exceeding good and convenient Out-buildings, Stabling, &c.-
with a small neat Garden adjoining, the Walls of which are
well stocked with fine young Fruit Trees.

  Any Person inclined to enter upon the same, will be required
to take the stock in trade at an appraised Valuation, which is
somewhat considerable.

  N.B. Mr KING has for some Years past, and still doth
continue to collect from all the Villages within ten Miles of
the Place large Quantities of Honey which is a very profitable
Branch; there is no other Person in the Honey Business within
Fifteen Miles of the Place.

  All Letters Post-paid addressed as above, will be duly  at-
tended to.

1786: 31st October   Royal Insurance 7253/11/99433  
  Thomas King of Winslow, brazier and cutter  
  On his dwelling house brick and plaister built and tiled, situate in the Market Square of Winslow aforesaid 150
  On household furniture therein 100
  On utensils and trade in the same 200
  On a house workshop and stable adjoining brick built and tiled
situate in Winslow aforesaid, tenant George Hawley, grocer and tallow chandler
  On three tenements adjoining brick built and thatched situate in
Winslow aforesaid, tenants the widow Tims, Charles King and James Ward, not exceeding £50 on each

1786: Manor court, 30-31 Oct
Thomas King late of Blackthorne yeoman held by rent of 7d among other things a messuage in the Market Square late in the occupation of Thomas King, now of George Hawley.  He died since the last court.  Thomas King of Winslow grocer his eldest son desires to be admitted tenant.

1793: Northampton Mercury, 21 Sep
WANTED immediately; A Journeyman GROCER and TALLOW CHANDLER — A sober, steady Man may meet with Employ, by enquiry of George Hawley, Winslow

1794: Special manor court, 25 Nov
Surrender: Thomas King of Bicester brazier and Ann his wife on 24 Nov
Admission: George Hawley of Winslow grocer
Messuage in Market Square late in Thomas' own occupation, now in the occupation of George Hawley with houses outhouses edifices buildings barns stables yards orchards gardens backside, to which Thomas was admitted at a special court on 21 July 1779
Rent 7d, fine 5s.


Hawleys float, 174 years of trading

Hawleys' float in the 1935 pageant celebrating 700 years of Winslow's market charter claimed that the business started in 1761, which does not seem to be the case.

1796: Northampton Mercury, 11 Feb

GEORGE HAWLEY, having Entered upon the Stock in Trade of Mr. THOMAS KING, IRONMONGER, GROCER, and CHANDLER, begs the Continuance of the Favours of the former Customers, and the Public at large, who may rely on being served with the best of Goods on the most reasonable Terms.
Their most humble, obedient servant
N.B. Mr KING returns Thanks to his numerous Customers, and shall consider their Orders given to his Successor, as Favours conferred upon himself.

Leaflet with drawing of Hawleys' shop1796 manor court
The jurors are to view:
the Wall of the Stable belonging to James Burnham Gent. and enquire whether George Hawley of Winslow Grocer hath made any encroachment there and whether the said JB hath any right of Eves dropping and Watercourse through the yard of the said GH ...
the Wall between the yard of Benjamin Dudley of Winslow Plumber and the yard of George Hawley of Winslow aforesaid Grocer and enquire to whom the same belongs

1805: Land Tax George Hawley (owner & occupier) self, 8s. 11d.

The picture on the right was drawn in the 20th century, but the "G. Hawley" part probably gives some idea of what the shop looked like before it was rebuilt in the 1880s.

1821: mortgaged by George & Hannah Hawley for £300 to William Geary of Thornborough baker, 21 Nov 1821

1823 & 1831 directories: George Hawley, grocer

1832 manor court
Surrender on 6 July by George Hawley grocer & Hannah his wife for a consideration of 650
Admission: William Hawley of 41 Bridge Road Lambeth grocer their son

1832: Land Tax George Hawley: house etc., 8s. 11d.

1837 15 June: Will of George Hawley, Winslow, grocer, proved at PCC

1838 register of electors
Owner of copyhold house: William Hawley, 38 Westminster Bridge-road, Surrey
Tenant: James Hawley

1841: Census
Market Square

James Hawley Grocer 35
Charlotte Hawley   25
Elizabeth Hawley   3
George   Hawley   2
Sarah Hawley   18m
George Mayne Servant 18
John Henley Servant 18
Ann Ellerd Servant 20
Lilla Egerton Servant 18
all born in county except Ann Ellerd

1842 James Hawley, grocer & tallow chandler

1851: Census
Market Square

James Hawley Head married 46 Grocer & farmer of 218 acres employing 2 men & 2 boys b. Winslow
Sarah Hawley Wife married 36   b. East Claydon
Clara Ann Hawley Daughter   1   b. Winslow
James Caleb Hawley Son   6m   b. Winslow
Thomas Ray Servant unm 29 Journeyman grocer b. Nash
Emma Linney Servant unm 22 House servant b. North Marston
Elizabeth Phillips Servant unm 17 House nurse b. Adstock

James Hawley sr moved to Adstock Manor as a farmer: in 1871 he had 170 acres and employed 7 men and 7 boys.

1854: Petty Sessions, 24 Aug
On the information of Superintendent Hodgkinson, James Hawley, grocer, of Winslow, was charged with having had in his possession an unjust 2lb. weight.   It appeared that a plug which had been in the weight for stamping on was gone, and that the deficiency thereby arose.  Mr. Hawley intimated that he was not in the least aware of the plug being out.  Convicted after a former conviction in £2 fine, and 12. 6d. costs. 

1861: Census
Market Square

James G. Hawley Head unm 22 Tea dealer & grocer b. Winslow
Sarah H. Hawley Sister unm 20   b. Winslow
Philip G. Dodwell Assistant unm 20 Grocer's assistant b. Waddesdon
Ann Gibbard Servant unm 16 Domestic servant b. Padbury

1869: William Hawley's executors sold the property to James George Hawley for £750; read more

1871: Census
Market Square

George Hawley Head unm 31 Grocer b. Winslow
Edith Hawley Sister unm 32 House keeper b. Winslow
James C. Hawley Brother unm 20 Grocer b. Winslow
George Grishold   unm 18 Assistant b. Little Horwood
Ann Sirett   unm 16 General servant domestic b. Adstock

J Hawley & sons bill 18781877: Directory
James Hawley & Sons, grocers and provision dealers

1881: Census
High Street (James C. Hawley + wife and daughter lived in the Market Square at no.13)

George J. Hawley Head unm 41 Grocer employing 2 men & 1 boy b. Winslow
Ann Eliz. Hawley Sister unm 42   b. Winslow
Naomi Marks Servant unm 20 General servant domestic b. Singleborough

1882: Liverpool Mercury, 21 Jan
Dissolution of partnership: George James Hawley and James Caleb Hawley, trading as G. and J. Hawley, Winslow, Bucks, grocers.

1884: Bucks Herald, 8 Nov
Present- E. W. S. Lowndes, and G. R. Greaves, Esqrs.
  ROBBING AN EMPLOYER.- William Hackworth, alias John Morgan, was charged with stealing between the 20th and 24th of October at Winslow, 1lb. of tea, 1lb. of butter, 13 packets of cocoa, 1 pot of extract of meat, and four boxes of cigars, value £2:15, the property of his master, Mr. J. C. Hawley, grocer.- Evidence was given by the prosecutor, by a lad named William Garner, and by P. S. Bowden, to the effect that prisoner sent the cigars by Parcel Post to 3, Hermes-street, Pentonville, where Sergt. Bowden traced them, and saw them delivered to a woman who gave the name of Hackworth.  On searching the premises the other goods were found.- Prisoner admitted taking the goods, and pleaded extreme poverty in extenuation.- Sergt. Bowden stated that from enquiries he had made he found that the prisoner had obtained his situation at the prosecutor’s by means of false representations, and had also been writing to a person named Smith offering to sell him a quantity of cigars cheap.- The Bench sentenced him to three months’ imprisonment.

The premises were rebuilt in the 1880s in the form which still survives above ground-floor level. We don't know what they looked like before, but see the image above. However, the Bucks Herald (24 Feb 1894) referred to "Mr. James Hawley who for so many years occupied the old thatched grocery stores in Winslow Market-square". See also the description of the old building below (from 1904).

In 1901 George Hawley was a "tea trade clerk" living as a lodger in Sedgwick Road, Leyton, London.

1886: Buckingham Advertiser, 15 May
Solicits a continuance of the favours bestowed upon him.
May 7th, 1886.

1891: Directory
James Caleb Hawley, grocer & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine and spirit merchants.

1891: Census
Market Square

James C. Hawley Head married 40 Grocer b. Winslow
Susan E. Hawley Wife married 33   b. Moreton in Marsh
Winifred M. Hawley Daughter   10 Scholar b. Winslow
Florence E. Hawley Daughter   9 Scholar b. Winslow
Edith G. Hawley Daughter   7 Scholar b. Winslow
James L. Hawley Son   2   b. Winslow
Henry Crofts Boarder single 29 Grocer's foreman b. Dover
Harrold Waylett Boarder single 20 Grocer's assistant b. Bishop's Stortford
Sophia Oliffe Servant single 21 General domestic servant b. Waddesdon
Ruth Savin Servant single 16 General domestic servant b. Finmere

Hawleys with blind

1901: Census
Market Square

James Hawley Head married 50 Grocer, wine & spirit merchant b. Winslow
Emily Hawley Wife married 44   b. Moreton in Marsh
Winifred Hawley Daughter single 20   b. Winslow
Ernest Wells Visitor single 20 Naval apprentice (merchant service) b. Moreton in Marsh
Elizabeth Bell Servant single 29 Cook (domestic) b. Bucknell, Oxon
Elsie Cross Servant single 16 Housemaid (domestic) b. Twyford
Stoneware flagon marked Family Grocer Winslow

The stoneware flagon (right), made by Price of Bristol, with the name scratched out, originally said "J.C. Hawley". As J.C. Hawley started adding "& Son" from about 1913, it probably dates to before then.

1904: Buckingham Express, 22 Oct: celebration of Winifred Hawley's marriage
  Mr. Clear proposed “Success to the old family of Hawley,” calling back to memory the late Mr. James Hawley and his men who were with him so many years, Mr. George, Mr. Ray [see 1851 Census above], and the two Varneys, and the old shop with its gables and tiled roof, and ancient windows.  He quoted the late Mr. Monk’s saying “Winslow shall be Winslow still,” and hoped that it would prosper in the future, and with it the family of Hawley.

1910: Valuation
Hawley, J.C.: self: House & shop 6 High Street

1911: Census
High Street

James Caleb Hawley Head married 60 Grocer & provision dealer b. Winslow
Susan Emily Hawley Wife (3 ch alive, 1 dead) married 32 years 54 Assisting in management of home b. Moreton in Marsh
Florence Hawley Daughter single 28   b. Winslow
Edith Hawley Daughter single 26   b. Winslow
Leslie James Hawley Son single 22 Assisting in business b. Winslow
Kate Cannon Servant single 17 Housemaid b. Lenborough
Patience Herring Servant single 19 Cook b. Marsh Gibbon

1915: assessment (TNA, IR58/2347 no.118)
Situation              Market Square Winslow
Description         Shop & Dwelling House
Gross Value: Buildings   £62 - 10
Rateable Value: Buildings             £50
Occupier & Owner James Caleb Hawley, Winslow
Interest of owner             Freehold
Estimated Rent                 £65
Outgoings – Land Tax    £1 – 19 – 9
Fixed Charges, Easements, Common Rights & Restrictions           
Drainage or Improvement Rate £2 – 1 – 8 borne by Owner
Former Sales  Dates        No Sale
Site Value deductions Claimed   Yes
[stamp] ON FORM 37
[red] Copy to Fleck 1.12.15
[stamp] 29 JAN 1915
Particulars, description and notes made on inspection   
Brick and Tile House & Shop
Hall, shop, office, 3 cellars, 3 ware rooms,
Kitchen, dining room, drawing room, bathroom & W.C.
3 bedrooms on 1st floor & 3 bedrooms on second floor
22 poles
Charges, Easements and Restrictions affecting Market Value of Fee Simple
License to sell spirits
[red] 15/7/26 ?P34873 ?Pol: Coall                                                                                    
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition
{red} L 29405 £1700
Deduct Market Value of Site under similar circumstances, but if divested of structures, timber, fruit trees, and other things growing on the land
40’ ft front                                          6000 sq ft                             £200
Difference Balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber &c.                £1500
Description of Buildings
Brick & Slate       Stables (2) harness room
                                Loft over
Brick & Slate       3 Warehouses
                                2 D(itt)o
Passage at side

1932: Death of James Hawley, aged 81, on 9 Sep.

1939: Directory
J.C. Hawley & Sons, grocers

Hawleys with cars on Market Square

1954: Death of Leslie J. Hawley, aged 66.

After Leslie Hawley's death, the shop became part of a small chain of supermarkets called Dudeney and Johnston, who changed the frontage. It is now (2015) One Stop. The photo above shows it after the demolition of 27 Market Square in 1948 but before the alterations to the building. The photo below (provided by Michael Leonard) was taken in 1952 and shows it from a different angle.

Hawleys and The Bell from the north

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