George Mayne: Return of a Crimean War hero (1856)

Edited from Bucks Herald, 30 Aug 1856

On Monday last a dinner was by the members of the Winslow Bowling Green at the George Inn, to Mr G.T. Mayne, of this town, son of Mr George Mayne, builder, to welcome and celebrate his return from the late Russian War. W.S. Bowen presided.

After the removal of the cloth … [ Various loyal toasts were proposed and received “with all the honours”]
The Chairman – The next Toast is the one which has this day called us together, namely “The Navy” – separated on this occasion from the army – and I with it I beg to propose “The Health of our young visitor, Mr. G.T. Mayne, who served his country on board H.M.S. the Terrible, under Captain Macleverty, during the late Russian War. I need only remind you of the various cities, towns, and places that have feted and honoured their various returned heroes, being either natives, born or located in the district where these rejoicings have taken place; so we, gentlemen, most cordially greet the return of our friend safe and sound to the home of his father and native town, Winslow.

The toast was most enthusiastically received.

Mr G.T. Mayne, who wore his medal, rose to thank the chairman and his friends most sincerely for the honour thus bestowed upon him. Whatever service he may have rendered during the late war, this compliment so unexpectedly paid to him was more than he anticipated or deserved.  He could hardly say what his hopes or prospects might be since he woud no longer be wanted on board a warship. He, however intended to try his fortune in the civil service of his country. He again thanked them again for their kindness towards him and would drink health and happiness to those who had so generously wished it to him. (Loud Cheers.)

The Chairman then gave “The Health of Mr. George Mayne, father of the guest.”
Mr Mayne replied in feeling terms and gave the opportunity to give “The Health of the Chairman.”

The Chairman, in responding, said he was pleased and happy to have the opportunity of presiding over this interesting meeting, and believed it was the first if its kind in Winslow.

[Mr G.T. Mayne was elected an honorary member of the Bowling Green Society. Many more toasts were interspersed with song. Mr Barton, the host, was recognised for having catered “in his usual good style.]


George Mayne was born in 1823 and was working as a grocer at Hawleys in 1841. He received the Crimea Medal on board HMS Terrible in 1855, when he was listed as "seaman's schoolmaster". His civilian career evidently did not go as planned as he was living at Stoke Newington in 1881 with his wife Elizabeth and son George and working as a builder's clerk.

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