5 Horn Street (The Cottage, The Limes)

The Cottage, which is now two separate dwellings called Deveron House and Chime House, was created in the 1860s by Samuel Burnham Dudley and enlarged in the 1880s from The Limes (where he lived) and two adjacent properties. Additions by William Selby-Lowndes in 1884 made it one of the largest houses in Winslow, with 10 bedrooms. Its nineteenth-century façade gives a misleading appearance to a building with much older origins. Below is the history of the combined house, known as The Cottage. It was for a long time the home of Dr Kennish (after whom Kennish Close is named) but before that it was a very genteel girls' school. Please scroll down for the individual houses which preceded it, or follow these links: The Limes, John Cox's house, blacksmith's shop.

Horn Street before 1884
This is the earliest known photo of The Limes (the house with 5 bays and 4 chimneys on the left), and must predate the rebuilding of the Congregational Church in 1884

1871: Census
Horn Street

Samuel B. Dudley Head married 61 Auctioneer, Land & Excise Agent, Farmer of 500 acres employing 10 men, 4 boys b. Winslow
Louisa H. do Wife married 40 do wife b. Banbury
Louisa M. do Daughter unm 19 do daughter b. Winslow
Susan Mitchell Servant do 51? Domestic Servant b. Newton Longville
Mary A. Smith do do 24 do b. Tingewick
Emma Mitchell do do 21 do b. Newton Longville

S.B. Dudley had a wide range of interests. In 1837 he unsuccessfully prosecuted Benjamin Jennings for stealing a lamb from his flock on his farm at Swanbourne (Bucks Herald, 1 July 1837).

1870: S.B. Dudley claimed damages from Henry Monk for libel.

1877 PO Directory:
Samuel Burnham Dudley, Horn Street

11 Oct 1878: Memorandum by Samuel Burnham Dudley that he had deposited title deeds with Henry Hearn as security for money owed.  £1,653 3s still due to Hearn or his firm in 1883.

30 Jan 1880: Samuel Burnham Dudley made his will, devising his property in trust to his wife Louisa Harriet Dudley.

9 July 1880: Conditional surrender by Samuel Burnham Dudley to William Weston for £2,500 and interest. £877 11s 2d still due to him in 1883.

1881: Census
The Limes

Samuel B. Dudley Head married 71 Land Agent & Farmer of 700 acres employing 16 men, 14 boys b. Winslow
Louisa H. do Wife married 54 do wife b. Banbury
Susannah Mitchell Servant do 67 Housekeeper b. Newton Longville
Lizzie Gregory do do 21 Housemaid b. Blewberry, Berks
Martha Hopkins do do 19 Cook b. Hoggeston

25 April 1881: Indenture between Samuel Burnham Dudley and George and James Weston for mortgage of £1,500 and interest. £1,566 14s 10d still due to them in 1883.

14 Nov 1881: Codicil to will of Samuel Burnham Dudley.

1882: Bicester Herald, 10 Nov
  FUNERAL OF THE LATE MR. DUDLEY OF WINSLOW.-  On Wednesday, Nov, 8, the remains of the late Mr. S. B. Dudley were interred in the parish graveyard, at Winslow.  The site adjoins the grave of Mr. S. G. and Mrs. Dudley, his father and mother.  The service was conducted by the Rev. R. C. Allen, curate.  The funeral procession included- E. W. S. Lowndes and M. S. Lowndes, Esqs., Rev. J. Cross, Mr. Geo. D. E. Wigley, Mr. H. Bullock, Mr. W. Neal, Mr. F. R. Denchfield, Mr. Hathaway, Messrs. C. Clare and Geo. George, churchwardens, and Dr. Newham.  The following inscription is on the coffin: “Samuel B. Dudley born March 19th, 1810, died Nov. 1st, 1882.”  Mr. Dudley had for many years, up to Easter last filled the office of churchwarden.

1882: inventory for administration taken by George Wigley, 27 Nov (Centre for Bucks Studies, D/WIG/2/7/1902/38)
Front Office
Office Desk with 12 drawers and 2 cupboards. Sideboard with 2 drawers and cupboards. Mahog(an)y sloping office desk with interior drawer Office stool 2 wheel back Windsor chairs 1 Windsor chair. Fender & set of fire irons. Pair of plated candlesticks 8 day dial Mahog(an)y Cupboard Pair of Bullock’s Horns
Back Office
Office Desk with 6 drawers Mahog(an)y Stand 2 Windsor chairs. Windsor Arm Chair. Mahog(an)y writing knee hole and Bureau with 6 drawers and interior drawers Fender Small oak stand Small writing Desk Water color in gilt frame “Winslow Market place” Portrait in gilt frame of W.S. Lowndes Esq. D(itt)o in maple frame Picture late Mr Selby Lowndes & Hounds 3 Pictures in gilt frames Q(uanti)ty of whips and sticks Hearth Rug Barometer Map United States Mahog(an)y Pole and Rings Q(uanti)ty of books Stags Head and Antlers
Sundry dur(able?) and other mats  Iron Garden Stool Elm Garden Stand Oak Hall Table with drawers Wicker Basket 3 pairs of Antlers
Breakfast Room
Steel mounted fender and set of fire irons Sundry china on mantelpiece 3 tier oak Whatnot Sundry China on ditto. Oak curtain pole rings and pair of crimson damask window curtains Box Ottoman in green damask Pollard oak chiffonier with plate glass back Letter scales and weights Sunday China on chiffonier Negretti & Zambra’s Storm Glass Walnut music Canterbury 7 octave Pianoforte in Walnut case Lady’s rosewood work table Oak occasional table with drawers Ink stand Bracket and marble figure Woolwork firescreen on mahog(an)y stand Mirror in gilt frame 6 oak breakfast room chairs in green morocco seats Oak library chair in green morocco. Lady’s oak chair in green Morocco Lady’s oak cane seat chair Velvet pile carpet to room and hearth rug Oil Painting in gilt frame “A Highland Raid” Copy of Rosa Bonheur oil painting after Landseer “The Smithy” Ditto “Maid & the Magpie” ”Ditto “Saved” ”Ditto “Bolton Abbey” D(itt)o after Ansdell  3 Landscape Paintings in gilt frames D(itt)o “Horse & Dog” Picture in gilt frame “Country Choristers” 6 sundry pictures Copper coal shoot Music stool in walnut with Ami[?] cover Easy Chair in green morocco
Dining Room
Fender & set of fire irons Steel plate warmer Pier Glass in gilt frame Butler’s mahog(an)y tray & stand Mahog(an)y Dinner Wagon Musical Box playing 4 tunes Mahog(an)y Sideboard with drawers trays & cellarette 12 mahog(an)y Dining Room Chairs with red morocco seats Gentleman’s easy chair in morocco Set of Mahog(an)y extending Dining Tables with 4 extra leaves and mahog(an)y stand for leaves Brussels Carpet to room Hearth Rug Mahog(an)y curtain pole and pair of crimson damask curtains Oil painting in gilt frame “Cattle & Shepherd” Oil painting after Rosa Bonheur “Horse Fair” 4 oil paintings in gilt frames “The Madonna” Pair of plated wine Coolers Silver cruet stand and set of cruets Wood bread tray and bread knife Blue and white butter dish with plated top 2 China bowls Plated spirit egg boiler Marble Stilton cheese dish and cover Set of dessert Service 4 green finger Glasses 2 glass Sugar Basins Plated pickle stand Pair of plated decanter stands 3 Wine Decanters 5 specimen Vases
Front Hall
Mahog(an)y Hall Table with drawers 2 mahog(an)y Hall Chairs Door Mats 8 day Time piece Barometer Pair of Buffalo Horns
Drawing Room
Steel mounted fender and set of fire irons Glass lustre candelabra Pair of glass lustre candlesticks Sundry China Pier Glass in gilt frame Japanned Coal vase Rosewood card table Rosewood Chiffonier with pair of plate glass doors and back China on D(itt)o Rosewood occasional table Lady’s rosewood work table Lady’s high back chair in woolwork damask cover and rosewood frame Drawing Room Suite in rosewood and crimson damask comprising settee 2 easy Chairs and 7 chairs. Rosewood centre table on pillar and claws Engraving in glazed and gilt frame Rosa Bonheur’s Horse Fair. 3 pencil drawings of horses in oak gilt and glazed frames. Pair of damask window curtains gilt cornice and valance Brussels Carpet to room. Axminster Hearth Rug. Plated Epergne pair of Bohemian Vases Sundry China Pair of ruby and gold specimen Vases Gilt Timepiece under shade on stand Wool Mat. 2 occasional chairs ebonised and inlaid with mother of pearl 2 cane seat occasional chairs Pair of papier maché hand firescreens
First Kitchen
Deal Kitchen Table with drawer 6 Windsor Chairs Windsor arm chair 2 pewter hot water plates Kitchen fender & fireirons Sundry tin & copperware Pestle and mortar 3 wire meat covers 8 day clock in oak case Part Dinner Service (green band) Ditto (pink band) Pewter hot water meat Dish Copper tea boiler with tap Brass bowl and 2 brass Kettles Part Dinner Service blue and gold with crest Sundry glass and earthenware Set of six block tin meat covers
Cook’s Pantry
Sundry earthenware and glass Sundry brown ware Brass bottle jack Scales & weights Coffee Mill Bacon Chest Flour Bin Sundry Baskets and plate warmer
Second Kitchen
2 fold Airing Horse Kitchen table Chopping Block Set of 3 steps Plate warmer lined with tin Set of 6 Steps Sundry tin ware 3 Gridirons 20 Boilers and Saucepans 2 frying pans 2 Coalvases Fender Stewpot Fish Kettle
Housemaid’s Pantry
3 pairs plated candlesticks 2 plated chamber candlesticks sundry benzoline lamps & candlesticks Napkin press Q(uanti)ty of tumblers wine glasses and soda water glasses 6 Jugs Hot Water Jug Sundry lamps 4 trays & waiters Set of tea and breakfast China (blue lined and crest)
Brussels stair carpet and brass stair rods. Brussels Carpet to passages.
Left Hand Bedroom No.1
Mahog(an)y 4 post bedstead & figured dimity furniture Straw palliasse Feather Bed Bolster & Pillows Pair of Blankets & white cotton counterpane Eider Down Quilt Felt Carpet to room 6 cane seat Chairs Brass-mounted fender and set of fire irons Mahog(an)y commode 2 wool mats Mahog(an)y Chest of 4 drawers Mahog(an)y Dressing Lace Mahog(an)y Dressing Glass Mahog(an)y Washstand with marble top and 2 drawers Mahog(an)y Towel Rail Mahog(an)y Bidet Earthen footpan & 2 water cans Painted hip bath 8 sundry pictures
Dressing Room
Mahog(an)y marble top Washstand with 2 drawers Mahog(an)y double Towel Rail Part toilet service Earthen foot bath and toilet pail Wicker screen to washstand Mahog(an)y table-de-nuit 2 cane seat chairs PE[?] Chest of 5 Drawers Pollard oak Dressing Table with drawer Mahog(an)y Dressing Glass Child’s Chair Timepiece on alabaster pedestal Sundry China & ornaments Kidderminster Carpet to room & piece of India matting
Right Hand Bedroom No. 2
Iron Fender & set of fire irons Copper coal shoot 4 Cane seat chairs Mahog(an)y Dressing Table with drawer Mahog(an)y Dressing Glass Box Ottoman in crimson damask and chintz cover Mahog(an)y marble top Washstand and part service Earthen foot bath and toilet pail Mahog(an)y towel rail Small marble timepiece Kidderminster Carpet to Room & Hearth Rug Engraving in oak glazed and gilt frame Mahog(an)y Arabian Bedstead with crimson damask furniture Spring Mattress Hair Mattress Pair of Blankets and white quilt Eider down quilt Mahog(an)y curtain pole rings & pair of crimson damask window curtains
Butler’s folding mahog(an)y Stand 4 door mats 2 stick racks and sticks Wheel Barometer
South Bedroom No. 3
Fender & set of fire-irons Ash pan and fire guard 6 cane seat chairs Mahog(an)y Dressing Table with 2 drawers  Mahog(an)y Towel Rail Mahog(an)y Dressing Glass Mahog(an)y marble top Washstand with two drawers Mahog(an)y Commode Pollard oak Invalid’s table Part toilet service and wicker screen Mahog(an)y sofa table Wool mat & piece of India matting Mahog(an)y curtain pole rings & pair of damask window curtains 4 post mahog(an)y bedstead with crimson damask furniture Straw Palliasse Flock Palliasse Feather Bed bolster & 2 pillows Pair of blankets and white counterpane
Dressing Room
Fender & set of fire-irons Mahog(an)y Dressing Table & 2 drawers  Dressing Glass Knee hole chest of Drawers & cupboard 2 cane seat chairs Mahog(an)y Boot Rack Mahog(an)y marble top Washstand Part Service and wicker screen Mahog(an)y Towel Rail Mahog(an)y Bureau Sundry pieces of Carpet India Matting and wool mat Pier Glass in Gilt frame Sponge Bath Gentleman’s mahog(an)y Wardrobe with sliding trays 2 Mahog(an)y curtain pole rings  pair of crimson damask window curtains pair of muslin D(itt)o Time piece in walnut case Holostene[?] Barometer Sundry Ornaments
Three Windowed Bedroom Nursery
12 step ladder 2 flag seat Chairs Sundry boxes & baskets Iron French Bedstead Flock Mattress Hair Mattress Counterpane Iron French Bedstead Straw Palliasse Flock Mattress Counterpane Child’s Cot & Bedding Painted maple wardrobe 4 can seat Chairs Brass mounted fire guard Round deal table Circular marble top Washstand Mahog(an)y Towel Rail Mahog(an)y Dressing Table & 2 drawers Mahog(an)y Dressing Glass PE[?] Chest of 5 drawers Sundry pictures
Back Room
Servants’ Room
Painted Washstand & towel rail
Iron French Bedstead and bedding Ditto 2 rush seat Chairs Painted Dressing Table Painted Washstand and part Service PE[?] Chest of 5 drawers Dressing Glass
Wine Cellar
Bin No.1               2 doz pale Brandy  Abt 3 doz Champagne and Sparkling Wines Abt 2 doz pints of Malaga Sherry
Bin No.3               3 doz Old Sherry 
Bin No.4               5 doz old Madeira
Bin No.6               2 doz Port 
Bin No.7               4 doz old Port 
Bin No.8               2 doz Claret 
6 pairs best sheets 6 pairs Servants’ D(itt)o
12 Table Cloths 2 Doz Dinner Napkins 2 doz D’Oylys
2 doz Bed Room Towels  6 Tray Cloths
Silver Plate
3 silver Teapots 2 Cream Jugs Coffee pot and stand Small silver Salver 2 doz large Forks 2 doz small
D{itt}o 1 doz Dessert Spoons 1 doz Tea Spoons 2 Mustard Pots & Spoons 2 Peppers 1 Cayenne 4 Salts & spoons Fish Knife & Fork
Brown Horse Corn Bin 2 Pails Water Can Manure Skip Shovel fork Brown Water Brush and Dandy Brush
Coach House
4 wheel Dog Cart 4 wheel Phaeton 2 wheel Pony Cart Corn Bin
Loose Box
2 Garden Chairs Lawn Mower Garden Roll Old iron Gate Wood Door Wire flower stand Bean Mill Glass Frame Plates & Tiles Deal stained partition and box
Hovel in orchard
Water Cart Hay Crib
Wood Barn
Fire Wood Beetle & Wedges Sawing Horse Bill & Block
Corn Room
2 Corn Bins
3 Headstalls 3 horse Cloths & girths
Saddle Room
Snaffle Bridle Pony D{itt}o Single Rein Curb 4 double D{itt}o 3 Saddles Stirrups and girths Lady’s Saddle Pad 2 Bridles 3 sets Pony Harness 1 set Double Harness 2 sets single D{itt}o 2 pairs Spurs Brushing Board & Stand Water Tub
Loft & Yard
Corn Bin 6 trusses Hay 4 Hampers Glass Bottles Half Bushel Measure Saddle Horse Garden Tools 2 iron Jacks Wheelbarrow
Coal Shed
3 cwt Coal Coal Hummelles[?]
Wash House
2 washing Tubs 3 Trays 2 Stands Lye Runner & Betty
10 glazed earthenware Milk Pans 2 Glass D{itt}o Butter Kiver & Trenchers 2 doz Churn & Stand 2 cream tins 3 tin milking pails & yoke Skimmer strainer & bowl 2 marble slabs & wood stand Hogshead of cider
Cow House
Turnip Cutter Chaff Machine Corn Bin Meal D{itt}o 2 hog Tubs 14 rails & posts to protect front of House Garden Tool and Hedge Clipper Shovel forks & cinder sieves 1 scythe 2 skips Milking Stool
Loose Box in Cow Shed
Garden pea racks Mud Rake 2 muck drags Turnip Cutter and Bean Mill Q(uanti)ty old iron Ridge Tiles Garden Tiles & Squares
2 wheelbarrows 2 square iron Troughs 2 pig troughs Wood water trough (lined lead)
Water Tub Shovel & fork Ladder Fire Wood
Loose Box in Farmyard
Large 3 partition Corn Bin Sundries
Valued by me at the sum of Five hundred and Sixty-Six pounds 12/6
G.D.S. Wigley [signature]

1883: Probate granted to Louisa Harriet Dudley, 5 Jan. Personal estate: £4,474.
An inventory taken in 1886 (covering only items removed by Mrs Dudley) refers to the following rooms at The Limes: drawing room, library, parlour, kitchen, ante-room, 3 bedrooms, dressing room.

1883: Divorce of Louisa Mary Hooper (daughter of Samuel & Louisa Dudley)

1883 Kelly’s Directory:
Samuel Burnham Dudley, The Limes, Great Horn Street

16 & 23 June 1883: Buckingham Advertiser
To be sold by Geo. Wigley at The Bell on 27 June, the estate of S.B. Dudley esq. including:
A delightfully situate Family Residence Distinguished as "The Limes," with stabling, farmery, of commodious and most substantial elevation, occupying one of the pleasantest and most commanding positions in the Town of Winslow, with beautiful and extensive views, and a Close of Rich Pasture Land in the rear containing 5A. 3R. 0P. A Freehold Close of highly valuable Accommodation Land containing 5A. 1R. 6P. adjoining the last lot. Cottages, &c.

30 June 1883: Buckingham Advertiser
SALE OF VALUABLE ESTATES. – Mr. G. D. E. Wigley offered for sale at the Bell Hotel, on Wednesday afternoon, June 27th, some valuable freehold and copyhold estates, comprising an area of 500 acres, and also residences, the property of the late S. B Dudley, Esq.   There was an exceedingly large company, and the biddings for some of the lots were animated, whilst those which were not sold, we understand are likely to be sold privately.   After a few appropriate words from the auctioneer, Lot 1 was put up.  It comprised a farm of 64A 2R 8P, in the parish of Singleborough, and was bought by Mr. E. Roads, of Whitchurch, for £2,350. – Lot 2, comprising 6A 1R 24P, situate at Nash, was bought in at £240. – Lot 3, a close of land 4A 2R 3P, was also bought in at £140. – Lot 4, containing 44A 1R 37P situate at Whaddon, was bought in at £2,400.  – Lot 5, comprising 132A 0R 17P, situate in the parish of Oving, was bought in at £7,900. – Lot 6, containing 8A 3R 2P of meadow land adjoining lot 5, was sold to Mr. Kingham, for £500. – Lot 7, a dairy farm at Granborough, and containing 161A 2R 29P, was bought in at £6,900. – Lot 8, a close of building land situate at Granborough, and containing 1A 3R 23P, was bought in at £190. – Lot 9, a close of land containing 5A 2R 2P situate at Swanbourne, was sold to Mr. Henry Neal, for £400. – Lot 10, containing 8A 0R 34P of meadow land at Swanbourne, was bought in at £690, and sold privately after the sale. – Lot 11, a freehold meadow, containing 7A 2R 21P situate in the parish of Swanbourne, was bought in at £640. – Lot 11a, containing a small meadow of 1A 1R 5P, at Swanbourne, was also bought in. – Lot 12, comprising 14A 2R 10P of land, at Swanbourne, was bought by Mr. Silvanus Jones for £1,000. – Lot 13, a neat cottage residence and land, at Winslow and Shipton, was bought in at £1,000, and sold privately since the sale. – Lot 14, containing 12A 1R 35P at Shipton, was bought in at £1,150. – Lot 15, containing 2A 3R 23P at Swanbourne, was bought in at £290. – Lot 16, a close of pasture land at Shipton, containing 4A 1R 21P, was also bought in. – Lot 17, a close of land in the parish of Winslow, containing 2A 2R 10P was sold to Mr. Silvanus Jones, for £320.  – Lot 18, a cottage and garden situate at Winslow, was sold to Mr. C. Keys, for £70. – Lot 19, three cottages at Mursley, were bought in. – Lot 20, the residence known as the “The Limes,” Winslow, with garden and land, was sold to W. Selby-Lowndes, jun., Esq., for £3,350, and he also purchased Lot 21, a freehold close, containing 5A 1R 6P adjoining lot 20, for £670. [The sale of The Limes must have fallen through; see below]

29 Sep 1883: Admission of William Weston on default in payment.

29 Dec 1883 Indenture between:
1. Louisa Harriet Dudley of Winslow, widow
2. William Weston
3. George and James Weston
4. Henry Hearn
5. Charles Henry Eyre Coote of Aspley House, Woburn
Louisa Harriet Dudley sells to Coote (apparently an agent for the Selby-Lowndes family) for £4,097 9s, out of which she pays the creditors (nos 2-4).

Plan of The Cottage and grounds
Plan of The Cottage (marked in red) and part of the garden, from the 1883 indenture

1884: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 22 Jan
COMPRISING two drawing-room suites, in rosewood and walnut; capital mahogany dining-room chairs, in morocco; hall table, office desks and fittings; very handsome four-post bedsteads, with damask hangings, marble-top washstands and tables, feather beds, mattresses, bedding, linen, china, glass, and earthenware; 15 DOZENS of very OLD WINE, bottled principally in 1859; also 20 DOZENS of ST. JULIEN CLARET (entered by permission); FIVE SETS of COB and PONY HARNESS; FIVE RIDING SADDLES, SEVEN BRIDLES; excellent STANHOPE PHAETON, nearly new, by Salmons; double DOG CART, by Collins, Oxford; good PONY DOG CART; also a large, handsome, double-seated PAIR BROUGHAM, on CoC springs, in good condition, by Cook, Rowley, and Co., London; a PONY PHAETON, in excellent condition, by Salmons; a capital PONY PHAETON, by King (included by permission; ALDERNEY HEIFER, FAT HOG, FARMING IMPLEMENTS, DAIRY VESSSELS, and numerous effects;
On the Premises, at The Limes, Winslow, by direction of the Administratrix of the late S. B. Dudley, Esq.
On View the day previous to the Sale, which will Commence at Eleven o’Clock.
Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneer, Winslow, and at the Town Hall Offices, Fenny Stratford.

1884: Bucks Herald, 1 March
  MR. SELBY-LOWNDES’ HUNT.- Mr. W. Selby-Lowndes of Whaddon Hall, has resigned the mastership of the Whaddon Chase Foxhounds, in favour of his eldest son, Mr. W. Selby-Lowndes, jun., who is having “The Limes” at Winslow (the residence of the late Mr. S. B. Dudley), altered and enlarged for his occupation.

1884: Bicester Herald, 11 July
  WORKMEN’S FESTVAL AT WINSLOW.- On Saturday, July 5, the workmen engaged in the enlargement of “The Limes” had a treat given them by W. Selby-Lowndes, jun., Esq.  The afternoon was spent in cricket and other amusements, and, afterwards, about 40 sat down to a capital dinner at the Bell Hotel, Mr. John Ingram, the contractor, occupying the chair.  After the tables were cleared the usual loyal toasts were duly given, and the health of the donor of the feast was drunk with musical honours.  The festivities were pleasantly prolonged until about 10.30 with songs, &c Mr. Lowndes liberally provided creature comforts.

1887: Buckingham Advertiser, 15 Oct
2 BRILLIANT-TONED SEMI-GRAND PIANOFORTES, in Rosewood and Mahogany Cases, by “Broadwood,” capital 7-ft. Oak Sideboard, with Plate-glass back, Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood Centre and Dining Tables, 12 Oak Dining-room Chairs, Pair of Gilt Girandoles, Water Colors in Oak and Gilt Frames, China, Oak Hall Table, Columbian Hall Stove;
The Contents of 4 Bedrooms, Including Mahogany Arabian ad French Bedsteads, Spring and Hair Mattresses, Mahogany Washstand, Dressing Tables, Chest of Drawers, &c.; Kitchen Utensils, and Missellaneous Effects,
On WEDNESDAY, October 26th, 1887, on the Premises, “The Cottage,” Winslow, by direction of William Selby Lowndes, Esq., who has let the house.
Sale to commence at Twelve o’clock.
Catalogues may be had at the Offices of the Auctioneer, Winslow, and Town Hall Offices, Fenny Stratford.

Selby-Lowndes had inherited Whaddon Hall from his father.

1891: Census
Horn Street

Agnes L. Newcombe Head widow 53 Living on her own means b. Scotland
William Dalglish Brother single 50 do do
Susan Lockhart Newcombe Daughter do 16   b. Steeple Claydon
Sybil Emily Newcombe do do 13   do
Percy Frederick Newcombe Son do 7[?]   do
Mabel Warren Smith Niece Single 17   b. Lichfield
Edith Bell Governess do 33 Teacher on General Subjects b. Rainhill, Lancs
Elizabeth Seinring do do 24 Teacher, French & German b. Prussia
Katherine Harding Pupil do 16   b. Kent
Amy M. Hopkinson do do 12   b. Lancs
Hazel Wantner[?] Ward do 8   b. Eastbourne
Maria Keys Servant single 50 Cook b. Winslow
Elizabeth Dancer do do 21 Lady's Maid b. Granborough
Sarah Anne Tompkins do do 21 Parlour Maid b. Marsh Gibbon
Clara Prussell do do 18 House Maid b. Croydon

1891 & 1895 & 1899 Kelly's Directory:
Mrs Newcombe, The Cottage, Horn Street

1892: Buckingham Express, 13 Aug
  A very successful invitation lawn tennis tournament, in aid of the funds of the newly-opened G.F.S. Lodge at Oxford, was held by kind permission of Mrs. Newcombe at the Cottage, Winslow, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 3rd and 4th instant.  The two excellent courts had been specially prepared and surrounded with wire netting for the occasion, which was favoured by the best of weather.  The credit for the inception of the scheme is due to Mrs. Hutchins, who, assisted by a committee of ladies, superintended all the arrangements.  The handicapping was carried out by a committee consisting of Messrs. G. R. Greaves, E. Hart, F. James, and Hon. C. Fremantle, and gave general satisfaction- such close matches, in fact, resulting that it was found necessary to play the final, as well as the consolation prize, on the second day.  A modest sum, which included a charge for refreshment, was exacted of both players and spectators, sufficient, however, to defray the expenses and realise a substantial surplus… [results omitted]
  Final: Rev. T. K. Norman and Miss Gregory (owe fifteen) beat Mr. Wynne Wilson and Miss Richards (owe 1 bisque) 6-3, 6-1.

1898: Mrs Newcombe's coachman complained about lambs on their way to market blocking Horn Street outside the house. Read more.

1901: Census
The Cottage

Agnes Lary Newcombe Head Widow 63 Principal of Girls Boarding School b. Scotland
Sybil Emily do Daughter Single 23   b. Steeple Claydon
Edith Bell Governess Single 42 Teacher (Resident) b. Rainhill, Lancs
Hilda Allen Governess Single 30 Teacher (Resident) b. Broseley, Salop
Gwendoline May Rachel Millet Boarder Single 16 Pupil b. Lewes
Constance Theodora Fennell do do 16 do b. Knutsford, Cheshire
Constance Maud Lockhart McLaverty Pupil do 16 do b. Scotland
Mary Arnold Selwyn do do 15 do b. Liverpool
May Beatrice Collins do do 15 do b. Easton Neston
Dorothy May Chilton do do 12 do b. Leckhampstead
Isabel Montford do do 12 do b. Driffield, Derbys.
Gwendoline Gertrude Firmstone do do 9 do b. Ireland
Lilian Alathea Peer Servant Single 32 Ladies Maid b. Wilts
Clara Cripps do do 26 Parlour Maid b. Winslow
Florence Jennings do do 23 Housemaid do
Mary Fortnum do do 22 Cook do
Jane King do do 15 Under Housemaid do

The Cottage seen from The WalkPhoto (right): The rear of The Cottage seen from The Walk, early C20

1903: Buckingham Advertiser, 20 June
In the centre of the famous Hunting District of the meets of Mr. Selby Lowndes and the Bicester Fox Hounds, and Lord Rothschild’s Staghounds.  Close to Winslow Station on the L. & N.W. Railway, from which London is reached in one hour and a quarter, And one mile and a half from Winslow Road Station, on the Metropolitan Line.
With early possession.
Distinguished as “The Cottage,”
  Of commodious and most substantial elevation, occupying one of the pleasantest and most commanding positions in the town of Winslow, with beautiful and extensive views, embracing the Chiltern and Quainton Hills, most healthily situate on a fine bed of sand, with good accommodation, Pleasure Grounds, Lawns and Gardens, convenient Stabling, and all necessary appointments; together with a
CLOSE of rich PASTURE LAND, the whole standing on an area of about 5a. 3r. 0p.
A FREEHOLD CLOSE of highly valuable ACCOMMODATION LAND, Of deep rich Loam, producing heavy crops of Grass, adjoining the last lot, and with approach from the road leading to Winslow, containing about 5a. 1r. 10p.
At the Bell Hotel, Winslow, at 4 for 5 o’clock in the afternoon, in 2 lots.
  For further particulars apply to – Messrs. Osborne, Ward, Vassall and Co., Solicitors, Bristol, and with orders to view, of Messrs. Geo. Wigley and Sons, Land Agents and Surveyors, Winslow, Fenny Stratford and Stony Stratford.

1903: Bucks Herald, 18 July
BUCKS.- THE COTTAGE, WINSLOW. This HUNTING BOX was not disposed of at the recent Auction, and is now on offer for PRIVATE TREATY.  Price £4,000.
MESSRS. GEO. WIGLEY & SONS, Land and Estate Agents, Winslow, Bucks.

9 Jan 1906: Centre for Bucks Studies, DX 793
Surrender: Lieut Col Charles Henry Eyre Coote of Highgate House Creaton Northants one of the copyhold tenants of the Manor of Winslow
Admission: Thomas Looney Kennish of Winslow Doctor of Medicine
All that copyhold messuage in Great Horn Street formerly in the occupation of Lancelot Wyatt deceased afterwards of Martha King since of the late Samuel Burnham Dudley and then of Mrs Dudley and late of Mrs Newcombe with the orchard garden &c.
All that cottage in Great Horn Street formerly in the occupation of Mary Hall and John King afterwards of Thomas Mayne and John Wilmer since of Amelia Batchelor and Thomas Rivett with barns stables outhouses &c.
All that messuage in Winslow wherein John Norman formerly dwelt afterwards in the occupation of Francis Cox then of John Cox since of Phillis Cox being the east part of a messuage wherein John Seaton formerly dwelt
Also all that east part of the yard to the said messuage belonging
Also all that barn with the garden and backside ... egress regress for horses and carriages through the gatehouse and the west part of the yard to the said messuage belonging unto the aforesaid barn

Dr Kennish was responsible for adding the large bay windows (covered with creeper in the photo below) in 1905, according to the architect's drawing (Centre for Bucks Studies D-X 1489/1/5).

The Cottage in the early 20th century.

14 July 1906: Buckingham Advertiser
Deaths. KENNISH. At The Cottage, Winslow, on the 6th inst., Mona Evelyn, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. T.L. Kennish, aged six months.

1907 Kelly's Directory:
Thomas L. Kennish, The Cottage, Horn Street

1911 Census
The Cottage, 15 rooms

Thomas Looney Kennish Head married 49 Physician b. Whitehaven
Jeanie Johnstone Frazer Kennish Wife Married 45 Married 16 years, 3 children living, 1 dead b. Dumfriesshire
Jean Christine Kennish Daughter Single 11   b. Winslow
Evelyn Laura Boniface Visitor Single 22 Governess b. Ford, Sussex
Elizabeth Marks Servant do 46 Cook b. Great Horwood
Mary Annie Sumbers do do 33 Housemaid b. Enfield
Minnie Wilkes do do 22 Tablemaid b. Wigginton, Oxon
Mary Elizabeth Dickins do do 16 Kitchenmaid b. Stewkley

1915: Assessment (TNA, IR58/2347 no.158)
Situation              The Cottage Winslow
Description         Brick & slated Private house, Garden & Orchard Stabling & Farm buildings
Extent                   AC 1 – 3 – 0 about
Gross Value: Buildings                   £106
Rateable Value: Buildings             £85
Occupier & Owner Dr T.L. Kennish  Winslow
Interest of Owner                            Part Freehold, Part Copyhold of Manor of Winslow
Outgoings – Land Tax, £ 4 – 1 – 9 on this & 105 & 159     
Fixed Charges, Easements, Common Rights & Restrictions           
Quit rent  1/- on this & No 159
Former Sales      Dates                    June 1st 1905     Including Nos 105 & 159               
Consideration                                    £2900 including timber                                                                  
Subsequent Expenditure             £1414 including some decoration work                                  
[added in blue] Cannot see it worth it.
Owners Estimate Geo. Wigley & Sons, Winslow
Site Value Deductions Claimed   Yes                                
[stamp] ON FORM 37
[description to follow]
Description of Budlings
Brick & Slate Washhouse & Ironing Room
                                Tool shed & potting shed
Brick & Slate Shed 2 Coal Houses & shed
Brick & Thatch 3 Bayed shed & loose ?place
Timber & Thatch Store
Timber & Slate open shed
Brick & Tile stable open shed & Coach House

GROSS VALUE                                                                                                                               £3000
Less value attributable to Structures, timber &c. (as before)                                                         £2300
FULL SITE VALUE                                                                                                                                         £  700
Gross Value (as before)                                                                                                                                £3000
Less deductions in respect of –
Fixed Charges including –
Fee Farm Rent, rent seck, quit rent, chief rent, rent of Assize        £2
If Copyhold, Estimated Cost of Enfranchisement                            w/o data £48
Restrictions                                                                                   ___
                TOTAL VALUE                                                                                                                              £2950

 Less value attributable to Structures, timber &c. (as before)                        £2300
Expense of clearing site                                                                                                                                 £2300
ASSESSABLE SITE VALUE                                                                                                                              £  650
If Agricultural Land, the value for Agricultural purposes including Sporting Rights                              £ 400

1921 Census: 9 rooms

Thomas Looney Kennish Head married 60 Medical practitioner, The Cottage b. Whitehaven
Jeanie Johnstone Frazer Kennish Wife Married 58y 4m Home duties b. Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire
Jean Christine Kennish Daughter Single 21y 3m Home duties b. Winslow
Helen Louisa French Servant Single 25y 7m Cook b. Winslow
Catherine Maude Dawkins Servant Single 18y 10m Parlourmaid b. Preston Bissett
Agnes Florence French Servant Single 17y 1m Housemaid b. Winslow

The Cottage in the 1950sBill from Dr Kennish 19321943: Buckingham Advertiser, 15 May
DR. KENNISH regrets to announce that owing to the requisitioning of his house by the B.W.A.E.C. [it was used by the Land Army], his sudden and continued illness, and his inability to find a successor, he is obliged to give up his Practice as from Wednesday, May 12th. He therefore requests his Patients to make their own arrangements, for the future.

1944: Buckingham Advertiser, 1 Jan
It is with deep regret that we announce the passing, on Christmas morning, of Dr. T.L. Kennish, who had practised in Winslow for more than 50 years and left Winslow after his retirement in the early part of the year to live at Great Missenden. ... Dr. Kennish came to Winslow as an Assistant Doctor to the late Dr. Newham, and after his death, for some years he joined partnership with the late Dr. Vaisey. Later, this was dissolved and Dr. Kennish became the practitioner at "The Cottage," Winslow, where he lived until his retirement from the medical service, during the early summer of this year. He continued his services as doctor until he was over 80 years of age ...

1944: Buckingham Advertiser, 11 March
Mrs. Tremayne. Warden Winslow W.L.A. hostel, with the help of the Land Girls, collected £30 for the W.L.A. Benevolent Fund.

1944: Buckingham Advertiser, May 20 (Band of the Royal Horse Guards)
The members of the Band were invited tea at the Winslow Hostel of the Women's Land Army and they spoke in high terms praise of the hospitality of Winslow.

1949: Bucks Herald, 12 Aug (report of Winslow NFU meeting)
Asked in which order agricultural hostels in the area should closed, the meeting agreed that Winslow Hostel should be first.

1950: Centre for Bucks Studies D-X 1489/1/6
Proposed alterations to convert by W.R. Ellis of Whitchurch to convert The Cottage into three houses.

1951: Buckingham Advertiser, 12 May
LINK WITH LOCAL HISTORY Bishop Bernard Heywood, formerly Bishop of Ely and assistant Bishop of St Albans, and Mrs Heywood have taken up residence at The Cottage, Horn Street, Winslow, formerly the home of Dr. Kennish, and during the war a W.L.A. Hostel. The Bishop has relatives in the neighbourhood. Bishop Heywood will preach at St. Laurence's Church, Winslow, Whit Sunday evening. His arrival at Winslow is much welcomed by the Church people of Winslow and the surrounding district. The Bishop's association with St. Albans is a link with Winslow's past history as one of the homes of the Kings of Mercia. When the first Saxon Church was rising twelve centuries ago, here came Offa. Inspired what he saw, he planned the great St, Albans Abbey and gave it Winslow as part of its revenue. Winslow now numbers among its residents Bishop and Canon, the Vicar of Winslow having been installed Honorary Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, a fortnight ago.

(Comment: After Whitchurch builder WR Ellis separated the house into three properties, Bishop Heywood, chaplain to King George V from 1918 to 1926, retired to The Cottage, Horn Street, in 1951 for his final decade.)

Plan of The Cottage in 1883 and 1978
This plan juxtaposes The Cottage on the 1883 plan and the 1978 Ordnance Survey map; you can see that considerable alterations were carried out, probably by Dr Kennish. Deveron House seems to correspond to The Limes, and Middle House (now incorporated in Deveron House) and Little Cottage (now called Chime House) to John Cox's properties. The photo below suggests a possible layout for the original houses.

Modern photo of The Cottage suggesting original divisions

The Limes

This is the part of the house now called Deveron House; it became known as The Limes in the 19th century.

1727: 5 Aug, Sun Insurance 11936/24/286/42317
William Hobbs of Winslow shopkeeper
On his two houses in Winslow aforesaid being a common insurance
One house only in Horn Street in his own occupation                                   180
The other house only in the occupation of Francis Woodcock                       120 (17 Market Square)

1767: Enclosure Award
Old enclosures: William Hobbs
A garden and orchard belonging to his dwelling house in Horn Street

1770: Will of William Hobbs, gentleman (proved 1771)
Also I Give Devise and bequeath unto Richard Shelton of Winslow aforesaid in the said County of Bucks Currier All that my Copyhold Messuage or Tenement with the yard backside Garden and all and every other the Rights Members and Appurt(enance)s thereunto belonging Situate and being in Great Horn Street in Winslow now in the Tenure or Occupation of me the said William Hobbs  To hold the same (Subject to the Estate for life of my said Wife Ann Hobbs therein) unto and to the use of  the said Richard Shelton his Heirs and Assigns for ever Subject nevertheless and I do hereby Expressly charge the said messuage or tenement with the Appurt(enance)s to and with the payment of the Sum of Eighty pounds of lawful money of Great Britain towards the payment and satisfaction of such Just Debts which I shall owe at the time of my Decease. 

1772: Manor court, 19 & 20 Oct, Centre for Bucks Studies, D 82/2/120     
Admission of Richard Shelton of Winslow currier under the will of William Hobbs of Winslow gent.
All that Copyhold Messuage or Tenement with the yard backside garden and all and every other the rights members and appurtenances thereto belonging situate and being in Great Horn Street in Winslow aforesaid then in the occupation of the said William Hobbs

1781: Land Tax           
Shelton, Richard (owner), Richard Stevens (occupier): 8s 4d

1786: Land Tax           
Shelton, Richard (owner), Widow Fairy, Richard Barlow & William Cheney (occupiers): 9s

1787: Manor court, 29 & 30 Oct, Centre for Bucks Studies, D/82/2/153
Surrender: Richard Shelton
Admission Alexander Norton of Buckingham Tanner
            Mortgage for £274 2s
All that Copyhold Messuage or Tenement with the yard backside garden and all and every other the rights members and appurtenances thereto belonging situate and being in Great Horn Street in Winslow aforesaid now in the tenure or occupation of the said Richard Shelton, Richard Barlow and William Cheney to which premises the said Richard Shelton was admitted tenant at a Court held for the said Manor 19 & 20 Oct 1772

1789, 18 March: Royal and Sun Alliance fire insurance (LMA, MS11936/360/555243)   
Lady Day 1790 11/2 Wright B

Richard Shelton of Winslow in Bucks, Currier
On his now Dwelling House situate in Great Horn Street, in Winslow aforesaid, Brick panel(e)d & tiled not exceeding Two hund(re)d p(oun)ds
Household Good therein only not exceeding fifty p(oun)ds
Carried over 
18th March 1789
Brought over  
Utensils & Stock therein only not exceeding fifty pounds
Stables & Workshop adjoining near separate Thatched not exceeding seventy p(oun)ds 
Utensils & Stock therein only not exceeding thirty pounds 

1795: Land Tax           
Norton, Alexander (owner), Barlow & Cheneys (occupiers): 9s

1798: Manor court, 29 & 30 Oct, Centre for Bucks Studies, D/82/3/7
Surrender: Alexander Norton of Buckingham Tanner & Rachel his wife, and Thomas Harris of Winslow victualler & Rebecca his wife who was only child and heiress of Richard Shelton late of Winslow currier deceased
Admission: Lancelot Wyatt of Winslow gent.
All that Messuage or Tenement with the yard backside garden and all and every other the rights members and appurtenances thereto belonging situate and being in Great Horn Street in Winslow aforesaid now in the several occupations of Richard Barlow and William Cheney

1798: Posse Comitatus
Richard Barlow, surgeon
William Cheney, labourer

1803: Lancelot Wyatt elected Clerk & Treasurer to Wendover-Buckingham Turnpike Trust (resigned 7 Dec 1822)

1805: Land Tax
Wyatt, Lancelot (owner), self and Henry George (occupiers): 9s 0d redeemed
Also land in own occupation, 14s 9¾d redeemed
Henry George was a cordwainer who died in 1826 aged 50

1820: Will of Lancelot Wyatt, gentleman (proved 1832)
I give and devise unto my dear Wife Rebecca Wyatt and my Niece Frances Wyatt Daughter of my brother Joseph Wyatt  All and every my Messuages Cottages Closes Lands Tenements Hereditaments and Real Estate whatsoever situate lying and being in Winslow aforesaid or elsewhere with the respective rights members and appurtenances thereto belonging or in anywise appertaining  To hold the same and every part thereof unto and to the use of my said Wife and Niece Rebecca Wyatt and Frances Wyatt their heirs and assigns for ever as Tenants in common and not as joint Tenants 

1832: Manor court, 29 Oct, Centre for Bucks Studies, D/82/5/38
Admission of Rebecca Wyatt widow and Frances Wyatt spinster devisees of  Lancelot Wyatt of Winslow gent deceased.
All that Messuage or Tenement with the yard backside garden and all and every other the rights members and appurtenances thereto belonging situate and being in Great Horn Street in Winslow aforesaid heretofore in the occupation of Richard Barlow and William Cheney and since of the said Lancelot Wyatt.
And also all that close of arable or pasture ground called or known by the name of the Horse Mead Piece heretofore in the occupation of William Goodman deceased and since of the said Lancelot Wyatt, to which Lancelot Wyatt was admitted 24 June 1799 on surrender of John Dudley and Joseph Dudley.

Rear view of The Cottage, 1924
This rear view of the "Limes" part of The Cottage was taken in 1924

1832: Land Tax
Wyatt, Mrs (owner and occupier): House etc., 9s 0d redeemed
Also land in occupation of Geo Cross sr, 14s 9¾d redeemed

1839: Will of Frances Wyatt, spinster (proved 1840)
I give and devise unto Rebecca Wyatt the widow of my late Uncle Lancelot Wyatt deceased All that my undivided moiety or half part of and in All that Copyhold messuage or tenement situate in Great Horn Street in Winslow aforesaid sometime since in the occupation of my said Uncle and now of John King and of and in the orchard gardens and all other the rights members and appurt(enance)s to the messuage or tenement belonging or appertaining To hold the same unto the said Rebecca Wyatt and her assigns for and during the term of her natural life subject to and charged with the payment of the annual sum or yearly rent charge hereinafter given and bequeathed and from and after the decease of the said Rebecca Wyatt I give and devise my said moiety or half part of and in the said messuage or tenement and heredit(ament)s with the appurt(enance)s unto my brother Lancelot Wyatt.

John King was a land surveyor, agent for Pelican Life Insurance, an enclosure commissioner at various places in Bucks, and chaired a meeting in Winslow in 1836 about the proposed London and Birmingham Canal. He seems to have died in 1845.

1840, 26 Oct: manor court
Admission of Rebecca Wyatt widow to ½ part of the premises as devisee of Frances Wyatt.
Admission of Lancelot Wyatt to ½ part of the premises expectant on death of Rebecca Wyatt, as devisee of Frances Wyatt his late sister.

1841: Census
Great Horn Street

          Born in county?
John King 60   Land Surveyor Y
Martha King   50   Y
Ann King   25   Y
John King 20     Y
Charlotte King   20   Y
James King 15     Y
Thomas King 15     Y
Charles King 12     Y

1841, 21 June: Whaddon Chase Enclosure Act
John King was appointed Surveyor, to be paid 1s 6d per acre surveyed and £2 2s a day.

1841, 10 Dec: manor court (recited in later documents)
Mortgage by Lancelot Wyatt to Charles Willis for £200. 
The mortgage was inherited in 1845 by Charles Willis' sons David Thomas & Frederic Willis. 

1842: Will of Rebecca Wyatt, widow (proved 1847)
Leaves all her unspecified property to be sold by her executors Joseph Dudley and Henry Hatten and the proceeds to be divided between 9 Dudley relatives.

1847, 25 Oct: manor court
Admission of Joseph Dudley (Rebecca Wyatt's nephew) and Henry Hatten to Rebecca's half share of a "messuage with yard backside & garden in Great Horn Street" now in the occupation of Martha King.

1848, 17 July: sale advertisement
A Capital Sash-fronted Brick-built RESIDENCE, situate in Great Horn Street, Winslow, with flower and kitchen gardens, and a large orchard thickly studded with choice fruit trees, and detached is good stabling, chaise-house, and wood barn with a well of water.  The House is approached by a flight of stone steps, and contains handsome entrance hall, large dining and drawing rooms, five lofty bed chambers, and two secondary ditto, two good kitchens, convenient store rooms and closets, and ale and wine cellars, and is well supplied with excellent water. There is a faculty pew in the Church. The House is very substantially built, and is in good repair.  The whole is in the occupation of Mrs. John King, at the yearly rent of £40.

1848, 30 Oct: manor court, Centre for Bucks Studies D 82/6/160 (also preserved as a separate document)
David Thomas Willis & Frederic Willis for £550 surrender to Samuel Burnham Dudley of Winslow, auctioneer:
undivided moiety of messuage in Great Horn Street some time since in the occupation of Lancelot Wyatt deceased and now of Martha King, with orchard and garden, to which they were admitted on forfeited conditional surrender of Lancelot Wyatt [the nephew].

1848, 30 Oct: manor court          
Surrender: Lancelot Wyatt of Middleton Cheney, gent, nephew of Lancelot Wyatt, deceased
Admission: Samuel Burnham Dudley
All that reversion of him the said LW expectant on the death of Rebecca Wyatt widow of undivided moiety of messuage, orchard, garden.

1848, 30 Oct: manor court, Centre for Bucks Studies, D 82/6/154
Surrender: Henry Hatten of Aylesbury, gent. & Joseph Dudley of Gerrard Street, Middx, draper
Admission: Samuel Burnham Dudley                     £250
Undivided moiety formerly in occupation of Lancelot Wyatt, now of Martha King.  HH & JD admitted 25 Oct 1847 as devisees in trust of Rebecca Wyatt deceased.

Samuel Burnham Dudley was admitted to the whole copyhold messuage at the manor court on 8 March 1849. He was the son of Samuel Greaves Dudley and his wife Sarah, daughter of the lawyer James Burnham. He got married in 1849 at Islington to Louisa Harriet Wilson, only child of the late William Wilson and granddaughter of George West of Winslow (Bucks Herald, 4 Aug 1849).

1850, 24 May: indenture
Robert Prescot Appleyard and Charles Appleyard as surviving trustees of the Lowndes estate sell for £500 to Samuel Burnham Dudley "All that Close of Pasture Ground situate lying and being known by the several names of Bates' Piece and Pest House Close containing by admeasurement five acres one rood and six perches (be the same more or less) heretofore in the occupation of the said Thomas Reade his Undertenant or Undertenants Assignee or Assigns and now of the said Samuel Burnham Dudley and which is particularly delineated in the Map or Plan thereof drawn in the margin of these presents and is therein coloured green".  Frederic Willis to be trustee after SBD’s death.
[The land referred to is the field at the south end of The Walk; click on the "indenture" link to see the map.]

1851: Census
Horn Street

Samuel B. Dudley Head married 40 Auctioneer & Land Agent b. Winslow
Louisa H. do Wife married 23? do wife b. Banbury
Elizabeth Hoolten Servant unm 25 Cook b. Whitchurch
Emma Quartermain Servant unm 25 Housemaid b. Thame

1861: Census
Horn Street

Samuel B. Dudley Head married 50 Land Agent & Auctioneer b. Winslow
Louisa H. do Wife married 33 do wife b. Banbury
Louisa M. do Daughter   9   b. Winslow
Susan Mitchell Servant unm 41 Nurse b. Newton Longville
Ann Rickard do do 25 Cook b. Oving
Lucy Steeden do do 23 Housemaid b. Tingewick

Letter written by S.B. DudleyLetter of S.B. Dudley written in 1864

                                                                                                Nov. 5/64

Dear Sirs,

I shall have pleasure in meeting you & Mr Fraser at Wolverton or Great Linford on Thursday next to view the land taken from Mr Uthwatt’s Estate by the Newport Pag.l Railway Co.

I have been solicited to act for the Contractors in this case, but have declined.

Yours faithfully,

Saml B Dudley

Messrs Hearn Nelson & Hearn

This letter was sent to Hearn & Co., the Buckingham solicitors. Mr Dudley was presumably acting in his capacity as a land agent. The Newport Pagnell Railway was a small branch line from Wolverton. It got the go-ahead in 1863 and opened fully in 1867. Mr Uthwatt's estate was at Great Linford.


John Cox's house

This is repeatedly referred to as the east part of John Seaton's messuage, and it is most likely that it was immediately to the west of The Limes, i.e. approximately what was called Middle House on the 1978 map (now incorporated in Deveron House).

1701: Manor Court
Robert Spooner, Edward Turnham and Elizabeth his wife surrendered a messuage in Great Hornstreet with malthouses, barns, stables, yards, gardens, orchards, houses, outhouses and backyards (lately the estate of William Spooner sr and jr deceased) now in the separate occupations of John Kinaston, Thomas Spooner jr and Thomas Wainwright of Winslow yeoman. To the use of Thomas Wainwright and Mary his wife for their lives, then Mary's heirs. Rent 2d, fine 5s, heriot [blank].
Thomas and Mary then surrendered the messuage and barn and part of the orchard adjoining the barn, lying on the south side of it, as now "staked forth" (except the door used with the premisses lying on the east side), with free ingress for John Seaton jr of Winslow yeoman and his servants and labourers to come into Thomas Wainwright's yard "to Thatch" the barns and erect a fence on the orchard as now designated, which fence John Seaton is to repair when necessary. To the use of John Seaton jr. Rent 1d, fine 5s.
Memorandum: That at this court both Thomas Wainwright and Mary his wife and John Seaton jr separately sought that this agreement made between them should be recorded: that the seat for a man in the parish church of Winslow next to the seat of Stephen Bigg jr belonging to the premisses lately William Spooner's, being on the north side of the Middle Row in the church, in future should be[?] enjoyed by John as <pertaining?> to the premisses lately acquired from Thomas and Mary.
[Robert Spooner and Elizabeth must have inherited this property from their father William Spooner (d.1698), probably at the manor court of 1699 for which the records are missing. Thomas Wainwright's will of 1714 does not mention the property explicitly. John Norman must have bought the house after Thomas Wainwright's death]

1722: Manor Court
John Norman on 20 Dec [1721] surrendered through Nicholas Merwin the steward all the messuage where he then lived, being the east part of the messuage where John Seaton sr lately lived, and all the east part of the yard, and all the barn with garden and backyard adjoining, and all rights including entry through the Gatehouse and through the door at the corner of the yard or garden adjoining the Parlour, and liberty to place a lead channel to the well . To the use of John Norman and Ann Hampson spinster his wife, for their lives, then to their joint heirs, in default of which to John's heirs, subject to the payment of any sum/sums not exceeding £60 to any person which John and Ann direct. If the proposed marriage does not take place before the next court, the surrender is to be void. John and Ann were called to the court and did not come.

1722: October Manor Court
John Norman and Ann his wife (late Ann Hampson) sought admission to:

All came into the lord's hands on the surrender of John Norman presented at the last court. Seisin was granted to John and Ann for their lives, then their joint heirs, or John's heirs, subject to the payment mentioned in the surrender. Rent [blank], fine 5s.

Part of the 1883 indenture
Part of the 1883 indenture describing the various properties; John Cox's house is described in an exact translation of the Latin of the 1722 manor court

1725: Fire insurance, 12 May 1725, Sun Insurance 11936/20/61/35769
John Norman of Winslow glazier and plumber
For his now dwelling house in Winslow aforesaid with shop barn and stable thereto belonging and goods and merchandise
The dwelling house and shop adjoining                     £150
Goods in the same                                                      100
For the barn and stable                                               50

1772: Manor Court, 19 & 20 Oct, Centre for Bucks Studies D82/1/130
Surrender: Ann Norman of Winslow, widow of John Norman late of Winslow glazier
Admission: John Norman of Stony Stratford, glazier, only son & heir of John Norman
All that messuage or tenement in Winslow aforesaid wherein the said JN heretofore dwelt now in the occupation of Francis Cox glazier being the East part of a messuage wherein John Seaton the elder lately dwelt. And all that East part of the yard to the said messuage belonging as the same was heretofore staked forth. And all that Barn with the garden and backside thereto adjoining and belonging together with all fronts …. with liberty of ingress … for Horses carts and carriages … through the Gatehouse and West part of the yard to the said messuage belonging unto the aforesaid Barn.  And also liberty of leading horses through the gateway at the corner of the yard or garden adjoining the Parlour.  And also liberty of placing a leaden pipe into the well there.
Plea of common recovery follows. John Norman then surrenders to Francis Cox of Winslow, glazier, his heirs and assigns forever.
[Francis Cox married Elizabeth Norman in 1755, and appears to have been the son-in-law of John sr and Ann Norman.]

1781: Land Tax
Cox, Francis (owner and occupier): 5s 6½d
[Francis and John Cox also owned various other property.]

1782: Will of Francis Cox, Glazier
I give and devise unto my Son John Cox his Heirs and Assigns all and every my Messuages Tenements Lands Closes Hereditaments and Premises whatsoever and wheresoever with their and every of their appurtenances be the same Freehold or Copyhold that I shall die possessed of or be any ways intitled to.
[Because Francis died before he could sign his will, there is a detailed description of his deathbed.]

1782: Manor Court, 28 Oct, Centre for Bucks Studies, D82/2/11
Admission of John Cox of Winslow, glazier, son of Francis Cox of Winslow, deceased.

1786, 1795, 1805, 1832: Land Tax
Cox, John (owner and occupier): 9s 4¾d (house and garden)

1792: Northampton Mercury, 17 March
TO BE LETT, and entered upon at Old Lady-Day next the PLUMBING and GLAZING SHOP, belonging to JOHN COX, Plumber and Glazier, In Winslow, in the county of Bucks (who intends declining business on Account of his Health) – Also the STOCK in TRADE to be DISPOSED OF.
For Particulars apply to the said John Cox.
[In fact John Cox lived for another 50 years]

1796: Manor Court
Mortgage by John Cox of Winslow Plumber & Glazier on 21 Dec last to William Cox of Tattenhoe dairyman for £300 with interest to be paid on 21 June next
Messuage in Winslow wherein John Norman heretofore dwelt and now in the occupation of the said John Cox being the last part of a Messuage wherein John Seaton the elderly formerly dwelt, and the last part of the yard as heretofore staked forth, and the barn with garden and backside adjoining, with ingress through the Gatehouse and west part of the yard unto the Barn, and liberty of leading Horses through the Gateway at the Corner of the yard or Garden, and liberty of placing a Leaden Pipe into the wall there. 

1798: Posse Comitatus
John Cox, glazier, + 1 horse, 1 cart

1830: Will of John Cox, plumber and glazier (proved 1842)
To my friends Charles Willis of Winslow, Gentleman, and William Matthews of Winslow, Carpenter: all other freehold, copyhold and leasehold property in Winslow and elsewhere. To hold in trust for my second cousin and housekeeper Phillis Cox to receive the rents and profits for her life. If she leaves no children, the property to be sold and the proceeds divided between various second cousins.

1841 Census
Great Horn Street

          Born in county?
John Cox 105   Independent means Y
Phillis Cox   55 Female Servant Y
Eliza Higgs   15   Y

In reality John Cox was 86.

1842: Manor Court, 31 Oct
John Cox late of Winslow Plumber and Glazier held a cottage in Great Horn Street formerly in the occupation of Mary Hall and John King, now of Thomas Mayne and John Willmer, with all barns, stables, outhouses and buildings, to which he (then an infant) was admitted by Francis Cox his guardian at a court on 25 Oct 1777 under the will of Mary Hall; yearly rent 4d. And a messuage wherein John Norman heretofore dwelt, afterwards in the occupation of Francis Cox, late of the said John Cox, now of Phillis Cox, being the east part of a messuage [as described in 1772], to which he was admitted at a court on 28 Oct 1782 as eldest son and heir of Francis Cox; yearly rent 2d. [Also about 4 acres of land] In his will he devised them to Charles Willis and William Matthews in trust. They now sought to be admitted tenants.

1851 Census
Horn Street

Phillis Cox Head unm 63 House Proprietor b. Fenny Stratford
Ann Colton Niece unm 32 Lacemaker b. Gt Linford
Ann Chainey Lodger married 40 Gardener's wife b. Long Crendon

1861 Census
Horn Street

Phillis Cox Head unm 73 House Proprietor b. Fenny Stratford
Ann Colton Niece unm 42 Lacemaker b. Gt Linford
John Hazzard Head / Lodger married 64 Agricultural Laboourer b. Winslow
Alice do Wife / Lodger married 65 Lacemaker b. Winslow

1868: 24 Jan
Death of Phillis Cox. Executors of her will: D.T. Willis and William Matthews. She left to her brother Thomas Cox "all the wood and other effects in my building formerly used as a shop".

1868: Bucks Herald, 28 May
USEFUL BUILDING MATERIALS, of Three Houses and Premises in Horn Street,
Formerly the property of the late Miss Phillis Cox,
COMPRISING Oak Beams, Rafters, Plates, Joists, Oak and Deal Flooring Boards, Door Frames and Doors, Window Frames and Windows, a quantity of Wainscoting, Cupboards, Chimney Pieces, Grates, Old Lead, and a variety of other useful materials.
  The whole to be sold without the least reserve, to be cleared off immediately.
  May be viewed on the Morning of Sale.  The Sale will commence at Twelve o’Clock.

1868: Manor Court, 16 July, Centre for Bucks Studies, D 82/7/103
Admission of John & William Matthews, sons and devisees of William Matthews the elder late of Winslow, carpenter & joiner
All that cottage or tenement situate in Great Horn Street formerly in the occupation of Mary Hall and John King, afterwards of Thomas Mayne and John Wilmer, now or late of Amelia Batchelor & Thomas Rivitt, with all barns etc. [=Middle House, above]
All that messuage wherein John Norman heretofore dwelt, afterwards in the occupation of Francis Cox, some time since of John Cox, late of Phillis Cox, being east part of messuage wherein John Seaton the elder formerly dwelt. East part of the yard as heretofore staked forth. Barn with garden and backside with all fronts etc. Liberty of ingress etc through gatehouse and west part of yard…  and liberty of placing a leaden pipe. + other land.
Charles Willis and William Matthews admitted 31 Oct 1842 as devisees in trust of John Cox decd.

1868: Manor Court, 16 July, Centre for Bucks Studies, D 82/7/90
Surrender of the above to Samuel Burnham Dudley for £380.

The blacksmith's shop and other property

This is probably the west part of the original messuage of John Seaton. It underwent various subdivisions before coming into the ownership of John Cox, and it isn't clear exactly which properties in the 1841 and 1851 Censuses correspond to it. By 1861 it seems to have become two dwellings between John Cox's house and the Crooked Billet (that is the assumption on which the layout suggested here is based). On the 1883 plan it was still separate from the other parts of The Cottage.

1723: Manor Court
John Seaton sr surrendered a messuage, being the west part of his domicile, as the same is now divided, situate in Winslowe, now in the occupation of Susan Cook, with a converted storehouse[?] adjoining it, and one bay of barn adjoining the storehouse, and freedom of entry to take water from the pump in the yard belonging to John's domicile. To the use of the said John Seaton and Katherine his wife and whichever lives longer, and then to Daniel Seaton their son. John, Katherine and Daniel sought admission. Rent [blank], fine [blank], Daniel's fealty respited.

1772: Manor Court, 19-20 Oct
Richard Hall of North Crawley Victualler held by rent of 2d a Cottage in Great Horn Street with barns, stables, outhouses, buildings.  He died since last court having by his will dated 14 May 1769 devised unto his brother George Hall of Winslow Blacksmith all his holdings in North Crawley and Winslow, subject to the payment of various legacies.  George desires to be admitted.  Fine 5s.  He immediately surrenders to use of his will.

1776: Manor Court, 4 Oct
George Hall of Winslow blacksmith held a cottage in Great Horn Street with barns, stables, etc., rent 2d. He died since the last court having surrendered to the use of his will.  By his will dated 5 Aug 1775, he left the messuage wherein he dwelt to his wife Mary, who was admitted tenant.

1777: Manor Court, 25 Oct
Mary Hall late of Winslow widow [nee Norman] who held by rent of 2d a cottage in Great Horn Street with Barns Stables outhouses & buildings died since last court having on 21 Jan 1777 surrendered to the use of her will, and by her will dated 21 Jan 1777devised to her nephew John Cox the messuage wherein she and John King dwell. John Cox desires to be admitted.  Fine 5s. Because he is an infant aged 20 custody is granted to Francis Cox Glazier

1781: Land Tax
Cox, John (owner), John King (occupier): 3s 1½d

1786: Land Tax
Cox, John, glazier (owner), John King (occupier): 3s 0d

1794: Northampton Mercury, 25 October
TO BE LETT And entered on immediately
A Dwelling-House, with a Yard, Barn, and a Garden adjoining;
Together with an old accustomed BLACKSMITH’S SHOP situate in
GREAT-HORN-STREET, WINSLOW, late in the occupation of
John King, Blacksmith.
N.B. The Anvil, Bellows &c. with the rest of the working Tools,
To be taken at a fair Appraisement.
Enquire of John Cox, Plumber and Glazier, Winslow, Bucks.

1795: Land Tax
Cox, John (owner), late John King (occupier): 3s 0d

1803: Northampton Mercury, 8 Oct
To be LETT
And entered upon at Mich(aelma)s next,
AN old-accustomed BLACKSMITH’S SHOP, with two Forges, and Dwelling-House adjoining, situate in Great Horn-Street, WINSLOW, Bucks.
For Particulars, enquire of JOHN COX, of Winslow aforesaid.

1805: Land Tax
Cox, John (owner), J. Chambers (occupier): 3s 0d

See above for the inheritance of this property by Phillis Cox from John Cox, and subsequent sale to S.B. Dudley. It is described in the 1868 manor court and 1883 indenture as:
All that cottage or tenement situate in Great Horn Street formerly in the occupation of Mary Hall and John King, afterwards of Thomas Mayne and John Wilmer, now or late of Amelia Batchelor & Thomas Rivitt, with all barns etc.

1841 Census
Great Horn Street

          Born in county?
John Willmore 30   Agricultural Labourer Y
Mary Willmore   30 Straw Bonnet Maker Y
Mary Willmore   7   Y
Stacey Willmore 4     Y
Eliza Willmore   2   Y
Benjamin Gough 20   Malster Y
Rebecca Gough   20 Lace Manufacturer Y
Alfred Gough 11 months     Y
Thomas Mayne 70   Saddler Y
John Hazzard 35   Agricultural Labourer Y
Alice Hazzard   35 Schoolmistress Y

1851: Census
Horn Street

John Wilmore Head married 40 Coal Merchant b. Lt Horwood
Mary do Wife married 42 do wife b. Waddesdon
Mary do Dau unm 16 Lacemaker b. Winslow
Stacy do Son unm 14 Agricultural Labourer do
Louisa do Dau   9 Lacemaker do
John do Son   7 Scholar do
Frederick do do   4   do
George do do   8m   do
William Clark Lodger married 40 Rail Labourer unknown
Jane do do married 40 Rail Labourer's wife do
Ann do do   2 Rail Labourer's daughter b. Winslow
John Willmore Head married 40 Agricultural Labourer b. Winslow
Elizabeth do Wife married 50 Lacemaker do
George do Son   13 Agricultural Labourer do
Robert do Son   8 Scholar do
Thomas Weston Lodger unm 26 Agricultural Labourer do
Martha Clark do unm 32 Lacemaker b. Granborough

1861: Census
Horn Street

Mary Wilmore Head widow 53 Charwoman b. Winslow
John do Son unm 18 Labourer do
Frederick do do   14 do do
George do do   12 Scholar do
Stacy do Head / Lodger married 23 Agricultural Labourer do
Anne do Wife married 25   b. Hartwell
Rosetta do Daughter   2 Scholar b. Winslow
John Benbow Boarder unm 21 Maltster b. Loughton
George Kennings Head married 46 Saddler b. Whitchurch
Sarah do Wife married 44 do wife b. Bot. Claydon
Eliza do Daughter unm 17 Dressmaker b. Winslow
Emma do do   13 Scholar do
John do Son   11 do do
Mary do Daughter   9 do do
William do Son   7 do do
Clara do Daughter   5 do do
Rose do do   3 do do
Harry do Son   2 do do
Frederick do do   7m   do
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