Sale of property, 1848

This sale involved property in the hands of the Dudley family.

Bucks Herald, 1 July 1848

EXCELLENT RESIDENCE AND PREMISES, and Two Brick-Built and Tiled Houses, with extensive Garden Ground, and fine old PASTURE LAND, in the Parish of WINSLOW, valuable FREEHOLD ARABLE LAND, in the Parish of SWANBOURNE, and a neat COTTAGE, and GARDEN, at GRANDBOROUGH. Bucks.

Dudley and Son,
ON MONDAY, JULY 17th, at the Bell Inn, Winslow, at Three o’Clock in the Afternoon, in the following Lots:-

LOT 1.

COMPRISES a Capital Sash-fronted Brick-built RESIDENCE, situate in Great Horn Street, Winslow, with flower and kitchen gardens, and a large orchard thickly studded with choice fruit trees, and detached is good stabling, chaise-house, and wood barn with a well of water.  The House is approached by a flight of stone steps, and contains handsome entrance hall, large dining and drawing rooms, five lofty bed chambers, and two secondary ditto, two good kitchens, convenient store rooms and closets, and ale and wine cellars, and is well supplied with excellent water.

There is a faculty pew in the Church.

The House is very substantially built, and is in good repair.  The whole is in the occupation of Mrs. John King, at the yearly rent of £40.

LOT 2.

A Piece of fine Old Pasture Land, known as “Horse Mead Piece,” adjoining Addington Lane, in the Parish of Winslow, containing 7a. 3r. 4p. with a cow-house and hovel, and large yard, supplied with a spring of never failing water, in the occupation of Mr. George Cross, at the annual rent of £24.
The Land is of first-rate quality, and in excellent cultivation, and is surrounded by hedge-rows, containing a quantity of thriving elm, and ash timber, and is also eligible for building ground, being close to the Buckinghamshire Railway, communicating with all parts of the kingdom.

These two lots are Copyhold of Inheritance, held of the Manor of Winslow, being nearly equal in value to Freehold, and are Tithe-free and exonerated from Land Tax.

LOT 3.

Consists of a very productive Piece of FREEHOLD ARABLE LAND, lying next to the Town of Winslow, but situate in the parish of Swanbourne, adjoining the Turnpike Road from Winslow to Aylesbury, containing 13a. 2r. 7p., in the occupation of Mr. George Yeulett,  a yearly tenant at the low rent of £22[?].

This Land is in capital cultivation, it lies with a south aspect, and very convenient for occupation.

It is subject to a trifling payment in lieu of Tithes, amounting to 7s. 3½ d. per annum.  Land Tax redeemed.

LOT 4.

Two substantially Brick-built and Tiled Houses, in Winslow, in good repair, with stable, wood barn, and gardens attached, adjoining the Churchyard, in the occupation of William Punn and Richard Goodwin.

LOT 5.

A large Piece of Garden Ground, in Winslow, adjoining the last Lot on the East side, and the Bowling Green on the West side, with a brick wall next the Churchyard, well stored with fruit trees, in the occupation of Mr. James Hazzard.

LOT 6.

A neat Brick-built Cottage, in Grandborough, consisting 2 sitting rooms and two bed rooms, oven and pantry, and wood barn and garden attached, situate in a pleasant part of the village of Grandborough, in the occupation of Benjamin Bradbury.

Lots 4 and 5 are subject to a Land-tax of 4s. 8d. per annum, and to a Quit-rent of 9d.  Lot 6 is subject to a Quit-rent of 9d.  They are Copyhold of Inheritance of the Manor of Winslow.

The property may be viewed on application to the tenants, and further particulars may be obtained from  Mr. Henry Hatten, Solicitor, Aylesbury; Mr. D. T. Willis, Solicitor, or of Messrs. Dudley and Son, Auctioneers and Land Agents, Winslow.


Lot 1 was the house which was later known as The Limes and is now part of 5 Horn Street. It was bought by Samuel Burnham Dudley.

Lot 2: Horsemead Piece (no.46 at Enclosure in 1767) was to the west of Furze Lane, not where the new road of the same name is now. Its previous owner Rebecca Wyatt left it along with Lot 1 to her executors, her nephew Joseph Dudley of Gerrard Street, London, draper and Henry Hatten of Aylesbury, lawyer, to be sold. It has never yet been used as building ground, but was next to the railway which was being built in 1848.

Lot 3 was south of Shipton Bridge.

Lot 4, known as Punn's Cottages, is now 5 Vicarage Road. It belonged to Penelope Dudley (d.1844) and her son Thomas. 7-11 Vicarage Road were probably built on the gardens.

Lot 5, previously known as Hogson's Close, now the site of 13-17 Vicarage Road. It had been in the same ownership as Lot 4.

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