1841 Census: District 3

The enumerator began with what is now The Walk (Hanging Stile), then the east side of Granborough Road, south side of Horn Street, Bell Alley, south side of Sheep Street, and Shipton south and west of the turnpike. See 1841 Census introduction for more information.

Map of census district 3 Hanging Stile Tinkers End Horn Street Chapel Yard Market Street Bell Alley The Bell Sheep Street Shipton Farm Shipton

The map is an 1813 Ordnance Survey drawing held by the British Library, used under Open Government Licence v.1.0.

Click on the names on the map to go to the relevant place in the census return.

Words in italics are editorial notes.

Address First name Surname Age (m) Age (f) Employment Born in county?
Hanging Stile      
Lawn House John Cowley 60   Surgeon Y
  George Cowley 30   Surgeon Y
  Sarah Eagles Bowler   35   Y
  William Harris Bowler 7     N
  Charlotte Eliza Kelland   30   Y
  Charles Theophilus Kelland 5     Y
  Christopher John Cowley Kelland 1     N
  William Nelson Irwin 25   Surgeon N
  Mary Kibble   25 Female Servant Y
  Caroline Griffin   25 Female Servant Y
  Susan Brasy   20 Female Servant Y
  George Roads 15   Male Servant Y
The Walk Elizabeth Cockerill   55   N
  Martha Cockerill   20   Y
  Samuel Cockerill 15   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Hannah Tomes   70   Y
  George Tomes 15   Agricultural Labourer Y
  William Tomes 30   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Elizabeth Tomes   30 Lace Maker Y
  Sarah Tomes   6 months   Y
  Richard Willmore 55   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Sarah Willmore   50   Y
  George Willmore 20   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Susan Willmore   15   Y
  Sarah Willmore   5   Y
Tinkers End William Bates Sen 50   Tanner Y
  Sarah C Bates   50   Y
  William Bates Jr 20   Labourer Y
  Ann Bates   20   Y
  George Bates 3     Y
  William Henry Bates 1     Y
  Daniel Holt 60   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Elizabeth Holt   60   Y
  Eliza Holt   5   Y
  Moses Yeates 70   Agricultural Labourer Y
  George Holt 35   Agricultural Labourer N
  Elizabeth Holt   30   Y
  Henry Holt 70     Y
  Mary Ann Holt   5   Y
  Robert Holt 5     Y
  Fanny Holt   3   Y
  George Walker 25   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Ann Walker   25   Y
  George Walker 6 months     Y
William Keys 30   Cordwainer Y
  Ann Keys   35   Y
  George Redding 45   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Ann Redding   40 Lace Maker Y
  Ann Redding   15   Y
  Joseph Redding 10     Y
  George Redding 5     Y
  Sarah Redding   4   Y
The Boot James Tuckey 60   Publican Y
  Sarah Tuckey   45   Y
  Samuel McDowell 34   Printer Scotland
  John Ward 25   Blacksmith Y
Great Horn Street James Warner 35   Gardener Y
  Mary Warner   40   Y
  James Warner 15   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Thomas Warner 15   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Mary Ann Warner   10   Y
  Charlotte Warner   5   Y
  John Warner 5     Y
  George Warner 4     Y
  Sarah Warner   1   Y
  William Grubb 55   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Fanny Grubb   60 Lace School Y
  William Grubb Jr 20   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Ann Grubb   20   Y
  Hannah Grubb   1   Y
  Fanny Grace   10   Y
Blake House / Tinkers Corner? George Hinde 38   Minister N
Mary Ann Hinde   38   N
Harriett Elizabeth? Hinde   10   N
Lucy Ann Hinde   6   N
Rachel Reid   27 Female Servant Y
19-21 Horn Street and two demolished houses where the entrance to Old Tanyard Close is now; one evidently not recorded Oliver Mayne 65   Butcher Y
Rosamond Mayne   65   N
Harriett Mayne   35   Y
William Matthews 53   Carpenter Joiner Y
Mary Matthews   55   Y
Sarah Matthews   23 Dress Maker Y
William Matthews 18   Carpenter Joiner Y
Elizabeth Matthews   13 Dress Maker Y
John Grace 20   Carpenter Apprentice Y
Willis Hall 15   Carpenter
William Turnham 50   Butcher Y
Frances Turnham   50   Y
John Turnham 20   Butcher Y
Frances Turnham   5   Y
Lace Cottage? (17 Horn St) Elizabeth Bowden   60 Lace maker Y
The following houses were on the site of the later Congregational Church         William Jennings 30   Butcher Y
Emma Jennings   30   Y
William Walker 40   Agricultural Labourer Y
Elizabeth Walker   40   Y
Joseph Gibbs 65   Agricultural Labourer Y
Chapel Yard George Walker 30   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Sarah Walker   20   Y
  W. le [sic, = David] Walker   1 day   Y
  Caroline Walker   15   Y
  James Walker 60   Pensioner Y
  Thomas Elliott 25   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Pennia Elliott 25     Y
Great Horn Street
The Manse (9 Horn St)
Ann Bowler   45 Independent means Y
Ann Hazzard   75 Independent means Y
Crooked Billet (7 Horn St) Will(ia)m John Jones 20   Victualler Y
  Ann Jones   20   Y
The following houses must have been incorporated into or replaced by what later became The Cottage (5 Horn St) John Willmore 30   Agricultural Labourer Y
Mary Willmore   30 Straw Bonnet Maker Y
Mary Willmore   7   Y
Stacey Willmore 4     Y
Eliza Willmore   2   Y
Benjamin Gough 20   Malster Y
Rebecca Gough   20 Lace Manufacturer Y
Alfred Gough 11 months     Y
  Thomas Mayne 70   Saddler Y
  John Hazzard 35   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Alice Hazzard   35 Schoolmistress Y
John Cox 105   Independent means Y
  Phillis Cox   55 Female Servant Y
Gt Horn Street Eliza Higgs   15   Y
John King 60   Land Surveyor Y
  Martha King   50   Y
  Ann King   25   Y
  John King 20     Y
  Charlotte King   20   Y
  James King 15     Y
  Thomas King 15     Y
  Charles King 12     Y
                Stacey Keys 30   Butcher Y
  Ann Keys   28 Dress maker N
  Jane Keys   2   Y
  Marie Keys   9 months   Y
  Thomas Weston 16   Butcher Apprentice Y
  William Hawkins 30   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Ann Hawkins   30   Y
  Elizabeth Hawkins   1   Y
  Mary Hawkins   1 month   Y

Some of the following houses can be identified on the 1880 map below, but the layout of The Walk, Bell Walk and 3 Market Square changed between 1841 and 1880. Click on the red names to go to the relevant census entry.
South side of Horn Street, Bell Alley

3 Horn St Richard Baldwin 45   Baker N
  Mary Baldwin   45   N
  Sarah Baldwin   20   N
  Mary Baldwin   20   N
  Leonard Baldwin 15     N
  Augustine Baldwin 10     Y
Gt Horn Street Ellen Baldwin   10   Y
  Jesse Richard Baldwin 5     Y
  Amelia Jane Baldwin   5   Y
  Claria Love Baldwin   1   Y
  William Howard 25   Farmer N
  Ann Howard   25   N
  Jemima Starkey   25   N
1 Horn St Joshua L. French 30   Grocer Ironmonger Y
  Elijah W. French 20   Grocer Shopman Y
  William Chick 30   Shopman N
  George Temple 15   Male Servant N
  Sarah Ward   25 Female Servant Y
The following houses include the ones which are now called Bell Walk       Ann Lamborne   60 Independent means Y
Johanna Lamborne   25 Milliner Y
She also kept a Library according to Pigot's Directory 1842
William Verney 25   Agricultural Labourer Y
Mary Verney   20 Lace Maker Y
  Elizabeth Turney   70 Independent means Y
  William Turner 65   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Mary Turner   65   Y
  Thomas Roads 50   Joiner Y
  Sarah Roads   45   Y
  John Roads 25   Joiner Y
  William Roads 20   Joiner Y
  Sarah Roads   20   Y
Gt Horn Street Elizabeth Roads   15   Y
  Henry Roads 13     Y
  Alfred Roads 11     Y
  Sarah Turner   65   Y
  Jane Webb   12   Y
1-3 Bell Walk? (former Rogers Free School) George Grace 40   Schoolmaster Y
Charlotte Grace   45   N
George Grace 19   Shoemaker Apprentice Y
Thomas Grace 4     Y
Robert Clifton 13     Y
  John Corbett 40   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Mary Corbett   40   Y
  William Hallett 25   Plasterer N
  Thomas Dickens 1     Y
  Sarah Cole   45 Independent means N
  Benjamin Cole 13     Y
  Mary Ann Cole   10   Y
  William Judge 40   Labourer Y
  Rebecca Judge   20   Y
  Sarah Sinfield   50 Independent means N
  John Craker 43   Tailor Y
  Frances Craker   37   Y
  Charles Craker 9     Y
  Constantine Craker 7     Y
Gt Horn Street Catherine Craker   5   Y
  Clement Elizabeth Craker   2   Y
  Christopher J Craker 4 months     Y
Bell Alley James Willmore 22   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Mary Ann Willmore   25   Y
Gt Horn Street John Harding 54   Book-keeper Y
  Alice Harding   52 Dress Maker Y
  Mary Blick   14   Y
  Maria Blick   11   Y
  William Blake 25   Police Officer Y
  Jane Blake   25   N
  Joseph Blake 1     Y
Joseph Grace 46   Blacksmith Y
  Elizabeth Grace   40   Y
  William Grace 20     Y
  Ann Grace   13   Y
  Maria Grace   10   Y
  George Grace 7     Y
  Mildred Grace   5   Y
  John Grace 3     Y
  Mary Grace   1   Y
Post Office George Mayne 50   Post Master & Malster Y
Part of 5 Market Sq Ann Mayne   50   Y
Matilda Mayne   20   Y
Richard Mayne 17     Y
Elizabeth Mayne   10   Y
Market Street            
Part of 5 Market Sq John Bathe 30   Tailor Y
Mary Bathe   35   N
Eliza Bathe   6   Y
George Bathe 8 months     Y
Thomas Read 13     Y
John Read 11     Y
Richard Grantham 15   Tailor Apprentice Y
Part of 3 Market Sq Emmanuel Roads 45   Cordwainer Y
Pigot's Directory 1842 lists him as a Hairdresser and Beer Retailer
Dinah Roads   35   Y
Elizabeth Ann Roads   15 Dress maker Y
James Colson 20   Cordwainer Journeyman Y
John Simmons 24   Hair dresser N
Herriatt [sic] Simmons   23   N
Mary Simmons   2   Y
Harry Simmons 11 months     Y
Thomas Simmons 14   Inmate N
Site of 3 Market Sq Henry Rook West 30   Saddler Y
Maria West   35   N
  Will(ia)m Hurley West 7     N
  Maria Elizabeth West   4   Y
  Thomas Smith 19   Saddler apprentice Y
  Maria Hurley   60 Independent means N
Bell Alley Mark Bunce 40   Cordwainer Y
all now demolished or incorporated into 3 Market Sq or the Old Forge Ann Bunce   40   Y
William Bunce 20     Y
George Bunce 15     Y
Frederick Bunce 15     Y
Elizabeth Bunce   10   Y
  Thomas Orchard 25   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Susanna Orchard   25   N
  William Orchard 7     Y
  John Orchard 5     Y
  Lucy Orchard   2   Y
  Mary King   70 Independent means Y
  Mary Nicholls   60   Y
  William Warr 50   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Rosehannah Warr   50   N
  Mary Warr   15   Y
  Elizabeth Warr   7   N
  Thomas White 24   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Elizabeth White   23   Y
  Catherine Maria White   3 months   Y
  Richard Prentice 50   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Rebecca Prentice   55   N
  Elizabeth Prentice   20   Y
  Ann Prentice   15   Y
Bell Alley William Warr Junior 20   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Mary Warr   20   Y
  Emma White   2   Y
Bell Inn Joseph Neal 50   Innkeeper Y
  Rosetta Neal   30   Y
  William Neal 25   Farmer Y
  Sarah Neal   15   Y
  Joseph Neal 14     Y
  Fanny Neal   13   Y
  Frederick Neal 7     Y
  Ann Markham   20 Female Servant N
  Catharine Simmonds   35 Female Servant Y
  Philip Verney 12   Male Servant Y
  George Neal 25   Ostler Y
  Richard Neal 30   Colt Breaker Y
  John Stoll 35   Woollen Manufacturer N
  George Grizzel 25   Malster N
Sheep Street Mary Jackman   65   Y
Edward Jackman 20   Blacksmith Y
  Henry Jackman 15   Agricultural Labourer Y
  George Roads 35   Carpenter Y
  Susanna Roads   40   Y
  Frederick Roads 10     Y
  Maria Roads   4   Y
Sheep Street George Roads 2     Y
  Charles Roads 1 week     Y
  John Mayne 20   Joiner Y
The following houses were in Hobhouchin Lane Will(ia)m Teagle 35   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Sarah Teagle   35   Y
  Joseph Teagle 12     Y
  Ann Teagle   9   Y
  Fanny Teagle   2   Y
  Will(ia)m French 50   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Ann French   55   Y
  Elizabeth Eden   80 Lace Maker Y
  Eliza French   15   Y
  Hannah M French   11   Y
  Sam(ue)l Warner 40   Mason Y
Sarah Warner   50 Lace School Y
John Warner 20   Agricultural Labourer Y
Rebecca Warner   20   Y
  Thomas Goodger 65   Agricultural Labourer Y
  William Goodger 25   Groom Y
  Martha Goodger   30   Y
  Eliza Goodger   6   Y
  Ellen Goodger   5   Y
  Th(oma)s Will(ia)m Goodger 2     Y
  Ann Goodger   7 months   Y
Sheep Street John Benbow 35   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Mary Benbow   40   Y
  John Benbow 15   Shoemaker Apprentice Y
  Frederick Benbow 9     Y
  William Benbow 4     Y
  Thomas Yeates 40   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Mary Yeates   40   Y
  Catharine Yeates   15   Y
  David Yeates 15   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Samuel Yeates 14     Y
  Elizabeth Yeates   9   Y
  John Yeates 3     Y
  Mary Yeates   4 months   Y
  Joseph Yeates 12     Y
  George Verney 50   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Frances Verney   45   Y
  Ann Verney   20   Y
  Robert Verney 15   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Frances Verney   10   Y
  Richard Verney 4     Y
  Thomas Read 60   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Mary Read   55 Mantua Maker Y
  Rebecca Judge   30 Lace Maker Y
  Will(ia)m Judge 10     Y
Sheep Street Charlotte Warner   15 Lace Maker Y
Yew Tree Cottage? Mary Bowler   60 Independent means Y
Judith Scott   20 Female servant Y
32 Sheep St.? John Abbott 60   Apparitor [parish clerk] Y
  Anna Maria Abbott   50   Y
  Sarah Abbott   15   Y
  Will(ia)m H(enr)y Abbott 10     Y
  Maria Abbott   5   Y
34 Sheep St.? Will(ia)m Neal 45   Ostler Y
  Jane Neal   55   Y
  Rebecca Neal   20   Y
  Mary Neal   15   Y
  Joseph Saving 30   Labourer Y
  Jane Saving   20   Y
  Mildred Saving   2   Y
Shipton Will(ia)m Deverell 74   Agricultural Labourer Y
These houses were to the west of the main road, now demolished Charlotte Deverell   66   Y
Henry Saving 30   Agricultural Labourer Y
Ann Saving   27   Y
Amelia Saving   10   Y
William Saving 8     Y
Joseph Saving 3     Y
Charlotte Saving   7 months   Y
  Sam(ue)l Spooner 50   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Susanna Spooner   45   Y
  Martha Spooner   25   Y
  Charlotte Spooner   14   Y
  Elizabeth Elliott   70 Laundress Y
  Catherine Elliott   20 Lace Maker Y
  Benjamin Eagleton 5     Y
  Robert Eden 30   Carpenter Y
  George Eden 9     Y
  Sarah Eden   8   Y
  Elizabeth Bryant   77   N
  Elizabeth Dodson   63 Lacemaker Y
  Charles Spooner 30   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Pheobe [sic] Spooner   30 Lace Maker Y
  George Spooner 12     Y
  Sarah Spooner   8   Y
  Elizabeth Spooner   5   Y
  Robert Spooner 2     Y
  Charles Spooner 6 months     Y
  Mary Spooner   50   Y
  Will(ia)m Alderman 45   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Ann Alderman   40   Y
  Ann Alderman   20   Y
  Mary Alderman   15   Y
  John Alderman 12     Y
Shipton Martha Alderman   9   Y
  James Alderman 6     Y
  John Alderman 2 months     Y
  Will(ia)m Viccars 45   Agricultural Labourer Y
  Elizabeth Viccars   45   Y
  John Gregory Viccars 14     Y
  Edward Viccars 11     Y
  Richard Viccars 6     Y
  George Viccars 2     Y
  John Goodger 44   Brewer Y
  Sarah Goodger   50   N
  Mary Goodger   13   Y
Shipton Farm John Bull 55   Farmer Y
  Susannah Bull   60   Y
  Susannah Franklin   15   Y
  Elizabeth Woodward   35 Female Servant Y
  James Evans 15   Male Servant Y


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