The Seaton family

This page tries to link the many Seatons who appear in the parish registers and other documents. Some of the identifications are very tentative, especially of the numerous John Seatons, and not every entry in the registers has been accounted for. Children known to have died young, and those for whom there is no information apart from their birth, have been omitted. Dates of birth and death before 1837 are usually dates of baptism and burial. Three families are listed at the end which can't be linked at present with any confidence to the earlier Seatons.

m.1 at Winslow 1590 Ann Seybrooke d.1600
m.2 1600/01 Ann d.1630
m.3 at Winslow 1631 Jane Hobbs d.1635
m.4 at Winslow 1636 Alice Shilburne d.1658 (see will)

2nd generation

1. John Seaton I b.1599 d.1651; recorded in 1638 as being the occupier of 50 acres belonging to the Fige family
m.1623 at Winslow Margaret Mason d.1652: see children

2. Catherine b.1608 m.1633 at Winslow Robert Hawkins ?of Little Horwood who acquired 8 acres from Hugh II in 1647

3. Hugh Seaton II b.1612 d.1683; in 1637 acquired from Peter Jackson a house and 24 acres in his father’s occupation, and then gave half the house and some of the land to his stepmother Alice for her life; given 7½ acres by his father in 1647; eventually held at least 36 acres and a malt-mill and rented a close of pasture in Middle Claydon
m.1632 at Winslow Catherine Hobbs d.1696: see children

4. Ann Seaton b.1632
m.1652 at Winslow George Manning

3rd generation

Children of John Seaton I (1599-1651)

1. Hugh Seaton III b.1627 d.1682; given a shop by his grandfather in 1647; seems to have disposed of his property in Winslow in 1668 and gone to live at Middle Claydon where he was buried
m.1652 at Winslow Ann Hackley d.1664; 4 children baptised at Winslow 1653-62

2. John Seaton II b.1630 d.1708, butcher; constable and churchwarden; owned at least 34 acres and three messuages; see children; see will
?m.1 c1648 Ann Dandridge
m.2 ?
m.3 1694 Mary Worrall of Hoggeston d.1710; taken to court by her stepson Daniel; see will

Children of Hugh Seaton II (1612-83)

1. Richard Seaton I b.1632 d.1706, yeoman; received from his father in 1661 a messuage (on the site of Western House, Horn Street) and 20 acres; constable in 1692 and churchwarden in 1695; see will and inventory
m. Elizabeth; see children 

2. Robert Seaton I b.1636 d.1676, yeoman; received from his father in 1671 the messuage in Horn Street in which he already lived and 9 acres; see will and inventory
m. Mary (probably predeceased him; she came from Gawcott); their only son was Robert Seaton of Gawcott, bricklayer (brought up by relatives at Gawcott; made his will in 1746)

3. Catherine Seaton b.1639 m.1661 at Winslow Thomas Bate

4. John Seaton the carrier I b.1641 d.1693; received 6 acres from his father in 1671 and a new house in Horn Street created by giving him “the western end of a barn”, other outbuildings and part of the yard “extending from the principal post of the barn by the bank to the window of the millhouse of Hugh”; later held 24 acres which he divided between three sons; see will
m. Mary (alive in 1693, ?d.1710); see children

5. Martha Seaton b.1645
m.1664 at Winslow John Kemp

4th generation

Children of John Seaton II (1630-1708)

1. Elizabeth Seaton b.1657 d.1738 (no children)
m.1 Thomas Bishop 1660-1692, draper (see will)
m.2 Nicholas Merwin 1668-1751, lawyer (see will)

2. John Seaton III b.1659 ?d.1730, butcher; given 2 messuages and 20 acres by his father in 1687; also had property at Steeple Claydon; subdivided his messuage (22-24 Horn Street) before 1723; had 8 children according to his father's will
m. c.1687 Rebecca; see children

3. Daniel Seaton I b.1666 d.1734, butcher; given 11 acres by his father in 1692; of Shipton in the 1690s; tenant of the Verneys; sold off his property
m. Ann Porter of Old Stratford ?d.1751; see children

4. Jane; mentioned in her father's will as Jane Watts but not otherwise known

Children of Richard Seaton I (1632-1706)

1. Richard Seaton II b.1659; given the reversion of the messuage where Richard I lived and 10 acres but sold the land to William Lowndes; left Winslow and in 1712 he and his wife transferred the house, now in the occupation of two tenants, to his brother Augustine I. 

2. Elizabeth Seaton b.1661; presumably the mother of Richard I's grandson Richard Taylor

3. Augustine Seaton I d.1737; sold his interest in his father's house in 1724; innkeeper at The Bell
m.1704 at Granborough Mary Worrall, daughter of the Mary Worrall who married John Seaton II; see children

Children of John Seaton the carrier I (1641-93)

1. Mary Seaton b.1672 m. George Blake d.1730; see Blake family

2. John Seaton the carrier II b.1675 d.1723; also a farmer with land at Steeple Claydon; see will
m.1 1697 at Winslow Katherine Wyatt of Shipton d.1701
m.2 1704 Elizabeth Rogers of Hardwick d.1718
m.3 Mary ?West
  Joseph Seaton b.1707 who did not live in Winslow; in 1748 sold the reversion of the family property to Nicholas Merwin; wife named Mary
  Robert, John, Mary b.1706, Ann b.1721: all mentioned in uncle Robert II's will
  Elizabeth b.1715 ?d.1760; mentioned in uncle Robert II's will; ?m.1752 at Winslow John Emerton of Marsworth  

3. Hugh Seaton IV c.1677-1733 of Edgware, baker; left Winslow between 1716 and 1721; had at least 11 children
m. Joan

4. Robert Seaton II b.1686 d.1743 of Peterborough, brazier; bought 36 acres of fenland at Farcet Fen; acquired the messuage and 8 acres of his brother John, and also had 6½ acres of his own at Winslow; see his will
m.1714 Elizabeth Watts of Stony Stratford d.1772; no children

5th generation

Children of John Seaton III (1659-?1730)

1. ?John Seaton b.1687 ?d.1730
m.1716 at Little Horwood Katherine Bayles; she probably married Michael Goodman at Winslow in 1735
Children: Richard b.1718; Daniel b.1719 d.1751

2. ?Ann b.1689 d.1739
m.1709 at Winslow Hugh Willis d.1760; children born 1711-25

3. Elizabeth Seaton; mentioned in Daniel II's will
m.1718 at Winslow John Bailey

4. Daniel Seaton II butcher b.1695 d.1715 (see will)

5. Augustine Seaton II, butcher b.1701 d.1766; lived at 24 Horn Street; see children; see will
m.1726 at Wotton Underwood Rosamond (Rose) Gibbs d.1779

Children of Daniel Seaton I (1666-1734)

1. John Seaton IV b.1695 d.1737, butcher in business with his first cousins; see will
m.1722 at Quainton Elizabeth Bailey d.1758; she kept the Butcher's Arms in the 1750s; see will. inventory and papers about probate
Son: John Seaton b.1719 or 1724, victualler of Dunstable; m.1757 at Winslow Ann Seaton (d.1757); a John Seaton was buried 1751, administration 1752 was granted to his widow Ann; it isn't known how he fitted in with the rest of the family but his widow might be this Ann.
Daughters Elizabeth b.1722 & Mary b.1727 mentioned in father's will

2. William Seaton b.1699 was apprenticed in 1713 to John Toe of Maids Moreton, cordwainer. He could be the ancestor of later Seaton cordwainers (see below)

Children of Augustine Seaton I (c.1670-1734)

1. Mary Seaton b.1705; inherited the reversion of The Bull from her uncle Thomas Worrall in 1742 and sold it to his widow in 1749
m. John Kilpin, coachman of London

2. Richard Seaton III b.1706 d.c.1770; apprenticed as a blacksmith in London in 1724; later a ticket porter of Queenhithe; owned two messuages in Horn Street which passed to his brother, who already lived in one of them

3. Augustine Seaton III b.1709, d.1782, carpenter; inherited from Richard III and made an arrangement with the overseers of the poor, to “receive the profits” for his life and for the property then to go to the overseers for the benefit of the poor
m.1734 at Winslow Jane Ashley d.1770; see children

6th and later generations

Children of Augustine Seaton II (1701-66)

1. Robert Seaton b.1728, butcher at Bovingdon, Herts from c.1760
m.1755 at Winslow Susanna Treacher of Bushey; two sons baptised at Winslow: John b.1756, Richard b.1757

2. Ann Seaton b.1732 m. George Foster before 1758

3. Thomas Seaton b.1736; mentioned in father's will

4. Augustine Seaton IV, b.1739 d.1810, butcher; inherited 24 Horn Street; owner of Angel Close 1777-1803; property sold in 1803 included "a new Brick-built Messuage or Tenement, situate in Great-Horn-Street, with a complete Butcher's Shop Barn, Stables, and other requisite Outbuildings"
m.1763 at Winslow Alice Evans d.1779. Children:
  Rebecca b.1765 m.1789 at Winslow John Harris
  John b.1766 m.1797 at Winslow Elizabeth Makepeace d.1847 aged 86

5. Richard Seaton IV b.1746 d.1824; inherited 12 High Street; appears to have left Winslow in his youth and returned in about 1787 as a wealthy man, initially styling himself a brandy merchant (he ran the Punch House in the Market Square) and eventually as gentleman.  He was able to leave £1,600 between his two daughters when he made his will in 1821. Daughters:
  Ann m.1793 at Winslow Stephen Gibbs
  Rosamond m.1797 at Winslow Oliver Mayne

6. Sarah b.1747 d.1796

Children of Augustine Seaton III (1709-82)

? William Seaton of Swanbourne, butcher b.c.1734 (parentage unknown)
m.1757 at Swanbourne Zilpah Deverell; children born 1758-70: John, Rebecca, William, Richard, Elizabeth, Augustus

1. Augustine Seaton V b.1739 d.1812 ?living in Tinkers End 1789
m.1791 at Winslow Hannah Walker b.c.1763 d.1845; children:
  a. William Seaton b.1792
  b. Joseph Seaton b.1799 d.1878 labourer (roadman 1871) m.1821 at Winslow Ann Stairs b.1801; living in parish cottage in Cow Street 1835, Bell Alley 1838, Sheep Street 1841, Western Lane 1851, Station Road 1861-71; children:
  i. Elizabeth b.1825; pauper servant in 1851; m.1856 at Granborough John Stevens, widower, parish clerk of Granborough
    ii. Leah (Maria?) b.1829 servant at Ashmore Farm, Middle Claydon 1851; m.1854 at Winslow John Deeley of Ambroseden
    iii. Rebecca b.1831, m. William Seaton, draper of Gorton, Lancs before 1861
          illegitimate daughter Fanny Lawson Seaton b.1855
    iv. William b.1833, groom, working at Mentmore and living in Horn Street 1861, m.1856 at Winslow Ann Roberts of Caversfield
          daughter Sarah Ann b.1857 servant in Leighton Buzzard 1871
    v. Charles b.1842, groom in Oving 1861; general dealer at the Rising Sun, Aston Clinton, 1881 with wife & 2 children; publican at the Plough, Eaton Bray 1911 with wife Harriet married 19 years, 6 children living
    vi. James b.1845, living with parents 1861

2. Elizabeth b.1743, d.1820

William Seaton b.c.1773, d.1850, cordwainer (parentage not identified but perhaps descended from William Seaton b.1699); living in 14 Market Square 1808, 10 High Street 1810, part of Brook Hall 1841; juror 1812; member of Independent Church 1839
m. Mary b.c.1775 d.1840; children:
  a. Richard b.1804; licensed victualler in Lambeth 1851 with wife Charlotte (b. Richmond) and (step?)daughter Elizabeth Guerra; living with daughter and son-in-law William Browne in Walworth 1861
  b. William Henry b.1807 shoemaker; living in Bristle Hill, Buckingham in 1851 with wife Mary aged 35 b. Winslow
  c. Mary Anne b.1809; living with father 1841; living with brother 1851
  d. Louisa b.1811; living with father 1841; living with brother 1851; straw bonnet maker living in Buckingham Road in 1861; housekeeper in Richmond 1881; lodger in Richmond "supported by friends" 1891

James Seaton of Granborough cordwainer b.c.1784 Buckingham (parentage not identified by possibly brother of William above), d.1869
m.1808 Sarah Rickards of Granborough b. Whitchurch d.1873 aged 92; children:
   a. Thomas Seaton b.1809 d.1873; shoemaker and farmer of Swanbourne
    m.1 Charlotte d.1845 aged 35: 2 sons
    m.2 at Swanbourne 1855 Ann Brooks: 1 son
    m.3 at Swanbourne 1867 Elizabeth Young
   b. James Seaton b.1812 d.1881 butcher / shopkeeper / publican of Granborough
    m. Sarah Tattam d.1873 aged 66: 5 children including:
       i. Thomas James Seaton b.1842 at Granborough, dealer/farmer/butcher; of Mursley 1870; farm bailiff of Stone 1883, butcher of Hartwell 1891; m.1870 at Winslow Martha Ingram: 4 children
   c. Harriet Seaton b.1815 lacemaker m.1838 John Bradbury of Granborough labourer
   d. Jesse Seaton b.1817 d.1889 shoemaker / labourer of Granborough
     m.1838 Susannah Henley d.1884 aged 64: 8 children

Thomas Seaton, labourer b.c.1795 at Winslow (no baptism recorded, parentage not identified but could be the son of William above), d.1874; lived in Tinkers End
m.1822 at Winslow Hannah Hartwell (b. Middleton Cheney) b.c.1796 d.1856; children:
  a. Richard b.1823, labourer; living in Tinkers End 1851, Horn Street 1861, Piccadilly 1871
   m.1 1844 at Winslow Elizabeth Gardner servant (b. Banbury) d.1852 aged 34
   m.2 1854 Penelope Holt: son Robert Thomas Seaton b.1865, coal carman in Hoxton 1901 with wife
  b. Eliza b.1827, lacemaker; illegitimate children:
     i. Sarah b.1846, kitchen maid at Brook Hall 1861
     ii. John b.1849 m.1868 Mary Tattam of Granborough; butcher in Kentish Town in 1891 with wife Betsy (b. Long Marston) and 6 children; general porter & widower in 1901 living in Ormond Mews, London with children Eliza A. 29 (paralyzed from birth) and Thomas 26 (commercial clerk) both born in Holborn; butcher in Ilford 1911 with wife Clara married 5 years
  c. George b.1828, labourer, living in Tinkers End 1861, Horn Street 1871
   m.1853 at Winslow Emma Roads (b.1838, East Claydon); children:
     i. Jonathan (John) b.1853; railway engineer's labourer in East Barnet in 1901 with wife and 7 children
     ii. Elizabeth b.c.1856 at Wellingborough
     iii. Alfred b.1860; letter carrier in Shepton Mallet 1911, had 8 children
     iv. (Arthur George) Thomas b.1864
     v. Emily Jane b.1868; housekeeper at Trowbridge 1911
  d. John b.1845; gardener in Crouch End 1871

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