Will of Alice Seaton, widow, 1657/8

National Archives PROB/11/275 f.237

In the name of God Amen. The fourteenth day of January one thousand six hundred fiftie and seaven I Alice Seaton of Winsloe in the Countie of Bucks widdow being aged and weake in Bodie but of sound and perfect Memorie Thanks be to Almightie God ordaine and make this my last Will and Testament in manner following.

First I bequeath my soul unto Almightie God my maker whome I trust will receave it for the meritorious Death and passion of his deare Son and my alone Saviour Jesus Christ. And my body to be decently buryed in Christian Buryall.  As for my worldly Goods I dispose as followeth.

Imprimis I give unto Richard Bett of Winsloe five Pounds of lawfull money.  Item I give to Richard Bett’s wife five Pounds of lawfull Money. Item I give unto Benjamin Leach th’elder five Pounds of lawfull Money which said five pounds is in the hands of Benjamin Leach at the writing hereof. Item I give unto my Cosen Peter Hughes the elder his Wife his wife of Quainton five Pounds of lawfull Money. Item I give unto Hugh Andrews twentie Shillings and one paire of Sheets one paire of blankets one kettle one skellet, one french greene Petticoat to make him a Suit. Also I give him halfe the Pewter that I have, and the other halfe of my Pewter I give to Mary Bet the younger and the great skillet also.  Item I give unto Benjamin Leach his wife three paire of sheets and one great Chest that standeth at my Beds-head. Item I give unto the Poore of the Parish of Winsloe twenty Shillings to be disposed to them by my Executors at their Discretion. Item I give to the Ringers that shall ring at my Funerall ten Shillings. Item I give unto Benjamin Leach the younger five Pounds, which said five Pounds is in his Fathers hands at this present. Item I give unto Richard Bets wife three paire of Sheets. Item I give to the wife of Benjamin Leach halfe a dozen of Napkins. Item I give unto my God-son Robert Seaton fortie Shillings.  Item I give unto Mary Gaskins fortie Shillings. Item I give unto Alice Palmer of Stidstock [l. Adstock?] ten Shillings. Item I give unto Mary Shillborne my Bed that I lye on with all the furniture thereunto belonging besides her half Executorship. Item I give unto Mary Bet the younger my least brasse-pot and a Chafingdish. Item I give fortie shillings to be bestowed by my Executors to Cloath the three Children of Richard and Mary Bett. And lastly my will is that my Executors shall bestow six pounds upon my Funerall. Item I give unto widdow Knackston ten shillings. All the rest of my Goods Chatells and moveables whatsoever not formerlie bequeathed, my Debts payd and my funerall Expenses ended I give and bequeath unto Mary Shillborne widdow and Benjamin Leach th’elder whome [page 2] I ordain and make sole Executrix and Executor joyntlie to see my last Will and Testament performed.

Alice Seaton m(ar)ke. Mary Bett

This will was proved at London the eighth day of February in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred fiftie seaven before the Judges for Probate of Wills and granting Administrations lawfullie authorized by the oaths of Mary Shillborne and Benjamin Leach th’elder joynt Executors To whome Administration of all and singular the Goods Chattells and Debts of the said Deceased was granted and committed, they being the first legallie sworn trulie and faithfully to administer the same.


Alice Seaton was buried at Winslow on 31 Jan 1657/8. She was previously Alice Shilburne and married Hugh Seaton on 21 Dec 1636, just over a month after the burial of his previous wife Jane on 9 Nov. They were granted licence to marry by the Archdeacon on 17 Dec (Herts RO, ASA 7/31, f.28). Robert Seaton the godson mentioned in the will was baptised on the same day as the wedding, and was Hugh's grandson. Hugh was buried on 7 Nov 1647. He married his first wife Anne Seybrooke on 11 Oct 1590; they had numerous children and she was buried on 11 Aug 1630. He then married Jane Hobbs on 5 May 1631.

Mary Shilborne the executrix was born Mary Jackson and married Thomas Shilburne on 28 Oct 1611. He may have been Alice's brother but the relationship is unclear. Mary Bett was nee Shilburne according to the baptismal register entries for her children, and Thomas' daughter (see 1654 court).

Benjamin Leach married Joyce Pym on 10 Dec 1634. The Jacksons, Pyms and Hugh Seaton all had connections with The Bell. The surname Shilb(o)urne is well attested at Stewkley in this period, notably with the Parliamentary commander Colonel Thomas Shilburne.